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11th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 172) Siddharth takes Piya to the burnt House

Chand tells Haseena that something very bad is going to happen
Episode 172 starts with Abhay sitting by the fire side in his room and remembering his moments with Mythili. He remembers her telling him when he gifts the earrings that she will cherish his gift. He remembers her telling him when they were romancing in the Forest, 'I have gathered and kept every moment I spend with if my entire life is a dream and you my reality' He asks her, 'Are you not afraid that one day we have to face the outside world?' Maithili replies him, 'Your love will give me the courage Abhayendra. My heart tells me that we to will be together forever' Abhay remembers his father seeing Abhayendra and Maithili together. He also remembers them together on bed and Maithili telling him that she does not want to be separated from him and him responding that no one can separate them. He remembers Maithili telling him that if he is not there she would be thinking and worrying of him and Abhayendra telling her that nothing would happen to him and that he would return soon. Finally he remembers Maithili surrounded by fire and calling him for help. He sees Siddharth coming there and a beam falling on him . Abhay shouts ' brother', Siddharth says 'Maithili' and Maithili calls for 'Abhayendra'. Siddharth shouts Maithili and dies. Abhay comes to his present. Haseena comes to the room and sees Abhay lost in thoughts.
Haseena: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: I don't know Mom...I have a strong feeling...Something very bad is going to happen (Abhay's Mobile rings and he picks up the call from Siddharth)
Siddharth: sorry, I am disturbing you now (Siddharth is in the driver seat of his Car) But I just wanted to keep you posted. You know that I hate you so much. After all you always got everything...You got got Mom-Dad...You got Mom-Dad's pity...and you also got their love. It just gets very annoying you know...
Abhay: Come to the Point!
Siddharth: Ahh so the point here is Point number 1... Today is full moon day Point number two... Today all Vampires look at the Moon very carefully...Point number three...The effect of you biting Piya would be over tonight...Point number four...There will not be any Vampire Symptoms on Pia if you do not bite her tonight...And point number 5 and this is my favorite little Brother... One bite and we are back in Business Baby... (Siddharth laughs. Abhay is angry) And you know what little brother? I did not have to go to Pia (Abhay gets up from the chair) Oh no no no...She herself came to me...and you know why? Because she had a fight with her boyfriend...And now I am a good friend, right? Such a willing listener I am...So there...Tonight Pia would become mine...end call (Siddharth cuts the call)
Haseena: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: Pia's life is in danger... Siddharth is with her... I have to stop him...(Abhay goes from the room)

Pia comes and sits inside the Car.
Piya: Let's go!
Siddharth: Yeah! well,It is a little far but I will drive fast and furious.
Piya: I trust you! (Siddharth says in mind, 'Well, good for me!' Siddharth drives the Car off.)

Abhay comes to his Car from the Mount College Girls Hostel. He thinks, ' Piya is not here also...she is not in College... she is also not in Dobriyal House...So where is Pia? Where did Siddharth take Pia?' Abhay gets into the Car and drives from there.

Angad arrives at the Racing Sppot. T and her 2 Bimbo friends and many students are gathered there. T calls Angad joker from Circus. A hot girl wearing helmets comes walking through the road and everyone including Angad looks at her in awe. T says, 'Hot! Who is that?' The girl comes and gets behind Angad on his bike. Angad asks her who she is. The girl removes her helmet. T and gang is shocked to see Ruhi. Angad is happy to see her and tells, 'What did you think? Who I am...' Angad tells that he knew that she would come. T asks Angad if he want to have the race or he is scared. The race starts with T driving the Car and Angad and Ruhi on the bike. Angad and Ruhi gets ahead of T. Suddenly Ruhi sees Piya and Siddharth on the Car and asks Angad to stop. Angad slows down the bike. Ruhi wonders where they are going in the night. T who was trailing behind overtakes Angad.

