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24th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 181) Panchi throws a Welcome Party for Piya and Misha at the Dobriyal House

Episode 181 starts with Pia and Misha waiting outside the Dehradun Airport. Piya tries to remember her memories related to Dehradun. But she would not remember anything after asking the way to Mount College to the small boy at the Tea Stall. The boy tells her that if she goes through the jungle she can reach in 15 minutes and advices her not to choose that path as the Jungle is very dangerous. Misha sees Pia deep in thought.
Misha: Are you Okay?
Pia: Misha, I remember that I came to Dehradun... but after that it is a blank. I don't remember anything. Misha, what had happened?
Misha: I told you thousand times. You came to College as a scholarship student. You met me... we became friends...and one day I suddenly I came to know that you are my sister. Then Momma-Papa met you and accepted you...Then you became an even more closer friend to me...sister to me. And one day we were both going in a vehicle and we met with an accident. You lost your memory...partial memory loss...full drama... just like on TV.
Piya: Tell me Misha, What else happened?
Misha: A lot of things happened...we fought for samosas in the Canteen...Parties on Rose Day...Mount College Festival...and for the past one year you have been asking exactly the same questions. Give it a rest man! (Misha thinks, 'How would I tell you that Papa, Momma and we all... whatever we are hiding from you... it is for the good of you. You won't be given any information because of which you may feel sad. You won't be told anything about Abhay...because you yourself does not know where he went off...') And then Papa send us to Paris. And now we are back... Guess what? We are going to be the hottest Gossip in the town. The boys are going to love our french flavor.
Pia: Misha, Now also you are too much Indian. I think I have lot of fresh flavor.
Misha: Fine Miss...Okay boys will die for you...as if earlier there were less. And talking about the fact where is Kabir? I thought he would put a tend outside airport waiting for us. (Pia laughs) He is crazy about you Man. He should be somewhere here (Misha looks around)

Kabir is in his House talking to someone. He says, 'Of course I love you...Yes Baby, I do... You thought I will go to Airport? How can I do that? I am coming to pick you up. Of course baby, how can i forget you? After all, You are my girl...right? yeah... Bye!' After finishing the call Kabir goes and sits on the Cot. He takes Piya's photo and looks at her. He says, 'I will never forget you Pia...I promise!' He smiles.

The Dobriyal Family reaches the Airport and get out of their car. They look for Misha and Piya. They spot Misha. Misha runs to them and Piya follows her. Madhu tells Arnab that even after spending one year in Paris Misha is still like a jungli. Misha hugs Arnab, Panchi and Madhu. Misha accuses Arnab of Drinking that even Madhu believes it. Arnab asks where Pia is and Misha points to Pia. The Dobriyals are awestruck seeing Piya in her glamorous avatar. Pia goes and hugs Arnab and Madhu.
Arnab: You have changed so much...
Piya: I have not at all changed Papa...I have only changed from outside. But inside I am your own Pia...
Panchi: Pia you look fabulous...beautiful...You are going to take Dehradun by storm. (Panchi and Pia hug. Misha comes and join the hug)
Misha: Papa is crying...
Arnab: No... I am not crying...Tell me where are the baggage's of you two.
Pia: There it is Papa... (Arnab sees the luggage and says, 'This! I should have got a truck instead of Car' Panchi and Madhu laughs)
Panchi: Okay girls once second, I forgot...I got a present for you two
Pia: Wow! (Misha jumps in her signature style saying, 'Present! Present!')
Panchi: Here you go...(Panchi puts garlands on Misha and Pia's neck) In this Country we say welcome like this.
Misha: I see! (She throws flying kisses to the air and then folds her hand saying 'namasthe'. They all get into the Car and Arnab drives from there.)

In the Car Panchi is seated on the back seat at the middle with Pia and Misha on either side. Pia removes her flower garland and keeps it on her lap. She gazes at the forest throw the Car window.
Piya: Papa, Have I come to this Jungle before?
Arnab: No...no... Nobody comes to this Jungle. You may be feeling it because it near the house. (Pia thinks, 'then why this jungle is looks so familiar...it's strange..' Suddenly the Car stops because of engine getting hot. Everyone gets out of the Car. Arnab lifts the bonnet of the Car to cool it. While Madhu, Panchi and Misha are standing near Arnab and chatting Piya walks towards the Jungle as if pulled by some unknown force. She remembers the small Guy at the tea shop telling her not to take the short cut through the Jungle as it is very dangerous. Pia thinks, 'What is happening? I don't remember anything after this... Is Misha hiding anything to me? (The wind blows) What happened to the climate suddenly? What is in this Jungle that it is pulling me towards it? What is behind this? What is this jungle hiding from me? It is as if it is trying to say something to me. I am Pia Dobriyal. When did I complete the journey from Piya Jaiswal to Piya Dobriyal? How? what was my World? I made a name after going to Paris but still why do I feel that my true identity is hidden somewhere in this Jungle?'

