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28th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 297) Mythili stops Jeh Khurana from killing Abhay

Dipanita is proud that Jeh has captured Abhay
Episode 297 starts with the werewolves torturing Abhay Raichand by wrapping silver chains around him. Abhay who is in his vampire avatar screams as the chains touch him. Jeh comes there rubbing his ears.
Jeh: How much you scream... (Abhay is sitting on the ground)What happened? It's hurting or are you scared? (Abhay gets up) What are you scared off? Losing your life or being weak in front of your enemies? (The Werewolves are about to torture Abhay again. Alina comes there and holds Jeh's arm)
Alina: Please... Please Don't do anything to Abhay. You promised me that once Mom is saved you would leave him...
Jay: Shut up! But don't forget that he is our enemy.
Alina: But you promised me... You promised me that you will not hurt him.
Jeh: Yeah, I promised... but forgot... You also forget... (Alina and Abhay looks at each other. Alina backs away from there)

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Mythili: Take me to Abhay... now! (Maithili's hood lifts up in the breeze and Pia sees her face. Pia and Hasina are shocked to see Tanushree)
Mythili: Finish her! (Pia is shocked. Hasina nods no. Maithili and Dipanita goes from there)
Hasina: No! No... (Pia thinks, 'What happened to T? Did T hurt Misha? She wants to kill me? Why? How can that happen? I mean T was weird... but she was not like this... She could play games but to hurt someone... She gave orders to kill me... But how? Does she know Hasina Aunty is a Vampire? How? I am so confused...')

Mythili and Dipanita are walking through the Forest.
Alina Khurana keeps a watch of Abhay
Abhay is looking around. Jeh is standing with a stake in his hand. The ladies come from behind Jeh. Dipanita comes near Jeh and hold his arm while Mythili vanishes from there. Alina is hiding behind a tree and sees them. Alina thinks, 'Mom... What is she doing here? Oh my God!'
Dipanita: Jeh...My son! (Dipanita touches Jeh's cheek fondly) You have made is happy today... Finally, Abhay is now in our hands. You have made us wait many years Abhay... Now we will not waste more time... Jeh, Kill him! (Abhay tries to break the silver chains with his hands and screams as it hurts him. Abhay leaves his hold on the chains in pain. Jeh lifts the stake in his hand and look at it)
Jeh: Don't you know what this is? You leeches have only 2 weaknesses. One is silver which I have used to control you and the second this... You will be finished Abhay... (Maithili looks at Jeh) I was waiting for this day. I will end your cursed life. I will finish you! (Jeh charges towards Abhay lifting the stake. Maithili swiftly blocks his way. She shows Jeh her Vampire avatar)
Maithili: No body will kill him... Go from here... (Jeh looks at Abhay and then at Maithili) Go! (Abhay is confused. Jeh and Dipanita walks from there. Maithili turns and walks towards Abhay. Abhay is confused seeing Tanushree).

Pia is tied to a tree trunk. She thinks, 'I need to reach to Abhay. I am a weak human. I will have to take Hasina Aunty's help. Is Aunty in control? I need to check'.
Pia: Aunty... (Hasina turns and looks at Pia. Hasina is in her Vampire avatar with blue eyes and fangs) Aunty... Aunty, Listen to me! Aunty I have to reach to Abhay... Aunty, Abhay needs me. Aunty, Now you are not in control... someone else is controlling you... Aunty come out of this illusion. Do not let any one else control you... Aunty, Abhay is your son. He loves you so much... I have to go to him... Abhay has put himself into a lot of danger for you... Please listen to me... please let me go!
Hasina: Just shut up! Do not awake the animal inside me...
Pia: I am trying to awake the Mother in you... Abhay needs my help Aunty. He is in danger. Aunty, Abhay needs me... (Hasina shows her fangs and looks at Pia in anger. Pia tries to untie the rope by struggling and moving hands. She thinks, 'What has T done? Was that really T? I saw a strange face of her. Why will she do like that? She mesmerized Hasina Aunty in such a manner that she has changed. What to do? I will have to remind her in some manner that who she is. This time it is as if she has gone mad. I will have to awake her... for Abhay... Heavens forbid... it gets late...')

Jeh and Dipanita are walking. Jeh stops walking.
Jeh: Mom, Who is this? (Dipanita also stops walking and faces Jay) How did you agree to her that easily? (Jeh throws the stake to the ground) Mom we were so close to finishing our enemy) Who is she?
Dipanita: She is that power who has the strength to finish all of us... (Maithili is standing in front of Abhay) Only that potion can end her. And till the time we do not get the potion in our hands we will have to obey what ever she says... Till the time we do not get the potion in confront her is foolishness, understand?
Jeh: Alright! Mom, We will have to reach that potion (Dipanita nods) before Abhay gets out of our hands. Let's go! (Jeh and Dipanita walks from there)
Dipanita: It would not be very easy to reach to that potion.
Jeh: Mom, How much ever powerful the Vampires are... we werewolves only would get it. (Maithili is standing behind a tree on their way. Jeh and Dipanita passes that way. Maithili says, ' Thinking of Maithili as weak? That can't happen... I am very powerful. Nobody can win over me. Before them I will reach to that potion').

