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25th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 182) The Jungle beckons Piya Dobriyal to where Abhay is buried

Piya faints on the Ground underneath which Abhay is buried in the Snow
Episode 182 starts with Misha asking Panchi, 'Birdie, Where is Kabir? Man, What's up with him? He did not come to the Airport also'. Panchi replies, 'Misha, I don't think Kabir would come'.
Misha: Ahh...Why?
Panchi: because his new Girlfriend would not let him come to Pia's Party.
Misha: Hold on...hold on...Kabir has a Girlfriend? When...How... What.... explain...
Panchi: Okay, Relax, Chill...There is lot's to catch up... (Piya who was hearing the conversation between Misha and Birdie excuses herself from there and goes to the Bar Counter.She asks the Bartender for a drink and he gives the to her. Kabir is sitting at the Bar Counter drinking a Punch. Piya sees him and greets him saying, 'Hi'.)
Kabir: Hey! (Pia smiles) You are alright? You are looking lost...
Piya: How strange it is... here everyone knows me but I don't know any one...
Kabir: Actually same here. I also don't know much people here...
Piya: There ... see my foolish sisters (Piya points to Misha and Panchi. Kabir turns and look at them). They are reminding me of some Guy called there was some connection between us. And he did not come here today because he got a new girlfriend.
Kabir: How dare he? I mean...How can someone ignore you?
Piya: Because someone else has come to his life...Simple...
Kabir: You know what Pia? If I was in your place I would not have wasted much time thinking of Kabeer. I mean when you can hug him, what is the point in thinking of him? (Pia looks surprised and Kabir smiles at her) want to hug him?
Pia: Oh my God! Kabeer... (Kabir nods. Pia and Kabeer hugs) I am just so sorry I don't remember you... really sorry!
Kabeer: It's Okay Pia... Don't worry! You don't need to recognize or remember anybody. Leave it to us!
Piya: You know what? You are really funny... Tell me this... were we really girlfriend and boyfriend?
Kabir: Well, you were dating me but I really used to love you.
Piya: And then... you got someone else...
Kabeer: No Pia...Not me!
Piya: One second. Are you trying to tell me that I found somebody else?
Kabir: Nothing like that...Maybe we were not meant to be...
Pia: May be... (Kabir recalls his conversation with Panchi. Panchi tells him, 'Pia has forgotten everything Kabeer. So for her sake we have to hide her past from her. Where Abhay one knows. So why make her remember him? Promise me Kabir that you won't tell Pia anything'. Kabeer responds, 'I don't believe that Pia forgot Abhay' Panchi tells him, 'You have to believe me Kabir. Pia really has forgotten everything. She does not remember anything. And we have to save her from these memories. Please!') You know what? It is sad that I left a cute guy like you. But don't tell me why our break up happened (Kabir smiles). I think I will know on my own. So Cheers to new memories! (They bring their glasses together) Now tell me seriously... Did our break up happen because you were interested in someone else? (Pia laughs) Jokes apart...Will you excuse me?
Kabir: Sure! (Piya leaves from there. Kabir gives a sad smile)

Pia is alone in a room looking out of the window. She fondly looks at the Pendant on her neck and encloses it in her hand. She then looks at the Moon. She says, 'I know they all know me. They are my own friends...Still why do I feel that my life is incomplete. Like someone has kept a puzzle in front of me...Like I am waiting for someone...Like he was supposed to be here this evening... But who am I waiting for?' She closes her eyes enclosing the Pendant in her hand trying to remember. (She sees a silhouette of a man. Pia opens her eyes. Piya nods her head and thinks, 'I think I am tired'. She looks at the moon again and turns to walk back from there. But Pia's scarf on her neck flies out of the window in the breeze.)
A Mysterious Guy carries Pia from the Jungle to Dobriyal House
Piya comes out of the House to pick her scarf. But every time she comes near the scarf moves further. Piya thinks, 'Where is it someone is pulling me towards him... Why do I feel as if someone is waiting for me? (Piya goes behind the scarf). Even in this darkness I feel a this darkness is mine...' The scarf stops at one place and Pia bends on her knees near that ground. She touches the ground with her hand and is surprised. She thinks, 'My God! Why is this ground so cold? How can it happen. In this hot weather the coolness of snow. Like this has been going on for ages...' She picks up her scarf. She thinks, 'How can this happen that only this place is so cold. There should be some reason'. Piya looks around. Then she suddenly keeps her hand on her head and falls on the ground unconscious.

Someone comes near the unconscious Piya and lifts her up in his arms. He then carries her and walks from there with only his backside visible. He walks with her in his arms for some distance and puts her down on the mosaic floor gently. Then he presses the calling bell (The face or identity of the Guy is kept mysterious as of now).

