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8th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 304) Maithili decides to kill Pia

Abhay tells Pia that she is the reason for his existence
Episode 340 starts with Abhay dancing with Maithili wearing the college girl’s dress and mask as Piya looks on.
Maithili: What were you doing with Pia Abhayendre?
Abhay: She wanted to talk to me but I refused.
Maithili: Why? This is a very good opportunity. You go along with Pia alone and finish her.
Abhay: As you order… (Maithili leaves Abhay and goes from there. Abhay walks towards Pia)

Misha asks Kabir why he got angry
Kabir and Angad are sitting on the swing in the College Campus. Misha reaches there.
Misha: Kabir, what was that all? Why did you make a big deal of my joke?
Angad: Kabir… Misha… I think you should talk to each other alone. See you Guys inside. Bye Kabir… Misha: See you… (Angad goes from there. Misha sits next to Kabir on the swing) Kabir… I was talking nonsense… as I always do. But why did you get angry? Why did you take it all seriously?
Kabir: Forget it Misha…
Misha: No… No I am not going to forget it… I need to know what happened? Why did you lose it Kabir? Kabir: You want to know the truth Misha? You are always in a world of jokes. Leave it!
Misha: Hey come on dude… Don’t tell like that. I want to know what I did wrong. Please…
Kabir: And be angry after knowing the truth? And hate me so much that you would not talk to me for life long? You would leave me out of your life forever? Then what would I do?
Misha: Come on dude… You are my best friend. You cannot get rid of me that easily…okay? You are stuck to me for life… Come on tell me! What happened Kabir?
Kabir: Fine! You want to know the truth? (Misha nods yes)

Abhay goes near Piya.
Abhay: Tell me! I also want to know what such thing you want to talk to me that you wanted to meet me alone.
Pia: Now you want to talk? What happened now?
Abhay: You told me that you wanted to talk to me… Come let’s go!
Pia: 5 minutes talk… (Abhay and Pia goes from the Hall. Maithili says in mind, ‘Wow Abhayendre… Take her from here… Finish her! Today after her death… you once again would become mine'… (Arnab sees Abhay holding Pia’s hand and taking from there. He thinks, ‘Where is Abhay taking Pia? I cannot leave Pia with Abhay even for a moment. He is very dangerous!’ Arnab is about to follow them and bumps into a guy. He tells that he did not do deliberately when guys block his way and tries to get out of there).

Kabir gets up from the swing.
Kabir: Misha, Forget it!
Misha: Come on Kabir! Tell me… You have created so much suspense that my stomach is aching.
Kabir: Misha I love… I love somebody… But I am afraid that she would not love me back. (Misha is happy)And I am scared to tell her… because if she refused I will be broken. (Misha laughs and comes near Kabir)
Misha: Come on dude… Such a small matter… Kabir, I know you for many years. And in this many years… you fell in love several times… And every time you were a lion and telling openly… What happened this time? Who is she?
Kabir: That I cannot tell you. You will find out on your own…
Misha: Come on… You are such a loser man… I don’t believe you… I mean… look at you… You are perfect… What should you be scared of? What sort of behavior is that? Okay, Let do one thing… let’s meet tomorrow and make a plan… Let me see how I can get you your love…
Kabir: Really?
Misha: Of course man… I am your best friend. Can’t I do at least that much for you? I can be cupid to see a smile on your face. Come on… Leave that angry man behavior… and let’s go inside… (Misha walks inside. Kabir thinks, ‘Come on Kabir… You again left the opportunity… When will you be able to overcome your fear? Why did you not tell that the girl whom you love is no one else but Misha’) Kabir… Kabir: Coming… (Kabir goes from there).

Abhay and Pia goes out and Chand and Hasina come from another way.
 Chand: Where is Abhay?
Hasina: We will have to search for him Chand… (Ruhi sees them)
Ruhi: Hasina Aunty Hi… Hi Uncle… What are you doing here…? Oh Come on… Are you serious? Come on Aunty we are not doing any such thing what you are thinking… We are not drinking…
Hasina: Nothing like that dear… You saw Abhay?
Ruhi: Abhay? He was here only… Don’t know where he went off.
 Hasina: Gone off? Where?
Ruhi: He was here… Aunty, you know Abhay got first prize for scaring… Actually he was playing a prank and won first prize. And he scared Pia so much and his face was worthy to be seen… (Ruhi laughs) Seriously Aunty…A blue light came from his eyes and vampire like fangs came out from his mouth (Chand is shocked and looks at Ruhi. Chand and Hasina looks at each other) we all were so scared… How nicely your boy acts… (Ruhi laughs)
Hasina: Ruhi… Can you just think and tell me where you saw Abhay last and with whom… Ruhi: He was talking with Pia… Don’t know where he has gone…
Chand: Alright thank you! (Ruhi gives a dull smile and walks back. Hasina and Chand also go from there. A Vampire Catcher blocks their way)
Vampire Catcher: Now you both are under our custody… You cannot escape and go from here…
Chand: The man eating Vampire you are searching for… we are not that… She is in between these kids in some form. We are searching for her…
Vampire Catcher: How much you are our enemy… that much the man eater too…
Hasina: We can talk about the enmity later and in the mean time it is essential to find out that Vampire… She has got Abhay under control…and she can be a danger for all. Let us search for her first after that what you want to do you can do...
Vampire Catcher: Alright!
Chand: Let’s first save Abhay from her control and then whatever you wish! (Chand and Hasina go from there and the Vampire Catcher comes to the Hall).

