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9th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 170) Piya decides to take help from Siddharth to find about Abhay’s Brother

Chand tells Abhay to tell Piya the truth about Siddharth
Episode 170 starts with Piya thinking, 'Abhay has a Brother? And he is here in Dehradun...This time in this Hospital...then why did Abhay never told me anything about it? Why did he hide? Was our relationship just based on lies? Abhay, Even after knowing the biggest truth of your life I accepted you. Still you did not trust me enough to tell the truth. Then what sort of love is yours? The basis of which relationship is lies how can it be right? Enough! Now I will not live this false life... It's good Abhay that today I came to know about your true colors (Abhay is standing on the other side of the door hearing Pia's mental talk)Now...I can forget about you (Abhay turns and looks at Piya through the glass partition) I can forget you...You are not worth my trust. Everything has ended...It's all over!' (Piya walks from there. Abhay thinks, 'If...If only I could not read your mind... Because I cannot bear the hatred inside you for me. I know I have broken your trust. But cheating you was not my intention. I am just helpless Pia...I will suffer your hatred Pia...but will not let anything happen to you. Nobody would be able to harm you Pia...Whatever I have to do for that I will not let Siddharth reach you. He has to pay for this hatred. He will have to pay for this... the punishment for separating you from me. He will get it...he will definitely get it')

The staff of the Hospital are talking to Mount College Students. Piya reaches there.
1st Doctor : Thanks everybody! It had been a great day. The way you people came to the Hospital and helped us Doctors and Nurses...I am very grateful to you all. Thank you!
2nd Doctor: Yes, The way today you helped us with dedication...organized Blood camps...did paper works... we are really impressed and proud of you. I feel that many of you can come into the medical profession. (Ruhi starts talking about how she wanted to become a Doctor from childhood and her dislike for the boring and depressing white clothes. Kabir asks Pia to stop Tracker before she makes a mess of herself. Pia interferes and the staff send the students off after clapping for them. Ruhi asks why Pia did not allow her to complete her talk. She tells her friends that seeing the sexy legs and hot shoes people will happily die. Kabir tells her, 'You know Tracker...This is the flaw. People come here not to die but to be saved...And if by mistake any patient see your fashion style clothes at least one of them will confirm die...'
Ruhi: You don't understand anything...This is called a Medical Revolution.
Pia: Kabir, leave her! Will you give me lift?
Kabir: Sure! You want me to drop you at Misha's House?
Piya: Panchi and Misha would have taken Uncle and gone home...and there would be so much tension there. So I think going to Hostel would be better. Anyways, I have to sit on the Computer. I have some work.
Kabir: Babes, You will go to Hostel and study? How enthusiastic you are...
Piya: Not studies... but something much more important!

At the Raichand House Abhay is looking through the window at the Moon. Abahy comes near Abahy and see him looking at the Moon.
Haseena: Just one more day Abhay... Tomorrow is full moon...Tomorrow the effect of you biting Pia would be gone completely.
Abhay: What a strange matter, Is it not Mom? My bad luck could not wait for one night...just one night...And Pia came to know everything...She came to know what I did to her...How will I tell her that what I did to her was out of my helplessness? How do I explain to her? I can't even tell her... (Chand comes there)
Chand: Why can't you tell her? Why? Why are we hiding Siddharth's truth? Tell Pia that what ever you did you did to save her. Let her know who Siddharth is.
Abhay: No Dad! If Piya knows who Siddharth is he will kill her! He will stay silent only till no one is aware of the truth. When the truth comes in front of everyone... he will kill Pia... (Abhay turns and walks away from there. Haseena tries to stop Abhay but Chand tells her, 'Let him be...He needs some time').
Haseena: I can't see him like this Chand. We are Vampires. We don't have a heart inside us. But why does Abhay feel so much?
Chand: Haseena, We definitely are Vampires. But we forget that we stay in between humans. It is very difficult to remove human feelings from inside. Abhay is now only 100 years old... it is not only difficult but impossible for him to remove feelings like love. Piya has given Abhay so much happiness. He would never let her be hurt. I am sure of it!

Piya is in the Hostel Room. She sits in front of the Computer. She then get a call on her cell phone from Misha.
Piya: Hello!
Misha: Where are you? I am here and you reached the Hostel. Now it is some new fight or what?
Piya: No Misha, All my things are here. Who will pack them all up? My father in law?
Misha: Father in law? Okay will send Chand Raichand. He will bring 1-2 suitcases dressed in black...(Misha laughs)
Piya: Misha, I don't want to talk about it. There is no relationship between Abahy and me...
Misha: Oh God Pia. How boring you are. Everyday you break up and every day you make up.
Pia: Misha, I told you. I just don't want to talk about him. There is nothing between us.
Misha: Okay, Fine...Chill...relax...Why are you becoming so hyper? Okay, Listen since you are doing the packing bring my things also...all are scattered around.
Pia: You are there and your things are in the Hostel?
Misha: Yeah...I know how much you love packing things. You really enjoy I did not want to deny you the pleasure.
Pia: Misha, You are such a lazy body. Okay, I will do it for you. See ya...Bye! (Piya puts the phone down and says, 'Mr Abhay Raichand...let me see what you are hiding. You have a Brother? About whom I have no idea. Don't know how many secrets are there about you. I need to know about your past so that I can know about your present. I have to find what I can' Piya types on Loogle search engine Abhayendra Singh and gets a wiki page as result with Abhayendra's picture. She reads, ' Abhayendra Singh was son of a Stable keeper. He made the mistake of loving Princess Maithili. Two Brother's story who loved the same girl? And the three of the died in a fire...Princess Maithili and her lovers...Abhayendra Singh and Brothers name...' Piya says, 'Brother's is a blank?' She again tries other search queries but does not get any further information. She thinks, 'How can this happen? History has only remembered Maithili and Abhayendra and there is not even the name of the Brother anywhere. I am sure there is definitely a story behind this. I will definitely find it' She tries again but in vain. She thinks, 'There is nothing here. How will I find this out? Who will I ask? (She thinks) Oh God... Siddharth! Of course...Siddharth is the right Guy. Siddharth has done research on Vampires. I am sure he will be able to help me. I think I need to ask about Abhayendra from Siddharth. He will be the best person to ask'. Piya switches of the Computer and gets into her bed. She thinks, 'Sorry Abhay! You did not do good keeping secrets from me'. She switches off the bedside lamp.

