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5th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 280) Arnab Dobriyal tells the Inspector that a Vampire is responsible for T’s death

Kabir and Angad spots Abhay with the dead body
Episode 280 starts with Kabir and Angad seeing Abhay Raichand carrying a girl in his arms. Abhay stops walking when he sees them.
Kabir: What is he doing here this time? Whose body is in his hands? (Kabir and Angad runs towards Abhay) Who is this? What are you doing here this time?
Abhay: I do not know who it is...
Kabir: Dude... if she is alive we can call the ambulance.
Abhay: No use... She is dead...
Kabir: Abhay, Who is this? Whose body is this? (Abhay puts the dead body on the ground)
Abhay: Can't recognize the face. She is badly injured...
Kabir: This is not good... We should inform the Police...
Angad: Call the Police...
Kabir: Yeah...
Abhay: You Guys deal with this... I have to go somewhere...
Kabir: Abhay, This could be our friend or acquaintance... How can you just leave like this?
Abhay: Kabir, it is important... I have to go... (Abhay turns and walks from there)
Kabir: But Abhay... Abhay....
Angad: Just let him go...
Kabir: Fine... But how could you leave him just like that?
Angad: Kabir... Just calm down... Kabir, Didn't you feel something is wrong seeing Abhay? I mean we both are here at the cemetery because were were looking for Baba and lost the way. But think... Abhay alone at this cemetry at this time of the night...I think there is something fishy... Kabir, just think...
Kabir: Look Angad... I don't know what it is about Abhay but we will have to inform the Police somehow. Just don't know who killed this girl so brutally...
Angad: Looking for Baba we have landed in trouble...

Abhay confronts Hasina with the earring
Hasina is sitting in the Hall. Abhay enters the room from outside.
Hasina: You have come Abhay? (Abhay goes near Haseena) Everything okay? (Abhay shows the earring to Hasina)
Abhay: Is this yours? (Hasina looks at it)
Hasina: From where did you get this? I have been looking for this...
Abhay: I got it from the graveyard... near the dead body of the girl whom you murdered. (Hasina gets up and faces Abhay)
Hasina: What are you talking about?
Abhay: Enough Mom... enough! Now there is no need to tell more lies...I got the earring near that dead body of the person whom you killed. And this earring help me realize your truth.These many days I have been searching who that vampire is who has forgotten everything... Who is that Vampire who is thirsty for human blood... And today I find out that the Vampire is no one else but my Mom...Why? Why did you do this? How did you forget? How can you forget? You only taught me that we are those Vampire who survive on animal blood and not human blood... Then, How can you forget it? How?
Hasina: I was helpless Abhay...
Abhay: No Mom... You are giving this the name of helplessness... What such thing happened? Waht happened? What such thing happened that you became thirsty for human blood? You are telling lies... You were not helpless...
Hasina: I am living in this World in this form for ages...just living...You don't understand Abhay... This in not my choice... I did not choose this life for myself. I didn't want this... Don't you wish to know what was my helplessness?

Misha is driving the Car with Pia sitting beside her. Pia looks at Misha who looks tensed.
Pia: Misha, I told you... I will drive... Come on just relax... What is wrong with you? I have never seen you so tensed up for T.
Misha: Pia, first I was joking... but i have a feeling that something is wrong. There is something wrong. T is in some kind of trouble. (Misha and Pia sees some activity on the road)
Pia: Misha, what is that? (They see two Guys getting out from the ambulance with a stretcher in hand running towards the jungle. Pia and Misha also gets up from their Car and runs behind them).

Inspector is standing beside T's dead body.
Inspector: So you don't know who this is...
Kabir: No... No Inspector...The moment we saw this body we immediately informed you.
Angad: But how can someone do like this? Sir... This could be someones sister  or daughter... She had a whole life ahead of her Sir...I mean, now she is no more Sir... She is dead... (The Ambulance attendants come there)
Inspector: Mr Kabir...please handle your friend... (Kabir puts his hands around Angad's shoulder)
Kabir: What are you doing? Just relax... (Misha and Pia comes there and sees the dead body)
Inspector: What were you doing in this cemetery this time of the night? If you don't know her... then how did you reach here?
Misha: I know who this is... (Kabir and Angad looks at her in shock)
Inspector: What?
Misha: This is our friend Tanushree Ambolker (Kabir and Angad are shocked. Pia has tears on her eyes)

