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7th May 2011 Maha Episode Written Update (Episode 169) Piya finds out that Abhay had bitten her

Chand Raichand escapes from Hospital with Hasina and Abhay
Episode 169 starts with Misha, Madhu and Panchi sitting at the Caffeine Coffee Shop. Panchi gets a call on her Cell phone and she attends it. She is shocked to hear the news from the caller. Madhu asks what happened and Panchi replies that Arnab is taken to the Hospital in the Kasauli landslide incident. Panchi and Madhu rushes from there. Panchi turns to look at Misha and finds her sitting at the same place. Panchi tells her, 'Misha...come...Misha!(Misha does not respond) What the hell is wrong with you? Are you made of stone? You are sitting there even after hearing such a big news? I thought you would run to Papa hearing this. What are you doing? You should be ashamed of yourself'.Misha still does not respond. She then turns to Madhu and says, 'Come on Momma...She is nobody to us. Come fast!' Panchi and Madhu rushes from there.

Kabir rushes through the Hospital corridor with 4 Bottles of Blood. Siddharth sees this. Kabir gives the bottles to the Nurse. The Nurse thanks him and tells him that the blood group is very rare. The Nurse goes and keeps the blood bottles in the Blood Bank storage unit. Siddharth walks towards the Blood Bank and gets into the room. He looks through the shelves saying, 'There are different types of Blood to choose but the Blood I wish to have is here (pointing to the AB-ve)' He picks up the Blood bottle from the rack and drinks it after saying,'Bon Apatite'.

Doctors are busy and rushing attending cases. The Mount College Students group is also roaming in the Hospital trying to help Patients. Piya, Angad, Ruhi and two other girls are walking through the Corridor when they see the Nurse.
Piya: Nurse, what happened?
Nurse: One Emergency Patient has come who has lost a lot of blood.
Pia: Okay, Can we help?
Nurse: We have informed his family. His daughter and family would be coming any moment. If there is any necessity we will inform you, Thank you! (The Nurse goes from there)
Pia: Let's go to emergency! (The Mount College Group goes from there)

Siddharth finishes drinking blood and puts the bottles down. He then comes out of the Blood Bank wiping his lips after quenching his thirst. Siddharth sees Piya and Group coming running through the Corridor. He stops Pia.
Siddharth: Pia...Pia...relax! Don't Worry! I have just now called Panchi and Aunty and they would be coming any moment.
Piya: What happened?
Siddharth: You don't know? Piya, Mr Dobriyal's condition is quite critical.
Pia: Papa...
Siddharth: Pia, don't worry! The situation is just because of loss of blood. I am sure as soon as he is given blood he would be fine. (Nurse comes there)
Nurse: Excuse me! You people are with the new patient?
Kabir: Yes!
Nurse: The new Patient needs AB-ve blood which is not with us.
Kabir: But Nurse...We are having the Blood. I just got 4 units.
Nurse: Okay, Hang on! (The Mount College Group hurries from there leaving Siddharth there. Piya and friends look into the room through the glass. Arnab is lying on the cot with a head injury and the Medical team is examining him. Piya has tears in her eyes seeing Arnab in that condition. Siddharth comes near the emergency room. Abhay also reaches there. The Nurse comes there and tells that there is no AB -ve blood there.
Nurse: Are you sure you got it?
Kabir: I personally got it. I got 4 units.
Nurse: there is not even one bottle there. You can go and check if you want.
Kabir: How can that happen? Come...I will check with you (Kabir rushes from there. Siddharth says in mind, 'Of course it can happen. When there are two Vampires in the same Building anything can happen!' Abhay looks at Siddharth suspiciously. Siddharth smiles and says in mind, 'What to do little Brother? I had to quench my thirst and then AB-ve is such a rare tasty blood')
Piya: My Blood is AB-ve. I can give blood. (Abhay is worried. Siddharth has a mischievous smile on his face)
Nurse: You go to 206 (Piya rushes from there. Abhay looks her going helplessly and says in mind, 'Oh No...Vampire Blood should still be in her blood. After the test they would find out that this cannot happen' Siddharth says in mind, 'What will you do now little Brother?')
Abhay: Piya...(Piya turns to look) I am going with the Nurse...just to hurry things up. (Abhay goes from there. Sid says in mind, 'Run little Brother run...If you can save your lovely little Pia save her...and yourself too. After all who all will you save Abhay? I am here...Ready to spoil your every move...')