Next day Morning. Misha enters her Parents Bedroom and sees Arnab sleeping. Misha thinks, 'How weak Papa looks. I feel so helpless. I have to do something. I can't see him like this'. Misha comes near the coat and removes the blanket from top of Arnab and tells him, 'Come on Papa, Get up! Why are you sleeping now?' When Arnab tries to refuse Misha tells him, ' am not Momma that I would take your Drama seriously. You are alright. Nothing happened to you. You just have an attention problem. Come on Papa...Please...Get up! Get up Papa... (Misha tickles on his stomach and Arnab tells that he has pain there because of the injury)
Misha: Okay, Don't get here...Look! How I will take advantage of the situation. You will not be able to stop me. Even if you want you cannot stop me.

Misha walks to the wardrobe and opens it saying, 'So much fun'. Misha takes a suit and throws it out of the window. Arnab tries to stop her. Misha tells him, 'If you want to stop me come and stop me'. She then takes another suit and throws out of the window. Arnab tells her that he had got the suit from US. Misha tells Arnab that she would do a makeover of his cupboard. Misha then proceeds to look for the Money saying, 'I am going to be rich'. She finds a bundle of cash and tells, 'So much money...It should be at least 50,000. Just think about it. How many Pizzas can Fifty Thousand buy? (Arnab gets up and sits on his bed) Yum...yum...yum... You know what? I can buy a new bike. Arnab gets up)
Arnab: It is not funny. Put it back.
Misha: Papa, Come and get it...Come on...Come on... Otherwise you will become bankrupt
Arnab: Misha, Give it to me (Arnab walks 2 steps and falls down. Misha runs to him calling Papa. She helps him to sit back on the cot)
Misha: Papa, I am sorry Papa...I am so sorry! Papa... (She hugs him)
Arnab: You are crying? Nothing happened to me. And one thing you don't cry like Birdie and Momma...the melodramatic duo
Misha: Please stop it.I am not crying like Birdie. I will just be back. You be here. Don't move at all...
Arnab: Where will I go running in this condition?
Misha: Papa...Your sense of humor has not gone anywhere (Misha kisses on his cheek) I just will be back (She goes from there)

Madhu is coming out of the Pharmacy. She meets Haseena outside.
Madhu: Hi Mrs Raichand!
Haseena: Hi Madhu! How is Arnab?
Madhu: Now he is alright. He is weak but we discharged him and got him home. And how is Mr Raichand?
Haseena: He is fine! It was pure luck Madhu. His Car got damaged fully but he did not get hurt.
Madhu: Thank God! Yesterday night Arnab was not in his senses. In his state he kept repeating Siddharth and Panchi's name. I think after the accident he realized that Panchi and Siddharth's marriage should be done. He also realized that in this small life such a nice opportunity should not be missed. We have to do the engagement fast. As fast as Arnab becomes okay we will start the arrangements for the wedding. Siddharth is ready to get married but Arnab was hesitating telling that we should not hurry. But now I think he wants to see them together. So we will try to get them married as fast as possible. I will send the good news fast to you. (Haseena nods smiling)Okay, Then I will go Mrs Raichand. Bye!
Haseena: Bye!

Madhu goes from there. Haseena says in mind, 'Siddharth, How dare you?' Haseena takes the mobile from her pocket and calls Abhay. Abahy is sitting by the fire side in his room.
Abhay: Yeah Mom!
Haseena: Abhay, I just heard that Siddharth and Panchi's Marriage is going to happen.
Abhay: I know that Mom. It is Siddharth's game. It is going on for some time. Don't worry Mom, Mr Dobriyal would not let it happen.
Haseena: Arnab Dobriyal has agreed. He gave them permission to get married last night (Abhay gets up)
Abhay: What? But how can Mr Dobriyal do that? He knows that Siddharth is not right for Panchi. Still...
Haseena: He knows it...but still it is happening Abhay! And all this is done by Siddharth. But enough! I will not let him do that. I am going to his house and I am going to stop him.
Abhay: No Mom! You don't go...I will go...
Haseena: No! Abhay, This time I will stop him. (Episode ends)

Precap: Piya is spying by standing near Siddharth Mehra's House. She says in mind, 'Let's see who this Mrs Mehra is' The door opens and Haseena comes out.Piya thinks, 'Mrs Siddharth's House...What is she doing here? And where is Siddharth's Mom? Is Siddharth... No! Is Siddharth Abhay's Brother?'

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