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24th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 316) Abhay Raichand loses his Vampire powers and becomes human

Episode 316 starts with Abhay moving his hand and feet as he lay inside the coffin. Maithili and Jeh comes near the Raichand House. They see a bunch of Vampires standing outside Raichand House.
Jeh: Maithili... Here a lot of Vampires are together. We cannot face them alone.
Maithili: No Jeh... We will have to go inside. I cannot let that Pia win. I am going inside. They cannot do anything to me. I need that potion.
Jeh: Alright Maithili... Ten minutes... If you do not come out in 10 minutes I will come inside.
Maithili: Alright! Ten minutes...(Maithili goes near the Vampires. Jeh hides himself)
Vampire Superior: Maithili... What are you doing outside? You were inside...
Maithili: And that girl made a fool of you all... The girl who is inside is not me...but Pia... A human who loves Abhayendre...
Vampire Superior: You are telling Lies! This is some game of you...
Mythili: My games are not this childish. You all have left Abhayendre inside with a human... such a human who loves Abhayendre. That girl has the potion and if Abhayendre wakes up today who will finish us all.
Vampire Superior: That cannot happen! Break the door... Finish that girl! (The Vampires go from there)

Inside the room, Alina and Pia are standing.
Alina: Pia, I feel that people has come. You go near Abahy. I will stand near the door and stop them.
Piya: Okay! (She rushes to Abhay's side) Abhay... Get up! Abhay we need you... Abhay! (The Vampires knocks on the door).
Alina: Piya... They have come here... (The Vampires knock the door continuously) Pia... They are coming...
Pia: Abhay... Get up! (Alina pushes the door from inside to stop the Vampires from coming in) Abhay...
Alina: Pia... They have come... (Vampires pushes open the door and gets inside the room along with Maithili)
Vampire Superior: Surround this place from all the four sides... (The Vampires catch hold of Alina and she struggles to free herself) This human should not be able to escape from here.
Pia: Abhay... (Maithili looks at Pia in anger. Pia is shaking Abhay. Maithili briskly walks to Pia and pushes her)
Maithili: I should have killed you earlier itself. You are responsible for everything. I got Abhayendra killed. What do you think? You will come here and make him alive?
Vampire Superior: Alina is our enemy. She dared to come here. Today we will not let her go alive from here... (Alina is struggling to free herself from the hold of the Vampires. She has the potion in her hand. Maithili looks at Alina rudely. Pia keeps her hand on Abhay's forehead)
Pia: Abhay... Get up! Abhay please...
Maithili: Shut up! I hate this stubbornness of yours... What do you think of yourself? You are a normal human... You are nothing in front of me...
Alina: Leave me!
Pia: Abhay... Get up! Please Abhay... For me... (Maithili sends daggers with her eyes to Pia. Alina's face suddenly lights up)
Alina: Pia... Abhay... (Pia sees Abhay regaining consciousness)
Pia: Abhay... (Abhay opens his eyes slowly. Pia cups his face. Maithili is angry)

Jeh is waiting outside. He comes out from behind the bushes. He says, 'It's more than 10 minutes since Maithili has gone inside... I will have to go inside before you finish the entire game...' Jeh telepathically communicates to his gang and they all join him.
Jeh: The time has come. We will have to enter the house of the Raichands and attack them. Otherwise that potion will go out of our hands forever. We will ahve to kill them all. No one should escape.
Werewolf: Pia? (Jeh recalls Pia's betrayal)
Jeh: Pia too! (Jeh walks towards the Raichand House followed by his gang of werewolves)

Arnab Dobriyal is kept captive in a room. He is sitting on a chair and his hands are tied with ropes to the arm of the chair.  The door opens and a hooded Vampire enters whose silhouette is only seen.
Arnab: Leave me! Please... Please leave me... What have I done to you? What enmity do I and you have?
Vampire: You should not have dared to face us. You are a human. You have come to our house to spy on us? I have heard that you are with those tantriks. You have always worked against us Vampires. You have tries to know our every secret. Now we will have to do the same thing with you about which you have been reading for years. Today we will fulfill all your interests.
Arnab: What? What are you going to do with me? (The Vampire goes close to him)
Vampire: We will also make you a Vampire like us... A blood sucking monster... A Vampire... (The Vampire catches on Arnab's neck).

Abhay looks at Pia.
Abhay: Pia...
Piya: Abhay... (Abhay holds Pia's hands.Maithili grinds her teeth in anger)
Maithili: Kill him!
Abhay: Why? You wanted to kill me? Leader... you... Why you want to kill me? I am one of your own...
Maithili: Kill him!
Vampire Superior: Kill him! What are you looking at? (The Vampires rush to Abhay and Pia. A Vampire pulls Pia aside and two vampires hold Abhay. Abhay jumps out of the coffin. The Vampire brings Pia near Alina)
Alina: Pia... (Abahy falls on the ground face down)
Vampire Superior: We do not need you Abhay... We wanted your powerful soul. Your soul would have given us immense powers. But because of this girl it would not be possible now. ( Abhay tells the Vampire superior that his own people has tried to cheat on him and that they cannot do anything to him. Alina and Pia tries to free themselves. Vampire Superior orders again to kill Abhay. The Vampires pick Abahy up and throws him against the wall. Abhay falls down again).

