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16th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 175) Siddharth closes Piya inside a Coffin

Maithili tells Pia that Siddharth did not let death come in between his love and me
Episode 175 starts with Siddharth looking scared and open mouthed. Piya asks him, ' Siddharth, what happened? Are you okay? Is everything alright?' Maithili wearing the Princess Dress emerges from the darkness and comes to the light. Siddharth points fingers at Maithili and says, 'Maithili'. Piya turns and sees Maithili too.
Siddharth: It's Maithili! (Maithili walks towards them smiling and with a bitchy look on face. Piya is shocked to see her. Suddenly Siddharth laughs. He extends hands on either side and says to Maithili, 'Surprise!'. Maithili smiles). It's Maithili! Whoa!!! (He claps his hands)
Maithili: Siddharth, I felt that you would not come. I lost hope. You know I was waiting for you. And you bought her for me...Piya...
Siddharth: Yes, Maithili. This is that infamous flesh and blood... Let me look now similar you two are.(He looks at the both) Oh my God! Resemblance is uncanny! Look Piya...It is like looking into a mirror, is it not?
Piya: Maithili...How can this happen? Siddharth you are with Maithili means... (Siddharth is annoyed by Pia's questioning) What did I tell you Maithili? You will not get a more foolish human than her. She has troubled me so much you know... sometimes play cupid...sometimes play the role of a dictative...Questions and questions...she really made me mad. Now her Questions would come to an end forever! Right Maithili? (Maithili keeps smiling)
Piya: But Siddharth... (Siddharth is irritated and walks towards Pia and Maithili)
Siddharth: Questions again... (Siddharth comes and stands behind a terrified Piya) Yeah, I am Abhayendra's Brother Siddharth who loved Maithili...who loved her so much that I made her mine forever...made her a Vampire...
Maithili: Siddharth, Don't waste your time. Moreover, should talk less with this weak humans. We got her here for a reason...and now she will finish our work.
Piya: What work? Why have you bought me here? (Siddharth holds on her arms)
Siddharth: You will know Piya...You will know everything! In fact as you go you would be of great use to us! (Siddharth pushes Pia and she stumbles) Maithili... (Siddharth smiles and goes to Maithili and stands beside her)
Piya: Maithili, What are you doing Mythili? I can't believe that you are that Mythili whom Abhay loved so much...
Maithili: And he did not come back for me. Yeah, Abhay used to love me but death ended that love. And Siddharth... (Maithili turns and looks at Siddharth fondly and keeps her hand on his chest. Siddharth in turn keeps his hand on Maithili's waist)...he did not allow death to come in between his love. He came back that night and give me the gift of life. Though not as a human...he gave me the life of a dead human. We are together for ages (Pia feels disgusted seeing Maithili and Siddharth's public display of attention). And Abhayendra...Where is he and where is his love?
Piya: No Maithili...Abhayendra did not forget his love. He did not forget you...he burned in your love for ages...
Maithili: And what are you doing in this Story Piya? If Abhayendra's love was just for me then why are you sharing it? I know that Abhayendra used to love only me...till you did not come. And now...he loves you...(Maithili laughs)a human...a weak shadow of me...
Piya: No Maithili! Abhayendra has only loved you... he waited for you for ages... Siddharth kept you away from him...
Siddharth: Oh Shut up Pia...You talk too much! Maithili, we should not waste more time. I know my younger Brother very well... he has this bad habit of being a Party Popper...

