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30th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 185) Piya Dobriyal kisses Jay Khurana at the Night Club

Panchi dancing with Neel Khurana at the Night Club
Episode 185 starts with Panchi Dobriyal and Neel Khurana sitting and having Coffee at a Coffee Shop.
Panchi: Nice Coffee! I had Coffee with you but what's your name
Panchi: Nice name...
Neel: Thanks yaar...(Neel is in thoughts and hesitating if he should ask Panchi to the Night Club or not. Panchi notices Neel's nervousness.)
Panchi: Is everything okay?
Neel: Yeah...yeah...I am good...I am good...
Panchi: Okay! (Neel thinks, 'I think I better ask... the worst she may say no')
Neel: Panchi...Panchi...You know what? I have not till now seen a more beautiful girl than you... and I mean it.
Panchi: Thanks... How sweet!
Neel: You know what I mean to say...The dream girl of every guy in the town is having Coffee with me...You know how lucky I feel right now. Panchi...I was thinking...I mean only if you are comfortable...We could go to some Night Club... Poisonlvy...
Panchi: Oh...What's the big deal...such a small matter. Well, I heard Poisonlvy is a very good place. We could go! I thought you are going to ask my Kidney. Come, Let's go...
Neel: Thank God!You made my day... So, shall we go?
Panchi: Definitely... (Neel and Panchi leaves the Coffee Shop)

Neel and Panchi arrives inside the Poisonlvy Night Club. Panchi looks around and says, 'Nice'. Neel's eyes seek Jai. Jay is standing in a Corner with a girl. Jay sees Neel and silently gives a 'go ahead' signal by lifting his glass. Neel and Panchi goes to the Bar Counter.
Neel: So what will...
Panchi: red Wine! (They sit at the Bar Counter. Jai orders the drinks. Then suddenly a song plays and Panchi tells that she loves the song. She tells him that she loves to dance and asks him to go with her to the dance floor. Neel tells her that he does not know how to dance. Panchi insists and pulls him to the dance floor. Panchi starts dancing excitedly and tells Neil to dance and he too starts dancing.
Panchi leaves after seeing Misha and Pia at the Night Club
Misha and Pia come into the Club.Misha is excited to see the Club and pulls Pia along with her to the Dance Club. Misha starts dancing in her signature forest style and a crowd of youngsters follows her moves. A little distant from Misha and Pia, Panchi pulls Neel towards her and put her hands around his neck. Panchi suddenly notices Misha and Pia dancing in the Club. Panchi goes out of the Club hiding behind Neel. Neil and Panchi comes out of the Night Club.
Neel: Hey Panchi...Panchi...Listen yaar...What happened to you? What happened to you suddenly?
Panchi: I am going home please...
Neel: Panchi yaar Come on listen...I told you that I do not know to dance, right?
Panchi: It is not that...Actually inside there are my two sisters. If they see me they will ask a thousand questions.
Neel: They might have seen you earlier also with many Guys... Come on!
Panchi: It's not like that... You are a stranger and I even don't know your surname...Please I really have to go...Understand...understand...see you...see you... Bye(Panchi walks from there while Neil stands there looking disappointed)
Neel: Okay Panchi listen... When will you meet me again? (Panchi turns and looks back at him and replies, 'I will think and tell you'. Neel says to himself, 'So close...' and then walks back to the Club)

