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2nd May 2011 Written Update (Episode 164) Arnab Dobriyal join hands with Danish Singh to save Panchi from Siddharth

Siddharth gets ready to bite Piya
Episode 164 starts with Abhay remembering his past. Abhayendra watches Siddharth and Maithili chatting by sitting on a swing at the Palace. Abhayendra is not happy seeing this. After some time Siddharth gets up and go and Maithili waves him Bye. After Siddharth goes immediately Abhayendra comes in front of Maithili and her smile fades.

Abhay returns back to the present. He walks through the College Campus. Abhay thinks, 'How will I stop Pia? Siddharth is taking her there. And if I also reach there this time Piya won't forgive me. Then the same thing will happened which happened years ago. No! I will not let it happen. I know you too well Siddharth. I know that you would not dare to touch Piya in front of anyone. So I have to send someone a witness...But who? Who can it be? Who can be send without telling an excuse...' Abhay hears Trackers laughter and see her with Angad and 2 other girls.
Abhay: Hey Tracker! Have you heard? (Ruhi tells to Angad that Abhay Raichand has some Gossip. Angad and Ruhi jointly tells Abhay,'tell us!') Let's have some Coffee! (The girls and Angad follows an enthusiastic Ruhi)
Angad: Ruhi...You know...Everything in this world can change... (Abhay says in mind, 'Come on you have an audience to watch Siddharth's moves')

Siddharth opens the Car door for Piya saying, 'Allow me'. Pia thank him. Siddharth tells her, 'the pleasure is all mine'. He closes the door and goes to take Drivers seat. Piya thinks, 'How good Sid is...and how caring...Don't know why Abhay hates him so much... '(Siddharth gets into the Car)
Siddharth: Piya, I really need your help. there is very little time to make that place.
Piya: Oh! Are you making Taj Mahal for Panchi?
Siddharth: Better than that... She is not lesser than any Mumtaz...
Piya: That is so sweet! You know this is what true love is...
Siddharth: Totally! Making Taj Mahal is not for any girl...
Pia: That's such a nice thought Siddharth! By the way, How far is this place?
Siddharth: An hours journey from here.
Piya: Oh! Love drive... (Siddharth fastens his seat belt)
Siddharth: Exactly! That is why I need your Company! (Pia is excited)
Pia: Yes let's go!
Siddharth: Okay! Let's go?
Piya: Yeah...let's go... (Siddharth drives the Car off)

Abhay, Ruhi and Angad are seated at the Canteen.
Abhay: You know Guys, remember the horror film, Same like that house in the Film there is a house a little distant from the City...fully haunted. When I heard about it I thought who would be going over there. One need to be so daring... (Abhay says in mind, 'Come on Tracker, Bite it!')
Ruhi: Wow! Haunted House...It sounds so interesting! It would be so nice...full night... (Angad is also excited)
Abhay: Seriously? (Ruhi and Angad nods) What say Angad? I don't think the idea would work out. Full night these girls would keep getting scared and would stick on to us.
Angad: Hey are wrong. It is a super idea...Is it not Ruhi baby? (Ruhi agrees) You know what Abhay? If someone gets scared we are there to take care of them, Right Baby? (Angad catches Ruhi's chin and Ruhi smiles)
Ruhi: We all will go...You will come with us...won't you?
Abhay: yeah! But only 3 of us?
Ruhi: No Problem! I would accumulate more people...(Abhay thinks, 'Now you see Siddharth...You will not be alone with Piya...not even for a minute...') Can we go in your Car?
Abhay: Okay! (Angad and Ruhi are excited and hugs)

