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4th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 302) Maithili orders Abhay to kill Pia

Abhay is worried about Alina
Episode 302 starts with the students busy with the Halloween Party preparations. Ruhi tells Angad that he would see her as a beautiful witch at the Halloween Party. Misha makes fun of Ruhi saying, 'Beautiful... witch? wow!' Ms Dasgupta comes there and is impressed with the decorations. Ruhi tells her that she did the decorations. Even Ms Dasgupta makes fun of her. Ms Dasgupta announces that there would be an Award for the couple who looks the most scary as Halloween Scary King and Queen. Misha is happy hearing it and tells that she would scare everybody in such a manner that she would get the prize. Ruhi is disappointed. Angad tries to console her but Ruhi is upset.

Pia is getting ready to go to College. Arnab watches her.
Arnab: Pia...
Piya: Papa
Arnab: I have something very important to talk to you.
Pia: What is the matter Papa? (Arnab goes near her)
Arnab: We both know what happened.Why didn't you tell me about it?
Pia: What matter Papa?
Arnab: Oh Come on Pia... So much happened yesterday and you still are hiding from me? I know who Abahy is.
Pia: But Papa
Arnab: Please Piya please... These forests are filled with monsters... why don't you understand? People are vanishing and dying... Misha was attacked... You would have been killed... Abhay is a Vampire. He is a blood sucking man eating monster... I have faced not only him but other Vampires also in the Jungle. Pia this city is not safe any more. Here there are not only Vampires but also werewolves...half human half wolf. Now also would you say that I am having a misunderstanding?
Pia: Papa, It is natural for you to be concerned. But you are wrong about Abhay. He is not a blood drinking monster.
Arnab: Oh my God... What a distinction... He is not a blood drinking monster? Then what does he drink? Juice? He drinks blood only... If not human then that of animal. Pia... Pia... Please try to understand. There is a lot of difference between their and our life. They are cursed creatures... we are humans... They are dead humans. (Arnab keeps a hand on Pia's shoulder) You are my daughter... my life... How can I handover you to a dead human deliberately? Pia... That would not happen...That cannot happen... This this matter from your mind... And anyways these monsters are going to be finished... I and my companions only would rest after finishing these monsters. (Pia wipes her tears)
Pia: Papa... I have to go to College... Everyone is waiting at the Halloween Party for me...
Arnab: Okay...Go! But remember what I said...(Piya nods and goes from there. Arnab is disturbed. He sees Pia's mobile phone on the dressing table and picks it up. Arnab thinks, 'Pia's phone... let me change it's sim card... Maybe I will be able to find out from the numbers what she is hiding from me. Yes!'

At the Mount College, Ruhi gets into the dressing room to get ready for the Halloween Party singing happily. Suddenly the door of the room gets closed from outside. Ruhi ignores it and continues looking at the mirror. She suddenly hears scary noises. Ruhi is scared. Then the dresses in the hangers starts moving. Ruhi pleads to let her participate in the competition once. The light goes off and Ruhi is terrified. She goes near the door and starts hitting on it crying for help.Suddenly someone touches on her shoulder and Ruhi turns and looks. She is scared seeing someone in a scary costume and screams. The door gets opened and Ruhi falls into Angad's arms. Angad, Kabir, Misha and some other students who were at the door laughs. Tracker is angry  and goes from there.

At the Dobriyal House, Pia is dressed as a Geisha. Pia looks into the mirror and is impressed with her looks. She hurries from the room. Arnab Dobriyal comes into the room.
Arnab: Are you going for your Halloween Party?
Pia: Yeah Papa... How do I look?
Arnab: You look very nice...
Pia: Nice? I thought you would say that I look scary.
Arnab: You are so lovely... How can you be scary? (Pia leaves the room after saying Bye to Arnab. Arnab thinks, 'Sorry Piya... It is very important for me to know what you are hiding from me. You have deliberately put yourself into such a big trouble and I can't let that happen. Pia's mobile beeps and Arnab sees a message from Alina saying, ' Jeh is with me... Today is difficult... But whatever we have to do we have to do before 12 in the night'.  Arnab wonders what Alina has got to do with Pia and what is the story of 12'o'clock. He decides to find out).

Students who are dressed up are in the Halloween Party Hall. Misha and Kabir are having juice in their hands. Misha is irritated that booze is not available at the College Parties. One Guy comes to Misha and offers her booze. Misha tries to take the glass from the hand and the hand also comes off. Misha screams. The Guys laugh at their prank. Misha is angry and walks from there. Kabir follows her.