Abhay looks around. He says in mind, 'Again the same place...again the same story...but today why am I not able to move forward? Is it just the memories of the past or hidden sorrows which is stopping me from going there... What is it there that is preventing me? But today I have to become strong in front of my past for Piya...Piya needs me... (Abhay reaches the door through which Siddharth and Piya got in to the Bunglow. Abhay is about to push open the door when Haseena pulls him back and throws him on top of the car. Abhay steadies himself and faces Haseena)
Haseena: Enough Abhay, Come back with me...And don't try to argue with me. I have just come here for you knowing that how unlucky this place is. I am here only for you. And I am your Mother. It's an Order Abhay! You will not go inside...
Abhay: What do I do then Mom? Leave Pia to fate? What is Pia's fault that she has to suffer the punishment for the enmity of 2 Brothers?
Haseena: Oh Come on Abhay!
Abhay: No Mom! I will not leave Pia with Siddharth.
Haseena: When you will realize that Piya is not Maithili. Only her face resembles that of Maithili... But she is not Maithili. Don't confuse your present for your Past Abhay. Maithili is dead. And for some shadow of her's I will not let you ruin your life!
Abhay: And allow Siddharth to win? If I go from here today Siddharth will get all that he wanted. No Mom! I will not let Siddharth win. I will not let him win!
Haseena: This is not some game's your life
Abhay: That life which without Pia is nothing... Yeah Mom, Piya is that girl who has given life to this dead human. And you tell me to leave her and go? No, Mom! My life is nothing without Pia...I cannot leave her...
Haseena: Enough Abhay! Till now I never made you feel that your life is given by me. And that means that you cannot ignore anything I say. This life has some rules...some law which has existed much before us. So today you have to choose between Piya and me. Tell me Abhay, Who are you with?
Abhay: Pia... (Haseena touches Abhay's neck with her two fingers and Abhay falls on top of the Car unconscious)
Haseena: I am sorry Abhay...But I have given you this life and I am responsible for it too...Let's go! (Haseena lifts Abhay from on top of the Car)

Haseena closes the front passenger seat with Abhay sitting unconscious on the seat. Haseena gets into the Car and drives from there. T comes there in her Car and sees Haseena and Abhay in the Car. T says, 'Abhay here? And his Mom came to take him from here? Tracker was telling right. Piya and Sid secretly...far from everyone's eyes ...alone here...Wow!'

Piya is sitting on the ground. There is plaster on her mouth and her hands are tied up on her back.
Maithili: You were telling right Siddharth. This girl fully resembles me. You know Pia...In thousand's of years once it happens that a dead human's part is born on this earth. And do you know what it means? That means Princess Maithili who was a princess in human form will also be a Princess in Vampire form also. It is not easy for a vampire to die. But there are some among us who are more powerful than the others...and they use these powers to rule on us. They decide the rule of our clan and keep us together... And today (Maithili extend her hand to Siddharth and Siddharth holds her closer) that great powers is going to be ours. By drinking your blood Maithili would become deathless. Today that is going to happen which happens once in thousands of years. That's why Siddharth bought you here...
Siddharth: When I saw you I knew that making Maithili immortal was in my hand. Maithili will drink your blood and then rule over Vampires. And I will rule along with her... Queen Maithili and King Siddharth...

T looks around the Haunted House. She thinks that Siddahrth and Piya has come to the broken House to spend a dirty weekend together. She decides to make an MMS and expose them on the Internet and News Channels.

Siddharth: When the light of the Moon falls on Earth then Maithili will drink your Blood (Siddharth looks at the Watch). But now we have to tolerate you for another 5 hours. Maithili and I are about to do something where we don't need your Company. So, shall we? (Siddharth holds Maithili closer)
Maithili: Before that Siddharth, take good care of our Special Guest.
Siddharth: Sure, Your highness! (Siddharth comes to Pia and picks her up in his arms. Siddharth sings, 'Whoa Good bye Pia into a Coffin...when the moon comes up she will be bitten'. Siddharth puts Piya into the Coffin.

Scene moves to the Dobriyal House where Panchi is cursing herself and crying for falling in love with a Vampire and being a reason for him to reach Pia. Misha tries to comfort her and dials Pia's number.

At the Broken House Siddharth hears Pia's mobile ringing. he opens the Coffin and takes Pia's phone from her. He then puts the Mobile down and stamps it under his feet breaking it. He tells Pia, 'How clumsy of you'. He then closes the Coffin lid.

Misha is worried as Piya's phone was cut. She wonders what is happening and where Pia is. She then gets a call from T. Misha on Panchi's insistence Picks up the call. T insults Panchi and Pia with her talking and then reveals that Piya is with Siddharth for a dirty weekend at the Kolar Bungalow. Misha cuts the phone and informs Panchi that Siddharth has taken Pia to the old burnt House Kolar Bungalow. Both the sisters rush from there. T gets angry to see that her call has been cut. T says, 'T will show you that she knows to give an answer to Dobriyal Sisters. This MMS is about to get dirty'. T peeps into the Bungalow throw an opening in the wall with the Mobile in front of her for recording. Siddharth appears in front of her. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Siddharth is talking to someone.
Siddharth: I knew you would come. 5 Hours...Keep other Vampires away from that Maithili's and my plan succeeds. That would be easy for you... After all you are an old enemy of ours.

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