Jeh and gang enters a room and find Chand and Hasina struck to the wall and caged using magic powers.
Jeh: What are you people doing here...
Chand: Our people has made us captives. Alina and that potion both are with them. We don't want them to have the soul of Abhay. And you can help us...
Jeh: Me? How can I help you? And why should I help you?
Chand: You need your sister Alina... and we need Abhay... I think it is a fair deal...
Jeh: Raichand... I only need that potion and nothing else... And anyways...I do not need you... I alone is enough to kill Abhay and get the potion.
Hasina: You will do that? There is lot of difference between you and Maithili... You are not a monster like her. You will give your enemy equal chance to lose or win... I know about you Jeh...
Jeh: Stop your nonsense Hasina! I hate Abhay...
Hasina: That you have already shown. He is there lying dead... He is dead... Please do not distance ourselves from his body... Please! (Jeh turns and looks at his gang)
Jeh: Alright... From now on you are our side... But remember... If you try to cheat on me this time even no potion would be able to save Abhay from me... Is that clear? (Chand and Hasina looks at each other)
Chand: That is a promise! We are with you...

Abhay is lying on the floor. He tries hard to get up but falls again. Two Vampires lift him up.
Maithili: Leave him! (The Vampire leave Abhay and steps aside) I will kill him... (Maithili walks to Abhay)
Maithili: Abhayendre... I will finish you...forever!
Abhay: No Maithili... You cannot do that...
Pia: Leave Abhay... leave! (Maithili and Abahy looks at Piya)
Maithili: Shut up girl! And Abhayendre... And stop looking at her... She is a normal human...
Abhay: No Maithili... Piya is no ordinary girl... There is a lot of strength in her love... (Maithili is annoyed and angry) Come... Step ahead... I am ready to face you... (Maithili laughs)
Maithili: Abhayendre... How innocent you are... Today you cannot fight the war with anyone... (Maithili catches on Abhay's neck)
Piya: No! leave Abhay... Leave!
Alina: Leave him! (Maithili lifts him with her hand and throws him against the wall. Abhay falls down. Maithili looks at him with disgust. Abhay thinks, 'What happened to me? Why am I not having the strength to fight Maithili and the other Vampires? What is happening?' Abhay looks at himself).

The Vampire is dragging Arnab along with him.
Arnab: Leave me! Where are you taking me? (The Vampire stops and looks at Arnab) I have a request... Please! I have one last wish... Please let me... After that whatever you want to do with me you can do... It's my last wish... please!
Vampire: Tell... What is it that you want to say? Let me see my family once... 2 seconds... But once... I wish to see them. After that I will not refuse anything...
Vampire: Hmm... Human! Human emotions make you this weak. Love... Family... all this has no value in our life...
Arnab: Don't say like that... Please do not say like that... I know that you were also a human once... You also had feelings... Some monster would have made you a prey also...and gave you a cursed life... For the sake of your family... for the sake of that life you wanted to live... allow me to see my family once... Please!
Vampire: Alright! Okay I will let you fulfill your last wish.
Arnab: Thank you! (Arnab walks from there. The Vampire follows)

Jeh enters the room with Chand and Hasina. Abhay looks at his Parents. Everyone sees them.
Vampire Superior: Hasina... You people turned big traitors! You got our biggest enemies here...
Hasina: Abhay! (Hasina goes to Abhay and kneels by him) Abhay! Abhay you are okay... You have come back? I am so happy Abhay... (Jeh is shocked. He thinks, 'Abhay is alive? It means Alina and Pia has used the potion on him'. Alina is happy seeing Jeh).
Alina: Brother! Leave me... Brother please help me...
Vampire Superior: What has happened to you Haseena? Abhay is not your son... You are forgetting that he was a human whom you gave the life of a monster. What son? What is your relationship with him? You are forgetting that you are not a human but a living dead who has no relations...
Hasina: Chand and me has given Abhay this life. Whatever he is... whoever he is... he is our son...
Vampire Superior: Stop your nonsense!
Pia: Mythili... Please leave Abhay... Maithili I am your culprit...Please... punish me... but leave Abhay...
Abhay: No Piya...
Maithili: This girl is right... The real culprit is her. She seized Abhayendre from me. She seized my love... And now she has made him alive... I will not leave you. I will cut you into pieces... (Maithili goes to Pia. Abhay and Hasina gets up)
Abhay: Maithili... (Maithili goes and stands in front of Piya looking at her in anger) Maithili...leave Pia... (Maithili turns into her Vampire form and is about to bite Pia)
Jeh: Maithili (Maithili stops and looks at Jeh. Jeh goes near them) Leave her!
Maithili: I forgot... You also love this girl very much... So what now? You will now save her? (Maithili catches Piya. Jeh pushes her)
Jeh: Maithili... I said... Leave her! (Pia falls down)
Abhay: Pia... (Abhay goes to Piya and helps her up)
Vampire Superior: Catch Piya... She is the reason for everything... (Abhay stands in front of Pia protecting her. A Vampire rushes to Abhay. Abhay tries to get into his Vampire form but fails. Alina is shocked. The Vampire extends his hand towards Abhay)
Vampire: Abhay Raichand... You cannot win over us. You cannot do anything in front of us... You are weak Abhay Raichand... Because this girl was given you life... but that of a human... You are not a dead human like us any more... You are alive Abhay... a weak human... (Pia and Abhay look at each other. Hasina is shocked. Chand and Hasina looks at each other. Abhay looks shocked) Episode ends

PreCap: Alina breaks free from the Vampire and runs to Jeh, She tells Jeh that they should get out of there and they both runs from there. The Vampire Superior says, 'Catch them! Alina has the potion. Surrender the potion to us!' The Vampires runs after them. Chand and Haseena walks to Abhay and Pia. Chand asks Pia to go from there.

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