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20th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 179) Abhay kills his Brother Siddharth by driving a stake through his Heart

Maithili allows Abhay to go and meet Pia one last time
Episode 179 starts with Siddharth telling the Raichands that he has a surprise for them. A Wolf howls in the background. Chand tells Haseena, 'Whatever he say, we have to win this fight at any cost'. A Werewolf in human form bare chested and only wearing a trouser emerges from the shadows.

Maithili communicates with Siddharth.
Siddharth: Maithili...
Maithili: We both were waiting for this time...What are you doing Siddharth?
Siddharth: Maithili, I had to call him. Maithili what could I do Chand and Haseena reached there and...
Maithili: Siddharth, Don't know what you are doing. First you let Pia go. I will see to that Piya... She is coming to me on her own...
Siddharth: Oh... Good! And T?
Maithili: You did not finish her till now?
Siddharth: I thought that later we two...
Maithili: Siddharth! You let her go? She will go to the city and tell everybody about us... Go stop her!
Siddharth: Yes Maithili I am going!
Maithili then screams, 'Help!' She then turns back and walk towards Misha and Panchi.
Maithili: I will end everything!
Misha: I hope Pia does not come back here... (Maithili laughs displaying her fangs)
Maithili: And you...? What would happen to you? If she does not come I will have to kill you both. I need someone to quench my thirst.
Panchi: But why do you have so much hatred towards Pia? (Maithili turns away from the Dobriyal sisters. She thinks, 'I had thought that Abhayendra and my love was forever. But he so easily fell in love with a human! He forgot me...Abhayendra, You cheated on me and you will pay a price for this cheating. You will see your love die in front of your own eyes' Maithili turns back to face Panchi and Misha)
Maithili: I will start with her sisters. (Maithili walks towards Misha and pins her to the tree holding Misha on her neck. Misha screams)
Panchi: Please leave her please... (Maithili brings her fangs close to Misha's neck but stops when she hears Piya's voice, 'Stop!')
Misha: Piya... (Maithili turns to look at Pia)
Piya: I am here! Leave my sisters! (Maithili leaves Misha and walks towards Piya. Misha rubs her neck.)
Maithili: You won my Abhayendra's heart with this life of yours... today you would lose your life for Abhayendra...and he won't come to save you...

The werewolf is fighting with Chand and Haseena. He hits Haseena causing her to fall down with four big scratch marks on her face. Chand and the Werewolf have a tough fight. Haseena gets up and watches them fighting in the air. The werewolf throws Chand and he falls against the bark of a tree. Haseena goes to Chand calling his name. She helps Chand up and when the Werewolf comes near she shields Chand. But suddenly Abhay appears in front of them both to fight the Werewolf.

Siddharth comes out of the Forest to the Main Road. He sees T. T suddenly senses someone and stops walking. She turns and sees Siddharth. Siddharth runs to her and stands facing her. He then greets her, 'Hello dinner!'. He then presses on Tanushree's shoulder with his hand. Tanushree falls leaning into his chest unconscious. Siddharth lifts T up in his arms and walks from there.

Arnab is sitting in his Bedroom worried trying his phone. Madhu comes there.
Madhu: Arnab, Don't worry! We are trying, right? We will find some way...
Arnab: Don't know Madhu I am so worried. I feel like something very bad is going to happen and the 3 kids are there. Why this Shyam Hasni is not lifting the Phone? (Arnab gets up from the bed and tries calling)
Madhu: Not lifting the Phone? Can't he call you on his own?

Misha's mobile rings and she takes it from her pocket looking into the Caller ID.
Maithili: Don't lift it...Bring it to me! (Misha walks to Maithili and hands over the phone to her. Maithili looks at the caller id and smiles) Poor Father! Talk to him and tell him that you all are fine. And if any wrong word comes out of your mouth it would be the last night for you sisters)
Misha: Okay! (She walks to Maithili to take the Mobile to speak to her father. But Maithili stops her saying, 'Not Pia...'. Pia thinks, 'I need to take advantage of this Opportunity, but how? How to tell Papa that we are in trouble?'Piya lifts the call.
Piya: Hello...Yes Daddy... Yeah Daddy, we are fine...We three are together. (Arnab is confused hearing Piya's talk. Maithili grabs the phone from Pia back)
Maithili: Enough!

