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12th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 173) Abhay and Haseena warns Piya against Siddharth

Arnab Dobriyal meets Shyam Hasni and Vampire Catcher for saving Panchi from Siddharth
Episode 173 starts with Abhay driving his car. He thinks, 'I don't believe this Siddharth. How dare you take Pia there? And that too tonight? You have crossed all the limits Siddharth. Today I will not leave you. I will kill you! Even if I lose my life I won't have any regrets. Today if you are trying to repeat the History, I am ready Siddharth. This time I would not do the old mistakes' Abhay remembers Maithili crying for help surrounded by fire. Maithili calls for Abhayendra and asks him to help her get out of there. Abhay remembers him assuring her that nothing would happen to her. He remembers Maithili succumbing to death calling his name. Abhay says in mind, 'Piya, I have to reach you. Today I will not let Siddharth win again'

Arnab is in his Bedroom. He has injury on his head. He drinks some Soup bought by Madhu and then says it's enough for him. Madhu sets the soup bowl aside on the bed side table.
Madhu: Seeing you here I feel whatever happened was a bad dream. Thank God you are Okay. I could not have asked for more. (Madhu sees Arnab looking tensed) Arnab, Do you want to say something? (Arnab nods 'no'. He thinks, ' What do I tell you Madhu about the situation I am in. Panchi's life is in danger and I am not able to do anything') Look, say something! You will feel better (Arnab does not look at her. Madhu thinks, 'Maybe your external injuries have healed but the inside injuries are still there. You are in such a shock that you are not even able to talk about it') Okay Arnab, If you feel like you want to talk to someone or if you want to tell me something, call me Okay? (Arnab nods. Madhu takes the tray with the Soup Bowl and goes from there)

Arnab closes his eyes and remembers his conversation with Mr Shyam Hasni, a Vampire Catcher.
Hasni: Your doubt is right Mr Dobriyal. It is a fact that your to be son in law is a dead human... a vampire...
Arnab: Are you absolutely sure Mr Hasni?
Hasni: Why are you surprised Mr Dobriyal? There are a lot of popular tales about these forests you know that. I have followed these Vampires for years. They run around from here to there because of me. As a fact they stay among humans like humans but I know to catch them. I catch them and then set them free from this World.
Arnab: Mr Hasni, Siddharth is a Vampire...he is very dangerous... His shadow is all time on my daughter. He threatened me that if I tell his truth to my daughter he would kill her. I don't understand what I should do.
Hasni: No, You don't have to do anything Mr Dobriyal. What you had to do you have done...You have informed me...Now I will gather all the information and see what to be done...
Arnab opens his eyes and thinks, 'What have I done? In order to end one Devil have I encouraged another devil? Mr Hasni may save us from Siddharth but the madness I saw in his eyes it was like I awoke his conscious. Am I playing with laws of nature? Damn it! I need to stop him. I am getting a bad feeling about this. I need to stop him (Arnab takes the phone and dials). I cannot give him this sort of power. I have to stop him! Come on pick up the Phone...Pick up the Phone, Damn it!'

Piya and Siddharth are in the Car.
Piya: Whenever I see you and Panchi I feel so good. And I feel so lucky that you both are in my life. I mean look at you. You are taking me here. Your marriage is about to happen and there is a lot of work. Still you took time out of your busy schedule and is helping me. It's just so sweet of you.
Siddharth: Come on Pia, You are family. You know that I do not have anyone of my own. Now you people have become mine. You people are important to me. (Piya smiles. She thinks, 'There is Siddharth! You have a family. And I will make you meet with them soon!' Siddharth then gets a call on his mobile phone. He looks at the caller ID and panics. He cuts the call. He is nervous and cuts the call two more times when it rings)
Pia: Siddharth, Whose phone it is?
Siddharth: Nothing! It's a call from Office... (The Mobile rings again)
Pia: I think you should receive it. It's Okay!
Siddharth: Yeah, I might as well...Give me a minute! (Siddharth stops the Car and gets out. He goes a little further from the Car and lifts the Call)
Siddharth: Yes, Your Highness!... No, Nobody is with me... This is a lie,Your Highness...I stay in between humans and hide myself completely from them. Nobody doubts me!... Your highness when I don't even know Pia very well, It is not like that...Your highness, We have kept that place hidden. No one knows where it is...It's a shield... (Pia gets out of the car and calls Siddharth. She tells him, 'Is everything okay? If there is any problem you know we can go to Office. We will go some other day' Siddharth tells her, ' 2 minutes!' Piya gets back into the Car. Siddharth says in mind, 'I will not leave this opportunity at any cost Pia...Tonight is the night! I will bite you tonight. If anyone feels taht they can make a Call and threaten me then they are mistaken. If they have to stop me they have to come and stop me. Because I can't be without your blood for even a minute. Now nobody would stop me...not even that person. If that person is following me I will take my entire family along and die' Siddharth gets back into the Car and drives from there.

Hasni is in his office. He takes a print out and looks into it. He says, 'Oh...So it is you! Once again we two are facing each other and this time you will take the last breathe of your life. I am coming' hasni takes his bag and walking stick and gets out of the Office.

