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27th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 296) Alina betrays Abhay

Mythili signals Hasina and Dipanita to stop fighting
Episode 296 starts with Abhay and Alina waiting at the Graveyard. Alina looks upward.
Alina: Abhay, the time has come. (Abhay sees that the moon has risen and places the stone on the ground and gently turns it. From the stone a blue star like objects moves out showing the way) Abhay look! This stone is showing us the way... (Alina and Abhay holds hands and runs behind the star. Abhay and Alina runs through a tunnel following the blue star)
Abhay: Alina, This is that way which will help us reach to the magical potion (Alina nods)... Come! (They run again. They stop after some time) This is that place Alina where we would get the key to that magical potion. (Abhay kneels on the ground and starts searching. Alina stands near by watching nervously. Abhay takes a box out of the soil. Alina is happy and looks on. Abhay opens the lid and is shocked to see it empty. Alina also looks shocked)

Pia is standing near the tree and looking at Dipanita and Hasina.
Dipanita: Piya, You go from here. I do not want to put you in any sort of danger.
Pia: No Aunty, I cannot leave you near Hasina Aunty and go. She is very dangerous now. She is not in control. Someone is controlling her. You will have to get out of here Aunty.
Dipanita: Pia, I know to take care of myself... You go from here... Go! (Pia nods 'no'.. Hasina turns to her and closes her eye reassuring Pia that it is alright. Pia turns to go and Hasina swiftly overpowers Dipanita from behind and bites her on her neck. Pia turns hearing Dipanita screaming and is shocked to see Hasina biting Dipanita. Dipanita falls down on the ground and Hasina wipes the blood on her mouth)

Abhay looks at the empty box.
Abhay: Nothing is in it... If we do not get the key then everything would end. We have very little time... we have to find that key... (Jeh comes there dangling the key in his fingers and a stake in hand)
Jeh: You are looking for this Abhay? (Abhay looks at the keys in Jeh's hand)

Hasina walks towards Pia. Piya is scared. Pia is shocked to see Dipanita who was lying on the ground motionless getting up. Hasina turns and faces Dipanita showing her fangs. Dipanita's eyes turn golden and claws come out of her hands. The ladies stare at each other. Pia thinks, 'What is this happening? Who is she? What is happening to Dipanita Auntie? Is she human? Oh God Abhay... where are you? I need you!' Pia looks scared.

Abhay gets up from the ground and faces Jay. Jeh waves the key in his hand. Abhay and Alina look at each other. The other Werewolves join Jeh. Jeh Khurana walks towards Abhay.
Jeh : So Abhay... (The Werewolves stand in a circle around Abhay and Alina) Friends... meet Abhay Raichand... the great Vampire... What is he doing here? Stealing... What happened Abhay? What such necessity came that you had to steal? (The ties silver chain around the area. Abhay is angry. Abhay charges towards Jeh. Jey points the stake to Abhay)
Jeh: Don't even try Abhay! You know very well that you have been surrounded by us.  Even if you wish you cannot do anything. So, don't even try!
Abhay: How did you reach to that key? How did you? (Alina looks guilty. She goes and stands next to Jeh. Abhay is shocked seeing it) Because of my loving sister Alina... Thank you so much Alina... It would not have been possible without you. I am so proud of you... (Jeh runs his hand on Alina's head. Alina looks at Abhay with guilt on her face. Abhay gives her a 'why did you betray me' kind of look).
Jeh: What did you think? You played the drama of love with Alina and she would not? How stupid Abhay... I was actually playing the game with you. You have been played by my little sister... You could not identify... right? What did you think? The leader of our clan...the heir of the werewolves... would just give you our age old secret just like that? Stupid Abhay... dumbo! You are such a Vampire who...
Abhay: Lies! All lies... all lies!
Jeh: Okay! Then you tell... How did we reach this key without Alina's help? Think!
Alina: Brother please!
Jeh: It's Okay Alina... It's okay... Sorry Abhay! Alina betrayed you... You (Jeh makes an into mark on the air) lost! (Alina and Abhay looks at each other)

