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19th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 178) Abhay teams up with the Vampire Slayer to end Siddharth and Maithili

Piya and T running away from Siddharth
Episode 178 starts with Misha turning away from Maithili who is dressed up as Piya and taking her Mobile phone from her jeans pocket. She then types a messages, ' This is not Piya, but Maithili' and sends the SMS to Panchi. Panchi's mobile beeps and she sees the SMS from Misha. She looks at Misha and then at Maithili.

Piya and T are running through the forest. T suddenly stops running. Piya also stops seeing that T has stopped and comes and holds her hand.
Piya: T, What happened? Let's go!
T: Pia, I am scared.
Piya: I am also scared but we do not have any choice. We have to run... Let's go...Come on...(The girls again resumes running. T suddenly stumbles and falls down screaming. Piya's feet hit a rock and she also falls down. When T lifts her face from the ground she sees a black shoe in front of her and screams again)

Maithili looks at the Dobriyal sisters who are standing next to each other suspiciously. Siddharth who gets up after the girls running away from his captivity tries to contact Mythili exactly at the same moment.
Siddharth: Mythili... Mythili, Where are you? Maithili! Mythili, Piya has run away from here. (Mythili turns back to communicate with Siddharth and walks a little further. She scolds Siddharth for not able to stop Pia and tells him that she should have known that he is not capable of anything (Siddharth looks guilty and frustrated). Maithili tells him, 'Now what has to be done I will do')
Siddharth: Maithili, But what we have to do?
Maithili: I told you...whatever has to be done I would do... (Maithili then turns and looks back to find that Misha and Panchi has vanished from there)
Siddharth: Maithili...Maithili...(Siddharth finds that his connection with Maithili is broken and is annoyed. He then vanishes from there. Maithili looks around and then says, 'It is not easy to run away from me')
Misha and Panchi running away from Maithili
Misha and Panchi are running through the Forest.They run for some time and the suddenly sees Maithili in front of them. The girls stop running. Maithili now has blue eyes and fangs. She bares her fangs and the girls are scared.
Maithili: Now I will tell you two what a real Vampire is. If I want I can finish you both in one go. But I need your friend Piya desperately. Foolish girl...ran off...Waht does she think? That I will run behind her? People come to me... Scream...Shout...Call her! Let me see if she comes to save you or not... (Misha is angry and curses Maithili. She hits her but falls back screaming as if touched by electric shock.Panchi helps Misha up from the ground. Maithili laughs)
Maithili: Human...(Misha's hand is hurt and Panchi looks at her hand) Foolish human! How foolish you humans are. What did you think? You will win with me like that? (Mythili laughs) I have made a circle around you. If you touch it you will burn. And if you try to get out of it you will become ashes. (She laughs again) Human...Foolish human! (She walks from there while Misha and Panchi stands there helpless)

Chand and Haseena are standing in front of T. Haseena helps T to get up. T stand up with her eyes closed and screams for Pia. Haseena slaps T bringing her back to senses. Pia gets up and sees Chand and Haseena near T.
Haseena: I am sorry T. I had to slap you in order to make you stop screaming.
Piya: Mrs Raichand... (Piya and the Raichands walk towards each other)
Chand: Piya, What is happening here?
Piya: Uncle, Abhay came here to save me. But before that Siddharth got me out of the room and now I don't know where Abhay is. (Chand and Haseena look at each other)
Chand: Where did Siddharth take you? (Piya tells them the place) Piya, You leave Maithili and Siddharth to us. You go from here. We will take care of it. Are you seeing that path near by? (Piya looks at the path) If you go from there you will be able to get out of the Jungle fast and reach the main road. And don't look back! Even if anyone calls you or you hear any voice don't turn and look. It is very essential for us to save you. Nothing would happen to us but you could be harmed. So...we are warning you Piya.
Haseena: Piya, That is the Eucalyptus Tree (Haseena points to a tree little further. Pia and T looks at the tree)Take the leaves and put on you. Vampires cannot touch those leaves nor cross their smell. It's smell would protect you from Vampires. They won't be able to touch you, Okay? (Pia nods and starts running again along with T)

Chand closes his eyes and communicates with Abhay who is in another side of the Forest, 'Abhay, (Abhay stops running) Pia has escaped from Siddharth's clutches. Now our way is clear. Now we have to catch Siddharth. He is behind the old house'. Abhay responds, ' I am coming Dad, I am coming!' All the Raichands resumes running.

Abhay is running through the Forest and cross paths with the Vampire Slayer Shyam Hasni who is walking with the Ultrasonic Machine for Vampires. Abhay suddenly stops and keeps both hands on his ears unable to tolerate the sound produced by the machine. He then kneels on the ground on his Vampire form and screams by keeping his hands on ears. He screams to stop the machine. Mr Hasni comes and stands in front of Abhay. Abhay screams again asking Hasni to stop it. Hasni shows the machine in front of Abhay making the red and blue rays fall on Abhay. Abhay tries to shield his face from the rays. Abhay pleads him to stop but Hasni tells him that he will not let even one Vampire escape today.
Abhay: Stop for a minute...Stop! I am a Vampire. I am under your control. I won't harm you. I am not that Vampire whom you are searching. That is Siddharth... Siddharth! He is also in this Jungle. I am searching for him. I am going to kill him. (Hasni tells Abhay that he is going to kill him) No! Stop...Listen to me! Please believe me! I am not him...
Hasni: Why should I listen to you? I am not here to trust you but to kill you...(Hasni points the machine to Abhay and he screams) No! Stop...Stop! I am not him! (Abhay suddenly remembers something and takes the mobile from his trouser pocket and shows to Hasni)
Abhay: See, Whose call I got last...You would understand who I am
Hasni: Why should I trust you...
Abhay: Once...Just once... (Hasni takes the Phone from Abhay and redials the number. Hasni hears Kabir's voice saying, 'Abhay Raichand...How come you called me...What's the Problem?'Abhay looks hopefully at Hasni who nods) Believe me! Both of our enemy is the same...Siddharth and Maithili. Maithili is behind Pia. She wants to drink Pia's blood rule the Vampires. Believe me! Believe me... We have to stop them! (Hasni withdraws the machine. Abhay stands up in his human form and faces Hasni)My job is to stop these two. Are you with me or not? (Hasni nods)