Ruhi is telling a list of things she would need for the trip like chips, chocolate etc. Angad tells that he would get the entire shop for Ruhi. Kabir comes there and asks Angad and Ruhi whose plan is it to go for the trip. Ruhi tells him that it is her plan.
Angad: Ruhi's! Kabir, where Ruhi is...Angad is there! Wahy don't you understand friend? How nice it would be...
Ruhi: Kabir...Imagine how boring it is to meet in the college Cafe and hang out there. A haunted house would be wonderful...
Angad: Ruhi...There is no one like you in the whole world. (Kabir goes to Abhay who is leaning on his Car)
Kabir: Where is Pia?
Abhay: Don't know...
Kabir: And T...
Abhay: Not interested...
Kabir: Actually I don't want to go but I am going for friends.
Abhay: And me for my Car... (Kabir turns and walks from there. He sees T's Bimbo's coming)
Kabir: Ah! Hello girls! (The girls greet him back) For your information we are not going for Fashion Week. We are going to haunted house...Your dresses are like wow!
T's Friend: Whatever! Wherever we are is T's rule...Always be dressed to chill...
Kabir: Really?
Tracker: Guys, If your flirting is over...let's go! (Angad and the girls occupy the back seat while Kabir sits on the front. Abhay who was leaning on to the car proceeds to get into the drivers seat)

Scene moves to Piya and Siddharth entering an old Mansion. Siddharth removes the cobwebs so that Piya could get in. Piya looks at the swing where the doves are seated (The same swing Abhay remembers in his flashback) Piya scans the place with her eyes.
Siddharth: What happened Pia? Are you alright?
Piya: Yeah...just...I am feeling scared...
Siddharth: Did you eat anything from morning?
Pia: Yeah...I had breakfast and maybe because I did not have lunch...
Siddharth: Come on...Let's go inside... You will feel better inside...Come (Siddharth leads her inside. Piya thinks, 'Here something is wrong...something not right...'Siddharth opens a door and they get in)
Piya: Siddharth, someone was staying here earlier? (Siddharth switches on the light revealing the beautiful wood work and chandeliers)
Siddharth: This used to be a Kings know something like a Summer House...(Piya thinks, 'Don't know why I feel scared seeing this place. Something is wrong!' Siddharth who is a few feet behind her assumes his Vampire avatar with fangs. Piya is watching the room and Siddharth comes behind her ready to bite her. He is suddenly distracted by Tracker and gang entering the room. Piya is happy to see Tracker and asks her how come they are there. Siddharth is angry that his plan is ruined. The gang enter the room and looks around. Abhay comes last. Siddharth looks at Abhay angrily. He walks towards Abhay)
Siddharth: You will have to pay for this!
Abhay: Why? What have I done? Coming here was Tracker's idea. (They hear Tracker saying, 'Pia...this was my idea to organize people and coming here. This is better fun and different than the parties and all...You know my Adventure spirit inside came out') See...You were just blaming me for nothing... But whosoever the idea was I got everyone here...happily! What happened big Brother? Did I spoil your Party? How nice! (Abhay smiles and turns his face. Siddharth looks at Abhay)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab and Madhu are in their Bedroom. madhu is in front of the dressing table. She tells Arnab that she has spoken to the Temple Priest and that their is an auspicious day for Marriage after 15 days. Arnab asks her what is the hurry and how can arrangements be done in 15 days. Madhu tells to leave the arrangements to her as she is good at managing it. Arnab tells that Siddharth's house is okay for a Bachelor but is not of Panchi's taste. Madhu tells that even that has been taken care of.
Arnab: What is been managed?
Madhu: Arnab, you are so curious... Okay it is a secret...Don't tell anyone (Panchi comes outside her parent's room and overhears the conversation)Siddharth is buying a house for Panchi (Panchi is happy hearing this). Piya told that Siddharth is buying the Bungalow near the Old Hills.
Arnab: That House? But that is a haunted house!
Madhu: Oh Come on Arnab...Pia has gone to see the house...
Arnab: Pia is gone with Siddharth...alone? Ramsingh has gone?
Madhu: What is the need of Ramsingh? Siddharth is there...
Arnab: Siddharth has taken Pia with him...why...
madhu: Arnab, Now you don't tell anything. Siddharth wants to give Panchi a surprise. So sweet right? (Panchi who is outside her Parent's Bedroom smiles. Arnab thinks, 'Surprise? No Madhu! Siddharth has to be stopped. I have to stop him' Panchi enters the room calling for Madhu)
Panchi: Momma! (Her Parents get up)
Madhu: Are you going some where Panchi?
Panchi: Yeah Mom. Rinku has come... So I am going to Mall Road...for Coffee... Bye! (She hugs Madhu and Arnab)
Madhu; Okay, Listen! Come fast...
Panchi: Oh Mom...I am not a small I am stop worrying (She moves to the Door)
Arnab: When will you come?
Panchi: Papa...Now only I said...I am a big girl...I am just going round the corner for Coffee and Dessert, Okay? (Panchi thinks, 'Now see I will give you surprise...Pia and Sid...What fun!' Panchi goes off)

