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29th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 319) Madhu informs Pia that Misha is getting Engaged to Danish Singh

Jeh fires his Personal Assistant
Episode 319 starts with Madhu Dobriyal sitting at the Dobriyal House Hall looking into a photo of herself with Arnab, Danish and Panchi. She has tears in her eyes. She says in mind, 'It is 3 months now. Where have you gone Arnab? You know... You did not do good by leaving me alone like this. Today I have to take the biggest and difficult decision of my family. Am I doing wrong? Am I right? Who will make me understand? Who will tell me? I need you today Arnab. Where are you? Where have you gone?' Madhu's mobile phone rings and she attends the call from Piya.
Madhu: Hello!
Pia: Hi Momma...
Madhu: Hi Pia... (Pia is sitting on a Sofa)
Pia: Momma... Today I am very very happy. And if you hear the news you also will be very happy.
Madhu: Really? What happened dear?
Pia: Momma... Momma, Today Abhay and I have decided to get married...
Madhu: What?
Pia: Momma... You know he proposed me...very very cutely...
Madhu: Dear... By giving this news you have given me a lot of happiness... I also want to give you a happy news...
Pia: Really? What is it Momma?
Madhu: Dear...Misha has agreed for the engagement (Pia is surprised and happy)
Pia: Oh my God...Really? I don't believe it Momma... Misha and my marriage together... I am so happy!
Madhu: Pia... Misha has agreed to marry Danish... (Pia is shocked hearing it)
Pia: What?

Abhay tells Piya that they cannot go to Dehradun
It is night. Pia enters a room.
Pia: Abhay, Misha is getting married... (Abhay is sitting at the Dining Table)
Abhay: That is great news. Finally Misha and Kabir is getting married...
Pia: Danish... Misha is getting married to Danish... (Abhay is shocked)
Abhay: Danish? (Abhay gets up from the chair and goes near Pia) Misha is getting married to Danish... but why?
Pia: I don't know... Misha loves Kabir... They were meant for each other... There is definitely some reason otherwise Misha would never do it... I don't think everything is alright at home... I want to go to Dehradun... I want to go...
Abhay: Pia... Pia listen! If Misha has taken the decision there is some reason behind it. You speak to Misha over phone... Ask her...
Pia: No... She would never tell me the truth over phone... Of course there is some reason why she is doing this... I need to talk to her. Abhay, We will have to go to Dehradun. Please... I want to go there... (Abhay places his hands on Pia's shoulder)
Abhay: Pia... Pia... Pia, you know that Dehradun is not safe for us. It is too dangerous for us. We cannot go there even if we wish to...
Pia: I know Abhay... Going to Dehradun is very dangerous for you...
Abhay: I am sorry Pia but from the time I have become human dangers have increased there for us. And I along with myself do not wish to put your life in danger again and again.
Pia: I understand Abhay...
Abhay: I am sorry Pia...
Pia: It's okay... Abhay... Now I am going to sleep... Tomorrow I have to reach College early.
Abhay: Goodnight!
Pia: Goodnight (Pia goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'I am sorry Pia. I know that you want to go to Misha. But no... I cannot take you there...I cannot put you in danger Piya... Please forgive me!')

Chand and Haseena are standing in the middle of a triangle made with candle lights around them. A hooded Vampire comes there.
Vampire: How are our cheating friends?
Chand: We are with you... How can you do this to us?
Vampire: What did you think? That we will forget your betrayal? You joined with our enemies and attacked against our leader... You gave life to your son with the potion... and you did not think even once that you have some responsibilities towards us also... And after that you gave the opportunity to your son to run away from us...
Haseena: What ever happened... there are reasons behind that. You have just kept us captured like this... Just let us go please...
Vampire: No! Without hunting... without blood... you two will become weak... Slowly your thirst would finish you...This is what we wish... (The Vampire goes from there)
Chand: Haseena... We did good by sending Abhay away from here...These people were never with us. If Abhay would have been here they would have killed him...

At the Dobriyal House the preparations for Engagement are going on. Misha is standing on a corner wearing a pretty salwar kammez. A girl comes to Misha and tells her to start putting Mehendi as it is her engagement. Misha shows a dot of mehendi on her hand and tells that she has already put it. The girl argues that it is not enough. Misha tells her that she has put the 'shagun ka mehendi' and asks the girl not to eat her brains. The girl goes from there. Madhu who was talking to guests goes near Misha.
Madhu: Mish... There is still time... You want to get engaged or not... If you do not want to do... I will handle the situation and send all this people home... But why are you giving me pain by doing all this? Everyone is seeing your behavior and asking me if Misha is not happy with the marriage...
Misha: Everyone knows how Misha is... It is nothing new...If you do not add fuel to the fire... It will stop there.
Madhu: Misha dear... Now I am even more alone than earlier... Don't talk to me like this... have pity on me... For my sake please cheer up... Please Misha...(Madhu goes from there. Misha recalls Panchi regaining consciousness and saying her last wish to Misha that she should never leave Danish's side if anything happens to Panchi before dying. Misha goes to the girls who are putting Mehendi and shows her hands. She tells them to put bridal mehendi for her on full hands. Madhu is happy seeing this).