Abhay tells Pia that there would never be anything between him and her
Pia comes to the Hall. She is happy to see Abhay.
Pia: Hi Abhay! (Abhay looks away) Abhay... Why are you behaving like that? Abhay...
Abhay: I have told you thousand times... There is nothing between you and me...nor will ever be... I have no interest in you...
Pia: Abhay!
Abhay: That's all... Where is Alina?
Pia: I don't know... (Abhay goes from there. Pia thinks, 'What happened to Abhay? I don't believe this... Something is wrong...

Arnab is driving the Car. There are 3 Vampire Catchers in the Car.
Arnab: My daughter just now got a message that at 12'o'clock something is going to happen. Whatever is going to happen... we have to stop it. We have to be ready...
VC: The full moon day is after 15 days... so there is no need for us to be scared today. (Arnab looks at the half moon in the sky)
Arnab: Whatever is going to happen... we have to stop.

Maithili disguised as Haseena orders Abhay to kill Piya
Abhay is walking through the College Campus cautiously. Maithili disguised as Hasina is standing behind a pillar. Abhay goes near her.
Abhay: Now what will I have to do?
Maithili: Kill Pia! Finish her!
Abhay: Why Pia?
Maithili: Don't ask Questions to me. What is said... do it! Kill Piya... (Maithili smiles. A Car stops in the Campus and Alina gets down from it. Maithili and Abhay looks at her. Alina walks from there) Alina has reached here. After killing Pia you would bring Alina to me. Remember ...
Maithili and Abhay together : should not stay alive...
Abhay: As you Order... (Maithili smiles. Abhay goes from there)

Arnab and the 3 Vampire Catchers reaches Mount College Campus. They get down from the Car.
VC: But how will we go inside the Party?
Arnab: I have made arrangements for that. This is a Halloween Party. You need costumes. You people have the robes. I have bought for myself. (Arnab gets a red  hooded gown from the Car) We will wear this and go into the Party and no one would recognize us. (The Vampire catchers pull up their hoods partially covering their faces) Today no secret would be hidden from us... Let's go! (Arnab and gang goes from there).

Halloween Party Couple Dance - Abhay and Alina, Jeh and Pia
Alina looks around. She wonders where everyone is gone. Suddenly Angad bumps into her. He looks as if he is stabbed on his stomach and blood comes out of his mouth. Alina is scared and concerned for Angad. The light in the room brightens and Angad laughs. Students wearing Halloween Costumes laugh as their prank number 3 also gets successful. Misha comes near and comforts her telling that they played the prank with her also. Alina is still looking scared. Abahy comes near her and holds on Alina's shoulders.
Abhay: Alina... You are alright? (He cups her face with his hand) You okay...
Alina: yeah...
Abahy: Come... (Abhay leads her to where drinks are served. He takes a juice and gives it to her)
Alina: Thanks! (Abhay keeps his hands on her arms)
Abhay: You okay?
Alina: Yeah! (Pia is jealous seeing Abhay's concern for Alina. Alina smiles at Abhay. Pia thinks, 'What is all this? What is Abhay doing?' Jeh comes near Pia)
Jeh: Pia...
Pia: What is all this happening? (Abhay is now holding Alina's hands)
Jeh: So... Once again you have been cheated? You don't see anything in this game... Pia, He has always been cheating on you...and also to my sister... Pia... If anyone has really loved you it is just me...which you don't see at all... (Pia turns her face) If you feel this is all lies... Look at me and say what I am saying is lies... (Pia faces Jeh)
Pia: yeah...It's all lies... It is all lies... okay?
Jeh: Pia, Why don't you try to understand what I say Pia? Are you becoming so mad in this love that you are not able to understand what is right and what is wrong? Just look at this... (Abhay has his hand on Alina's shoulder) Pia... Fine! Don't listen to what I say... Go and check if you want to break your heart. Go and break your heart... This time I am not going to help you... (The host announces couple dance. Abhay asks Alina for a dance and Pia accepts to dance with Jay. Tracker and Angad dances funnily. The lights go off and Pia pulls Abhay along with her and goes from there. She brings him to a secluded corner).
Pia: What is all this you are doing? What are you doing? Why are you playing with my feelings? You say that you love me and then you ignore me? What is it? Am I that weak that you cannot tell me anything? Tell me... What's going on... What's going on Abhay? (Abhay goes closer to Pia and keeps his hand on her shoulders. He then reveals his Vampire fangs. Pia looks around scared if anyone finds Abhay like that) Abhay... What are you doing? Control yourself! (Abhay leans to bite Pia on her neck and she screams. The light comes on and everyone is terrified seeing Abhay like that. Abhay comes into his senses and transform back to his human avatar). Episode ends.

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