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10th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 306) Alina informs Chand and Hasina about the Werewolves plan to attack Abhay

Episode 306 starts with Arnab Dobriyal in his Office talking to the Vampire Catchers.
Arnab: It is very essential to find out the man eating Vampire. But how?
1st VC: I know Sir what we have to do... We have a solution to that...
Arnab: How?
2nd VC: We cannot make any more mistakes in catching that Vampire. We know that there are many Vampires in this city who lives peacefully like the Raichands Family... (The Guy has a machine in hand) and this machine also takes us to them again and again...
1st VC: Now that won't happen again because we have modified the machine in a new way because of which we will get a strong signal towards the man eating Vampire...which enables to avoid the Raichands and reach the Vampire easily. (Arnab takes the machine from the Guy and looks at it)
Arnab: Wonderful! This time we will not do any mistake.
1st VC: Done!

At the Dobriyal House, Misha is getting ready in front of the mirror to go to the Restaurant. Panchi comes to Misha's room with a shopping bag in hand.
Panchi: Misha...
Misha: Hmmm...
Panchi: Misha... remove this dress...
Misha: Why are you asking me to remove my dress? You are my sister... (Misha laughs)
Panchi: Oh Shut up! I mean remove this one and wear the dress I have bought for you. (Panchi takes the dress out of the bag and gives to Misha) Wear this...
Misha: Please... Why are you making me wear this yucky dress?
Panchi: Just shut up! Have some class... The Restaurant you are going is a very posh restaurant... and you cannot go there like this...
Misha: Oh God! (Misha goes to change the dress)
Panchi: What? Stupid... (Panchi starts combing her hair in front of the mirror. Suddenly her mobile rings and she happily picks up the phone after looking into the caller identity) Hi Baby...
Danish: Hi Princess! You are ready?
Panchi: You know Danish... I just feel so romantic... You are taking me out on a date... just like a new relationship (Danish smiles).
Danish: Our relationship can't get old. The fragrance of our relationship will always stay like new... I promise!
Panchi: I love you for saying this... Thank you! Okay okay... I am getting ready now... Bye! (Panchi cuts the call)

Danish gets into Kabir's room.
Danish: Kabir, Are you ready? (Kabir is combing his hair in front of the mirror. He is wearing a t shirt and jeans).
Kabir: Yes Bro... I am ready...
Danish: You are wearing these clothes?
Kabir: Misha likes these sort of clothes...
Danish: Shut up Kabir... Misha likes these sort of clothes on her friend. Go and wear something good. (Danish pushes Kabir) Go... I am waiting for you downstairs...
Kabir: What Danish... You have problem with everything...
Danish: Just go and change... you idiot... (Kabir goes from there)

Abhay is walking in front of Indigo Restaurant. A Car stops in front of him and Pia gets down wearing a short red dress. Pia smiles.
Pia: Abhay...You came early...
Abhay: You also got ready fast...
Abhay and Pia together: To meet you (They smile at each other. The walk towards each other and hug)

Dipanita is standing behind a plant with 4 werewolves.
Dipanita: He has reached here. We should attack him at the right opportunity. (The wolves nods) Today at any condition Abhay Raichand has to be finished.
Werewolf: But here there are humans present. How can we show our faces in front of them? (They look at Abhay and Piya who are still in an embrace)
Dipanita: That is why we will not attack him in the Restaurant. We will attack him after he comes out... We have to be ready. Today will be the last day for Abhay Raichand in this World. (Alina is hiding behind a tree and overhears Dipanita. She says in mind, 'So this is your plan Mom? But you are forgetting Mom that I am your daughter... your heir... If anyone can stop you it is just me...' Alina recalls lying on the cot awake while Pia is sleeping and thinking why Dipanita allowed her to stay at the Dobriyal House easily and deciding that she would find out. Alina recalls overhearing Dipanita talking to the werewolves about her plan of attacking Abhay at the Restaurant by standing outside Khurana House. Alina moves away from her hiding place).

