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26th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 183) Kabeer tells Misha that he is in love with T

Entry of the new Werewolf Character - Piya takes Stranger's help to go to Mount College
Episode 183 starts with Piya looking at her Childhood photo with her mother Suganth which is on the Wall of her Room. Misha comes into the room calling for Pia so that they can go to college together.
Misha: Let's go to College
Piya: Oh! You are ready?
Misha: Why? What do you think? Come on dear...
Pia: College and in this Pajamas
Misha: Why? What do you think? It would be too hot? Shall I wear shorts?
Pia: Misha, 1 second. I am not going with you if you are wearing these cloths.
Misha: Dude... I am not going to change my clothes now. So stop behaving like this and come...
Pia: Misha please... Since I have to get ready (Pia signals the door)...
Misha: Okay Bye loser! (Misha goes from the room)

Piya: You loser... (She turns from there)
Panchi asks Kabir if he did not get anyone other than T to date
Scene moves to Mount College Campus. There is a Banner in the College Campus which reads, 'Welcome Freshers'. There are many new faces in the College Campus. Barbie and Skipper comes to the College in a Jeep with their Boyfriends. In the College Corridor they see Ms D and Ms Mehra and compliments on their looks. Principal Mehra looks from his Room door towards the Campus and says, 'Again another new year has started'. Kabir comes in his Car to the College and goes around happily greeting students. Suddenly he gets a call on his Mobile. He picks it up and talks to the caller, 'Hello Darling... (Kabir sits on a concrete bench in the Campus)Yeah, Of course Darling I have reached the College. Yeah Darling, We two will go together (Misha comes behind Kabir and listens to the conversation with interest)...Of course Sweety today we will announce in front of the whole college that we are Boyfriend and Girlfriend...Yes Baby,I love you too!'
Misha: And I love you three... (Kabir gets startled and cuts the Call. Misha comes and sits on the Bench with Kabir) Hi Babe...Sweetu...Jaanu...Darling...
Kabir: Just shut up Misha...If she would have heard... (Kabir signals that she would have killed him)
Misha: Oh...Kabir's new girlfriend is a Hitler or what? (Misha acts as if she is scared and then laughs) Come on friend tell me who it is...Tell me who is that Mystery Women who ...
Kabir: Will you go from here? You will get me beatings... Anyways, In some time the whole College would know who my Girlfriend is.
Misha: Oh Hold On... All will come to know means... Are you going to announce your engagement? Come on Tell me who.. (Panchi comes there)is your super duper new Girlfriend man... (T and her friends Barbie and Skipper comes walking towards them)
T: I...
Kabir: Baby... (He signals Tanushree to come near)
Misha: No Bloody no (Kabir nods at Misha and Panchi that it is her)
Panchi: What the have gone sick... (Tracker and Angad also hear this and cannot believe it. Kabeer gets up from the bench)
Kabir: Guys,I was about to tell you all that my new girlfriend is T
Panchi: You did not get anyone else to date? You only got her?
T: Watch it! Last year you used to roam around in College...even after the College ended and this year also the same thing? If only people knew your secret. But I know your every secret. So beware! Because I can tell them all
Misha: Listen Chicklet! She is my sister. Speak to her properly otherwise...
T: Otherwise what? You watch out too! Because now I am not the old T anymore. I don't bark, I bite. So if you don't want to chop it on your first day, Shut it!
Misha: Really?
T: You like Video streaming, don't you? So if you are not careful you can watch your videos tomorrow on youtube. How you stole your Papa's you served everyone...I have all the proofs baby! (She then looks at Tracker) And you...Misha's tail... You stay away from me at 20 feet distance. If even you shadow falls on my path, you will be dead. But yes, If you want Social status leave that Pajama girl and can join T's gang. K... (Kabir runs to T and the students look at him shocked)
Kabir: Yes, Baby!
T: My Bag...
Kabir: Baby, I am here... Give it to me (He takes the bag from T) From tomorrow do it on your own... otherwise you will do it on your own. T turns and walks from there. Kabir follows her)
Misha: Looks like T got wings...I have to cut it...
The new Man and Protector enters Piya's life
Pia is walking on the Road on the side of the forest. Her Mobile rings and she picks up the call from Misha.
Pia: Hello!
Misha: Dude, Where are you man? You know I have to give you the latest goss. Actually you won't be remembering what is goss but still this goss is worth knowing. Where are you?
Piya: Misha, I just had some work. Now I have finished and coming. I am coming. I am coming to college, Okay?
Misha: Fine, But come fast. You got to hear this man... (Misha cuts the phone)
Piya: Hello! (She finds the Phone cut and dials a number. The keeps the phone to her ear and she hears a voice mail recording, 'Hi! This is Abhay! You can't reach me now. I will call you back but don't wait for me because there no guarantee of next moment'. Piya thinks, 'Who was that? How did I get this number? Do I know him? Who could be this Abhay?' Pia walks backwards unconsciously and bumps into a stranger.
Piya: Oh! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to (The guy removes his glasses and looks at her)
Guy: It's okay!
Pia: No, I was not watching and walking...It was just an accident.
Guy: In life nothing is an accident. We have met because of one reason or the other.
Piya: Actually, Could you please tell me the way to Mount College? I have lost my way. I told my sisters that I would meet them there but it seems like i have just lost.
Guy: Well, I don't think you should be going through this way.
Piya: Actually I came walking from the road and landed up here. If you would help me that would be great.
Guy: Yeah, Of course. I am also going there.
Pia: Really?
Guy: Really...
Piya: That is such a coincidence!
Guy: Nothing in life is coincidental. Shall we? ( Piya nods and they walk together)
Pia: It's good that I got your company.
Guy: I don't know about that but I always go alone... (Piya thinks, 'What a strange person... I had to meet such a weirdo on the College first day itself')

