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7th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 303) Abhay wins Scary Halloween King Title

Episode 303 starts with Abhay going closer to Pia and about to bite her. Piya screams and the light comes off exposing Abhay with his Vampire fangs. Abhay comes back to his human avatar. Students and Teachers stand terrified for sometime and then starts clapping thinking that it is a prank played by Abhay on Pia while Jeh, Alina, Pia and Abhay are aware that it was no prank. Ms Dasgupta congratulates Abhay and tells him that the prank was so scary that she thought that he is a Vampire for a moment. She announces Abhay as the winner of the title Scary Halloween King. She gives him a voucher and asks him to share it with Piya. Pia takes the voucher from Ms Dasgupta. Ms Dasgupta tells that the prize is a Dinner for two at a five star hotel and the way Abahy scared Pia, she deserves it. Pia thinks, 'Abhay, I know the truth. What was happening? What was happening to you? You were going to attack me?' Ms Dasgupta announces that the Party winners Abhay and Piya would dance first. Piya tells that she does not want to dance. Ms Dasgupta insists Pia to dance telling that it was a joke and asks her to be a sport and dance. Jeh thinks, 'The rest of the people does not know your reality Abhay. But I know! But why were you attacking Pia? What happened to you? For the one whom you were willing to give your life and protect... you want to take her life now? Why is it like that? What is your helplessness?' Abhay and Pia goes to the dance floor followed by other students. Abhay and Pia dance together while Jeh and Alina watches. The Vampire Catches and Arnab Dobriyal enters the Party wearing red hooded gowns. Arnab points out Jeh, Alina and Abhay to the vampire catchers and tells them that they should keep an eye on all of them, especially Abhay. They disperse to keep a eye on all.
Pia: Abhay, What were you doing? I could not believe that it was you... What were you thinking Abhay? (Abhay keeps silence. Tracker and Misha are also watching the couple)
Tracker: How cute they look, right? That is why they are with each other always... They are the cutest couple I guess...
Misha: Cutest my foot! (Misha angrily goes from there)
Tracker: Mishu... (Tracker follows Misha)
Pia: Abhay... Abhay if the light would not have switched on today... would you have attacked me? Abhay... You want me dead? Am I that bad for you? Abhay... you use to be impatient to meet me... What happened to you now Abhay? What's wrong with you? Why are you doing like this?
Abhay: Ssshhh! You talk too much... If you continue then I will not wait for this to end. I will kill you... and this time you will not be able to escape... I have no relations with you... You have become a trouble for me... I want to stay with Alina... You are a trouble for me...
Pia: Abhay, I know that you are not doing this on your own. You are doing this for some reason. Why are you doing this... tell me...
Abhay: Why I am doing this... you should not be concerned. My wish... whatever I do... and nobody can stop me... (Jeh thinks, 'What is happening? Abhay is so close to Piya...then also there is this distance... How could Abhay attack Pia? What was he thinking? Something is there... something is there which I am not seeing. I should tell Mom. Because we can get benefited from Abhay and Pia getting separated. I need to find more'. Jeh goes from there).

Misha goes and stands in one corner. Ruhi goes near her and asks her the reason for going from there. She asks if Misha is upset because Abhay won and tells that he was really worth the prize as he scared everyone. Misha tells Ruhi that the contest is not over and she still has not played her prank. Misha tells Ruhi that the prank would be super scary and warns that she may play the prank on Ruhi. Misha goes from there and Ruhi orders for a Punch at the Drinks Counter.

At the Forest, Hasina who is lying on the ground opens her eyes. She thinks, 'Where am I? In the Jungle? Where is Chand and Abhay?' She gets up and sits with difficulty. She thinks, 'What is happening to me?' Hasina recalls Maithili dressed up like Alina showing her hand over Hasina and stealing her body to transform like her. Hasina thinks that she should reach Abhay and Chand fast and warm them about Maithili. Hasina gets up and walks from there with stumbling steps.

Maithili disguised as Haseena is walking through the College Campus. She thinks, 'Pia is getting suspicious. I should keep an eye on Abhayendra. I have to leave the body of Hasina and go inside in some other form. Maithili sees a girl who is making a call to her Mom and decides that she could be her the next victim. Mythili catch holds of the girls neck and drags her from there. She dumps her near some bushes. Now Maithili is having Hasina's face but is wearing that girl's dresses. Maithili thinks, 'Abhayendre... Now I will keep an eye on you... I will keep Pia away from you... so that that girl does not stop you from your goal'. Maithili wears the mask the girl was carrying.

