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4th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 166) Piya promises Madhu to bring back Misha to Dobriyal House

Panchi comes to pick up Siddharth at Mount College
Episode 166 starts with Misha sitting at the Canteen looking at the Paper work of the Inter Collegiate Dance Competition and realizing that there was a mistake in calculating the Votes. She says in excitement 'We won...we won...'. She then accumulates the papers in the file and rushes from there. She sees a girl on the way and asks her if she has seen Arora Mam. The girl replies, 'No' and rushes again. She is stopped by Siddharth who inquires about her.
Siddharth: Misha, How are you?
Misha: I am fine but Sid you are not going to believe this. Guest what? (She opens the file) You voted for Mount College...right?
Siddharth: Yeah... (Misha shows the paper in the file)
Misha: Then...What is this? I mean...Look...They have written your vote for Weavers... (Siddharth takes the file and look into the Papers) Can you believe this Sid? I Know...I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that in our counting department what sort of idiots are there...I mean...How can they make a simple mistake like this? But don't worry Sid...I will fix it. I will go to Mam and show her the file and then we will have a revaluation and the Trophy will be ours.
Siddharth: Great work Misha! Do one thing...Give me this Papers...My reputation is at stake...As the Trustee of Mount College, I need to raise the issue. I will go and meet the Principal now...
Misha: That makes sense Sid (Misha grabs the file from him) This file has all bills of Props , Costumes etc...So I need it! I will give this to you tomorrow, Okay? But don't worry about it...It means (Misha jumps) we won...we won...(She hugs Sid) Bye...bye! (Misha runs from there. Sid thinks, 'This Chapter had ended... First Dad and now daughter...Wish that I could eat them both at once...Bloody dumb Dobriyals!' Sid goes from there.

Misha comes running to the Canteen Area shouting, 'Guess what? I have got Super Duper News' She gets on top of a chair and announces, 'We won the dance competition'
Tracker: What are you telling?
Misha: They have counted the Vote wrong. They gave our Trustee Sid Mehra's vote by mistake to Weavers College. And we all know that Sid voted for us which means we won. Tomorrow we will clear the mistake and the Trophy will be ours... (The students cheers. Misha gets down from the Chair and Ruhi hugs her. Misha pushes her)
Misha: You know what? I do not need your hug...You are not my friend but a traitor...
Tracker: Wow! fantastic...What are you talking Misha? You have kept that all in mind till now?
Misha: But you did it...You moved on...You proved that you are her friend and not mine...
Ruhi: yeah...really? (Kabir and Angad laughs) Now you are doubting my friendship...I shared my house with you...cupboard with you...shared shelf...
Misha gets angry and rudely tells her she can keep all those. Misha then throws Trackers Shoes in two directions and storms away from there.Ruhi goes to pick up one pair while Angad runs to pick up another. Kabir laughs.

Misha comes through the Corridor talking to herself. She says, ' Don't have control on temper and now where to stay? (She thinks) Hey, I can stay in Hostel...But where is the Money? Who will fund your f@#$g temper? Damn' She walks past the College notice board. She thinks and then takes reverse steps and looks at the Advertisements in the Notice Board. She reads, 'Jobs Wanted... I can do this! Housekeeper...Seeing my House who will say that I ever touched a broom...Babysitter...No way!...If the baby cries I will put it in the and me...what a combination... Typist...Doing homework itself my fingers get hurt...(She then sees another Advertisement and goes near to read it) Coffee Girl and Caffeine... A Waitress at Coffee Shop...I can do this! Come on...' Misha rushes from there. She gets into her bike and tries to start it but it does not start. She looks at the Petrol tank and finds that it is empty. Misha mutters, 'Great! First no money and now this traitor bike... 9She tells her bike)You know what? Fine...Just Go to hell...You also ditched me. I will go by Bus...Okay...Bye bye!' Misha walks from there.