Scene moves to Arnab leaning on the Car waiting for someone. A Car comes and Danish gets out of it. He comes near Arnab.
Danish: What happened? Why did you call me here? First you insulted me in front of everyone...proved me false... And now what you wish?
Arnab: Danish, Siddharth threatened to kill Panchi if I tell the truth or try to stop the Marriage...
Danish: What? You are silent after hearing all Why? Okay...I will @#$
Arnab: Danish...(Arnab faces him) There is no use of anger. Listen to me carefully. I saw the beastly instincts in Siddharth's eyes that I have never seen before in any human's eyes. He has a devil hidden in him. Any wrong step from us can affect us badly. So whatever has to be done has to be done carefully. We have to hit Siddharth with his plan. But what is worrying me right now is that Siddharth has taken Piya to the Old Bungalow... and we all know that the place is not safe... What does he wish from Pia?  Why is he behind Piya? I need to know...
Danish: Uncle...You don't worry! I will take care of everything... I will find Pia...nothing will happen to her...
Arnab: Danish, I will tell again...I don't find Siddharth normal. There is something very wrong about him. He is evil...He is dangerous...Your life may be in risk...
Danish: Maybe that is in my fate...Maybe that is the punishment for cheating Panchi. If I can save her from that monster that would be enough for me.
Arnab: Just be careful...
Danish: Don't worry! I will handle everything (Arnab nods and gets into his Car)
Siddharth telling the Story of Abhayendra, Maithili and himself
Scene moves to the Old Mansion.
Piya: You know Tracker...This house is very special... Ask me why?
Tracker: Why?
Piya: Because... Siddharth is buying this house for Panchi... (Ruhi is impressed and asks Angad if he heard. Anagad tells her that he would also buy such a house for her. Ruhi tells Angad that there may be many stories hidden in the house)
Siddharth: True! There are a lot of Stories...
Ruhi: What?
Siddharth: In fact there is a very special story... (The group assembles near Siddharth and Abhay)
Ruhi: Special Story? You mean fairytale?
Siddharth: fairytale...This story is that of 2 Brothers (looks at Abhay)...who were very close...But one day they fell in love with the same girl...for whom they fought with all their might...right till the end...
Ruhi: Till whose end?
Abhay: Let me guess! That girl chose a Brother and the other Brother killed both the love birds (Siddharth looks at Abhay) because the other Brothers love was not love but jealousy (Abhay turns to Siddharth), right?
Siddharth: Oh really? But all the 3 of them died...because she chose the wrong Brother...loved the wrong Brother...
Ruhi: Oh my God...That means they are still here...
Kabir: He just said the 3 of them died , right?
Tracker: their souls stay here? (The girls are scared)
Abhay: Quite an interesting Story! But...
Siddharth: But what? It is a true Story!
Abhay: Yeah...You were here right when all this happened? (The Vampire Brothers stare at each other. Piya sees it and interferes)
Piya: Excuse me Siddharth...Abhay please... (Pia takes Abhay aside holding his hand)
Abhay, I know that you don't like him but that does not mean that you should behave like that... Stop it and behave yourself...
Abhay: Alright! That means you care for me...and we are together...
Pia: Of course I care for you Abhay! Of course we are together...You know what? You are stupid (Abhay smiles. Piya goes from there)
Abhay and Pia
Precap: Ruhi and the girlie gang are scared seeing the Guys playing prank on them by acting as Ghosts.

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