At the Halloween Party Hall, Misha requests the music to be switched off as she wants to make an important announcement. She takes the mic and says, 'Okay Guys listen up... I want to tell you all something... In fact I want to confess a truth in front of you all...' Misha leaves the mic and goes near Kabir.
Misha: Kabir, You are my best friend... There is no one as good and genuine like you in this whole world... You have always supported me... You have been there... you are my rock... (Angad, Misha and Ruhi are happy) And so today in front of all I want to confess that I love you... (Every one is shocked at Misha's confession). Yes Kabir... I really love you... And I want to spend my whole life with you... In fact, I want to marry you...
Kabir: Really Misha? (Misha nods) Misha... I am so happy... (Misha's smile fades) You have given me so much happiness... I also love you so much... In fact you are the one for me... You also love me... it's so great. Misha you know we will get married tomorrow itself. We will not stay without each other for even a moment. In fact... what you wish that would happen...
Misha: Whoa...whoa... Thakur hold on... Have you gone mad? I was scaring you... I want to win the best prank... that's why... (Angad, Ruhi and Pia are startled. Kabir gives a sad smile) And what can be more scary for a teenage guy that someone asks him to commit...
Kabir: You got scared Misha?
Misha: Yeah Man... Your reaction scared me...
Kabir: Because you could be scared by this prank. But I was not scared... Because your prank was very stupid. It must be scary for you Misha... At least ask the person whom you were playing the joke on... maybe that was not a joke for that person... Anyways.... (Kabir starts to go from there. Angad stops Kabir)
Angad: Hey Kabir...listen...
Kabir: Leave me... (Kabir goes from there. Angad follows him. Kabir comes out. Angad tells him that Kabir left a good opportunity to confess his feelings for Misha. Kabir is angry and asks Angad to go for there. Angad does not go from there so Kabir shouts at him. Angad goes and sits on the swing beside Kabir and tells that he would not go. He tells Kabir that he cannot see Kabir gloomy and wants him to be happy. He hugs Kabir. Kabir tells Angad that if they stay like that more time others would not like it. Angad releases Kabir from his embrace. They laugh and hug again).

Chand is sitting on a chair on the Hall. Hasina opens the door and leans on to the door frame.
Chand: Hasina... You came back from the Party fast? Is everything alright?
Hasina: Party? What Party? What are you talking about? I was at the Jungle. I was alone and unconscious. As soon as I got conscious I am home. (Chand looks at her shocked. Hasina walks in)
Chand: What are you saying?
Hasina: What are you saying? Are you okay? (Chand gets up)
Chand: If you have come from the Jungle...who was here from yesterday? (Chand comes near Hasina) Who is there with Abhay?

Chand is driving the Car with Hasina seated beside him.
Chand: She has taken your form and this time she is with Abhay at the Party. My fear is that she might have got Abhay under control also.
Hasina: You know Chand... Till now whatever I have done... I did because of Maithili... She was controlling me... She had gotten me under her control fully. I don't remember what I did in the past 2-3 weeks. I don't remember anything well. Chand... Maithili is very powerful. She wants to rule over us... For that she can kill... she can do anything... She would not think before killing anyone...
Chand: We have to reach near Abhay fast...
Hasina: Chand, I do not know what Maithili has done with me. But she has taken away all my powers. I will not be able to help you in saving Abhay...
Chand: No Haseena... In fact your truth only will be able to save Abhay from her hold.

At the Party Hall Pia holds Abhay's hand and brings him to a side.
Pia: Abhay, You cannot leave me and go like that... You need to tell me what is happening here. Abhay, You need to answer me... Why are you doing all this? Why are you doing this? (Pia shakes him) Abhay, answer me!
Abhay: Please leave me alone...
Piya: Abhay, You can't talk to me like this... (Maithili wearing the girl's dress comes near them)
Maithili: Can I have a dance with you?
Abhay: No! (Maithili puts her hands on Abhay's arm. Abhay looks at her)
Maithili: Come with me! (Maithili leads Abhay from there as Piya looks on) Episode ends.

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