Misha is standing at the Bar Counter and drinking one drink after the other. Kabir comes to her.
Kabir: Hey Champ, What's up? (Misha is happy to see him and hugs him tightly. She then gives Kabir a long lecture on drinks. Kabir makes fun of her.)
Misha: You saw her? She again broke your heart, right?
Kabir: Misha,One minute. Which heart are you talking about? Whose heart...
Misha: My super model sister...She has rejected you so many times that it is painful.It hurts man... So to forget the sadness come let's drink together... (Misha offers a drink to Kabir)
Kabir: You know what? In order to get a drinking buddy you talk any nonsense...right? Anyway, What is the use of all that...It's all good...
Misha: It is all good? It's awesome! Kabeer... (She hugs him again) Just think about it okay, That is a wonderful reason to celebrate... You are single... she is also single...And FYI...the new Pia is super hot and super, super sweet...
Kabir: I know. This I checked out but the Single matter is not true.
Misha: Ahh?
Kabir: I am not a single... (Kabir smiles shyly)
Misha: You are seeing someone? (Kabir nods) Who is that?
Kabir: Someone is there... (Misha persists but Kabir does not reveal the name or details of his girlfriend. Panchi then comes there and tells them, 'Misha, Somebody has brought Pia'.
Misha: Meaning?
Panchi: I really do not know. She is unconscious. Someone left her on the porch and left after ringing the bell. listen we need some help. Kabir, Please help (The three of rush out of there)

Piya is lying on the porch. Panchi sprinkles water on her face and wakes her up. Pia regains consciousness and asks, 'What happened? How did I come here? What happened?'
Kabir: As far as I remember you were talking to me and then excused yourself. After that I was in the Party and got distracted by this drunkard...
Misha: You called me a drunkard? Come on yaar
Panchi: Will you shut up? This is not the right time for it. Piya, Do you remember who left you here?
Pia: No, My scarf has flown out of the window and when I went to take it I felt as if someone is calling me from the Jungle (Misha is irritated) there is something...(She gets up) You hear? Do you hear it? It feels like there is a part of my past in the Jungle...Like all the answers to my questions are there... Can you hear it?
Panchi: Piya, You might be tired. You have come traveling 18 hours. Kabir, Can you please drop Pia to her room? You please tell everyone the Party is over...
Kabir: Sure! (Kabir takes Pia from there. Panchi tells Misha that she is going to talk to Arnab and Madhu and tells Misha to call it a night)

Panchi is talking with her Parents.
Madhu: Are you serious? Panchi, How can that happen?
Panchi: Momma, I don't know and I did not know what to do. So I stopped the Party and came to you.
Arnab: Okay, We will do something about it. We have to take care of one thing that Pia knows nothing about her past especially not about Abhay. She would be very hurt.
Panchi: Don't worry Papa! I will not tell Pia anything. I will make it a point that no one tells Pia anything. It's a promise...
Madhu: Why all this has started again? Now only these two have come... Oh God!

It's Morning. Madhu opens the window curtains and sunlight falls on Pia's face waking her up. Piya gets up and sits on her cot. Madhu goes and sits on the cot.
Madhu: Good morning Pia
Pia: Good morning Aunty! Aunty you put Momma's picture here. Thank you so much!
Madhu: Okay, Tell me first... How are you feeling now?
Piya: I am Okay. But I just keep thinking what happened. I even don't know how I met you all. How Papa accepted me...and you too... (Madhu smiles)
Madhu: Piya, I want to tell you one thing... You call me Mom not Auntie... From now I am your Mom, Okay?
Pia: How good you are... You gave me place in your heart. And you gave me equal love like Misha or Panchi. I can't complain!
Madhu: Of course not! What do you think we accepted you because we love you? No! You are our support in Old age...Our investment... When we become old and are on wheelchair... who will come to push us? You only will come... There is no hope from Misha... And Panchi is fed up of us... Who else remains? You, is it not?
Pia: Of course! Me...

Arnab comes to the Room
Arnab: Good Morning! (Arnab has something in his hand)
Piya: Papa... Good morning Papa... (Piya hugs him)
Arnab: Yeah...This is for my lovely Princess
Pia: Wow Papa... New Phone? Thank you so much...This is so cool. Papa, You know what happened yesterday? (Arnab and Madhu look at each other)
Arnab: Yeah... But I feel you were tired and so you were little confused. Leave what happened yesterday...think of what is going to happen. You are suppose to go to College. It is your first day. How much your friends would be missing you and want to meet you... They may want to gossip with you. They want to see your new look. So get ready and get going...
Pia: Okay!
Madhu: Get ready fast Pia... I will get you the breakfast... Come soon...
Pia: Okay... I will see you... (Madhu and Arnab goes from the room. After they go Piya comes and looks at her Photo with her Mom Suganth and smiles) Episode ends.

PreCap: Misha calls Pia and tells that she has a new Gossip. Misha asks Pia whee she is and Pia replies that she has some work which she will finish and then come to college. Misha cuts the Phone. Piya who is standing on the Road near the Jungle thinks that the call is not over and dials a number. She then hears a recorded message, 'Hi! This is Abhay. You can't reach me now. I will call you back but don't wait for me...' Piya thinks, 'Who was this? How did I get this number? Do I know him? Who is Abhay?'

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