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23rd May 2011 Written Update (Episode 180) Abhay hypnotizes Piya so that she forgets him

Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani Season 2 starts with Piya and Misha returning from Paris
Episode 180 starts with Abhay and Pia meeting each other. Snow is falling and Piya runs towards Abhay calling his name. She touches him on his shoulders and arms checking if he is alright.
Pia: Abhay, What happened? Are you alright?
Abhay: Piya, You know Vampires have such power that they can hypnotize anyone and the hypnotized person forgets everything.
Pia: Yeah Abhay! But why are you telling this now?
Abhay: You have to forget my memories. You have to forget me. You have to forget me Piya...
Piya: No Abhay! I don't wish to forget you. I don't want to forget you. I love you.(She hugs him. Abhay hugs her back. When Piya withdraws from the hug Abhay fondly touches the side of her face)
Abhay: Whatever happened with you today...whatever Mythili did with you... she did because of me. Mythili may come back and I don't wish that anyone hurt you because of me. Piya I am doing all this for you. (He cups her face with both hands) Piya you have to forget me and memories related to me (Piya nods no). And I will freeze in this Snow. I will freeze forever!
Pia: No Abhay! I will...
Abhay: Nobody can do anything Piya. Maithili has put me in this condition and she only can release me from it. Didn't I tell you that you and i cannot be one?
Piya: No Abhay! (She leans on Abhay and he embraces her)
Abhay: May be that's our fate...that I and you separate...Our love is cursed...
Pia: Don't say so Abhay! Don't talk like that
Abhay: If only it is false...If only I could change our destiny...If I could stop your tears...If I was a human like you... But the truth is that I died two hundred years ago...I am a dead human. Piya, I could not kill Maithili... nor could she kill me. You know why? When you love someone you cannot take their life (Piya cries). No one can erase your memories from my heart. After today, neither can I live nor can I die (He cups her face again)...But you have to live Pia...(she nods no) ...Your life has just begun. Yeah Pia, You have to live...and for that you have to erase my memories (Piya nods no)
Piya: No Abhay! I cannot forget you...
Abhay: You have to forget me Piya. I am dead...but you are alive... Your life is remaining... (Piya cries silently) Pia, Try to understand. I am fire and you are the air...I am the darkness and you are the light. You are a delicate beautiful fairy and I am the darkness of death...(Piya nods no) Pia, life and death cannot go together. When death comes life has to go. And now is time for you to live.(Pia nods no) I will erase all memories from your mind with my powers (Pia nods no with tearful eyes)...You will forget everything...You will forget that you ever loved me...You will forget when you first met me...You will forget that you loved me...You will forget that there was someone named Abhay in your life...(Piya nods no with tears in eyes)Yes! You will forget everything. You have to forget Pia! You have to forget me...(He cups her face fondly) And then again you will be able to start a new life... Yeah Pia...You have to start a new life Pia...You have to start a new life...
Piya: Don't do that Abhay! Forget me Pia...Forgive me Pia (He looks into her eyes and hypnotizes her. He erases all her memories after landing at Dehradun) This time you choose the other way Pia...this time do not choose my way...(He takes a pendant chain from his pocket and puts it on Pia's neck while Piya stands expressionless). After I go this will protect you. It will safeguard you from bad things and evil eye. (With a sorrowful heart he hugs her closer and kisses on her forehead. He then lays her down on the Snow. He fondly touches her face on last time and walks back from there slowly)
Abhay puts a Chain Pendent on Piya' neck for her protection
Abhay gets buried under the Snow after he meets Pia for the last time
Piya is lying on the Ground unconscious with snow falling over her. The Search Party reaches there calling her name. They see her. Arnab lifts her and carries her out of there. Hidden from everyone's view Abhay sees her been taken from there.He says, 'When you regain consciousness you would have forgotten everything. But I would never be able to forget you. Days, Weeks and years would pass... and you would move ahead in life... but I and my Story would stay here. No body would say... nobody would hear...this story of love...' Abhay falls back on the ground and gets covered with Show.

Scene moves to one year later. The small guy at the tea stall serves tea to the Baba. Seeing the Baba happy the guy asks him, 'Brother, you are so happy after so many days?' The Baba laughs and says, 'I am seeing this Mountains. This Mountains...this Jungle...all these are my own... They have bought me up. And today they are so happy that I am also happy seeing them'. The small guy asks, 'What special thing has happened Brother?' The Baba replies, 'This Mountain is waiting with some has hidden some secret... which is supposed to open again today. Maybe someone who has gone from here is going to return. And then... It feels like there was some story which did not complete... maybe that story would start again...' Scene moves to the Jungle and the breeze is blowing.