Jay and the Girl is at the Bar Counter getting their drinks. Neel goes behind Jay and touches his shoulder to get his attention and then occupies a stool at the Bar Counter.
Jay: You here? Where is your date?
Neel: Ran off... She saw her sisters and went off before they see her
Jay: I told you all this Dobriyals are just the same.
Neel: You cannot judge like that. She came with is and that is more than enough
Jay: Judge? Are you kidding me? Judging? Look at the look at looks so smart (Asks the girl who nods) Doesn't he look smart? Leave her and you should enjoy seriously... (Jay asks the girl to fix Neel with some hot friend of hers but Neel rejects telling that no girl can compete with Panchi)
Jay: Panchi...compete...You have to be kidding seriously...If she was a nice girl she would have not left you midway in the party, Correct? She would have spend the entire evening with you. Look at you. You are smart. You are an eligible bachelor man. You will get any girl. I don't think this Panchi Dobriyal... she doesn't deserve you seriously. You look around. Which ever girl you like we will fix you up, get it? (Jay sees Misha and Pia dancing and his expression changes. He looks at her without removing his gaze from her. Pia also sees him and looks at him.)
Piya kisses Jay Khurana
Jay asks his date to kiss him on the cheek
Pia and Misha comes out of the dance floor.
Piya: Misha, you are mad okay? (Piya sips her drink)
Misha: Some madness is good goody two shoes...
Piya: Excuse me! I am not goody two shoes. I also can do mad stuff
Misha: really? You don't have the guts.
Pia: I have lots of least more than you...
Misha: I see...Then we have to search for something to prove your guts... (Misha notices a fat Guy getting into the gents loo and smiles)Piya, see there... That's the Mens loo... Whoever comes out of it got to kiss him...Done?
Piya: And done...
Misha: Aha, So what are you waiting for? (Piya goes near the loo area with a drink in hand while Misha watches smilingly. Pia keeps her drink near the wash basin and waits. Kabir comes behind Misha and asks her what she is doing. Misha tells him that if he stays there silently he would get to see some fun. Misha tells Kabir that Piya is going to kiss whomever comes out of the Mens loo first and that she has a strong feeling that it would be some fat guy. Pia signals Misha and Kabir to watch. The loo door gently opens and Jay Khurana steps out of it much to the amazement of Misha and Pia.)

