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5th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 167) Chand Raichand goes Kasauli to meet Superiors

Danish Singh, Abhay Raichand and Arnab Dobriyal teams up on Save Panchi Mission against Siddharth
Episode 167 starts with Piya coming back to her Hostel room with her luggage. Piya opens her suitcase and starts to take things out of it. Misha sees her and comes near her.
Misha: What the hell are you doing here? What is this new Drama?
Piya: This is no Drama. I came back to stay in the Hostel. I will stay here.
Misha: But why? You are the new light of Dobriyal House... so why should you be staying here?
Piya: Misha, This is my House and this has always been my House. I was in your House but that was temporary. I don't want to get into anyone's way.
Misha: Newsflash! You do not want to get into anyone's way...that is news. But you know what Pia? All this would not work with me...This is my room...Get Out!
Pia: Misha, May be you never stayed in any Hostel... This room is for four girls and not for anyone alone. And by the way before you I was staying in this Hostel. This is my Bed and I will stay here, Okay?
Misha: You know what Pia? I am sick of you. Is it your habit always to grab other people's things? You are not happy taking my life that you have come behind me to Hostel also? I just hate you Man...
Piya: Okay, Your wish! Goodnight!
Misha: Good night? (Piya switches off the lights and gets into her Bed for sleeping)
Pia: I am tired (Pia covers herself with blanket and closes her eyes. Misha looks at her irritated)

A Car comes and stops in front of the Mount College Girl's Hostel. Siddharth gets out of the Car. He sings in mind, 'Rock ya Baby Misha has fallen asleep...' He says in mind, 'Now I can go inside and destroy that paper forever...' Siddharth walks from there. Abhay who was hidden comes to light.

Piya is disturbed by the light in the room. She gets up and sits on her bed.
Misha: Ouh... Dobriyal Family's new Princess is not able to sleep with the light? Sorry Babes...This is Hostel and I have to do my work.
Piya: You don't study on day light and now you are thinking of studying at night? Have you even seen a book?
Misha: Not everyone get Charity Scholarships like you...Some people have to work for it. If you have so much problem, change the room.
Piya: Whatever! Change the room... (Piya switches off her bed side lamp and tries to sleep. She then gets up and goes and switches off Misha's bed side lamp and returns to her bed)
Misha: What the hell!
Piya: Goodnight! (Misha gets up and walks from there. Siddharth enters the Hostel Room. Misha reaches the switch board in the room and switches on the Room light)
Misha: Ms Perfect...What do you think? there is only one light in the room? (Misha turns and screams seeing Siddahrth. Piya also gets up from the Bed screaming. Misha and Piya walks towards Siddharth) What the hell? Siddharth...What are you doing here?
Piya: Siddharth!
Siddharth: Bu...ha ha ha scared you all...Panchi! She was worried about you two. You both are in one room and let the World war three not I came here to just keep peace...
Pia: But why were you standing in the darkness?
Siddharth: Obviously, Because I don't stay here and know where the light switches are...I was looking for the light switch and Misha thankfully put on the lights...By the way Misha you scared me...My heart is really beating hard. Well since I am here was there any work... (thinks) Misha...that Papers...You can give that to me now...
Misha: No way dude...I have not finished the work and that Punjabi madam would eat me raw. You are a Trustee but she is a horrible devil. In fact I will start to work right now. I will have to work full night...people will be disturbed...but man is work! (She throws the file up and it falls down and the papers fall out. Misha bends to pick the papers. Siddharth also starts gathering the papers saying, 'let me help you with this'. When Misha sees Pia picking the papers Misha stops her saying that she does not need Pia's help. Piya goes and sits on her cot angrily. Siddharth sees the voting papers of the Inter Collegiate Dance Competition and says in mind, 'Finally, the Voting Papers!' Siddharth gets up and goes near the window hiding the voting papers behind him and throws it out of the window. He then goes to Misha and gives her the rest of the papers. Misha thank him. Piya also comes near them. Siddahrth tells them, ' So I will go and report to Panchi that everything is fine, nobody is dead...I will see you later!' Siddharth says good night to the girls and go from there.

Abhay picks the paper from the ground. Abhay looks into the papers and think, 'This is your biggest mistake Siddharth that you think others weak. But this time you are done...' Abhay goes from there.

Siddharth comes out of the Hostel and looks around thinking, 'I had thrown it here' He thinks, 'Stupid piece of paper! May be it would have gone in the breeze to the jungle. Good! Neither will I get it nor will anyone else get it' Siddharth turns to go from there.

The next day morning at Caffeine Coffee Shop. Misha is cleaning the Table. Panchi comes there and sees it. Panchi thinks, 'Momma was telling right! What is she trying to prove? Misha Dobriyal who does not even take one glass of water on her own is cleaning other people's coffee cups? My poor baby...'
Panchi: Misha...(Misha looks and her and then resumes working) Misha...It's Okay...You have proved that you can stay without us. We are proud of you. But it's enough...please come home!
Misha: You think I am doing this to prove a point? I am fed up with all of you. This all is your plan, right? You send Pia to hostel...
Panchi: No Misha...
Misha: Yeah right! Again lie... The whole family is having the disease of telling lies. You also send Siddharth to check on think I don't know that?
Panchi: there is nothing like that...
Misha: Panchi, Stop this Drama. You know that you send Siddharth to hostel yesterday. Are you some spy? The family have started this new business? Dictative Dobriyals... ( The Supervisor comes there and tells Misha, 'Do your work. Stop talking with Customers, Okay') Yes Mam...(Misha picks up the tray and leaves from there saying, 'excuse me'. The Supervisor also goes from there. Panchi thinks, 'Siddharth went to Hostel? But I did not send him...I need to find out' Panchi walks out of the Coffee Shop)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab is looking through some papers. Danish tells, 'It is the same voting papers which I had shown you' Arnab nods. Abhay says, 'He is getting more dangerous day by day. Yesterday he went to Hostel' Arnab turns and looks at Abhay.
Arnab: Hostel? Why?
Abhay: To get this Papers he could have gone to any extent. Panchi's life is in danger. Why he is doing all this and what is his motive behind this we do not know. We only know one thing...we have to distant Panchi from Siddharth at any cost.
Arnab: We can do one thing. This voting papers can be released in the press with an article. If not anything at least the matter will be cleared that Siddharth is lying. Panchi also would realize that she should not trust Siddharth blindly. Siddharth also would not doubt on us because any one can do this.
Abhay: If you say...Can I get this printed?
Arnab: No Abhay! You and danish has already done so much for us. The Newspaper Office is in Kasauli. I will go there tomorrow personally and get this work done. I got something in my mind. Let me handle this!