Arnab comes to the window and looks outside. The window curtains are flying in the breeze. He says in mind, ' The wind is blowing so fast. Strange! Why is there a cold climate feeling in this hot climate... as if there is going to be a snow fall. Very strange!' He closes the windows. He looks at the watch impatiently and says, 'Madhu, How long does it take for you people to get ready? (Madhu comes down the stairs)It is getting late you know...they would be waiting there. (Madhu comes to the hall)
Madhu: Arnab, Don't get too hyper... We won't be late. Moreover, to claim the Baggage it would take at least half an hour
Panchi: Hello! (Madhu and Arnab looks at Panchi who is standing on the staircase top looking gorgeous different in new hair style and modern dressing)
Madhu: Oh my God! (Panchi walks down the stairs)
Panchi: Check me out Mom and Dad... (Madhu hugs her)
Madhu: You are looking so beautiful!
Panchi: Thank you Momma... Of course they two are coming after a year. I don't want to look Indian in front of them. And Papa... tell me... I have lost weight, right?
Arnab: I am tell you the truth or do buttering... (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Papa, You are so mean. Anyways,these days I have stopped eating so some buttering would not hurt.
Arnab: You look so slim i can't tell you
Panchi: Thanks! (Laughs)
Arnab: Looks like you have not eaten for years... Should I apply more butter?
Panchi: So mean Papa! But anyway I am so happy that 2 of them are coming to share your love. You have pampered me so much in this one year that it had become a little too much... seriously...
Arnab: I don't think there is any matter like that... You were enough for us so...
Panchi: Yeah Papa, I know...Don't lie... I know you really missed them.
Arnab: Of course, I missed them. Don't know how this one year passed. Don't know how will be those two. When the Doctors said that Piya's memory is gone I felt there is going to be a lot of difficulty. But Misha told that she is fully alright.
Panchi: How strange... is it not Papa... partial amnesia... it's like she lost only some of her memories... It is very strange! She does not remember the one year spend in Dehradun..
Madhu: What ever happened ...that one year... I think we should forget about it... Piya only remembers that much which we have told her...that she came to Dehradun looking her father...met us and became part of our family... In one way it is good that she has forgotten that one year. we have to remember this much that she does not remember anything. She is now our daughter... part of our family...and it is very important that we remember this.
Panchi: Anyways, we are getting late... (They hurry from there)

The flight lands at the Dehradoon Airport. Misha comes out of the Glass door saying, 'It's good to be back... Ahh... (She hugs a Guy standing with his back on her) Papa... (She is embarrassed seeing that it is not her father Arnab Dobriyal and acts as if she is blind. She takes a small bottle of liquor and starts drinking. She is annoyed that they have travel 18 hours and 8000 kms from Paris to reach Dehradoon and the family is not there to receive at the Airport in time.)

Piya comes out of the glass door in her glam avatar wearing jeans, t shirt and boots. She wears her glasses and walks confidently out. People around looks at her admiringly. He is now having her curly hair back and is wearing the pendant Abhay had put on her neck after hypnotizing her to erase her memory. Misha watches her half-sister with a smile and then looks around at the people looking at Pia. Pia comes near Misha.
Misha: Piya, Momma-Papa would be shocked to see you. You have changed so much... (Misha teases that Piya has become a hottie now)
Piya: Come on Misha... This one year passed just like that...
Misha: My foot! It's gone just like that... You have become a Super Model... After the Paris Photographer discovered you ...your life has changed... (Misha shows false anger towards Piya and tells her that she did not give her good Pocket Money. Piya tells her that they have left Paris behind now and are at the home town Dehradun)
Piya: This is home...I am so happy! Where is Papa?
Misha: Exactly! We went away for one year and our home people forgot us...
Piya: You know what Misha? Your patience level is always in red mark...bare minimum... (Misha drinks liquor from the small bottle and Piya inquires about it. Misha tells her that she stole it from the Plane. Piya tells that she would tell about it to Papa. Misha tells her that Pia has not changed at all. A small girl comes there and asks if she can have a photograph with Piya. Piya poses for the Photograph and Misha grumbles. Misha is annoyed that their Parents have not reached to pick them up. She tells Piya that it definitely might be the fatty Panchi's fault and that she would be getting ready to impress them.
Misha: Papa never is late...I don't believe this...No one loves me... Nobody came to pick me up!
Piya: Oh Drama Queen... By the way Misha... I have been to this city early, right?
Misha: Yeah...
Pia: And all my memory is gone...
Misha: Yeah, You don't remember anything!
Pia: So strange... I don't remember anything... I will just try... (Piya closes her eyes and tries to remember. She remembers leaving the Orphanage to study at Mount College at Dehradun. She also remembers asking the small guy at the Tea shop the way to Mount College. She remembers the small Guy telling her that she can reach within 15 minutes if she opt for the path through the jungle and him warning her not to go through there as the Forest is very dangerous. Piya opens her eyes). Episode ends.

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