Pia is startled to see Jay. He signals her to move aside and she moves. He washes his hands at the wash basin. Pia thinks, 'No way! Not him! Anyone but not this loser! (Piya looks at Misha and Kabir) Come on Pia, bet is a bet' She goes near Jay and taps his shoulder. Jay turns to face Pia. Pia suddenly moves forward and placing both her hands on his shoulders kisses him on his cheek. Jay is taken aback by her behavior and he has a 'what the f@#$' look on his face.
Pia: Sorry! Nothing personal... It was just for the sake of a bet... (Pia looks at Misha and Kabir with a victorious look on her face. Jay picks up the glass of drink which Pia had kept near the wash basin and throws the drink on her dress. Piya is shocked.
Jay: Nothing personal. I also had a bet to keep.(He then takes her hand and keeps the glass on her hand)And moreover, I treat unwanted and uninvited people like this. The drink was cold, right? Don't worry! Not more than you. (The girl who was with Jay comes there. Jay shows the same spot Pia kissed and tells her that he wants her to kiss him there. The girl asks him, 'Why?') Mostly after eating something bitter you need something sweet and sexy. The girl kisses him and he compliments her. They both go from there.
Piya: Stupid! (Misha and Kabir comes to Pia)
Misha: What the hell. What does he think of himself? Hell man...
Pia: I don't know. So stupid my dress got spoiled. (Kabir bends on his knees and wipes the dress with a wet tissue where Jai has thrown the drink. Suddenly T comes there and stops Kabir from what he is doing.
T: You sl@#! Keep your scrubby hands off my Boyfriend, understand? You may be some photographer's muse. But your Super Model attitude would not work here, understand? just because you offers does not mean that he is interested in you. (T turns and walks from there. Kabir follows her calling her, 'Baby'. Pia also is about to follow T and calls her name but Misha stops her)
Misha: Hold on! Let it be man. Let her go!
Pia: No, she has not of misconceptions regarding me. Let me just solve it okay, please... (Pia goes from there)
Piya Dobriyal and Jay Khurana after Jai saves Pia from falling
T and Kabir are walking upstairs. Piya hurries after them.
Pia: T... Just listen to me please... (T sees Kabir and tells him, 'What are you doing here? Just go get the Car!'Kabir goes from there)T...Listen Please. We were not doing anything, okay? Kabir was just help...
T: Listen, Pia Dobriyal...I know you very well. You want every man who is mine. Not this time!If you are that desperate go search for another Guy. Leave my Boyfriend alone... (T turns to walk away but Pia stops her)
Piya: T,listen to me...
T: You bloody man eater...You like to keep an eye on other peoples boyfriend, right?
Pia: Hold on! I don't remember you...Or you are not worthy of being remembered...You are so affected that you are ashamed of even your name. T... what kind of a name is that? I don't know if Kabir left you for me or if he could not tolerate you...But I want to tell you this that if he left you for me, too bad. And if he left me and came back to you...then I am very sorry...I mean how difficult it could be T that people compare me with you.. Silly girlfriends like you would always be petty in front of me. And...So bad is it not T... Poor T always second never the first?
T: Listen you bloody man eater...
Piya: Oh Rest assured T! If I had to take your men away from you I do not need to try hard at all. All I have to do is look at them and they would be mine! (T rolls her eyes)  T, I don't know what happened in this one I lost my memory...But I know maybe some innocent Pia would have listened to your nonsense. But this Pia...No way! You better don't mess up me! I have forgotten one year of my life. But I remember well my life before and after that. I know that I grew up in an Orphanage without Parents love. And what ever I did I did on my own merits. Then I went to Paris and become a Super Model there. You know what T...these clothes you wear designers make it keeping me in mind. I get paid to wear them. Teenage Girls like you go to their Dad with my photograph and tell that daddy get me dress like Piya...So Darling, You are the fake and I am the Original. I don't need my Dad's money to buy my clothes. And coming to Kabir, In front of Kabir you and thousands of other girls would be nothing in comparison with me. Because I am Pia... and I don't need a surname. Kabir was just trying to help me. But a loser Bimbo like you got insecure. Too bad for you, you treat him like a dog...If you wish to keep your Boyfriend with you learn to treat him nicely...Poor thing! He can't even see your shallowness. You know what T...Go ahead and keep him because you would not get a better boyfriend than him anywhere.
T: How dare you insult me
Pia: You know why? Because you inspired insult...
T: You freak! (T pushes Piya and she is about to fall when someone catches Pia's hand and pulls her back. Piya looks into Abhay's eyes mesmerized. She smiles)
Pia: Thank you... She just pushed me
Jay: Of course the whole world is behind you...Right, Ms Dobriyal? (Piya's expression changes when she finds Jai in front of her. Piya moves back) You would do anything for a bet... Listen...If you are so much desperate, show your desperation in front of some one else... Falling into my arms in front of everyone...that all drama is cheap...
Piya: Listen, I don't know what your problem is but...
Jay: But what? Listen Dobriyal...You may be some Super Model...but at your own house...Your some one else...
Pia: Listen!I don't have attitude... you do! And what is your problem? What have I done to you?
Jay: Seriously...what have you done...You don't know anything, right? So innocent... You can do anything for sympathy. To kiss me in front of everyone first and after that this...
Pia : Listen!
Jay: Sshhh! (He keeps his finger on her lips silencing her. Misha sees Pia and Jay) That's it Ms Dobriyal... Your charm... Jay Khurana, not interested! Good Bye!(He turns and walks from there. Misha comes near Pia)
Pia: Stupid!
Misha: What was that? Are you okay?
Pia: Yeah I am fine...Nothing just...
Jay and T gets friendly at the Night Club
T is sitting and drinking at the Bar Counter. Jay goes and occupies a stool next to her.
T: Pia Jaiswal...I want to kill her... (Jay thinks, 'So I am not alone against this Pia...there are others too...Not bad!')
Jay: So...You too...
T: Me too what?
Jay: You just now told that you want to kill Pia...You know what? I agree! She only needs other peoples attention and for that attention she would do anything. Anyways, There is no point in telling about just one Dobriyal... And that Panchi...She is a b@#$%. It is as if she has taken the responsibility of making all guys dance to her tunes. And Piya, she plays innocent. Ans the other one...Jungly Misha...she is damn annoying...
T: Sorry but I didn't get your name...And why have we not met before?
Jay: Well...Jay...Jay Khurana...
T: The Jay Khurana of Khurana Empires...
Jay: Exactly! And we have not met each other before because I was in London. I was doing my studies there. Since Mom and Dad wanted to set the Business in I thought I would help them. (T extends her hand for shake hands)
T: And I am...
Jay: T...(Jay shakes hands with T) I know! Who does not know you? Quite known...aren't you? (Jay notices Pia and Misha coming down from upstairs and points them to T) You see them ...there... The Drama Queen Pia... She feels like after doing some 3-4 modeling assignments she is the Princess.
T: Piya Dobriyal...she has too many problems. She likes to keep an eye on others boyfriends.
Jai: Others Boyfriends or your Boyfriend?'s sad...
T: Sad?
Jay: Ummm! If a girl like you already has a boyfriend it is sad...isn't it? And...You know what? I don't think you should have any problem with much ever modeling she does... she cannot compare with your natural beauty. Look...that Guy would be mad who left you...
T: I like you...
Jay: Not as much as I do...
T: Cheers! (They touch their drink glasses. Jay watches Pia who is gloomy now.)
Misha: You sure you are okay?
Piya: Yeah, I am fine... (Piya thinks, 'No, I am not Okay! Don't know what is happening with me. This strange face is coming again and again in front of me...Who is he? What story is hidden behind this face?' Piya looks at Jay too) Episode ends.

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