Nurse takes the Blood Sample from Pia. Siddharth is standing behind her.
Siddharth: Pia...(He goes and sit next to her. Piya lifts the cotton she had pressed on her veins) Why is your blood like that?
Pia: What? Waht is the problem with my blood?
Siddharth: No! Because...Never mind...Must be my imagination... (Siddharth gets up. Pia gets up too)
Pia: Siddharth, What you are saying? What are you saying about this blood?
Siddharth: remember...That day we were talking about Vampires... Their blood is also like that...light catching...But you are a human so...
Piya: Of course I am human...what rubbish...
Siddharth: Exactly!Just rubbish. Obviously, How some one can be a Vampire? It is not as if you are going through a road and meet a Vampire and he bite you and his blood comes in you. Funny! What nonsense am I talking? It must be all this stress... It is affecting my mind... (Siddharth tells in mind, 'Did you understand Pia? Or should I give more hints? You will understand slowly slowly the dangers of being with Abhay) If a Vampire has bitten you also the effect will not only be in blood, other things also change.
Piya: Really?
Siddharth: Yes! Like you would have trouble sleeping (Pia remembers tossing and turning in the bed unable to sleep and telling about it to Abhay)...The morning sun rays would prick you (Piya remembers getting up feeling the harsh sunlight on her face and checking the sun rashes on her back in the Mirror)...You could read peoples thoughts (Piya remembers reading Misha's mind about Shaurya. She also remembers reading Ms Dasgupta's mind regarding the Macbeth test) There are many more symptoms. And by the way Pia this is all knowledge from books...not real life..
Pia: Of course...Yeah...Just excuse me! (Pia goes from there. Siddharth thinks, 'I should be in Politics. He smiles)

At the Caffeine Coffee Shop Misha gets up from the chair. She says, 'I don't believe this... If something happened to Papa...What all Panchi told me...I was just thinking. Panchi is right. This is not the time to think (Misha removes her apron). He is my Papa...he needs me...I need to go to my Papa...I need to go' Misha informs the Supervisor that her Papa is injured in the Kasauli landslide and rushes out of the Cafe after taking her permission. Misha calls Kabir.
Misha: Kabir, How is Papa?
Kabir: Misha, First tell me where are you...See...Uncles condition is very bad...It is critical. He needs blood and his group blood is not easily available. I had bought 4 bottles of blood from City's Hospital but I do not know what is happening...Hospital people are not getting that blood. Piya's blood is also coming negative. I don't understand ...
Misha: Kabir, Stop! I understood...I will get the blood. Just tell me where to get it from. I will bring it fast in bike.
Kabir: Misha...Just be careful. From the City Hospital bring at least 3 units of blood, Okay?
Misha: Don't worry Kabir! Today no one can stop me from reaching there. Papa needs me...
Kabir: But Champ...just one thing...Don't panic...Come as soon as possible... (Misha cuts the phone. She says, 'I will be there Papa...Misha is on her way')

Haseena is in the Hospital. She stops near Abhay.
Haseena: Abhay, How is Chand? You got his out of the Doctor's hands?
Abhay: No Mom...Siddharth had reached there. And he told the Doctors to do all the tests for Dad. Blood test did not happen but Dad is been taken for the other tests.
Haseena: Don't worry! I have come. I know very well how to behave with these humans. (Haseena notices Abhay's gloomy face) What happened?
Abhay: I don't know Mom...I have a strong feeling. Something very bad is going to happen...
Hasina: Don't worry Abhay! We three will get out of here very fast...
Piya breaks up with Abhay
Piya comes out of the Hospital. She sees Abhay near his Car and calls him.(Abhay turns and look at her. Pia walks towards him. Piya comes near him and holding his arm asks him, 'Abhay, Tell the truth. What did you do with me? (Abhay has a guilty feeling on his face and does not look at her. Piya shakes him) Abhay, What have you done to me? What did you do? Is your blood in my blood? Did you bite me? Abhay, Do not lie to me... Tell me straight...what did you do to me? Yes or No...Did you bite me? Tell me Abhay...' Abhay looks at her and comes little closer to her and says, 'Yes, Piya..'Piya pushes him.
Piya: What the hell...You bite me Abhay? You hurt me? And why don't I remember all that? You did magic on me...right? Abhay...Why did you bite me Abhay...You only got only me to do that?
Abhay: Pia...listen to me...
Pia: No, You listen to me Mr Abhay Raichand! It my veins I have Vampire blood and I come to know now? Abhay you infected me...why? And because of you I cannot help my Dad...I can't save him Abhay...I cannot give him blood. You made me helpless Abhay...Because of you I will become a Vampire like you. What did you do to me Abhay?
Abhay: No Piya...Nothing happened to you for which you are crying...Trust me Pia...Nothing happened to you...
Piya: Trust! Trust id done on a human Abhay...not an animal... The word Trust does not look good from the mouth of a Vampire...who does not know to control himself...Oh God...You know what Abhay...I don't wish to talk to you...I don't want to see your face... (Piya turn and walks from there. Abhay goes behind her calling her name and turns her to face him by holding her arm)
Abhay: Please listen to me...
Piya: Abhay please...What ever you say... I will only feel hatred...You make me sick. This is over! I don't want to keep any relation with you... (Pia turns and walks and Abhay calls her name. Abhay looks at the moon and thinks, 'Why I had to see this day...After 2 days the second full moon would have happened and the full moon cycle would have been completed and you would have become normal forever. It was only a matter of 2 days...Today Piya realized why I don't deserve her. We are not destined to be together. I don't deserve her!' Abhay kneels on the ground and screams, 'Why? Why.....')

