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13th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 174) Haseena follows Abhay to protect him from Siddharth

Maithili appears behind Pia from the dark
Episode 174 starts with Arnab Dobriyal in his Bedroom trying to call Mr Shyam Hasni but he does not lift the phone. Arnab wonders why Mr Hasni is not lifting the phone. Arnab thinks if to call Hasni for meeting him or not. Panchi then comes to the room. She tells Arnab, ‘Papa, Guess what I found…your favorite songs CD…all Melodies…I am going to put them’ Panchi puts the CD in the Music System. Some old song gets played and Panchi hums along. Madhu also comes there and asks Panchi from where she got the song. Madhu tells that it is her favorite song and tries to remind Arnab but notices his blank expression. Panchi tells Madhu not to worry and that she would handle. Panchi goes and sits near Arnab.
Panchi: Papa…Papa…Listen to me…Give me attention. Papa, I wanted to say thanks to you
Arnab: Why? For what?
Panchi: For saying ‘yes’ to Marriage… (Arnab is shocked) First you where behaving like Madhu…why so fast … get to know him parents…and then you said ‘yes’. I am so happy! (Madhu smiles) I think you got little sentimental in the Hospital…that is why you said to get us married fast…
Arnab: What are you saying? When did I say like that?
Panchi: Papa, What is wrong with you? You only told in the Hospital. Now you gone blank or what? Now don’t act tacky…You only were adament in the Hospital telling Panchi…Siddharth…Panchi…Siddharth… Papa, I know what is in your heart (Arnab is worried with the happenings) You really worry for us. But you all like Siddharth so much…You…Mom…Misha…Piya and I just love him…He has given me so much happiness…I can’t wait to be with him…Thank you Papa! (Arnab shakes his head and keep his hand on head as if in pain) We will get married next month itself. (Arnab tries to say something but is unable to say anything because of the pain. He keeps his hand on his forehead. Madhu rushes to him)
Madhu: Arnab, Are you alright? Arnab don’t take tension. We will do the preperations of the marriage…don’t worry! Please don’t worry… (Madhu goes to Panchi and tells her, Panchi, we can talk about all this later also. Papa is not well…’ Arnab thinks, ‘This matter will get out of hand…I will have to call Mr Hasni’)

Someone knocks on Dobriyal House main door. Misha opens the door and sees an Old man standing there.
Misha: What is it? Who are you? You have come this time in the night to take Donation…funny man!
Hasni: I want to meet Arnab Dobriyal
Misha: Papa is not well…he won’t meet anyone…you give me your number…I will ask him to call you… (Misha tries to close the door but Mr Hasni puts his stick in between forcing Misha to open the door again) What is this Brother? You don’t understand? Please go from here otherwise I will call the security…
Hasni: He only asked me to meet him here (Hasni gives his Mobile to Misha. Misha sees Arnab’s call in Hasni’s mobile)
Misha: Oh…Come in! (Misha lets Hasni in and follows him after closing the door)

Siddharth and Piya are walking from the Car towards the Bunglow.
Siddharth: Don’t fear Pia…This is an age old broken house
Pia: What place is this?
Siddharth: This is the place where the Princess of Pander Mythili was born. This is that place where she opened her eyes the first time...where she spend her childhood... She used to play in the garden here... and there in that streets she grew up... Pander's last Princess Mythili... (Piya thinks, 'he is saying as if he has seen Mythili with his own eyes...') People tell that today also the old memories are alive here. Even today whoever comes here can feel that old times. And these walls... these walls even today repeat the same if that Old people are waiting for us...Come Piya, today you will get all the answers to your Questions. (Siddharth signals after you and Piya goes ahead of him exploring the place)

Abhay reaches the Old burnt Bunglow and parks his car next to Siddharth's Car. he gets out of the Car and gets lost in this thoughts seeing the place. He remembers his and Maithili's childhood. Abhay tells Maithili to catch him. Maithili tells him to stop and otherwise she would fell. Abhay thinks, ' I promised that I would never return here but still I came here. Piya pulled me here...Piya, wish you listened to me...then I would not have had to come here...' Abhay looks at the Moon and thinks, 'Tonight may be my last night...But I will not let it be Pia's last night. I will have to save Pia' Abhay looks at a place in front of the Bunglow and goes on his knees. He touches the sand there fondly with his hands. He remembers him and Maithili as children making Rangoli and Siddharth coming and spoiling it. Abahy remembers Maithili telling, 'Siddharth what did you do? I will complain to father' and Siddharth running away. Abhay looks at the place with a painful expression and then moves from there.

