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6th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 168) Chand Raichand hospitalized in Kasauli landslide Incident

Madhu Dobriyal with daughters Misha and Panchi
Episode 168 starts with Madhu Dobriyal watching the news regarding the Kasauli landslide. The reporter says that because of the problems in telephone lines people are not able to contact their loved ones. Madhu feels bad for the people and wonders who those people who are trapped in Kasauli and not even able to contact the family. She feels happy that she knows where her family members are.
Kabir, Angad and Tracker are sitting in the Canteen and chatting. Angad switches on the TV and the students hear the news about the Kasauli landslide. Abhay and Pia also comes there and hears the news. Abhay thinks, ‘Kasauli…Arnab Uncle was suppose to go there. It’s good that he canceled his plan…Otherwise…’
Piya: It is so sad…Is it not Abhay…Those people need help. I don’t know how they would be. I think we people should go there Abhay.
Abhay: I wish I could help them but you know well Piya that there will be a lot of people and lot of blood…I won’t be able to control myself.
Piya: You know Abhay I was calling you and you were unreachable…why was it? (Abhay takes the mobile from his pocket and looks at it)
Abhay: There is no network…Maybe there is some problem…
Pia: Okay, I will just check what the problem is with this phone
Abhay: Okay! (Piya takes the phone from Abhay and goes from there)
Angad: Kabir, you take your Jeep…I will look for another vehicle…
Kabir: Do one thing…ask Abhay…
Ruhi: Pia, will you come?
Piya: Yeah… just one minute, okay… (Pia inserts Abhay’s sim on the phone)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Madhu is in the kitchen cutting vegetables.
Panchi: Mom, What are you doing here?
Madhu: Making food…
Panchi: By asking whom?
Madhu: What? Panchi…what nonsense are you speaking?
Panchi: Momma, What is the day today? (Madhu thinks) Mom, you forgot? Mom today is mother’s day… (Panchi hugs Madhu) Happy Mother’s Day! I love you so much…Okay, leave all this (Panchi holds Madhu’s hands and takes her out of the Kitchen)…You will take full rest today. You will not do any work… (Panchi makes her sit on the Dining Table)It is my Order!
Madhu: Okay! And who will take care of the House?
Panchi: Of course me! Today the servants are on red alert… (Panchi sits on a chair) No one would disturb you…all will report to me… (Madhu smiles)
Madhu: I am such a lucky mother. How lucky I am to have such lovely daughters. Just…one daughter is angry with me… Remember the last Mother’s day…She gave handmade card.
Panchi: Actually she forgot the Mother’s Day. In the last minute she made a stupid drawing and gave you as card.
Madhu: And see today…She is so angry that she does not want to talk to me… My Misha use to forget her anger in one day…but now her anger is not going down at all…I am missing her Panchi.
Panchi: Mom, I promise you…I will take you to Misha…We will go out, okay!
Madhu: Okay…I will change and come…

Scene moves to the Hospital Attendants carrying Chand Raichand in a stretcher and getting him into the ambulance. A police Inspector comes inside and checks Chand's poctets. The Inspector comes out with Chand's Mobile Phone. His Senior Officer asks him to look if there is an emergency contact number or try the last dialed number.

Angad comes to Abhay and asks him if they all could go in his Car. Pia is checking his mobile and says, 'the problem was on Abhay's Phone'. Suddenly the phone rings and Pia picks it up saying that she will just give the Phone. The Inspector tells Pia that he is Inspector Sharma from the Doon Police Station. He asks if she recognizes the person from whose mobile phone he is calling. Pia replies, 'Yeah...Chand Raichand'. The Inspector informs Pia that Chand Raichand's condition is critical and asks her to inform family members. Piya cuts the Phone and thinks how she would break the news to Abhay.

At the Hospital the Hospital Attendants are pulling Chand Raichand in a Stretcher. Doctors, Nurses and Siddharth Mehra is accompanying.
Siddharth: This is my Dad...Is he Okay?
Doctor: Can't say now...Do you know his Blood Group?
Siddharth: Sorry, I don't know . Please get it tested.
Doctor: Okay (They get into the ICU) Nurse...get his blood sample fast...hurry up! (Siddharth is outside the room) By the way there is no outside injuries... I don't think the patient is serious. (Siddharth looks into the Room and says in mind, ' Wonderful! Once they see your blood that will be the end of it. No power in this World would not be able to save you from this situation. Dad, These humans will get scared seeing your blood and you will be exposed! Ladies and Gentlemen...Presenting the Raichand Vampires 'He laughs)

Piya comes near Abhay and Angad.
Piya: Excuse me! Abhay, I wanted to talk to you...(She holds his hand and takes him aside) Abhay, You have to go with us all to Kasauli...Abhay, You do not have to deal with any patient there...nor see blood. But Abhay, There are so many people who are underneath the rocks...and they need someone. Abhay I know that you cannot see anyone in trouble (Abhay turns his head and looks at Pia)...and trust me Abhay...I will be with you, okay?...I will not let you be weak...Abhay...please just trust me...your being there is very important... (Abhay nods)

Panchi and Madhu enters Caffeine Coffee Shop. They see Misha taking Order from a Customer. Misha sees then but gives a cold look and goes to the Computer to type the order details. Panchi leads Madhu to a table and goes and stands in front of Misha.
Misha: yes Mam, What will you have?
Panchi; One Chocolate Cake...
Misha: Do you want anything written on it?
Panchi: yeah...Happy Mother's day from Misha and Panchi (Misha has a look of guilt on her face) Misha, It is too late for a hand made card...but you could at least wish Mom, right? Your anger is with Dad...not with Mom...(Misha gets from behind the Counter and walks to Madhu along with Panchi)
Misha: Happy Mother's Day Momma... (Madhu hugs her and says, 'Thank you dear' She then hugs both her daughters close and tells 'Both my daughters are with me...i am very happy.Thank you once again!')