Maithili is at the Pander Palace Fort. She stands in front of a mirror and applies kajal on her eyes using her finger. She then smiles at her reflection and starts combing her hair. She thinks, 'Today... once again... Princess Maithili would become one with Abhayendre... (She laughs) Today... after Pia's death, Abhayendre would be only fine... but till then I will have to keep myself hidden from these humans...'

Alina enters Raichand House. Chand, Hasina and the hooded vampires are in the room.
Alina: Uncle... Abhay's life is in danger.
Chand: What are you saying?
Alina: I heard the wolves talk... They were telling that they would finish Abhay. They were telling that they would attack him within an hour and seize the potion. Uncle... Abhay is now at the restaurant with Pia... as soon as he comes out they will attack on him.
Chand: No! Before they reach there... we will reach there... (Chand and Hasina look at each other and turns to go from there)
Voice: How can we trust in what Alina says? She herself is the heir of those werewolves. It is possible that she is cheating on us. This could be her trick...
Hasina: It is also possible that she is telling the truth. Abhay's life is in danger...  And I cannot suspect this truth. I will go to save Abhay...
Alina: Uncle please... Please trust me... I am not telling lies... Abhay is very important to me... and I can do anything to save his life... Please believe me!
Chand: I believe you!
Voice: How? How can we trust her? She is trying to trap us.
Chand: No! Alina is definitely their heir... but she is the key to the potion... Without her that potion is of no use...If they want to cheat on us... Alina would not have come to us.  They would not want Alina to be away from their eyes even for a moment. So... what are we waiting for? We have to help Abhay... We together would attack them.
Voice: Alright! We are with you... But she will also go with us...
Alina: I would not step back. I will do anything to save Abhay's life...
Voice: And you give your phone to us... We do not wish that using that your people reach us. (Alina gives her phone)
Alina: Uncle... We need to go... We have very little time... Let's go please... (Alina gets out of the house and is followed by Hasina, Chand and the other Vampires)

Misha enters the Indigo Restaurant wearing a pretty short dress and looks around. She says, 'So let's see who is Kabir's new love. God! There are so many girls here...' Misha notices a girl sitting alone and looking around as if waiting for someone. She says, ' Is she not that the girl?' Misha does not like the look of the girl but decides to help Kabir if that is the girl he likes. Misha goes and occupies a chair near the girl.
Misha: What's up? Okay listen! I will not take much time. I will come straight to the point. Kabir is a very nice Guy. In fact he is the best... Every girl at the college is crazy for Kabir... but he loves you. So please drop the attitude and say yes to him. (A Guy comes and stands near the girl)
Guy: Babe... Who is this Kabir?
Misha: Excuse me! Who are you? You were eavesdropping? Bad manners! (Misha looks at the girl) So... I was saying... You are saying yes to Kabir... right? (The Guy shouts)
Guy: Who is this Kabir? (The girl opens her mouth to say something) And what were you saying? Are you having an affair with him? (The girl nods no) That means you are cheating on me... (The girl nods no again) How could you?
Misha: Excuse me Mr Loud speaker... Don't strain yourself... just go from here... We are having a private conversation.
Guy: Who is this Kabir... Let me see him once... I will not leave him... I will kill him! (Misha shows a sign like the Guy has gone mental)

Chand, Hasina, Alina and the hooded Vampires reaches outside the Restaurant.
Chand: We have to do the preparations for our protection. (Alina thinks, 'We have very less time. We have to reach Abhay as fast as possible (The Vampires do some rituals by raising their hands)
Alina: What are we doing here? Abhay has very little time...
Hasina: Alina, We are preparing ourselves... Otherwise we will all die... (The Vampires including Chand and Hasina continue with the rituals. After some time Chand and Hasina stops and Chand signals the other Vampires to stop).
Chand: This time... we will have to win... This time we will get them...