Abhay is in the Car. He makes a call from his Mobile Phone. Danish picks up the call. Abhay tells Danish that he searched everywhere for Pia but cannot find her. Danish suggests Abhay to check at Mount Road as there is some race going on there.
Ruhi and Angad tells Abhay that they saw Piya and Siddharth going towards North Road
Abhay reaches the Racing Spot and gets down from his Car. He sees Angad and Tracker near their bike.
Abhay: What is happening Guys?
Ruhi: T and Angad were racing...and she won the race.
Angad: And you know...someone was sitting behind me and was distracting me so much that I lost in the race. She was more interested in looking at other vehicles than me.
Ruhi: I was not peeping into other vehicles. I was looking at Siddharth and Piya. They were going this late at the jungle...I was just worried!
Abhay: Siddharth and Piya? Where did the they go?
Ruhi: I don't know... They were going through North Road. I was little tensed. And you know there is nothing there except that old burned house... (Abhay becomes alert) And Pia... You know how strange she is. Leave all that... You are coming for the Party Abhay?
Angad: Party for losing the Race... (Abhay thinks,'Burnt House? No! SIddharth, You are taking her there?')

Chand is standing near the window with a drink in hand looking at the Moon. Haseena comes and stands near him and look at the moon with a drink in hand.
Haseena: What are you thinking Chand?
Chand: Today is full moon night. How difficult this night is for know that. I feel tonight something very bad is going to happen Haseena.
Haseena: What are you hiding from me? What have you heard from Kasauli? Chand...You don't have to protect me. I have the courage to hear the truth. Just tell me...What is going to happen...
Chand: There is someone who knows our truth.
Haseena: Piya?
Chand: Piya's knowing and not knowing does not make any difference. There is someone who is powerful...dangerous and want to harm us...with whom we have an old account to settle...
Haseena: Who?
Chand: Tonight I will come to know. Got news from the higher ups that this person has been trying to trap us for a long time... That person is coming the midst of us...
Haseena: How is that possible? We don't stay in a City more than a year... Then how that person traced
Chand: Because someone else is sending our news to that person Haseena. I cam eto know from Kasauli that the person did not find us but got our news from some one else.
Haseena: when will this end? When?
Chand: Never! Because we are dead humans. We cannot die...nor can we live. Always we will stay like dead humans.
Haseena: Maybe that is our punishment, right? (Chand looks at her)

Siddharth and Piya are in the Car. Piya looks at the moon.
Pia: You know Siddharth...when ever I look at the moon I feel a strange pull...Such a pretty sight. You know from childhood the moonlight was always given me a peaceful feeling. But of late this Moon makes me so restless. It feels like it is pulling me towards it. (Siddharth says in mind, 'Vampires relationship with the moon is like that Piya') Anyways, How much more distant the place is?
Siddharth: We are nearly there. Don't worry Pia...Today you will get the answers of all your Questions Piya...
Piya: I just want to know that who was Abhayendra's Brother... Who is he and where is he?
Siddharth: You will find out Pia. This place has the three people's story...Abhayendra, Maithili and her real lover's story...
Piya: You feel that Maithili never loved Abhayendra?
Siddharth: Of course Piya...Maithili only loved his Big Brother. That's why Abhayendra killed those two. Irony is that he also died in the same fire. Poetic Justice...I guess!
Piya: My mind is not ready to accept this even in another life Abhay cannot do bad to anyone. I don't think it is true.
Siddharth: It is not in everyone's capacity to recognize the devil in someone Piya. He is just waiting. It is all an act for him Pia. You sill see that one day he will remove the mask and show him true face in front of everyone. (Pia thinks, 'Is Siddharth telling the truth? Should I believe in his talks that easily? But what will he get by lying to me. (Siddharth watches Pia amused) He did not have a problem to come with me this far. At one side there is Siddharth who is doing everything for me and on the other Abhay who made his entire relationship with me on lies. I have to trust Siddharth because I can't trust Abhay') What are you thinking Piya?
Piya: Siddharth... You remember you asked me if a Vampire had bitten me... I don't know if you will believe me or not but I asked Abhay and he said yes. He said he bit me. Can you believe that?
Siddharth: What? Oh my God! But why did he do that? I thought he liked you...
Piya: I don't know Siddharth... He just kept mum...He did not say anything. He did not have an explanation. It is not as if he was trying to save my life...It is so unlike him. I don't know...
Siddharth: Don't worry Pia. Today you will know... I mean today you would know...You will get all your answers today. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Piya is about to get out of the Car. Suddenly Siddharth's mobile which he left behind on the Car rings. Pia sees that the call is from Siddharth's Mom and picks the call. Haseena asks, 'Siddharth...where are you?'
Piya: Aunty, This is Pia...
Haseena: Pia...You are with Siddharth? Where? (Piya thinks, ' Siddharth's Mom... Haseena Raichand? Oh No!' Piya looks terrorized)

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