Arnab is confused after talking to Piya.
Madhu: You talked to Misha? What did she say? They are alright?
Arnab: Madhu, I talked with Piya, not Misha. And she was talking in a strange manner. She called me Daddy.
Madhu: Daddy? But she never called that before...
Arnab: Precisely! She never called me Daddy before. It means that she is definitely in some trouble and is trying to give me some Message by calling me Daddy... We have to find out!

Piya says in mind, 'Please understand that we are in trouble...Please!'Maithili comes to Piya and lifts her chin using her finger.
Maithili: So Pia...You would definitely want to know what I am going to do with you.
Piya: I know what you are going to do with me. But why have you kept them here. Your enmity is with me, let them go! (Maithili laughs and walks towards Misha and Panchi)
Maithili: I cannot let them go. Because if they are here then only you will remain here. It is this sisters love which pulled you here. And moreover, I cannot let go of the happiness in killing you in front of their eyes. (She then walks and comes to stand in front of Pia) I wish to kill you. Abhayendra is just mine! Only mine... And he would only love me...Only me! (Panchi and Misha looks confused. Piya thinks, 'Abhay, You told me that loving you is dangerous still I loved you...You know Abhay? This small story of love was my entire life... for which if I have to even lose my life I will have no regrets...I am ready, Because I love you!' Maithili looks at Piya in anger and bares her fangs getting it closer to Piya's neck. Panchi and Misha screams. Then suddenly Maithili withdraws screaming and keeping her hands on her head. She falls on the ground screaming. The Vampire Slayer Shayam Hasni shows his ultrasonic sound Machine for Vampires in front of Maithili and she falls unconscious).
Hasni: You saw it? Maithili has become unconscious for now but she would regain consciousness soon. Run away from here! Run! (The Dobriyal sisters run from there)

Abhay is fighting with the Werewolf. They have a tough fight at the end of which Abhay will kill him using the stake.

Misha, Panchi and Piya are running. Piya thinks, 'I knew Abhay could come there to save me. And I want to go to him. I cannot leave him alone to fight with those monsters'. Piya turns and walks back. Panchi and Misha comes back to her.
Panchi: Piya,Where are you going? Come on! Why have you stopped?
Piya: You please go from here and bring Papa and Aunty here. I need to go...
Misha: Have you gone mad?
Piya: I know what I am doing. I really have to go back. It all started because of me and I have to go back.
Misha: Pia, You have gone crazy... You can't do that...
Piya: I can do! You just have to trust me. Please go!
Panchi: Okay fine Piya... But promise me that you will be safe and keep away from Maithili.
Piya: Don't worry! Just trust me okay? ( Piya runs back into the forest. Panchi and Misha runs in the opposite direction)
Siddharth about to bite Shyam Hasni, the Vampire Slayer
Siddharth drops T on the ground. Shyam Hasni is taken by surprise seeing Siddharth. Sid runs super fast coming behind Hasni who is looking at T and bites him on his neck. The Ultrasonic Machine for Vampires falls down. Hasni too falls on the ground unconscious. Maithili comes there.
Maithili: Kill them all!
Siddharth: Happily! (Siddharth goes to an unconscious T to bite her but Abhay interferes and throws him away)
Abhay kills Siddharth
Maithili and Abhay sees each other.
Maithili: Abhayendra... (Abhay goes closer to her and tries to touch her face saying her name. Maithili turns her face away from Abhay)
Abhay: We have met after ages. But you are not my Mythili. Siddharth has changed you.
Siddharth: Yes, I have changed her (Siddharth comes to them). I also loved her. You left her there to die. I went back for Maithili. I gave her a new life. And the Maithili you knew (Siddharth fondly cups Maithili's face) left her 100 years ago... This Maithili is mine!
Abhay: Whatever you have done till now was for your selfishness. You could not possess her so you started her new life by cheating (Siddharth looks guilty).Even though you were a new Vampire you made her a Vampire. You were saving her life, isn't it? Then why did you hide her from all of us? Because you knew even after everything Maithili loved me!
Siddharth: No! (Abhay and Siddharth starts fighting. Piya comes there and screams Abhay's name. The Vampire Brothers have a tough fight while Maithili and Piya looks on. Abhay removes the stake from the Werewolf during the fight and drives it into Siddharth's heart. Maithili screams, 'No!!!' Siddharth falls on the ground whispering, 'Mythili')

