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17th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 176) Mythili transforms herself as Pia and gets rescued from the burnt house by the Vampire Catcher

Hasni with Misha, Panchi and Maithili in the Jungle
Episode 176 starts with Sid seeing T at the other side of the wall peeping through the opening. Siddharth puts his hand through the opening and catch hold of T's head and bangs it on the wall rendering her unconscious and bleeding from her forehead.

Siddharth is walking. He thinks, 'What was this foolish T doing here? If she knew that I am Piya are here she would have told others too. Oh I hate this bloody teenagers! As of now I have to concentrate on my plans. And then T can always make for a great little tight snack...' He then thinks, 'Where are they? Why have they not come so far? I won't be able to do without him. I need his powers. His powers can stop all my enemies... If he is there Abhay, Chand or Her Highness would not be able to touch me. I need him here'.

Suddenly the howling of a wolf is heard and a shadow of the wolf is seen. Siddharth turns to address the visitor.
Siddharth: I knew that you would come. 5 Hours...Keep other Vampires away from me so that Maithili's and my plan works. It would be easy for you after all you are an old enemy of our kind. When Mythili and I rule over the other Vampires we will not forget you. We will start a new treaty between your people and our people. Welcome friend! (Once again there is a howling sound. Siddharth turns and walks. He then turns again and says, 'Do not attack until I give the Order to'.

Siddharth and Maithili are talking.
Maithili: Siddharth, Why are you feeling so restless? It's only a matter of 5 Hours. After that we both would rule.
Siddharth: Tonight all the powers would collide. I am afraid that before this 5 hours that person would come here. While I was coming I got a call too asking where I was and I told that I am at home alone...but I don't think she believed me. Mythili you know how powerful she is...she can see everything...hear everything and understands everything. If she doubts us...if she comes here...so in order to face her I have called another power. Don't know how long he also can stop her.
Mythili: Siddharth, Are we taking the help of those wolves? Siddharth we are cold blooded and they are hot blooded...We are dead humans and they are living animals. Our enmity is not just from today but have been from the beginning of nature. If the dead humans have any enemy they are these wolves...these animals... We cannot make friendship with our enemies! What happens if something go wrong?
Siddharth:What do you think? Is there someone else who can save us? No! I have made a deal with him. I made him believe that when you rule over the Vampires you will bring in new rules...make new laws. And that would be for the betterment of them
Maithili: What do you think Siddharth? Snake and Mongoose can be friends?
Siddharth: Not friendship...Understanding...Today they would help us tomorrow we will...And when all this ends we can be enemies again...But for now we need them! They only can save us...
Maithili: No Siddharth! This path is not without risks...This enmity is not between two people but two creatures. And this enmity won't end in one night. You tell him to go!
Siddharth: Mythili, Listen...
Maithili: I told you...Tell him to go from here...(Siddharth turns to go but suddenly keeps his hands on head screaming in pain. He sits on the floor. Maithili also cries in pain keeping her hand on head and sits on the ground. Suddenly they feel relieved of the pain but are now transformed as Vampires)It is that Tantrik. We were safe in Dehradun...so how come he is here...
Siddharth: The shield the Vampires have used to hide themselves in Dehradun is no longer there. This human has broken the shield. The matter reached higher ups and they called me... Maithili we don't have any other Option...We have to make friendship with our enemy...at least for now.

Misha, Panchi and the Vampire Catcher reaches Kolar Bunglow. Misha asks Shyam Hasni what they can do by just standing there. Mr Hasni says that they have to get the Vampires out of the Bungalow. He shows the Dobriyal Sisters the Yantra to bring Vampires out. He tells them that the instrument produces ultra sonic sounds which would be unbearable for the Vampires to tolerate and they would come and surrender. Panchi is scared that Siddharth would do something to Pia before coming out and she rushes from there shouting for Piya.

Maithili and Siddharth hears Misha and Panchi calling Pia.
Siddharth: Panchi...What is she doing here?
Maithili: By following you humans also reached here...Bring that girl to me...Bring Piya to me...
Siddharth: What?
Maithili: Take that girl out...I told you to take that girl out... (Siddharth rushes from there) Piya...

Misha and Panchi tries to break into the House. Shyam Hasni tells them to keep faith in him and tells them that if the Vampires come out they all will die. Misha and Panchi does not listen and tries to break the door using a log.