Khurana Industries Office. A Car comes and stops. Security Guy opens the back door. A Guy gets out dressed in Business suit. The sunlight blinds the view of his face. The Guy confidently walks from there. The Receptionist wish the Guy Good Morning. It is Jeh. He wishes her back and tells her that he wants his PA in the conference room in five minutes. Jeh walks into the Office. A Guy enters the room and wishes him. Jeh asks him about his schedule. The Guy looks into a file and tells Jeh about his schedule. Jeh informs him that all his appointments for the day are cancelled. He tells him that a client personally called and informed him. Jeh: If Mehra does your work... Who will do your work? Get out! You are fired... (Jeh sits on the chair)
Guy: Sir...
Jeh: I said you are fired... (Jeh looks into the file in front of him)
Guy: But Sir I... (Jeh points his fingers to the door without looking at the Guy)
Jeh: Get out Abhay!
Guy: Sir my name is Rahul (Jeh realizes that he unconsciously took Abhay's name)
Jeh: Whoever you are... I said Get out... (The Guy goes from there. Jeh calls someone on the intercom and tells that he needs a new PA. He then throws the file on the table down in anger).

College... The Teacher enters the Classroom. Everyone wishes her. Abhay and Pia are sitting in the front row but different benches. The Teacher asks if they all have done their assignments. Pia puts her head down. the Teacher asks her where her papers are. Pia gets up.
Pia: Mam...
Teacher: You did not get time... That is your excuse, right? What rubbish!
Abhay: Mam... One minute... (Abhay gets up with a bunch of papers and goes to the teacher. He gives the paper to the Teacher) This is Pia's assignment. She forgot to take the print out.
Teacher: Okay... (Pia smiles. Abhay goes back to his seat. On his way back he smiles at Pia and winks at her. They both sit on their benches)

Danish is sitting in the bed. Kabir comes in calling his name. Kabir shows a Sherwani to Danish and informs him that it is the Sherwani for his engagement. He asks Danish how it is.
Kabir: Tell...
Danish: Come here... Sit with me (Kabir puts the Sherwani aside and sits near Danish)
Kabir: What is it dear?
Danish: Are you happy with this engagement?
Kabir: Of course I am happy. Why won't I be happy... It is my Brothers engagement. I have to be happy, right?
Danish: Look Kabir! I know that you love Misha so much...
Kabir: No dear... Who told you? I use to love Misha... What do you say... It was an infatuation... it ended... You are... Get ready fast... Your fiancee is waiting for you... (Kabir gets up and walks from there. He stops without turning. He has a sad expression on his face) I have lot of work. I will have to arrange the Party after the engagement also...)
Danish: I hope you are telling me the truth...
Kabir: Of course! (Kabir wipes his eye) Why will I tell you lie? Okay... I will see you in a while... (Kabir goes from the room.

Abhay and Pia enters their house.
Pia: I will make something for you... (Abhay recalls Pia's cooking efforts)

Abhay looks at Pia's burnt Pasta
Flashback: Something is burning and Abhay goes to the Kitchen.
Abhay: Pia...(Abhay looks at the burnt food and smiles)
Pia: One thing I am making food for you and you are laughing at me? (Abhay keeps his hand on Pia's shoulders)
Abhay: What are you making?
Pia: Pasta... But it has burned... (Abhay takes a spoon and tries to taste. Pia stops him) You can't eat it... It is burned. You can't eat... (Pia looks gloomy. Abhay turns her towards him)
Abhay: Pia... Pia... Maybe you are forgetting that I have not eaten human food for ages. Whatever you give... I will eat without complaining... (Pia smiles) I will feel good also...
Pia: Really?
Abhay: Yeah!
Pia: Abhay... How sweet you are...
Abhay: That I am... (Pia hugs him and he hugs her back with a smile)

Abhay is sitting at the Table. Pia keeps a plate with Bread in front of him. Abhay looks at her.
Pia: Sorry Abhay... I was not feeling like making anything...
Abhay: No Pia... You made with your own hands... It will be good... (Pia smiles. Abhay holds her hand) Sit... eat with me...
Pia: No Abhay... I have to prepare for the test... I am not hungry... (Pia withdraws her hand and goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'Pia if you do not eat, how can I eat? No Pia... I cannot see you sad like this... But what you wish... I cannot do that... Going back to that city means embracing death...'. Abhay gets lost in thought)

Abhay and Pia comes to a Cloth Shop. Abhay tells that he has plenty of clothes. Pia asks the Shop keeper for bright color shirts.
Pia: I am fed up of seeing you in black clothes. Now I will take those clothes which a fiancee will buy... All the bright colors... (Abhay smiles. Pia hears a conversation between a Mother and daughter. Hearing the small girl's name ... Misha... Pia says in mind, 'Misha, Forgive me! I am so far from you... I miss you...' Abhay taps on her shoulder and shows two shirts )
Abhay: Pia... Which one? This or this?
Pia: Both... (Abhay puts the shirts on the counter)
Abhay: Give Both!

Jeh is in the Office sitting with eyes closed. Some one knocks.
Jeh: Come in! (A Guy enters and informs Jeh of his appointments) 5'o'clock? What is the date today?
Guy: Sir... November 29...
Jeh: November 29... (Jeh signals the Guy to go and he goes off. Jeh says, 'Five more days... and 6th full moon day...That day will be your end Abhay... The day you will become an ordinary human... I want to see your end...' Jeh looks determined and angry). Episode ends

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