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Misha sees T and walks towards her saying, 'T, You are dead!'. T also walks towards her and meets Misha halfway.
T: You know what Misha? You little Brat...This year don't come near me otherwise I will not leave you. So don't act smart or breathe in my space.
Misha: Listen Bimbo! I was thinking that from outside you are foolish and a fashion victim. But since when you have started being horrible? What happened to you?
T: You... You happened to me...and your horror sister...That is what happened. Oh Yeah... Also tell that Pia that her memory is gone...not mine... Just because she has forgotten Abhay does not mean that she would get Kabir. Tomorrow if she even come close to Kabir, I will teach her a lesson. And remember, I remember all your sisters details and all her dirty filthy secrets and Abhay's too... (T goes from there. Misha also walks from there. Piya who overhears the conversation thinks, 'Abhay? Who is Abhay? Who is he? I need the answers to my Questions Misha Dobriyal. I need to know who is this Abhay')

Piya sees Misha going to the wash room and follows her. Pia thinks, 'Who is this Abhay? Hearing his name why my heart flutters? And Dirty Secrets? What does it mean? What such secrets are there which can spoil the reputation of my family? I know Abhay' Misha comes out of the Loo and sees Piya standing outside.
Misha: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...our Piya is the fairest of them all...
Pia: Misha!
Misha: If you have finished admiring yourself let's go. It's time for first lecture. What happened? Why are you looking so serious?
Piya: Misha, Who is this Abhay? (Misha remembers the Doctor talking to her family, 'We don't know how she lost her memory but we definitely know that she has to be kept away from all painful memories in her life')
Misha: Abhay? Why are we talking about him?
Piya: Misha, Don't avoid the topic. Who is he?
Misha: Not very important man. An acquaintance of ours.
Pia: Are you sure?
Misha: Obviously! Why should I tell a lie? Come on Snow White... Remove yourself from near the Mirror. Let's go to the Class.
Piya: Okay! Which class is first?
Misha: Drama... (Pia thinks, 'What are you hiding Misha? Some time or the other, the truth has to come out.') Hello Drama Queen...Your audience is waiting for you.
Pia: Okay, I am coming!
Misha: Come on Move it...
Pia: Yeah... (The girls go out from there)