Siddharth Mehra comes to Ruhi sitting alone at the Canteen sulking.
Siddharth: Ruhi Hi!
Ruhi: Hi!
Siddharth: What happened? Why are you so upset? (Siddharth sits on the chairs next to her)
Ruhi: Misha...You know her...i hate her...I really hate her...While going to haunted house I forgot to tell her and she shouted at me...she also abused my house...and now she has left the house and gone...Who needs her...(Sid thinks, 'Oh these Teen Dramas. So Misha won't be staying at Ruhi's place...So where will she be staying...Where will I search her? Where will I get the voting file from?')
Siddharth: Oh...I am so sorry to hear that! But now where will Misha go?
Ruhi: What do I know? Who will keep that #$%^ maybe she will stay in hostel...That's what she deserves.

Scene moves to Misha standing at the Mount College Bus Stop. A Car Passes by and then stops. Madhu gets down from the Car and comes to Misha. Misha looks at the other way.
Madhu: Misha, Go and sit in the Car...
Misha: No Thanks! Your fancy Car is welcome to you. I am fine here...
Madhu: Misha, You know that I can give you a hard slap...and that too in front of everyone... Do you want to try and see? Go, sit in the Car. (Misha goes and gets into the Car. Madhu also gets into the car and the Driver drives off from there)

A car comes into the Mount College Parking Lot and Panchi gets out of it. Piya sees her and goes to her. Piya asks Panchi why she has come there. Panchi replies that she has come to pick up Siddharth for shopping. Siddharth comes and greets the ladies. he then goes and hugs Panchi and Pia looks at them smiling. Panchi tells him that they are getting late and goes from there after saying Bye to Pia. Pia thinks, 'They are so sweet...There is so much love between them but still Sid is alone in all this. I will get him his family and it would be such a lovely wedding present' Piya then takes her mobile and types, 'Good morning Aunty...You don't know me.But we need to meet. There is an important matter. Thanks - Piya' She send the message and thinks that because of her one good deed would be done. She is about to walk from there when her mobile beeps and she reads the message from Siddharth's Mom, ' Piya, What does it mean that you don't know me? What happened to you? Are you alright? Is something wrong? You can come and meet me any time. You are always welcome - Auntie' Piya is happy thinking that Siddharth's Mom knows her and wonders who she is. Piya types a message again, 'Okay Aunty...Tomorrow meet you at 6'o'clock at Coffee Hut, please...' She sends the message and is happy thinking that it was so easy to make Siddharth's Mom ready to meet her. Piya thinks, 'Pia, Now everything depends on make Siddharth meet with his family...Fingers Crossed!'

At Raichand House Hasina looks into the message agreeing to meet with Piya. She is confused. She makes a call. Abhay who is at the Mount College Picks up the Call.
Abhay: Yeah Mom!
Haseena: Abhay, I got a message from Pia. First she introduced herself to me and then said that I meet her...
Abhay: What? But why?
Hasina: That I am not able to understand. From the message it looked like that she does not know me. Isn't that strange?
Abhay: What did she say?
Haseena: That I meet her for Coffee tomorrow evening...
Abhay: Okay Mom...You definitely go there. I will find out what the matter is...
Haseena: Okay! (Abhay cuts the phone)

Piya is walking through the College Campus. Abhay calls her from behind and goes near her.
Abhay: Pia, Did you hear about the Dance Competition?
Piya: Yeah...Imagine Abhay, we won! Counting error... can you believe it? We won Abhay! we won! (They walk together)
Abhay: But do we have any proof?
Piya: yeah...Someone was telling that Misha is having the file...She will give it to Siddharth and he would speak to the Organizers...So...we won! (Abhay thinks, 'This time what is your plan? You know that it is truth written on the papers.Till when the paper can be saved from you? What are you planning Siddharth?')
Abhay: Piya, Tomorrow evening can we go to watch a film?
Piya: Yeah sure...What time?
Abhay: 6 PM
Piya: Abhay actually that time I have some work. Can we go the day after?
Abhay: Okay!
Pia: Okay, I will see you. Now I have to go to class. I am getting late (She hugs him) Bye! (Piya walks from there. Abhay thinks, 'What are you hiding Piya? Last time you told lie for Siddharth's sake. And this time... This time also is it because of Siddharth? What are you doing Pia? What are you up to?')