In Arnab and Madhu's Bedroom Shayam Hasni is sitting by Arnab's bedside and Misha, and Madhu are standing. Panchi is sitting on Arnab's cot hugging Madhu by her waist and crying)
Misha: Vampire? Siddharth is a Vampire? Have you gone mad? All these things happen only in books and films. What rubbish!
Hasni: Look dear, There are several things about which you have no idea and that does not mean that they don't exist.
Misha: Ahh I see... Papa, where did you bring this fake Baba from? And Panchi why are you crying? I mean whatever this man is telling is all lie...How stupidity Vampires...
Hasni: They exist dear...In theis world there are several type of creatures. Vampires whom we call dead human exist...werewolves and witches also exist...
Misha: Uncle please...looks like you see a lot of movies...(Hasni smiles) Papa, what is this rubbish? Why did you let this man come to our house and create a drama?
What stupidity...
Arnab: Misha, He did not come here on his own. I called him here. You did not see that face of Siddharth which I have seen. That day Danish was trying to say Siddharth's truth in front of everyone. But no one listened to him. I also told lie. But the fact is I was kidnapped (Panchi, Madhu and Misha are shocked to hear this). Siddharth kidnapped me after the Dance Competition. After that he kept me tied up in his bedroom which time you were there in his house for the Party. He wanted to kill me but he left me because he did not want anyone to suspect him. But he threatened me that if I tell his truth to Panchi or try to stop the marriage, he would kill Panchi. That day i saw a monster in his eyes which i have never seen in the eyes of any human. So I kept quiet (Panchi is distressed and hurt. She hugs Madhu again) After that I kept thinking how I would tackle with Siddharth and save Panchi... But I was unable to see any way. Then I went to Kasauli to meet Mr Hasni. There the landslide happened and I got hospitalized. At the Hospital I was trying to say, 'Panchi...not with Siddharth...don't be with Siddharth' but you people could not understand me and pressurized that I get Panchi married to Siddharth so I had to take this step.
Hasni: It is very essential for me to know why he had to think of doing the drama of getting married to a girl... (Suddenly Hasni sees Piya photo. He gets up and go closer to the photo) Who is this girl? Who is this girl?
Arnab: This is Piya, my youngest daughter! (Hasni comes back and sits)
Hasni: Oh! Now I understand...This is the girl... Look... Around 150 years back this Siddharth was an ordinary soldier of the King who killed the Princess by burning her on fire. This happened under the instructions of the King. The Princess face resembles that of your youngest daughter... she is the girl... Siddharth came here for her. The bigger daughter is just a way... Today is the full moon night. And this night these Vampires become blood thirsty. Their power is maximum on this night. Tell me where is your younger daughter?
Arnab: Piya... Where is Pia?
Madhu: Arnab, please relax! (Arnab keeps his hand on head in pain) We will search her. She definitely might have gone to College. Misha, call her! Call Piya...
Misha: I will just call her (Misha catches Panchi's hand and urges her to go with her) Panch, Come with me...(Panchi gets up and follows Misha)Our life has become a Horror Movie...
Chand tries to stop Hasina from going to Abhay and Siddharth
Chand comes in a Car and blocks Haseena's Car. Both of them get out of their Cars and comes closer.
Chand: Haseena, Don't say a word! Don't try to give me an explanation. Why have you come here? To save him who is no one to us...Why?
Hasina: I have come here not to save Siddharth, but for Abhay... Siddharth has taken Piya with him to Kolar Bungalow. I don't know where Abhay is. But I am sure he is behind Siddharth.
Chand: Ahh...Come on Haseena...
Hasina: Chand, Siddharth is really mad. He will kill Abhay and I cannot leave him alone.
Chand: Hasina, Let him be. We are dead creatures. Our relationship is that of blood not of heart. We are here to protect each other not to kill each other. That is our duty. So you cannot go there. Don't forget that our strength could become our weakness and in this situation today what is important is that we leave from here now...that's all...
Hasina: Chand, Are you trying to say that if we were in danger Abhay would not have thought of us and only saved himself...
Chand: He would have thought Hasina. What I have taught him... The most important thing is to protect ourselves first. We have to protect ourselves, because we have to survive! Let's go!
Haseena: No! (Haseena gets into her Car and drives away)

Piya pushes open a door in the Bungalow. Siddharth follows her and transforms into his vampire form. Piya turns to look at him. Now Siddharth is in his human form but he is wide mouthed and have a scared look on his face.
Piya: Siddharth, What happened? Are you okay? Is everything alright? (Siddharth has a terrorized expression on his face. Mathili comes from the darkness to the light behind Pia. Siddharth points his fingers towards Maithili and utters, 'Maithili' Pia turns and sees her look alike Maithili in Princess Dress with a bitchy look on face. Siddharth tells, 'It's Maithili' Piya is shocked. Mythili smiles and walks slowly towards them). Episode ends.

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