Maithili runs to Pia and catches Piya's hand shouting, "Abhayendra'. Piya screams, 'Abhay!'.
Maithili: Now no one can save her from me (Abhay comes running to her)
Abhay: Maithili, Leave her! Maithili... (The Vampire Slayer regains consciousness and picks up the machine and switches it on. Abhay and Maithili screams in pain keeping their hands on their heads. Maithili releases her hold on Pia.
Hasni: Pia, Run away from here. Abhay will handle her alone...
Abhay: Piya, Go from here... (Piya runs away from there. Abhay gets up and faces Maithili with the stake in hand)
Maithili: Want to kill me? You wish to kill me? (Mythili slaps Abhay) You wish to kill me (She slaps him again) Will you be able to kill me? You can kill your love? What is this Abhayendra? Tears in your eyes? (Tears flow from Abhay's eyes) I thought that we Vampires don't cry. But it looks like there is still some human part in you. (She touches his face fondly) Why did you leave me Abhayendra? Why did you stop loving me?
Abhay: I never loved you! (Maithili removes her hands from Abhay's arms) I had loved that Maithili who had a beautiful heart. Your Vampire body does not have a heart. You are not my Maithili...
Maithili: Abhayendra...You cannot love me? Then hate me...Kill me!
Abhay: I cannot kill you...
Maithili: You are telling right Abhayendra...It is not easy to kill someone you love(Mythili places an ice block on Abhay's chest freezing him) I cannot kill you Abhayendra but I can enslave you forever. This time you will stay a Ghost.
Abhay: What have you done?
Maithili: You cannot kill Pia...You would not let me kill her... You cannot kill me because you loved me once...I cannot kill Pia because she is your love...I cannot kill you because you are my love...But I will leave you here and go Abhayendra. You will stay here like a Ghost. Time will pass on and one day Piya's mortal body will turn to ashes and that day I will return. Time will make you forget Pia and that day we will be become one Abhayendra! (Abhay's body starts freezes as Maithili press the slab of ice on his heart freezing him all the while she was talking to him. Abhay with great difficulty to talk pleads Maithli, 'Please let me go, I want to meet Pia') I know what you are doing Abhayendra. I will meet you in some other World when you forget Pia and Piya forgets you. Go Abhay, Go! (Maithili and Abhay walks away in different directions)

Misha and Panchi are running. They see T and Pia running. Misha calls Pia and they see each other.
Misha: Is T alright? Come let's go! (The four girls run)

The Search Team including Arnab, Madhu and Inspector are looking for the girls in the Forest. They shout Misha, Pia and Panchi's name.

The girls are running.
Misha: Come on Girls! Hurry up! (Arnab sees them and points to them saying, 'There they are!' Misha, Piya and Panchi runs to Arnab and Madhu)
Arnab: You all are Okay? Now let us get out of here fast...
Piya: No! I have to go back!
Arnab: Why?
Piya: Papa, Please trust me! You know I can take care of myself. I won't take any stupid decision. This all started because of me...and I have to see to the end too!
Arnab: Look! Piya, We cannot leave you and go. We are waiting for you here. You go fast and come back fast... If you do not come back in 5 minutes I am coming to you.
Piya: Thank You! (Piya runs from there) Episode ends.

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