Abhay and Pia are seated at the Restaurant.
Pia: Tonight is very special... You are here... I am here... Candle lights... and lots of love... (Abhay holds Pia's hand)
Abhay: yeah Pia... Your love has made me live...You taught me to love... You taught my heart to beat... and today with you... every moment feels so beautiful...
Pia: Abhay, You remember... The first time you saved me in the Jungle? Abhay, That has become a big part in my life now... a part that can't break... Abhay,  if the distance between us can reduce... I know Abhay that when we sort out our problems we can be very happy together Abhay... Till then I will make do with this small bits of happiness.
Abhay: Pia, every moment spend with you brings me a lot of happiness. I am yours... forever! (Pia smiles)

Dipanita and the Werewolves are waiting outside Indigo Restaurant. Dipanita is angry.
Dipanita: Where is Abhay? How long we will have to wait for him? I cannot wait anymore...
Werewolf: You are being impatient. This time he does not have the potion. Killing him now means that we would lose the potion forever. We will have to let him reach the potion. Once he reaches the potion, we will finish him forever! (Dipanita is angry and vows to kill Abhay with her own hands) As you say...

Kabir enters the Restaurant and looks around. Kabir goes to the Receptionist and tells that his table is booked and says his name as, 'Kabir Singh Rathore'. The Guy hears it.
Guy: So... He is the one... (The Guy walks to Kabir and forcefully turns Kabir) Who the hell are you? (Kabir is startled. Misha is continuing her lecture to the girl at the table)
Misha: So ... You would not get a better guy than Kabir... You just say yes... and I will call him and fix up today only... I mean... you are beautiful... but he is... he is amazing! (The Guy tries to punch Kabir and he defends. Misha and the girl notice them)
Kabir: Have you gone mad? (Misha and the girl gets up and rushes to them)
Misha: What the hell!
Guy: You are behind my girlfriend (Misha interferes in between and pushes the Guy away)
Girl: I do not know that Guy...
Kabir: Misha, What's wrong? Who is he?
Misha: I don't know who he is... some Psycho... (The Guy again tries to fight with Kabir. Misha interferes again) Stay away from Kabir... What is your problem in life? (The Guy raises his hand to hit Misha and Kabir holds his hand)

Abhay and Pia are looking at each other. Suddenly Abhay hears Maithili's voice, 'Abhayendre... You forgot why I send you here? Kill her!' Abhay closes his eyes and says in mind, 'No... I cannot kill her!' Maithili compels him, 'Abhayendre... now you are listening to me'. Abhay opens his eyes and now his eyes are blue. Pia is shocked seeing it.
Pia: Abhay, Control yourself! (Abhay hears Maithili calling his name) Don't let anyone control you... You need to be strong... (Abhay hears Maithili calling his name) You are listening to me, right? Abhay... (Abhay hears Maithili calling him) Abhay, You have to be strong. Abhay, Listen to me! Abhay... (Abhay hears Maithili calling his name. Maithili says, 'Abhayendre... You cannot go back from your words. If you cannot do it ... send her to me...' Abhay responds telepathically, 'But how?' Maithili says, ' Spill something on her clothes... fast. If you cannot kill her send her to me. I will finish her forever!' Abhay responds, 'As you Order')

Danish and Panchi reaches the Restaurant disguised as Arabs.

At the Restaurant the Guy and Girl are fighting.
Guy: leave me! Everything is because of you... (The Guy again starts to do a fist fight with Kabir and Misha interferes again. Danish and Panchi are shocked to see it. They interere in between and pushes the two couples apart. Danish looks at Kabir and Misha and tells them, 'God has made such a nice couple. What are you doing? Go sit and enjoy...' Panchi dressed in burqa also compliments them. Misha and Kabir goes from there and occupies a seat at the Restaurant. Danish and Panchi in disguise also takes a seat.

Danish tells Panchi that they have to keep an eye on Kabir and Misha.

Abhay comes into his normal human form.
Pia: Abhay, You are Okay? (Abhay thinks, ' I have to send Pia alone' Abhay smiles and takes the Champagne glass as if he wants to give it to Pia. Before Pia holds it, Abhay drops the glass spilling the contents).
Abhay: I am so sorry Pia...
Pia: No... no... It's okay... It happened by mistake. I will just clean this up at the washroom and come...okay? (Pia gets up and goes from there. Abhay communicates to Maithili, 'Pia is coming to you alone.' )Episode ends

Pia: Mythili, Please let me go...
Maithili: How can I let you go Pia? You stole my Abhayendre... (Maithili presses her hand on Pia's neck and Pia faints. Maithili smiles)

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