Next day Morning at Mount College. Piya is walking through the Campus. Siddharth stops her and asks her if she has seen Misha.
Piya: No Siddharth! I think Misha is working in some Coffee Shop.
Siddharth: She is angry till now? She is a very stubborn girl... (Panchi comes there and Siddharth is happy to see her) Panchi...Tell me what is the plan for the evening?
Panchi: Later Sidharth! Tell me something... Did you go to Hostel yesterday? Why? I did not tell you to keep an eye on Misha. You know Misha was so angry with me...already she was so angry... Why? What were you thinking?
Siddharth: I was thinking that in your eyes there is so much worry for Misha...I wanted to help... So I went there thinking I will go and see how she is...Sorry if you got into trouble for it.
Panchi: I am so sorry! You care so much for me. Actually I should make this up to you. Come...I will show you my college hangout.
Siddharth:(Laughs) Okay! Piya, See you soon...
Pia: Bye!
Panchi : Bye! (Siddharth and Panchi goes from there. Piya resumes walking. She feels suspicious about Siddharth but mentally rebukes herself from doing so thinking that Siddharth cares for them. Piya thinks that she has to meet Siddharth's Mom and sends a message to her)
Chand tells Hasina to be prepared to leave the City
At the Raichand House, Haseena reads the message and wonders why Pia is telling what she would be wearing. Haseena thinks, 'I know her, It is so strange. Anyway, evening everything would get cleared' Haseena sees Chand and walks to him.
Haseena: Chand, Are you going somewhere?
Chand: Yeah! Kasauli... I have been called...
Haseena: What? Is everything Okay?
Chand: They have come to know about Abhay and Siddharth's deeds. I knew they would. So may be the Orders from the Higher ups come and we may have to leave this City and go. So my dear Haseena... Be prepared to leave!
Haseena: I am sure everything is going to be fine... (Chand turns and walks to the door. Haseena follows him. Chand opens the door for Haseena and leaves after her)

Haseena is waiting for Piya at the Caffeine Coffee Shop. She thinks, 'Don't know why...something wrong is happening...I don't know what it is...I can feel it! Something bad is going to happen'.

Piya is walking in a cheerful mood. She thinks, 'Something good is going to happen today. It is a very big day in Siddharth's life. I can hardly wait'

Haseena sees Piya entering the Coffee Shop. Piya looks around. Haseena thinks, 'There is Pia. Now I will know why Piya is behaving in a strange manner'. Piya thinks, 'I am not seeing anyone like that here. Where is she?' Haseena then gets a phone call. She attends it and rushes from there in a haste. She bumps into Pia.
Piya: Aunty, Waht are you doing here?
Haseena: Not now Pia...I am in a rush ( Haseena goes from there. Piya wonders why Haseena is in tension. Piya sees Misha cleaning the floor and goes to her. Piya asks Misha if she has seen an Old lady and if there is any other branch of the Coffee Shop. Misha does not answer her properly. The Supervisor comes there and asks Misha to switch on the TV. On the TV they hear the news of landslide in Kasauli where 30 people are dead and 200 people missing.Piya rushes from there)

Haseena is driving the Car. She tries to contact Chand and Abhay but could not reach them. She then says, 'I need help. I need to take help from someone. desperate times leads to desperate measures' and calls up Siddharth.

Siddharth is in the Mount College Campus walking. His mobile rings and he looks into the Mobile and thinks, 'Oh Mother! How come my Mom remembered me? Maybe she is in some problem' Siddharth picks up the Call.
Siddharth: Yes Mom, What can I do for you?
Haseena: Chand has gone to Kasauli and I heard that there was a very big landslide there. I got a call from higher ups and I think Chand is not Okay. I am not able to reach him on phone...nor Abhay...Before any Doctor reaches Chand, we have to get to him...Do you understand me?
Siddharth: Yes, Mom...Don't worry! I will look for Abahy at the College.
Haseena: Thanks!
Siddharth: Come on Mom... Anger can wait...he is my Dad...This time I need to think about him...Nothing else...
Haseena: Bye! (Siddharth cuts the Phone. He sees Abhay walking through the Campus. Siddharth thinks, 'If you are trusting me what can I do Mom?'

PreCap: Hospital Attendants are carrying someone in a stretcher. Doctors, Nurses and Siddharth Mehra are accompanying.
Siddahrth: Doctor, He is my Dad...Is he okay?
Doctor: Okay tell me...Do you know his Blood Group?
Siddharth: Sorry, I don't know...Please get it tested...
Doctor: Okay! (They get into the ICU Room. Chand is in the stretcher) Nurse, Take his blood sample...Hurry up! There is no outside injuries, I do not think that the Patient is so serious...
Siddharth is outside the room watching through the glass. He smiles.

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