A Doctor is walking through the Hopital Corridor. A Nurse comes with a file and walks along with him. She says, 'This is patient number 4's reports. But it is very strange. Will you have a look at it please'
Doctor: No Nurse...Now I have to go to the Emergency Patient. So you monitor the patient and keep the report in Neuro.
Nurse: Okay Sir... (She gets into the Neurological Center. Pia sees it and thinks, 'Neurological Center? Were they talking of Mr Raichand's reports? I need to check' Immediately after the Nurse gets out of the room Pia enters the room and looks into the envelope on the table. Pia takes the envelope and comes outside. She meets Haseena who comes there at that time)
Hasina: Piya...Waht are you doing here?
Pia: Aunty, I was coming to you. Aunty, This is Uncle's reports and in this his state is written as 'Abnormal'. If these reports get into anyone's hands it would be a problem (Piya gives the envelop to Haseena) You please destroy this...
Haseena: If this reports would have got into anyone's hands it would have created a big problem. Thanks you so much...
Piya: No Auntie...Why are you saying thanks to me? You people have done so much for me... You saved my life... You please take Uncle from here before anyone suspects you. I will go and see Dad... (Piya walks from there. She thinks, 'Thank God...Uncle's reports got into the right hands. Abhay, I am definitely upset with you. But your parts have done nothing wrong to me. I don't wish that your Parents have any trouble because of our fight. Their secrets are safe. No one will know it')