Hasina and Dipanita stare at each other in anger. Pia is terrified. They start with a fist fight. Hasina sends Dipanita flying in the air. They both start fighting in the air. Hasina overpowers Dipanita and is about to bite her suddenly a hand shows the stop sign. It is Mythili wearing hood who shows the sign to stop. The ladies see the sign and stops. Pia sees this and asks her who she is to create fight between Hasina and Dipanita. Suddenly Mythili vanishes from where she was standing. Pia looks around.
Pia: Where is she gone? Who are you? (Mythili is standing behind Pia. She forcefully pulls Pia against the trunk of the tree and ties her hands from behind. Pia shouts for help but Hasina and Dipanita does not move at all. Maithili walks from there).
Jeh tells the Werewolves that Dipanita would give punishment to Abhay
One Werewolf: What to do with him?
Another werewolf: What else to do? Finish him!
Jeh: No! Not now! We have made him captive in such a manner that he cannot do anything. He is my Mom's culprit and I wish that my Mom only gets the right to kill him (Alina looks at Jeh in shock)
First Werewolf: Now he is in our hand. Leaving him this time is a big risk who knows when the tables would get turned. Let's finish him now...
Jeh: No! I know you all want to take revenge on him. Our biggest enemy is now in front of us. Everyone want to finish him... I understand. But not now! His existence in this world is like a curse to us. He will be punished... But we won't give him the punishment. We will have to wait for our leader. Without Mom we cannot take any decision. But not an issue... I will not let anyone's anger cool down that fast. I will not disappoint you all. We cannot kill him... but can torture him. (Alina goes near Abhay but he turns his face)
Alina: I was helpless Abhay... (Abhay looks at her)
Abhay: You gave such a big lecture about love... what was all that? That friendship... love... lies? What was that? (Alina nods no)
Alina: That was not lies. Yeah... I mean... all that was not lies Abhay... I have done it to save my Mom just like you wanted the potion to save your Mom like that I also wanted the potion for my Mom.
Abhay: Lies! You are telling lies! You are talking nonsense... The truth is that the blood of you werewolves are bad. You are a traitor! I thought of you as a friend. You loved me... I did not love you... but still I did not break your heart anytime...
Alina: Abhay, Please try to understand... After all she is my Mom... I did all this for her.
Abhay: You were with me the whole time... then how did Jeh find out? How?
Alina: You are forgetting Abhay... Just like you Vampire can read others minds and hear their thoughts, we werewolves also can read each others minds.(Jeh smiles) And anyways, Jeh has told me that he will not cause you harm... just they will keep you captive here till the time my Mom gets saved. Please Abhay... Try to understand! Please...
Arnab Dobriyal in the Forest in search of Vampires
Arnab Dobriyal comes to the Jungle accompanied by red hooded people. He has a stake in his hand.
1st Guy: Arnab Sir, You do not have the powers which are needed to confront them. These people can cause you harm. You please go back...
Arnab: Now it is too late... We cannot go back... These people have attacked my family... now I will go back only after they are finished. (The people stop)
2nd Guy: See this miracle of nature. A Vampire and werewolf... 2 sworn enemies... one snake and the other mongoose...
1st Guy: One hot blooded and the other cold blooded... both are together? You don't know? This is destruction...
Arnab: Then we will have to save our city and family from this destruction... Let's go! (They all walk from there)

Dipanita lifts Jeh's phone call.
Dipanita: tell me...
Jeh: There is a happy news Mom. Abhay is now in our hands.
Dipanita: Abhay... (Maithili, Hasina and Pia gets alert hearing Abhay's name)
Jeh: We have kept him captive. Mom, Where ever you are... come fast!
Dipanita: Keep him with you... I am reaching there now...
Jeh: Okay Mom... (Dipanita cuts the call and talks to Maithili)
Dipanita: Abhay is with us... We have kept him captive... (Hasina is shocked. Pia thinks, 'Abhay... What has he got to do with all this? And Jeh... How did he get involved in all this? And his Mom... and her strange behavior... What is happening? I will have to reach Abhay...I will have to get to him...') Episode ends...

Hasina: Now I will not leave you... (Pia runs and Hasina chases her. Hasina overpowers Piya from behind and bites on her neck. Pia screams and fall on the ground with bite marks on her neck).

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