In the Car Madhu tries to talk to Misha but she rudely switches on the Music system. Madhu switches it off and scolds her telling that Misha is showing her 'anger and tantrums'. Misha tells her that she was been cheated. Madhu tells her that whatever she wants to say that she can come home and tells solved also. Misha tells her that as long as Pia is there she would not come home. Madhu asks her where else she would go and Misha tells that she is staying in Hostel. Misha also tells Madhu that she is starting her new job as Coffee Shop Waitress from the next day. Madhu scolds her and asks her to stop such behavior. Misha asks the Driver Ramsingh to stop the Car. When the Car stops Misha gets down after sarcastically thanking Madhu. She then looks at Madhu by holding the Car door and tells her, 'Isn't it strange Momma? Pia came here as an Orphan and I bought her home. And today she is staying in my House and I am in the Hostel...Life is so funny! Really funny Momma' Misha closes the Car door and walks off. Madhu watches her going off with a sad expression on face.

Scene moves to Misha talking to the Supervisor of Caffeine Coffee Shop. The Supervisor tells her that Misha can join immediately. Misha tanks her and tells her that she would work hard. The Supervisor comes with a Bucket with mop and water and asks Misha to start. The Supervisor tells Misha that as she is new she would not be serving Coffee but would be doing cleaning. She asks Misha to clean the outside area of the Shop. Misha reluctantly takes the bucket from the Supervisor.

Abhay comes in his Car and sees Misha cleaning the Glass outside the Coffee Shop. Abhay gets down from his Car and goes near Misha.
Abhay: So is this your new avatar?
Misha: yeah! Different type of Avatar...
Abhay: I heard that the voting papers are with you...
Misha: is with me...In the night I would sit and do all the Paper work and will give the Principal in the morning.
Abhay: But where? In the library? (Misha laughs)
Misha: No yaar! By the time I can get out from work the library would be closed. I will do it in the Hostel.
Abhay: Hostel?
Misha: Yeah...Now I stay in the Hostel... Now don't ask how...when...and all...Just staying, Okay?
Abhay: Won't ask. Take Care...
Misha: Bye! (Abhay walks from there. Misha puts the mop down tired)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Piya enters the House and sees Madhu sitting and crying. Piya rushes to her concerned. Piya sits on a chair next to her and holds her hand.
Pia: Aunty, what happened? Is Papa alright? What happened Aunty?
Madhu: Pia,Today I went to meet Misha. She is very angry with us. I tried to reason with her but in vain. She hates us!
Piya: Aunty, It has become too much. I will go back to Hostel. It is better that I stay there.
Madhu: Now you also will go? She is angry with us dear...
Piya: But Aunty...She is angry because of me...
Madhu: No dear! You don't go... we cannot lose you...
Piya: I am not going anywhere Aunty...I am just going to the Hostel for few days...and believe me Aunty...I know Misha very well. She will stay angry with me for some time and not talk with me but one time she talk and takes out her anger she would become very calm. Aunty, I promise I will bring Misha back...I will bring her back with me... Just trust me okay?
Madhu: Thank you Pia...Thank you so much! (Piya nods 'no')
Piya: Thank you so much Auntie... (Pia thinks, 'Misha, Today you will be in Hostel and me too...let's see what happens')

Sid is driving his Car and he thinks, 'Tonight at the Hostel...let's see what happens Misha...'

Abhay is driving the Car and he thinks, 'Tonight at the Hostel...You will be there and me too...let's see what happens now!' Episode ends with Abhay, Piya and Sid's faces on the Screen.

Precap: Haseena sees Chand walking towards the door and stops him.
Haseena: Chand, You are going somewhere?
Chand: Yeah! Kasouli...i have been called...
Haseena: What? Is everything Okay?
Chand: They have come to know about Abhay and Siddharth's deeds.I knew they would. What could it be? Maybe the Orders have come from above and we may have to leave the city and go...No idea Haseena...Be prepared to leave...
Haseena: I am sure everything is going to be fine...

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