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10th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 171) Abhay and Danish decides to expose Siddharth by getting proof against him

Piya meets Siddharth to take his help to find the details regarding Abhay's Brother
Episode 171 starts with Misha climbing down the stairs and coming the Hall. She stands leaning to a pillar looking gloomy. Panchi comes there and sees her.
Panchi: Mish... (Panchi sees that Misha is looking sad) Misha, What happened Baby? Is Papa alright?
Misha: Birdie, I can't see Papa like this Okay? He can't walk...he is so weak...My Papa can't be so weak.
Panchi: I know baby! Papa is not weak. You are a strong girl, right? Now only Papa had an accident. he had a surgery and had injuries...He would become alright slowly. He would recover soon, Okay. Don't cry! You need a cup of Tea...that is exactly what you need...Come!

Misha is sitting at the Dining Table. Panchi comes with two Cups of Tea.
Panchi: I don't believe you. You threw away Dad's clothes... (Panchi gives one cup of tea to Misha and sits in the chair next with the other Cup)
Misha: And that's not all...I even tickled him but it did not make any difference (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Poor Papa... You are so jungle type. If Momma finds out you will be dead!
Misha: Hey! I was doing shock therapy. When the first plan did not work out I got another idea. I took 50,000 Rupees out of Papa's cupboard... and that miser immediately stood up seeing the money.
Panchi: Then what he would have done? Given you fifty thousand Rupees?
Misha: He took the food away from his only daughter...
Panchi: Oh Really? Just clear my doubt...Then who am I? Neighbor's daughter?
Misha: You? (Misha keep her Tea cup on the table) You are our pet bird (Misha gets up and runs) Just like Cuckoo... (Panchi runs behind Misha and playfully fights. The servant comes there with Arnab's jackets telling that somebody threw them out and asks if he can keep them. Misha tells him to keep it. Panchi tells him that if he does he would get beating. Panchi again chases Misha.)
Abhay and Danish teams up on Plan to expose Siddharth
Abhay is waiting for someone in the Jungle. Danish comes there.
Danish: What happened? Again something happened?
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal agreed for Siddharth and Panchi marriage
Danish: What? How can he do that? He knows that Siddharth is such a big scoundrel... Still?
Abhay: I think he is helpless. He is doing all this under Siddharth's pressure. But we will have to help him. We have to stop this marriage under all circumstances.
Danish: We have to get some proof...Some photograph or anything. We have to keep a watch on Siddharth for 24 hours. He would do some mistake or the other for sure.
Abhay: I think that is a great idea. Even if we get a photograph we would expose Siddharth in front of everyone easily. But this is very dangerous...I will personally do it...
Danish:Why? How much danger is there for you that much danger is there for me too... It is not as if you have some superpowers...and I don't have...
Abhay: Danish, You don't know what is in me that is not in you...
Danish: No Abhay! This fight is mine...And for Panchi I have to do this! This would be my repentance. Or what danger can happen? I am ready to face every danger...
Abhay: I can understand your feeling. We both together will expose Siddharth.

Siddharth is resting in his room hearing instrumental music with eyes closed and a drink in hand. Haseena comes inside.
Haseena: Siddharth! (She switches off the Music system)Have you lost your mind? What am I hearing? (Siddharth opens his eyes)
Siddharth: You are killing the mood!
Haseena: Enough is enough! I have always been very protective about you Siddharth. But today you have crossed all limits. Marriage with Panchi? What you are thinking? You have forgotten who you are... (Siddharth coolly is sitting on the chair looking at Haseena amused)And you just don't seem to care about your family, do you?
Siddharth: Family? (laughs) Family...Which family? (Sid sits upright on the chair and keeps the drink on the table) Surely you are not talking about the family who ages ago threw me out of my own house... (Siddharth gets up) No...no...no...I don't have any family...(He comes near Haseena) My family died for me 100 years ago...And what is your right to come here Mrs Raichand? Who are you to talk anything to me? Who are you? Why are you here? (He shouts) And what gives you the bloody right to tell me anything (Piya comes in front of Siddharth's house and is about to press the bell) Mom (She withdraws her hand hearing the word Mom and thinks, 'Siddharth's Mother is here? Abhay and his Brother can wait for now. Today is my lucky day. I will meet with Siddharth and his Mom and know what are the problems between them. Today I will know how to unite Siddharth with his family again. But I don't want to scare them. First I think I should hide and see them. Then I will meet them' Piya hides behind the plant and looks at the front door. She thinks, 'Hmm let's see who really this Mrs Mehra is...' Piya sees Haseena coming out of Siddharth's House. Piya thinks, 'Mrs Raichand...in Siddharth's House? What is she doing here? And where is Siddharth's Mom? Oh my God... Is Siddharth...No! Is Siddharth Abhay's Brother? Is it because of that Abhay hates Siddharth so much? Oh God! Is Siddharth the Brother who loved Maithili and killed them both by cheating on them? No! If this is true... Siddharth is also a Vampire... No! That is not Possible...Pia...just please calm down. This cannot happen. Don't jump into conclusions Piya...Think! May be it is some other matter'. Piya moves from there).

Haseena comes near her Car. She gets into the Driver seat. She then notices Piya walking towards Siddharth's house. Hasina thinks, 'Piya? Piya...What is she doing here? Did she see me?' Haseena drives off from there.

