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3rd October 2011 Written Update (Episode 278) Hasina Raichand kills Tanushree

Chand and Hasina gets affected by human blood
Episode 278 starts with Abhay wondering if Mahesh is not the bad Vampire then who it could be. Abhay gets up from the Sofa and goes off from there. After he goes a hand extends to the glass table where Abhay had dropped some drops of human blood. Chand touches the blood and gets up bringing the hand towards the mouth. Hasina comes there and catches Chand's hand before it reaches the mouth.
Hasina: Chand, Stop it! Just control yourself...
Chand: How did this human blood come here? (Hasina looks at the blood and is also affected by the smell of the blood)

At Mount College, Misha enters the empty class room and keeps photographs of T in the Waitress dress on all desks. She says in mind, 'Let me see T now who will stop me from making you super public in this dress. Try to mess with me? Now the whole college will laugh on your desperation. What fun!'

Misha is sitting in the Class. Students enter the class room. Misha waves at them happily.
Misha: Hey everybody... Come come welcome to class Guys... Surprise for you all... (Pia goes and sits next to Misha. Everyone looks at the Picture and pass comments on T and laughs) Look Piya... How everyone is laughing at T... This is so much fun!
Pia: Misha, Don't you think you had already embarrassed her at the Party? What was the need of public embarrassment?
Misha: Please... Give this sympathy to someone else... T does not deserve it. If she was in my place she would have made posters of me and stuck everywhere. I mean... Come on man... This is nothing! (The Teacher comes in a starts teaching. Misha keeps looking on the watch. She thinks, 'Why the tacky T has not come to College so far? All my efforts are getting flopped'. The teacher announces that the topic is over. She tells the students that none of them paid proper attention to the class so she would take a surprise test. The Teacher leave the class and the students also leave the class one after the other. Misha is now alone in the class. She says, ' T is bunking class or what? She spoiled my entire plan. I would not let her do that. I got to find her'.
Alina tells Pia that she is lucky to have a boyfriend like Abhay
Pia enters the College Canteen. She sees Alina and Abhay sitting at the Canteen. She passes them but stumbles and falls down. Abhay gets up from his chair and kneels beside her in an instant. He holds her ankle. Pia cries in pain.
Abhay: Are you okay? (Pia pushes off his hands)
Pia: Yeah, I am okay... I can take care of myself. (Pia makes expressions of pain)
Abhay: Pia, I cannot see you in pain like this... (He presses her ankle with both hands. They look at each other. Abhay pulls Pia up. Alina comes near and holds Pia's hand)
Alina: Pia, Are you okay?
Pia: I am fine...
Alina: How lucky I am that I got a boyfriend like Abhay who cares for not only me but for my friends also...
Pia: yeah Elina... You are very lucky. I have to go... (Pia walks from there)
Alina: Just take care!
Piya: yeah! (Abhay and Alina looks at Pia who is going from there. Abhay says in mind, 'Pia, I am sorry...I know I have caused you a lot of hurt. I am sorry Pia... I am sorry!' Alina looks at the Watch).
Alina: Abhay, We are getting late for class... let's go...
Abhay: Yeah... (They both go from there).

Pia is in pain. She is limping while walking. Tracker comes there and asks about it to her. Pia tells her that she fell down at the Canteen. Suddenly Misha comes there and takes Pia from there forcefully telling that she has to go with her.
Kabir gets ready to propose Misha
Kabir is standing at the middle of the Road with a red color I love you sign board. He says, 'This Misha baby would not be impressed by small things. To impress her my gesture should be out of the box and I am damn sure my this gesture is out of the box. Misha would definitely like me...' Kabir walks to steps aheads of the board and extends his hand on either side and says, 'Misha, I love you... I love you...'. He practices again.

Misha is driving the bike with Pia sitting behind.
Pia: Misha... Where are you taking me? Tell me...
Misha: I have some work... Don't ask me too many questions.
Pia: Misha... Tell me... Where are you taking me?
Misha: Patience man... just have some patience... (Pia spots Kabir who is standing on the Road with his back on them and points out to Misha. Misha stops the bike) Hello Thakur... (Kabir turns and looks at the girls) What are you doing at the middle of the road? And what is that loser board? I mean are you crazy? Look at the board...(Misha says to Pia) red... I love you... red? (Pia also gives a dislike expression) Kabir listen... listen to me dear friend of mine... You have a reputation in the town...okay? Stand a little away from the Board otherwise people will think that the Board is yours (Kabir moves away from the board). Who is this stupid friend of yours and which girl he wants to run away with? So tacky man...
Pia: Trust me... these guys are such losers... (Kabir is embarrassed) that's why they have ideas like this...
Misha: Kabir please... just have some sense... And listen... you are my friend...and if you continue standing there I would have to break my friendship with you. Yeah, I can't associate with this...
Pia: Include me also...
Misha: We have to go... Catch you later... See you Bye!
Pia: But where are we going?
Misha: for something important... (Misha drives the bike from there)
Kabir: Misha, Wait one minute... Misha, listen... Misha... (The sign board falls down. Kabir is frustrated and picks up the heart sign) very good...You fell at the correct time... I love you? She insulted me and went off. Kabir puts the heart sign down).