Kabir comes to Misha's room with a glass of juice. Misha is walking to and fro in the room and trying to phone somebody. Kabir keeps the juice on the table.
Kabir: Very funny! Whom are you trying to call now? (Misha sits on the cot)
Misha: Pia... I am calling her for long... she is not picking up her phone... I don't know where she is...
Kabir: Maybe she is busy...or may have gone on a drive with Jeh... or may be she is sitting and studying at the library. Misha you worry unnecessarily...
Misha: Really? And what about you? You are not worried about me? let me call her...
Kabir: hey Mish! Leave her alone...
Misha: Where would she be? (Misha thinks) Hey wait! I can trace her using that social networking site... with which I traced T. If Piya is carrying a phone I can trace her... (Misha sits in front of the laptop kept on the Bed and punch some keys. Kabir also goes and sits on the bed) Damn! Network problem... I will try from phone... (Misha punches some keys and stop. She looks shocked) What? How can it happen?
Kabir: What happened?
Misha: Kabir, It shows that Pia is in the same Jungle where T was...
Kabir: Mish... Don't think like that. Pia is in the Jungle does not mean that she is where T is. Chill!
Misha: Look Kabir... I got to find out (Misha gets up from the Cot and walks from there. Kabir stops her)
Kabir: Mish stop! Relax...
Misha: You do not understand... she could be in danger...
Kabir: Misha chill... don't panic... We together will go and search her, Okay?
Misha: Okay... Let's go! (Misha and Kabir goes from the room)

Maithili walks towards Abhay.
Maithili: I will not let anything happen to you... Nothing! (Abhay is confused)
Abhay: T... What are you doing?
Maithili: I am reading your face... You forgot me? But I remembered you a lot. How long have I been separated from you... (Maithili reveals her Vampire Avatar to Abhay)
Abhay: T... Who made you like us? Who made you like this?
Mythili: Abhayendre... Identify me with your eyes... (Abhay looks at her and identifies her)
Abhay: Maithili...
Maithili: You identified right! I am your love Mythili. (Mythili smiles. Abhay is shocked)
Abhay: Maithili?
Maithili: I went so far away...But your love called me back.
Abhay: Maithili... what are you doing here? And why are you with the Werewolves? You know who they are... They are our enemies Mythili...
Maithili: You never could recognize me Abhayendre... You never used power... This body... this strength...the monster in us... this is a way to rule this world. Human blood and penance makes us more powerful than anyone... I also did it... You also be with me Abhayendre... Then I and you together will rule this World. You cannot be separated from me... Never! I will never let it happen...
Abhay: You... (Alina is hiding behind a tree and listening to the conversation. She says, 'So this is Mythili... She really is very dangerous. Abhay told right. I will have to save Abhay... One time I have cheated on him...but no more... Today I will not be that scared and silent Alina... Today I will save my Mom and Abhay both from this monster lady. Mythili... I will not let you kill my Mom... and let you mesmerize Abhay').
Pia bitten by Hasina Raichand
Hasina is standing with her back on Pia. Pia is trying to untie the rope with her hands on the back. She thinks, 'Without Aunty seeing I will have to get out of here. This rope is tied so tight... Come on Pia... Focus! You will have to get out of here...'
Pia: Aunty... (hasina turns and looks at Pia. Hasina is in her human form). How strong these Vampires are, right? Some times I also think that If I was a Vampire how powerful I would have been...
Hasina: There used to be a time when the Vampires used to be very powerful... Human blood used to give us the power. (Pia unties the rope slowly) Then Vampire Slayers increased and we Vampires had to hide in the dark. Many Vampires started staying with the humans by hiding their identity. Seeing this... our Vampire clan head decided that we will not live on human blood... Slowly the Vampires who drink animal blood started becoming weak. They still had powers... but not like a man eater... I think that was the mistake... (Pia nods. Hasina turns her back again. Pia unties the rope and frees herself. Pia runs from there. Hasina blocks her way. Pia nods not to do anything to her)
Hasina: You were fooling me? (Pia nods no) What did you think? You can escape me and run off? No way! Now I will not leave you... (Pia is terrified. She runs from there. Hasina follows and overpowers her. Pia screams but Hasina bites on her neck. Hasina leaves her and Piya falls on the ground with vampire bites on her neck. Hasina wipes the blood from her mouth with a satisfied look). Episode ends.

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