At the Road Arnab Dobriyal tells his family to get seated in the Car as the vehicle is okay. They then notice that Pia is missing and the family starts looking for her.

At the Jungle Piya bends on her knee and is about to touch the soil on the ground when she hear's Misha's voice. She withdraws her hand and gets up.
Misha: Pia, Where are you Pia? What the... (Misha comes to her) Piya, what are you doing here?
Piya: Misha, I ...
Misha: You know what? This jungle is very dangerous...I mean there are panthers, leopards and God knows what else... Let's go from here...Come on...Come on lets go... (Misha and Piya goes back from there. Piya turns and look and thinks, 'If this place is so dangerous...why is it pulling me towards it? Why do I feel like this is my destination?') Come on Pia, Let's go... Come on! (Misha turns and looks around)

It's night and the Dobriyal family reaches their house. Misha exclaims, 'Home sweet home!'
Piya: But... Why is it so dark here? (Panchi pushes open the door saying, 'Guess what?'. There are a lot of Mount College students in the decorated Hall. Saying Piya and Misha they say, 'Surprise...Welcome back!' Panchi hugs Piya and tells her, 'Welcome Home... Mount College Junglees have reached here specially to welcome you two')
Misha: Welcome Home indeed
Piya: This is so awesome... (They all get in and the Party begins. Arnab notices two Guys going with Fruit Punch in hand and suspects if they have put alcohol in that. Arnab stops them and inquires but Madhu interrupts and let the Guys go.

Misha asks the Guys if Papa checked their drinks. She pours alcohol to their fruit punches. when the Guys go she drinks what is left in the bottle. Panchi comes there and scolds her. Misha Offers Panchi a drink but she refuses telling that one person is enough in the Family.

Arnab notices all Guys drinking Punch and expresses his suspicion to Madhu. He tells that he feels something is fishy and needs to check. Madhu tells Arnab to leave the Guys alone and takes him away from there.

Panchi is introducing T's Bimbo's to Pia.
Panchi: And this is (Misha interrupts. She keeps her hand on Piya's shoulder and introduces the girls)
Misha: Barbie and Skipper... And these people follow every popular girl in College... (T's bimbo's are irritated. Misha takes Pia away from there) Anyway, I want to introduce you to only one girl...But she is not seen anywhere...
Pia: Who?
Misha: Tracker...
Pia: You know this does not look like a girl's name but like some detective agency name...
Misha: Well, Think it is something like that... (Tracker comes to them all excited followed by Angad. She hugs Pia again and again. Tracker is super impressed by Piya's looks and compliments her telling that she looks hotter than Hilton. Tracker poses with Piya for a photograph and chats with her non-stop. Ruhi tells Piya that she would call her Paris. Piya asks her if she is tracker. Tracker replies that she is Tracker only for the Boys and for Pia she is Ruhi. Ruhi sympathizes with Pia that she lost her memory and tells her that so many things happened the last summer like Vampires sucking blood...Tracker is about to say Abhay's name Misha closes her mouth with her hand. Piya gets confused and asks questions. Misha and Panchi tries to cover up the situation by telling that lastt summer there was an Abhishek Bachan film shooting. Misha takes Ruhi aside and tells her, 'Tracker, You Dumbo! We should not tell Pia anything... especially about Abhay'
Tracker: How rude Misha...How can you do that...He is her Boyfriend...Imagine... You know what? You are not a true friend... True friend will not hide things... I mean they are made for each other...
Misha: Tracker, Can you shut up? Keep Quiet! Pia has forgotten everything. And where Abhay is no one knows... So what is the use of telling her and troubling her. Don't give her a heart ache okay.
Ruhi: You could have told this all first... I would not have told about Abhay... (Misha and Ruhi goes back to Pia. Ruhi tells Pia, 'Paris, I will not tell you here after about Abh... (Misha closes her mouth again and takes her aside)

A girl compliments on Pia's Pendant and asks her if she got it from Paris. Piya tells her that it was with her always and it is her lucky charm.

Misha goes to Panchi and asks her, 'Birdy, Where is Kabir? He did not come to the Airport also...'
Panchi: I don't think Kabir would come...
Misha: Why?
Panchi: Because his new girlfriend would not let him come for Pia's Party... (Misha and Pia looks at Panchi. Episode ends)

PreCap: Kabir is sitting and drinking. Piya is sitting with him. She asks him, 'Really we were Boyfriend and Girl friend?' Kabir replies, 'You were dating me but I loved you' Piya guesses, 'Then you got some one else?' Kabir responds, 'No Pia...not me!' Pia says, 'Wait a minute... Are you telling me that I fall for somebody else?'

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