Misha enters T's house followed by Pia.
Misha: T... Where are you? T...
Pia: Misha, Why did you bring me to T's house?
Misha: To find where she is hiding... I mean... Why did she not come to college... I had made such a nice plan and if she does not come my efforts would be ruined... (Misha again calls out for T. One servant comes and informs that Tanushree has not returned after the previous night and everyone is searching for her. Misha whispers to Pia, 'Has that tacky T run away with that hot Waiter? Can't believe what she would do...' Pia whispers back, ' Misha, T does not run away with Waiters... She only runs away with rich boys'. Pia tells the servant that they are also T's friends. The servant requests them to look for T and Pia nods. Pia takes Misha from there. Misha wonders where T has vanished).

Kabir's bed is full of soft toys, cards and hearts. He is sitting on a chair writing something with a teddy bear on his lap. Angad comes there and reasons with her. He tells Kabir that the soft toys and hearts are for T type girls and he cannot impress Misha with that. Angad tells Kabir that though his feelings for Misha has changed, Misha still considers him as only her friend.Kabir pleads with Angad to help him. Angad gives the idea of going to a Tantrik called Baba Sarkar at night to change Misha's feelings for him. Angad asks Kabir to trust in Baba's powers as he has united many hearts and goes from there after giving Baba Sarkar's Card to Kabir. The light goes off and Kabir sees Misha standing in front of him wearing a red short dress. Misha smiles at him and Kabir is happy seeing her. Misha signals Kabir to come near and he goes near her. Misha tells him, 'Kabir, I love you! I love you very much...' Kabir asks her, 'Misha, When did this happen? How?' Misha responds, 'All this is because of Baba Sarkar's blessings...He only showed me this direction. I love you Kabir... I love you' Misha kisses Kabir on his cheek. Kabir is kissing the teddy bear and then realizes that he was imagining.

Misha is in her room walking to and fro frustrated because of T.  She wonders how T came to know that she would be insulted by Misha. Misha calls on T's Bimbo Barbie who lifts up the call and says, 'Hello Darling...Shamta speaking...'.
Misha: Hello my foot! Where is T?
Shamta: Who is that?
Misha: Don't behave like Paris Hilton, Okay? Where is your Boss... just tell me...
Shamta: How do I know where T is... She is not here...In fact you won't believe she has not texted me also from the last 30 hours.
Misha: Then you would have had to go to Hospital ... Loser! Anyways you want to be Barbie... listen to me carefully... get my message across to your Boss. What does she think...If she does not come to college I would not use her photos? Just tell her that I will put her photographs in all social networking sites...I will make her famos. Everyone would think that she really is some part time it? (Shamta is happy)
Shamta: Oh super cool! That means... T will become famous... Wow Misha...
Misha: Oh God... When God was distributing brains where you buying shoes? Anyway, Just pass on the message to T, got it?
Shamta: But please listen...
Misha: Oh shut up! Talking to you is like breaking my head (Misha cuts the call. She wonders how T manages her bimbos. She says, 'T... wherever you are... you are dead!')

Hasina goes from the cemetery after killing Tanushree
T is lying on the forest ground. She is blindfolded and her legs are tied together. She screams.
T: Leave me...Who are you? (Someone removes the covering from T's head. T looks around. She sees a hooded figure standing in front of her) Leave me alone... Please leave me...What did I do wrong? Please leave me alone... leave me please...Leave me! (Tanushree cries) I don't even know you. Leave me.... leave me... ( The hooded figure pulls Tanushree up and catches  from behind with hand around her neck. The hooded Vampire reveals the fangs and bites T. T cries in pain with tears falling from her eyes. T's eyes droops and she falls down dead with the Vampire bite mark on her neck. T's shirt has blood all over it. The Vampire wipes her mouth and lifts the hood. She is Hasina. Hasina bares her Vampire fangs for some time and then comes to normal form. She walks from the cemetery in the forest and then vanishes from there).

PreCap: Abhay stops his Car and gets out. He tries to sense something and then runs through the forest. He reaches the place where the graves are there and stops. He sees a dead body which is beyond recognition.

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