The new changed and heartless Panchi breaking a Guy's Heart
Scene moves to the College Campus. A Guy is pleading with Panchi, 'Panchi Baby Please! At least read my Card once. (A Guy is on his knees in front of Panchi) I also got your favorite flowers. Have I done anything wrong?)
Panchi: Listen! (Panchi pushes his flowers and Card) I am just bored of you, Get it? (The guy gets up)
Guy: Baby, Don't break my heart. It is only a week since our relationship started and you got bored now itself?
Panchi: I got bored in 3 days itself. But I thought I will keep your heart.The Guy before you got out on the first date itself.
Guy: Baby, I can prove that I am not a bore. I can do anything for you.
Panchi: Anything?
Guy : Anything!
Panchi: Okay, Leave! Leave... Fine! I leave... (Panchi walks away from there. She says in mind, 'Now go and tell everyone in the city that Panchi Dobriyal is a heartless girl. She uses Guys. But Panchi Dobriyal would not come into the trap of any Guy. Now Panchi's heart would not beat for any Guy. Nobody would ever hurt me again. First Danish cheated me and then Siddharth used me. I was so foolish that I let them use me. Now I will never let anyone do that again!'

A Peon tells Panchi that Principal Sir is calling her and goes from there. Panchi says,'T wanted to know what I am doing in College...I am here to protect Pia. Misha alone cannot handle it. In that matter Principal Sir would help me'

Many Students are assembled at the Drama Club including Angad and Ruhi. T and her bimbos come there. T goes to the mike along with the Bimbos and address the students, 'Today is the first day of Drama Club. Everyone knows that getting an entry into Mount College Drama Club is a big thing. Because every year we win the Competition. And we are the State champions! (The students cheer and claps) So trust me entry would be given only to those who are versatile. And after giving entry I am going to expect a very high quality out of you guys. (A student who was listening T's speech asks his friend, 'Who the hell is she?' T hears it and responds, 'And if you do not know who I am... Get the hell out of here. I am T and I am General Secretary of this Club. And in this Club one my word would be final')

Principal Mr Mehra and Panchi is talking by sitting at the Principals Room.
Principal: Your word would be final on everything. And I am very happy that you are back with us. That is an honor. (Panchi smiles)
Panchi: Thank you Sir! (Panchi gets up) Actually the honor is mine Sir! I have spend my life's best days in this College. And it is only fair that I do something for this College. (Principal also gets up)
Principal: Shall we?
PanchI: Yes Sir!
Principal: Come! (Mr Mehra opens the door for Panchi) Please... (Panchi gets out of the room. Principal Mr Mehra follows her)

At the Drama Club T tells all the ugly ones can go from there. T's Bimbo's tell T that it is not fair and even ugly people could be good actors. T asks the girls to handle the ugly people and threaten that if they don't do that they would be put in the ugly group also. Barbie and Skipper goes from there to handle the students. T suddenly remembers about Kabir and goes looking for him.

Kabir is walking in the College Corridor and talking on the Phone, 'No Babe I am here...Yeah Baby I am coming now...right you' Misha stops Kabir.
Misha: Spit it on... Come on Tell the truth!
Kabir: What? What truth?
Misha: Come on Kabir, This is me...Misha! I know all your dirty secrets. Your first crush...Your first girlfriend...your first date and your first time you...
Kabir: Hey..relax!
Misha: Okay I won't tell. But at least you tell me...I mean...What is going on...Did you lose any bet? What is this latest goss... K and T... T and K...the story of the year. How did it happen?
Kabir: What K and T and T and K? What are you trying to say Misha? We love each other (Misha laughs)
Misha: Hey Come on Kabir! I just had lunch I would throw up.(Kabir laughs)
Kabir: Okay do it! But be careful let it not fall on my Shoes...
Misha: It is not a joke Kabir. What the hell is matter with you? I was about to plead your loser case in front of Piya that she gives a small piece of her heart to you now that she has forgotten Abhay. And you are in some random fling with T. I mean...Of course you don't deserve Pia.
Kabir: Mish...I love T
Misha: You are such a liar...Kabir, I don't know what is going on. We were gone for one year and you have become brainless. You have become T's toy boy! She is a real monster man. You know what? I don't care! You keep serving T...Yes Mam I want to pick up your bag...I want to polish your Shoes...You do what you please... Idiot! (Misha walks from there)
Kabir: Mish...Mish.... (Episode ends)

PreCap: Piya at the Drama Club stage with her script. Suddenly she sees herself as she was one year back.

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