Panchi : Why are you people not doing Papa's Surgery? He is very Critical...please do something... (Piya sees Panchi, Madhu, Siddharth and Mount College students in front of the emergency room)
Doctor:Look Mam, We are trying the best from our end...but so much blood has been lost that we cannot do any operation. He is too weak...Anything can happen in the Surgery...without blood we cannot do anything...
Panchi: Can you arrange for the Blood please... Do something!
Siddharth: Without blood we cannot do anything... (Misha comes there with Blood and hands it over to the Doctor)
Misha: Here is the Blood...AB-ve blood for Papa (The Doctor immediately calls Nurse and instructs her to start the preparations for the Operation. Siddharth is unhappy at the change of events)
Madhu: Misha, I knew you would Baby (Misha and Madhu hugs. Piya looks at them with a smile)
Misha: I love you Momma...and this fatty too...She told right that I do not have any control over my anger. And he is my Papa...I just can't stay away...
Siddharth: Well done Misha! Honestly we all got so worried...but we forgot that there is a very important part of the family who never accepts defeat. Misha Dobriyal...the Hero...(Misha laughs)
Misha: Well Siddharth...Now you are also part of this family. We are all in it together...
Siddharth: Looking forward to it...
Panchi: Come on momma... relax a little now that the blood has come...(Madhu, Panchi and Siddharth goes from there. Ruhi grabs Misha's hand.
Ruhi: Misha, I knew that you love your Papa very much...You are my hero... (Ruhi hugs Misha but Misha pushes her)
Misha: yeah...But I thought Angad was your hero...I did not know that you change sides so fast...
Ruhi: are back...i can't old Misha...funny and rude Misha... I love you... (Tracker goes to hugs her but Misha pushes her to Angad telling, 'I love you too Tracker...there' Angad and Tracker goes from there. Misha sees Pia who was watching everything from a distance. Piya turns to walk too but Misha stops her)
Misha: Piya...Piya, Hold on... (Misha runs to Piya) Stop...I want to talk to you...
Pia: No Misha...Thank you so much...I am so proud of you for what you did today. If you had not come on time don't know what would have happened to Uncle...You saved his life...
Misha: Uncle? Since when he became Uncle from Papa?
Piya: Misha, You know what? I don't want to start this right now please. I do not want to fight with you. Let's not start...
Misha: You are right Pia. I also do not want to fight. I want to end this!
Piya: End this?
Misha: Yeah! End it...Not for just today but forever...I do not wish to fight with you because I do not know to fight with you...i am very bad at it...
Piya: really Misha?
Misha: yeah...I mean I behaved very badly the last few days... Not just at you but at my fate too! But now when I really think about it...whatever happened was no one's fault...It was just the circumstances. Now I cannot be angry anymore! I am tired of it (Piya laughs)
Piya: So finally that day has come when Misha Dobriyal has become tired... (Misha smiles)
Misha: Sometimes such days come...
Piya: You know...This day would be written in history. So (Piya extends her hand) Friends again?
Misha: Sorry Pia...But we can't be friends... (Pia's smile fades)Because we are sisters...Sisters for ever! (Both of them laughs and hugs each other. Siddharth looks at the sister's reunion through the blinds in the window. He thinks,'How touching! Let's make this a little more interesting' Misha goes from there and Pia sits on the bench there. Siddharth comes near her)
Siddharth: Oh Piya...You are alive? I felt that Misha would have killed you alive...
Pia: Siddharth you know...From the time Misha was angry with me I was not feeling good at all...But now I am so relieved! (Siddharth sits next to her)
Siddharth: Well...That's good that all is well with you two.
Piya: Yeah...Finally!
Siddharth: And between you and Abhay?
Piya: Siddharth, I do not want to talk about it...
Siddharth: What happened Pia? What did Abhay do this time?
Pia: Siddharth, I just don't want to talk about it...Okay? Excuse me (Pia gets up and go. Siddharth thinks, 'Don't want to talk...Now I have to make you talk...How weak are you humans. A small blood test created an explosion...separated you and Abhay...Absolutely Brilliant!' Siddharth walks to where Pia is standing)
Siddharth: You know Piya it is good that you are not speaking with Abhay.
Pia: Why?
Siddharth: Pia, Because we both know that what sort of people are Raichands...Or should I say what sort of creatures they are...
Pia: No...there is nothing like that...
Siddharth: Pia, Don't hide from me. There is something very odd about the Raichands.
Pia: No...there is nothing!
Siddharth: Piya, I have done a lot of research on this...I know about the truth of the Raichands. I don't have anything to do with them. In fact I will not tell anyone about them. My Policy is live and let live... But if they hurt my Family...that would mean war! Piya, Now you are my Family...
Pia: Siddharth! Thank you so much...You have supported us a lot...
Siddharth: Always there Pia...
Piya: See you around...(Piya goes from there. Siddharth thinks, 'Interesting relationship...yours and mine...Now it is going to be even more interesting Pia...You will quench my thirst. You will be my victim. Yes Piya...You and me are in this together!'Siddharth walks from there)

Scene moves to Haseena walking inside the Hospital with the Report Cover in hand. She stops in front of Abhay.
Hasina: Abhay, I got the Reports...and we were right (Abhay takes the reports from Hasina) The reports say 'abnormal' (Abhay looks into the reports).If this would have got into anyone's hands a lot of Questions would have been raised...
Abhay: Where did you get the Reports from?
Haseena: Piya saw the Nurse keeping the reports. She stole it and gave to me...
Abhay: Pia? You sure?
Haseena: yes Abhay! But why are you asking like that?
Abhay: Mom, Piya's blood test also had happened. Piya found out that I had bitten her.
Haseena: What?
Abhay: And because of the infection she could not donate blood to her Dad. She is very angry with me...
Hasina: She knows the truth? And even after all this happened she stole Chand's Reports and gave it to me. Abhay, Piya is a very nice girl...What all she has done for us...and today because of her we are saved... Anyway, we have to remove Chand from here fast... (Haseena and Abhay goes from there)

Haseena and Abhay enters the room Chand is kept.
Abhay: Dad! (Chand opens his eyes and gets up from the bed.
Chand: Good that you are here. I had to act unconscious in front of these humans.
Haseena: Are you alright?
Chand: Of course! If after such a big incident if nothing happened to me they would have gotten suspicious. So I was just lying down...and Siddharth made best use of this opportunity.
Abhay: Your test reports have come (Abhay shows the envelope). It is abnormal... (Chand laughs)
Chand: Siddharth is such an evil mind and was forcibly behind them that it is necessary to do blood test.
Haseena: Now we have to go from here...let's go...
Abhay: One minute...