Scene moves to Abhay rushing through the Hospital. He asks a nurse about Mr Raichand. The Nurse informs that he is at the Emergency Room. Abhay thinks, 'Pia, you saved my family. If these Doctors test Dad everything would end. I have to reach him before anyone else does'.
Siddharth tells Abhay that his family would be exposed after Chand Raichand's tests are done
At the Emergency Room
Siddharth: hurry up Doctor...Please take the Blood test fast...
Nurse: We are ready Doctor...(The Nurse gets ready to take the Blood Sample and Siddharth watches in amusement. The Nurse is about to take the Blood and Abahy Interrupts and comes to the room. Siddharth is annoyed).
Abhay: This is my Father! I am taking him home. Our Family Doctor would do his check up.
Nurse: But Sir...
Abhay: You see for yourself...There is no injury or Bleeding... I am sure that he too would want to get the treatment from our family Doctor. So I have to take him and go.
Doctor: It is such a big accident. there could be internal bleeding. Allow us to check him properly. Blood Check is not necessary but MRI CT Scan should be done...We can understand from that what is his condition.
Abhay: That is not important (Abhay tries to lift Chand from bed)
Siddharth: No! Soctor, I am also his son. I feel that he should get all the tests done. Doctor, This is a personal family matter and he does not have any worry about my Papa. He is taking the accident so lightly. Doctor, I am the elder one...
Doctor: One minute...We are not interested in your family matters. You people go outside and let us do our work. (Abhay gets out. Siddharth also comes out of the room. Abhay thinks, 'I have to stop these tests'. Siddharth goes to Abhay.
Siddharth: Nice try...little Brother...You are trying your level best to hide your reality. But you are forgetting that you are against me... And you can never win against me. You are going to get exposed. But don't worry...there is still a lot of time...the tests would be done...the results would come and then on the Doctor's faces there would be this wonderful expression of shock and surprise... a real Kodak Moment!
Abhay: You have to stop the test right now
Siddharth: What if I don't?
Abhay: If not...along with also would get exposed!
Siddharth: Ahhh...that is not my problem but yours. Because when i get exposed I would not need to pretend. Then I can make your pretty little Pia a happy meal... You know what? These days your Piya looks yummy (Siddharth signals Abhay with eyes to look at Pia. Abhay looks at Pia with a helpless expression and turns to look at Sid in anger)

Mount College Students are helping the landslide victims in the Hospital. Kabir and Piya is trying to helps Doctors in organizing Blood. While they are talking with Doctor, a Nurse comes and informs them that there is no stock of AB+ Blood in the Hospital. Kabir tells the Doctor that he would try to organize it and goes from there.

At the Caffeine Coffee Stop Madhu asks Misha to sit with them.
Misha: I'm fine.
Panchi: Fine, stand there.
Madhu: What did we do Misha that you can't stand with us? (Misha sits reluctantly)
Misha: You abandoned me.
Madhu: We did? We left you. You left home on your own Misha.
Panchi: How can you say like that?
Misha: I just hate papa, okay? I hate him! He was not fair with us...
Madhu: Misha, Enough is enough! What did he do with you that you are branding him culprit? Your left everything and stayed for your sake with us when Suganth was his love. How can you blame him? When as a Wife I don't have a problem...What is your Problem? And what all has is not done for you? I made you understand that day... can't you understand? How much more need I try? When Suganth died...Pia became an Orphan. When Pia came to know who her father is she felt that her Papa does not love her. You tell me... You bought Pia home, right? Because she was an Orphan...She was your best friend, is it not? So now...what is the problem? Because Papa accepted her... Because she is in the House... you left Home? Look! That is enough of your tantrums! I cannot tolerate anymore...come home... enough! I want you home...You understand?

Haseena is talking to the Inspector.
Haseena: Please let me go inside...
Inspector: The landslide spot is ahead so we have closed this road. The area is still in risk and I cannot permit you to go inside. (Kabir then comes there in a Bike. The Inspector Questions him and Kabir replies that he is carrying blood for the Hospital and tells him that he has to reach there immediately. The Inspector permits Kabir to go. Kabir sees Haseena Raichand standing there looking worried)
Kabir: Mrs Raichand, You? (Haseena goes to Kabir)
Haseena: Kabir, Chand is stuck up in the landslide. Don't know if Abhay has reached there or not...I need to reach there...
Kabir: Mrs Raichand, Don't worry! Mr Raichand is in Hospital and Abhay is also there. In fact the whole College crowd is there. Siddharth is also there... (Haseena thinks, 'What is Siddharth doing there? I have to get there...') Episode ends.

PreCap: Piya confronts Abhay. She asks him, 'Abhay...Tell the truth! What did you do with me? What have you done to me? There is your blood in my blood? Did you bite me?

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