Siddharth is sitting on top of a tree. Haseena and Chand Raichand are standing down.
Siddharth: Mom...Dad...What's up? (He then jokes) Other than me... (Siddharth looks around) Little Brother is not with you? You could have bought him along too and we would have had a family reunion. (Siddharth smiles and jumps down from the tree landing in front of Chand and Haseena. Haseena lifts her hand and slaps Siddharth. He smiles)
Siddharth: You forget Mom... I am an animal (He opens his mouth showing of his fangs and lifts his hand to hit Haseena. Chand stops him and they have a fight)

Chand and Siddharth faces each other.
Chand: What did you think? You will win over me? What you did with Abhay and Haseena you would do with me?! This is me... (Siddharth smiles)
Siddharth: Two centuries you would not have known...That night not 2 but 3 Vampires were born. You made me your son but failed to recognize me. And today too you feel that you can win with me? (Siddharth laughs. Chand laughs too) I made Piya and Maithili meet. I did that what no one could do in thousands of years. I will bring a change to the Vampires World. Maithili and I would gain so much powers tonight that you have to bow in front of us. So get ready Daddy...because I would rule over you. (Siddharth laughs)
Chand: I like that!
Siddharth: Oh... you will like it...You did not give birth to me... You gave me the life of a monster. And tonight this monster would show his true face. After tonight there would be no need for us Vampires to hide and live. We are devils and we would rule over like devils. We will rule this World! (Chand laughs, Haseena smiles too)
Chand: You have done a mistake Siddharth! Pia is with us! What did you think? You will be able to do what you wanted to do... Piya has gone far away from you Siddharth...and you have to pay a price for cheating us. You have to answer our kings! (Siddharth bares his fangs) You will have to pay for it...
Siddharth: Lie! This is lie...It cannot happen!! You know what? I have a little surprise for you... Avooo..... (Siddharth howls. There is an answering howling and growling on the background. Chand and Haseena looks around wile Siddharth looks at them with a villain smile plastered on his face. Chand tries to communicate with Abhay mentally, 'Abhay! What we feared Siddharth is doing exactly that. He is calling those wolves. We need your help! Come fast...')
T tells Piya that she never felt so happy seeing the Road
Piya and T reaches the main road after running through the Jungle. T kneels on the road dropping the Eucalyptus tree leaves.
T: Piya, I never felt so happy seeing the road. I am so happy!(T then gets up and walks ahead. Piya follows T but is suddenly stopped by the voice of Maithili who communicates with her. Maithili tells Pia, 'Piya...Piya, I am Maithili... (Piya keeps her hands on head in pain whispering, 'Maithili') The Eucalyptus leave hid you from me but your mind is open Pia. I can get into to you...Pia, today you would have to listen to me because your sisters are with me...Misha and Panchi. Poor things...They are very scared. Come and save them!' Piya thinks, 'No! Misha and Panchi are with Maithili? It cannot happen... I have to go back' Piya turns back from there.

Hasni and Abhay are talking.
Hasni: Maybe you are not Siddharth...but you are a Vampire...and catching vampires is my job...
Abhay: No! Not today! You do not know what Siddharth did... He made our biggest enemy his friend.
Hasni:This is impossible! Werewolves cannot be friends with Vampires!
Abhay: It can happen! I know Siddharth very well... He is my Brother...He would do anything for himself and his victory. Piya is with him...I have to save him...
Hasni: Don't worry about Piya. She is completely safe... I have left her with her sisters in a circle where no one can even touch her.
Abhay: That girl is not Pia... she is Maithili...
Hasni: What? I have put that girls in such a big trouble?
Abhay: You save those girls and I will handle the werewolves (Abhay turns to go)
Hasni: Listen! (Abhay turns to face Hasni again. Hasni gives a wooden stake to Abhay)Keep this Abhay! This would be of use to you.
Abhay: If you give me this you would become weaponless.
Hasni: Don't worry about me. I will take care of my safety...Go! (Abhay goes from there. Hasni thinks, 'Abhay will be able to save Piya and these girls by killing Siddharth and Maithili. He could be more successful than me because he is one of them. To kill a Vampire there can only be two methods... by driving a wooden stake through the heart or keep him prisoner for years. Vampires are too powerful. They can run like wind...and to catch them and make them prisoner is not an easy job. A Vampire would not let anyone come close because he knows that with a small wooden stick he can be ended forever') Episode ends

PreCap: Piya comes to Maithili to save her sisters.

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