Siddharth switches on the Music again and goes back and sits on the Chair. Piya comes to the room and sees Siddharth relaxing. Siddharth senses a presence in the room and opens his eyes. He thinks, 'Oh No! This Piya will now ask me a thousand Questions and I have to play the role of a loving Brother in law.(He gets up and walks to her)
Siddharth: Piya...What a pleasant surprise! How are you? Everything alright? How is Uncle?
Piya: Yes, He is fine...he is resting Siddharth. I came to ask you some questions but after I come here I feel that I have more questions which needs to be cleared.
Siddharth: Ask Pia...What's up?
Pia: Siddharth...I don't know how you will react but...how do you know Abhay's Mom? And what was she doing here? (Siddharth gets alert)
Siddharth: Well Pia...
Piya: And you know what Siddharth...I just overheard you...You called her Mom... Did you call her Mom?
Siddharth: No Pia no...no...not at all! Mrs Raichand is my Mom's close friend. She wishes that I talk to them. She wishes that I call my Parents for my marriage. I was not shouting at her... I was shouting at my Mom... She phoned me. She just makes me so angry sometimes Pia. Maybe this time I might have talked too much...maybe you heard that part... (Piya thinks, 'How much big misunderstanding I was having. And Haseena Aunty knows Siddharth's Mom... Maybe she would be able to help me. There were 2 matters and thank God both are not connected with each other. Imagine if Siddharth was Abhay's Brother...')
Siddharth: Yeah Pia... You were about to ask me something
Pia: Yeah Siddharth...Actually I wanted to know some History from you.
Siddharth: Yeah...History is my favorite subject. Come...Sit! (They both sit on the chairs)

At the Mount College Campus Angad and 2 other Guys come in their Bikes. Angad notices Ruhi coming with feathers on her head. Angad and the guys watch her awestruck. Ruhi comes to Angad and says 'hi'. He asks her what is it all and Ruhi replies that it is fashion. He tells him that when she was coming to College she noticed T and her Bimbos using feathers as fashion accessory and she also did it as she cannot be behind them. Angad tells her, 'But Ruhi, Do you know how stupid this look is. This big big features...It looks like you seized some Ostrich's clothes and kept in on your head' Angad tells that people around her are making fun of her and asks her to remove the features on her head. Ruhi gets angry and shouts at Angad about his clothing sense. Suddenly a Red color Car comes there and T and her Bimbo's get down from it. Ruhi tells Angad to look at T and tells that it is the latest fashion.
Angad: Ruhi, Look at T features. They are small and pretty. How cute it looks, right? And look at yours...untidy...Looks like you killed a crow and is roaming around by putting it on your head... See how many crows are here all will come to celebrate the death of their relative now... (Ruhi gets angry and shouts at Angad. She then runs to T calling her name. T tells to her bimbo friends, 'Look! I told you...whatever we do this Monkey will imitate... I have an idea...Tomorrow we will do something else...Let's wear Tiara crowns in our neck...and this monkey will ape that too! How sad! Poor Fashion victim!' Ruhi goes to T and kisses on her hand.)
Ruhi: How cool feathers are you wearing. See I am also wearing wearing it. Great minds think alike... (T's Bimbo friends laugh) Why are you two laughing?
T: Tracker, Instead of tracking Guys you have started tracking girls or what? We saw you. You were spying on us so we used the feather of the Car's feather dusters on our head and you blindly copied us... (Angad sees Ruhi getting insulted by T and Gang). The American Holiday's were good but there you don't get entertainment like this... (T and Gang laughs. Ruhi is about to cry. Angad comes there and tells her that her tears are precious and calls T and Gang 'tacky'. He is about to take Tracker from there and T tells them, 'freak! Watch what you are calling tacky. My Super Car is super fast' Angad challenges T for a race with him on his old bike. T agrees. Ruhi tells him that she will do cheer leading for him)

At Siddharth's House.
Siddharth: Piya, You have come to the right person. I have done a lot of research on this people. And I can tell you with surety that whatever you know about the Raichand's are true. And this Brother...this Brother was a spare wheel of the family... a thorn... He was the thorn on their neck which always used to hurt them. One day they look out the thorn and threw it away because he was always against them... Against the Raichand's drinking human blood... (Siddharth gets up and goes and stands near the fire place) Piya...Abhendra kidnapped Maithili...because Maithili loved his Brother. Abhayendra could not digest this so he took her away. Both the Brothers fought and all the three died in the fire Siddharth sits on the arm of his chair) Pia... The Raichand family are pure evil. They are waiting. Who they are waiting for...I do not know.But they are waiting! They only know who and when they would cause destruction. Because of that when I saw you with Abhay I was shocked. Piya...They can't be trusted. (Piya thinks, ' How will I believe that you will wish bad for me Abhay? What all you have done for me. I can't even believe that your love is false. And moreover, why Siddharth would lie to me? And I will have to trust on him Abhay... He did not break my trust like you Abhay...' Siddharth goes and kneels in front of Pia) Piya, I know this all can be very difficult for you because you love Abhay. But this is all true. If you wish I can show you proof. I can take you where this all started...the root of the Raichand's evil. In that place there is the whole History of Raichand's Pia...(Siddharth says in mind, 'Come on Pia... Come on...get it... just come with me!')
Piya: Siddharth, Can you please take me there... I really want to see that place.
Siddharth: I will just check my schedule Pia...You know what? This is more important. We will go today itself. It is 2 hours distance from here Pia.
Pia: Thank you so much Siddharth! I really have to know...
Siddharth: We now are family Piya...
Pia: Thanks! (Siddharth smiles and says in mind, 'Pia...Pia...I can hardly wait...You and me alone, together. And this time I will not let any mistake happen' Episode ends.

PreCap: Siddharth is sitting on his Car and talking to Abhay who is sitting at the Fire Place at his Home on phone.
Siddharth: Point number 1... Today is full moon day Point number two... Today all Vampires look at the Moon very carefully...Point number three...The effect of you biting Piya would be over tonight...Point number four...There will not be any Vampire Symptoms on Pia if you do not bite her tonight...And point number 5 and this is my favorite little Brother... One bite and we are back in Business Baby...(Siddharth laughs. Abhay is angry)

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