Arnab is looking around the Hall. He thinks, ‘Where have they gone? Where has Abhay taken Pia?’ He walks from there and bumps into Alina.
Alina: Uncle? Arnab: Alina… Alina: How come you are here?
Arnab: That… well… Principal send me here to oversee if the students are doing anything wrong. (Alina smiles)
Alina: Uncle… This Principal has no faith in students…
Arnab: You are looking lovely!
Alina: Really? Thanks!
Arnab: I will see you in a while… okay? Enjoy yourself!
Alina: Uncle… Actually I want to talk something very urgent with you… It is very good that I found you here… (Arnab thinks, ‘Oh God! I hope you are alright Pia…’) Uncle…
Arnab: Tell me!
Alina: Uncle… I was thinking… Can I stay in your house for some days… There are some problems going on in my house…
Arnab: Yeah yeah sure! Any time…
Alina: Really? Arnab: I will see you okay… (Arnab pats on Alina’s arm and goes from there).
Alina: Thank you Uncle… (Alina smiles)
Chand and Hasina asks Abhay to go with them
Abhay brings Pia out.
Pia: Abhay… Now tell… What you wanted to tell me inside? You have no concern for my feelings? What were you doing? (Pia shakes him) Tell me… What you were doing Abhay… What the hell were you thinking? (Abhay comes back to his senses. He keeps his hands on Pia’s shoulder)
Abhay: Pia… I love you so much… I can’t live without you… I love you Piya…
Pia: You love me Abhay? That is why you tried to hurt me?
Abhay: No Pia… That was not me Pia… That monster was someone else… Pia you feel that I can hurt you?
Pia: Actually Abhay… You were not trying to hurt me… You were trying to kill me…
Abhay: No Pia… I can never do that… Pia I love you… You feel that I? Pia you are the reason for my existence… If my heart has started beating again that is because of you… How can I kill you? If there is some humanity left in me… that is because of you… I cannot do this Pia… I love you! I love you Piya… (They look at each other)
Pia: I understand now Abhay… That was not you… There was someone who was trying to control you… but I will not let her control you… (Chand and Hasina comes near them)
Chand: Abhay… (Abhay leaves Pia and turns to Chand and Hasina) You will have to come with us.
Abhay: But where Dad?
Hasina: Abhay, You heard it! You will have to come to me now…
Abhay: Mom… Dad… Would you tell me something? Hasina: Where is no time for questions… You will have to come with us home now… Let’s go! (Abhay looks at Pia and keeps his hand on her shoulder)
Pia: And I will go along with Misha… Don’t worry!
Chand: Let’s go! (Abhay goes along with Chand and Hasina. Pia goes inside and Maithili comes out of her hiding place. She takes out her mask and says in mind, ‘Pia, I cannot win over you… You got Abhay out of my control. There is no space for me in front of your true love… Nothing worked at all. Now I have only one option left… to finish you on my own… When you will not be alive, where will your love go?’)

Pia looks into the watch is is walking back to the Hall. Arnab sees her.
Arnab: Pia, you?
Pia: What are you doing here dressed up like this?
Arnab: That I will tell later... You tell me what you are doing here alone outside the Party Hall?
Pia: Papa, Abhay was going... So I came to see him off...
Arnab: I told you not to meet with Abhay... Why don't you listen to me? He is too dangerous...
Pia: Papa he... (The Vampire catchers come near Arnab and tells that they want to talk with him urgently)
Arnab: Okay... You go... I am coming in a while...
Pia: Papa... Is everything alright?
Arnab: Yeah, Every thing is okay... You go inside the Hall... I will come in a while... (Pia goes from there) Yeah, tell me!
Vampire Catcher: Chand, Hasina and Abhay are telling that they are innocent... They have not attacked on any human being... neither are they man eaters...
Arnab: But they cannot be trusted...
Another VC: But they are telling the truth. The three of them have gone from the Party... But our yantra is still showing the signal of a Vampire being here... That means that man eater is somewhere around.
Arnab: How will we search for that man eating Vampire? (A VC whispers something to Arnab and he nods)

Inside the Party Hall, the students are dancing. Arnab and the Vampire Catchers comes inside.
Arnab: It will be difficult to recognize. I will ask the DJ to remove the peoples masks... (Arnab tells the DJ that he is there on the Principal's instruction and tells him that when the next song is played he wants all the students to remove their masks. The DJ agrees and makes the announcement. All students removes their masks.  Arnab and the Vampire Catchers do not get any signal of vampire presence in the party hall) So whom we are searching is not in the Party? (Arnab and the Vampire Catchers go from the Hall and the students keep dancing. The DJ announces the end of the Party and the students disburse.)

Mythili decides to kill Piya and make Abhayendre hers forever
Maithili comes out of the College. She removes the mask and transforms back to her real form. She says, 'What did that humans think? That they can catch me that easily? They do not know that I have immense powers. I am not some normal dead human. To catch me is impossible...' She smiles and recalls seeing Arnab talking with the Vampire catchers. Maithili walks into the Jungle. She thinks, 'Those tantriks and that weak human are following me. Today I will have to get lost in the darkness of the Jungle... Once I make them fools, I will come back. I will kill Pia and make Abhayendre mine forever. Abhayendre is mine and will always be mine... Tomorrow night will be Pia's last night.'

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