Scene moves to Haseena and Abahy walking through the Hospital Corridor with Chand in the middle dressed as a Doctor. Siddharth comes in front of them and stops them.
Siddharth: Ahh...Wait...wait ...wait... (Sid pretends to take a photo of the Raichand's) Such a beautiful family picture... All the Raichand's together...
Chand: Just the face I wanted to see. What you did to us I will never forget it Siddharth...
Siddharth: Really? What have I done? (Abhay looks at Sid in anger) I am so happy that nothing happened to you Dad...
Chand: Oh really? You naughty little rat...What do you think? We are fools? You are going to pay for it...
Siddharth: really now... I was just having some fun...
Chand: Shut up Siddharth! The number of colors we have seen of your Character i knew and was not surprised with one more color...You are our own and wanting to come to us...all was a Drama...You are as evil as you were...Well, I am happy that today Haseena has seen your true colors with her own eyes, I am right Hasina?
Siddharth: Don't involve Mom in this...
Haseena: Don't you dare call me that!
Siddharth: Is that so?
Hasina: Yes Siddharth! After what you have done today...don't ever call me that...You forgot right? What we did for us just goes to prove that what is your reality.
Chand: And we...understand everything. You and your devilish mentality...
Abhay: Enough!There is no use of us talking to him. Before anyone recognizes us we all have to leave from here. We will handle him later! (Siddharth waves)
Siddharth: tata... (The Raichand's leave from there. Siddharth thinks, 'So much drama... You people threw me out of the family long back...So why are you keeping expectations? After all I am a Monster. I am true to who I am. True to what you made me...Now Mr and Mrs Raichand...I will show you real devilish acts. I have already started with Abhay. Now a lot is left to happen...')

Arnab is in the Hospital bed. Panchi and Madhu are near him looking worried. Arnab regains consciousness and tries to warn Panchi regarding Siddharth but could not communicate properly because the Doctor comes there and interrupts them. Madhu thinks that maybe Arnab wants to see Panchi and Siddharth together fast. Siddharth opens the door and comes in smiling. Panchi tells Arnab, 'Papa, Don't worry! We both are with you. You become alright fast...'
Siddharth: Papa...Panchi is with me. And I will never leave her.
Madhu: He is very worried about Panchi Siddharth... As soon as Arnab becomes alright we need to start the preparations of the Wedding. I think that is what he wants.(The Doctor tells them to let the Patient take rest)
Panchi: I love you Papa... (Panchi leaves the room)
Siddharth: Bye Papa... (Siddharth follows Panchi while Arnab looks on helpless)

The Raichands are walking through the Corridor. They are about to get out of the Hospital. Abhay suddenly stops.
Chand: What happened?
Abhay: No! That is what he wishes...Siddharth... We go from here and he will be alone with Piya. No...I cannot let this happen...I have to protect Pia! You people go! (Abhay turns and walks back. Chand stops him)
Chand: Abhay, Are you out of your mind? You want to go to the girl because of whom all this happened? Leave her alone...Let's go!
Abhay: No Dad! I cannot leave her alone... I have to protect her! (Father and Son stares at each other. Haseena interferes)
Haseena: Go Abhay! (Chand looks at Haseena) If today Piya had not stolen the Reports your truth would have come in front of all... She has saved us and we owe this to her! Go Abhay! (Abhay walks back from there. Haseena and Chand gets out of the Hospital)

The Doctor Questions the Nurse about Mr Raichand having left the Hospital without informing. The Doctor sees Pia and stops her.
Doctor: excuse me...You were with the Raichand's right? (Pia nods) Do you know them?
Piya: Yes...Why? What happened?
Doctor: He went off without signing discharge papers. He also did not allow us to test him properly also... Do you have his son's number?
Piya: Abhay Raichand?
Doctor: No...No... His elder son's number...He only told to do his Father's tests...
Piya: No... (Someone calls the Doctor)
Doctor: Look! If you get the number you please give it at the Reception (Pia thinks, 'Abhay's Big Brother? The elder son of the Raichand's...He was here in the Hospital?') Episode ends

PreCap: Hasina inquires to Madhu about Arnab. Madhu tells that after the accident Arnab seems to have realized that Panchi and Siddharth's Marriage has to be done soon. Haseena calls Abhay and informs about Sid - Panchi Marriage is going to happen and tells him that she would not let it happen.

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