Inside the Bungalow Maithili is now dressed like Piya. Misha and Panchi breaks the door and Maithili dressed as Pia comes out. Misha and Panchi tries to go in but Mythili forcefully stops them. She tells them that Siddharth closed her in a Coffin and wanted to bite her. Mr Hasni tells then that they would go to forest side. He gives Mythili an overcoat to wear and tells that it would protect her from other Vampires.
panchi: Other Vampires?
Hasni: What to say? This time there is a dangerous shodow roaming around in the Jungle which is dangerous than all Vampires. But don't worry I am with you...Come, let's go! (Mythili who is in between Panchi and Misha smiles)

Haseena is driving the Car with Abhay seated on the front seat almost looking lifeless.
Haseena: Don't worry Abhay! The moment we reach home I will relieve you from this and you will be just fine. (Abhay suddenly hears Piya's voice, ' Abhay! Abhay! Can you hear me? Abahy, Listen to me! Feel me! Answer me! Here what is happening you have no idea. The girl who is with my sisters is not me Abhay...It is Maithili...You hear me Abhay? Misha and Panchi are in danger...It is not me with them...it is Maithili...And she will kill them...Please help Abhay...' Abhay becomes alert suddenly)
Abhay: Mom...Go back!
Haseena: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: I just now heard Pia's voice. She is calling me. She is telling that in the old house there is Maithili. Maithili...How can this happen?
Haseena: Maithili? How can that happen Abhay? It is not possible...
Abhay: Mom you know right? I can read Pia's thoughts...I can hear them...I know what she is saying...
Haseena: Abhay Please! We have to go to Dehradun and speak to Chand about this...He only can say what is all this happening...and what we should do... And don't forget... Piya is with Siddharth...He may be making her lying to you... (Abhay closes his eyes concentrating. He tries to communicate with Pia, 'Pia, Talk to me...Pia, Tell me where you are. Are you still in that house and Maithili...How come Maithili is there' Pia who is in the Coffin hears Abhay talking to her. She responds, 'Thank God you are hearing me! I am here... Siddharth has kept be locked up here in a Coffin...'
Abhay: Mom, Pia... Let's Go back! Pia's life is in danger... While she was talking to me suddenly her voice stopped...I can't wait anymore. I have to save Pia...
Haseena: Abhay, we will go bring Chand, Okay? ... We need his help!
Abhay: I don't need any help. I need to go there... now...immediately!
Haseena: Just Stop it!
Abhay: I will never forgive you for this! (He vanishes from the running Car opening the Car door)
Haseena: Abhay! (Haseena stops the Car and gets out of it. She whispers 'Abhay' frustrated)

Siddharth walks to the Coffin where Pia is kept and jumps on top of it and says, ' To number you are trying to reach is out of coverage area'. He then gets down from the Coffin and opens the Coffin. Piya is in the Coffin wearing Maithili's dress. He signals her 'no'.
Siddharth: Don't even try to talk to Abhay...Otherwise...You know what I can do...Want to say something? (Sid removes the plaster from Piya's mouth)
Piya: I have talked to Abhay. He knows that I am here. I know Abhay will come here and take me from here. (Sid climbs on top the Coffin)
Siddharth: Don't do that much big mistake. Otherwise it would not be good for him and for you too! (Sid touches his fangs) These are not fake teeth. One bite and you are dead! But I won't do that because Mythili needs you. So you will silently lie down there like an obedient girl... You have no choice...
Piya: Go to hell!
Siddharth: Oh... I am in hell. You have no idea what kind of hell I have been living. What does Abhay see in you? Your face resembles Maithili and that's all... How does he tolerate you? Lucky for you...To satisfy my appetite I have arranged for another meal...or should i say a diet meal? Ssshhh! (Siddharth smiles at her and puts the plaster back on her mouth) Bye bye! (He then closes the Coffin lid. He then walk towards T who is lying on the Ground unconscious)

Mr Hasni is walking through the Jungle with Misha, Panchi and Mythili dressed up as Piya.
Hasni: Enough! (The girls stop) This place would be fine for you all. Be with each other and wait for me. I need to go back there.
Panchi: What? Uncle, Please don't leave us and go...It's Okay, we will go and inform the Police...
Hasni: No dear! What will the Police do? These are monsters... The Police Bullets of Cuffs won't be able to stop them. In fact no human will be able to attract them.
Maithili: yeah...I saw him...Her eyes were blue and he had fangs...She was very horrifying...
Hasni: Look dear, You are with us now. And till the time you are with us no body would be able to lay even a hand on you...No need to worry! Don't fear... But I have to do something... He came here just for you... Actually your face has become your enemy. Your doppelganger Maithili has become a big danger for you.
Maithili: But she is dead!
Hasni: Till now I only had doubts but now I am sure...In fact the Princess did not burn in the fire...but she herself became a dangerous Vampire along with Siddharth (Mythili smiles) Episode ends.

Hasni: In some hours the sun rise would happen. Before that there would be a big fight...in which lots of lives would be lost. (Mythili who is dressed up as Piya thinks, 'Your life will go...along with that of these humans who believe so easily in everything')

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