Haseena asks Abhay to help her
At the Raichand House, Abhay and Hasina are talking.
Abhay: Now what excuse will you make? Tell me... What lies would you say? Just this that you could not control your thirst? And just because of that you cheated on your whole clan and family?
Hasina: Enough! Abhay, You have to listen to me... You have to...  I was going though the jungle towards my home. Maybe I lost my way... I was very tired. Then suddenly... (Hasina Flashback: Hasina on horseback is  going through the Jungle. She stops her horse and jumps down. She then ties her horse to a tree and walks towards the well in the jungle. She draws on bucket of water from the well and washes her face. Shen senses some presence around. She looks around curiously and before she could do anything a lady vampire bites her. Hasina screams in pain) My body was craving for blood. One such thirst which was burning me from inside. I had lost my human life and had started living a cursed life... the walking dead. Times changed and I changed with time. A monster in human form... But trust me Abhay... I did not choose this life... I did not want this...
Abhay: This is every Vampires story... We all have learned to hide our truth... we have learned to hide the monster in us...
Hasina: No Abhay...this is not every Vampire's story... You were only one step near death... If Chand did not save you maybe you would have been dead. Your human life had already ended. Maybe because of that even after becoming a Vampire you have some amount of humanity in you. But human life was seized away from me Abhay. I wanted to die like a human. I wanted to feel my human form and live my life. But my life was seized from me. May be because of that controlling this thirst is this difficult for me.
Abhay: I only know this much that you and Dad gave me a new life. You saved me from that fire... You taught me how a Vampire survives on human blood. You people only taught me how to survive on animal blood... whether the thirst is quenched or not. We should not cross our limits and I have done what you people taught me.
Hasina: That was Chand's way... not mine...The monster in me won. I have lost Abhay... I have lost...
Abhay: What do you want me to do?
Hasina: Little Courage... fight this. Help me Abhay... Just help me!

Misha: Kabir, T was your girlfriend and you could not recognize her? I mean how can you be so insensitive Kabir? T is absonding from yesterday and we were looking for her everywhere...and this is what happened to her... Someone did this to her? (Kabir starts to say something but stops because of loss of words)
Angad: Misha, we really did not know. (The Inspector orders the Ambulance attendants to take the dead body for post mortum. Kabir and Angad gets emotional. The Inspector asks all of them to go to the Police Station with him as it is a complicated case and he needs their testimony. Misha calls Arnab)

Arnab is sleeping. His mobile phone rings and he picks up Misha's call. Arnab is startled to hear the news from the otherside and tells her that he would come immediately. Arnab gets up from the bed to go and Madhu confronts him.
Madhu: That was Misha's call, right? Where is she?
Arnab: Police Station...
Madhu: Now what has this girl done? She keeps roaming around all the time. We go to sleep and this people go out of the house to roam outside. They have no discipline. Arnab, it is too dangerous... we have to do something. The children are getting out of our hand. (Arnab removes his kurta and wears a shirt)
Arnab: Madhu... look! Now I only know that they got a dead body... Whose dead body was it I did not understand... the network was bad. I will have to go there and find out. (Madhu is shocked)
Madhu: What? And what is Misha doing there? Oh my God... What is happening to this city? Mysterious deaths... dead bodies...people absconding... and in between all my daughter... What is my daughter Misha doing there? Arnab, Please bring my daughter... Please bring Misha home... (Arnab goes near Madhu)
Arnab: Calm down! She is just a witness there. I am going there and I will handle things. Don't worry... I am going there...everything would be alright. This has to stop... This cannot happen in this city. I have to go! (Arnab goes from there)

The Inspector looks at the Post Mortum report.
Inspector: What is this? Drank the entire blood and left the body like that? Mr Srivastav... you can go... Leave the file here (Mr Srivastav leaves) From the dead body only the blood was drained out. How can it happen? (Arnab enters the room)
Arnab: It can happen... It can definitely happen Inspector (Kabir and Angad gets up from their seats and Arnab occupies the chair opposite to the Inspector)
Inspector: Mr Dobriyal... What do you mean?
Arnab: Meaning... I know who that creature is...who has drank the girl's blood and killed her.
Inspector: Mr Dobriyal... What are you talking? What animal? Which type of animal? I feel that the report is false...
Arnab: No Inspector... The report is right. There is no fault in this report. The creature which has drained the blood of this girl and made her a dead body is a Vampire. (All are shocked)
Inspector: What? What are you talking?

PreCap: Arnab is standing along with some people wearing red hooded gown. One Guy points his fingers and Arnab looks at that direction. A figure walks towards them from the shadows. That person comes near Arnab and it is Jeh. Arnab is startled to see Jeh there.

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