Abhay is driving his Car. He tries to communicate telepathically with Piya. He says, 'I know that you have stopped somewhere but I am not able to see you clearly. Why can't I talk to you? Come on Pia...Talk to me! Talk to me Piya...'Abhay closes his eyes and concentrates. This time he sees Pia in the Car with Siddharth. He tells her, 'Piya get down from the Car. Pia don't go with him. Piya, I am coming for you...I am coming to pick you up...Piya don't go with him. Piya, talk to me Pia...Piya, listen to me!' Abhay and Pia's connection breaks and Abhay thinks, 'May is because it is the moon's last night Piya and my connection is breaking. I have to put full efforts to reach to Piya. He talks to her again, 'Pia Come on...Listen to me Pia...Listen to me!'

Piya is in Siddharth’s Car. She suddenly keeps her hand on head as if in pain.
Piya: Ouch!
Siddharth: What happened? Pia…Are you alright?
Piya: I don’t know Siddharth…it is a shooting pain in my head…Oh God…Ahh…
Siddharth: Are you Okay? Shall I stop the Car?
Piya: No, I will be fine… (Siddharth says in mind, ‘It will go. Tonight everything will come to an end…everything!’ Piya closes her eyes and leans back to the seat in pain. Siddharth smiles)
Shyam Hasni, the Vampire Catcher, reaches Dobriyal House. He has a knowing look on his face. He says in mind, ‘In this City there is not one…but four vampires. I can feel them. They are secretly hiding here. I will get them all out in one go’

Piya is still in pain. Her hand is on her forehead. Abhay tries to telepathically communicate with Piya again. He tells her, ‘I love you Piya… (Piya hears Abhay’s voice) Piya trust me… Don’t go there. There is danger there. Come back! Come back Pia…Come back!’ Siddharth notices Piya and says in mind, ‘So Abhay is talking with Pia. Come on little Brother, Let’s us how long you can save her’ Siddharth jerks the Car and Pia comes back to senses. Abhay who is in his Car screams, ‘No!!!’ Siddharth looks at Piya and asks her in mind, ‘What happen Pia? Can you see your death approaching? Can you feel it?’

Siddharth reaches the destination and stops the Car. He looks at Piya and says in mind, ‘The Story of love had started here and will end here today.’
Siddharth: Let’s go Pia…
Piya: Yeah…
Siddharth: Don’t worry. It is a broken house. It won’t bite… (Siddharth gets down from the Car. Piya says in mind, ‘This is not right!’ She remembers Abhay’s telepathic communication to her telling to come back home. She ignores her mental warning and is about to get out of the Car when Siddharth’s Mobile Phone which he left in the Car rings. She looks at the Caller ID and sees that it is a Call from Siddharth’s Mom. Piya picks up the Phone and says, ‘hello’. Haseena who is on the other side tells, ‘Siddharth, Where are you?’
Piya: Aunty, I am Pia talking!
Haseena: Pia… You are with Siddharth? Where? (Piya thinks, ‘Siddharth’s Mom…Haseena Raichand! Oh No! Was Siddharth lying to me?’)
Piya: Aunty you?
Haseena: Piya just tell me…Where are you? (Piya thinks,’ Let me tell her the truth and see what she says’)
Piya: Ahh…Aunty I came with Siddharth to the Kolar Bunglow…
Haseena: No! Piya, you have to leave from there… There is nothing for you there Pia…Just leave! (Piya remembers Abhay’s warning, ‘don’t go there…there is danger Pia’)
Piya: Aunty, Just please relax… Aunty, I am alright! Aunty, I came here to find some truth. You don’t know but what Abhay did to me…
Haseena: Piya, I know! I know everything but maybe you don’t know why Abhay did that. He was saving you. Just trust me…He saved you life Pia…just leave from there…We will tell you everything, Okay? Just leave…Please… (Piya thinks, ‘Oh God! What is happening with me?’ Siddharth comes and grabs the phone from Pia. Piya gets out of the Car. Siddharth tells Haseena, ‘Just stay away! Don’t call me again and again Mrs Raichand. I don’t have anyone…No Mom…no Dad and no family…I am happy the way I am. Please stop interfering in my life. Leave me alone!’ Siddharth cuts the phone.
Siddharth: Let’s go Pia…
Pia: Mrs Raichand... Siddharth…
Siddharth: She bothers me all the time. She calls me from my Mom’s phone. She feels that she can solve everything by her interference. But it is not possible Pia. My Mother does not want to keep any relationship with me…nor do I wish to. Nothing can be done!
Pia: Siddharth, I am sure this problem has a solution. If you find a solution both you and your family would get peace. If you wish don’t talk to Mrs Raichand. I will talk to your Mom. Siddharth, it is just for the better. See us! Misha, me and Papa… we forgot everything and got united. Trust me Siddharth, You will feel better…
Siddharth: You are right Pia… How good you are… Okay, if you feel that you can solve this I will take you to my Mom tomorrow.
Piya: Trust me Siddharth! Everything will be fine… It all would be fine, Okay?
Siddharth: Shall we? (Piya follows him)

At the Raichand Mansion Haseena is coming down the stairs and rushing out of the House. Chand sees her going. He says in his mind, ‘You are doing a big mistake Haseena! You are hiding your thoughts from me. You are trying to block me out of your mind. I know that this time you are going to Siddharth. Will you be successful in stopping him? I wonder! But I have to be there!’ (Episode ends)

Precap: Piya and Siddharth are in the burnt House. Suddenly Maithili appears behind Piya from the darkness. Siddharth sees her and is shocked. He is unable to form words and keeps staring at Maithili’s direction. Piya asks him if he is okay but he does not respond.

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