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22nd November 2011 Written Update (Episode 314) Arnab Dobriyal reveals the intention of Vampire Superiors to Chand and Hasina

Episode 314 starts with Pia calling out for Alina loudly. She wonders where Alina has gone. Pia runs drom there calling Alina's name.

Alina is standing near a bush. Maithili closes her mouth with her hand from behind. Alina is thrown to the ground.
Alina: Maithili?
Maithili: Alina... What did you think? I forgot you? I went away? Or I accepted defeat? Your Brother had kept a promise with me... Pia in return to potion... But it looks like he forgot his promise. Your Brother feels that I cannot see him... I do not recognize him... You are the key to that potion Alina... and now you are under my custody...
Alina: No Maithili... I will never let you reach that potion. (Alina gets up)
Maithili: Stop! (Maithili applies some power on Alina and she falls back by keeping her hand on her neck) I will kill you all one by one... And then... And then that potion would be mine... I will not accept defeat from a weak wolf.  (Maithili walks towards Alina)

Chand and Hasina are standing near Abhay's coffin. Four hooded Vampires come there. One of them tells Chand and Hasina to leave them alone in the room.
Chand: Come Hasina... They know what they are doing... (Chand and Hasina goes from the room. The hooded vampires takes position at either side of the coffin)
Voice 1: And what now?
Voice 2: Now we would have to wait... for Abhay's soul...

Jeh is at the Forest. He looks at the potion and thinks, 'Now the potion is with me... I will have to call Alina here some way or the other. This time I will not let her to run away'.

Alina is lying on the ground. Maithili thinks, 'Now Alina is with me. It would not take me long to reach to the potion'. Maithili communicates with Jeh telepathically, 'Alina is with me'. Jeh replies, 'And the potion is with me'. Maithili tells him, 'So now we will need each other'.

Jeh is standing along with his bunch of followers.
Jeh: Maithili should be coming anytime... You people go from here. (The Guys go from there. Maithili forcefully brings Alina there by holding her hand and then throws her on the ground)
Maithili: Here... Here is your key...
Alina: Brother... Brother save me! Brother, What are you doing? (Mythili looks angrily) You are taking her side? She is a Vampire...
Jeh: Do I have to learn from you whom to make a friend and whom to make an enemy? At least she does not cheat like you Alina... And whatever is between her and me is just an understanding...
Maithili: Stop your nonsense! I need the potion. (Jeh goes near her and shows the potion)
Jeh: Here is the potion... (Maithili's eyes brightens up)
Maithili: Here is the potion... I am longing to touch that potion. My thirst would quench after drinking the potion. I will get immense powers with this potion.
Alina: I will not let you get that potion Maithili. It is the right of Pia and she wants it for Abhay. (Maithili goes to Alina and pushes her)
Maithili: Shut up! Do not take the name of that human in front of me.
Jeh: Maithili! Leave her...
Maithili: Jeh... You did not have any human emotions. So now where did this love come from?
Jeh: Maithili... This is not about Pia or Alina... Our understanding was only regarding the potion. I have not given you the right to touch my sister or anyone from my family. Here is the potion.(Maithili extends her hand to take the potion from Jeh)
Alina: I will not let you have the potion.
Jeh: You are my sister and that is why you are still alive. Otherwise she would have killed you long back. And from today you will do what I say. Understood?
Alina: I will not let you win! never!
Jeh: Alina...(Maithili stops him)
Maithili: Jeh... I have other ways to handle her.

Chand and Hasina comes out of their house.
Hasina: Chand... Why have these people send us out of the house? Theyb are trying to revive our son. Then what such thing they are doing that we cannot see?
Chand: Don't Question... Without their powers we are nothing. They are just trying to help us.
Hasina: I know Chand. But I do not want to keep Abhay away from my eyes.
Chand: Hasina... They are trying to revive Abhay... They have promised... They have come here on the instructions of our leader and in our world a promise is valuable.
Hasina: That people have come. But Abhay is having a very deep sleep inside. And to revive him we just have few hours. I cannot hand him over to anyone nor can I trust anyone with him. Chand please... For my sake... for me...please look inside what is happening. Please! (Chand peeps inside and then comes out) What is happening inside?
Chand: Hasina...I have no seen this much energy together at one place. They have made a symbol on the ground and are reciting the mantras to revive him.
Hasina: There is something wrong. To revive Abhay we need the potion... Chand... There is something really wrong going inside...
Chand: There is nothing wrong Hasina... They are trying to revive him.
Hasina: I am not convinced... Something wrong is happening otherwise this mantras... (Hasina thinks) That symbol...

Jeh: What are you trying to say?
Maithili: I have immense powers Jeh. There is no need for Alina to say yes to me. I will get control of her and then she will not say no for anything I say... (Alina nods no)
Jeh: Maithili... whatever you want to do... Do fast...
Alina: Don't do anything to me... Brother, stop her! (Maithili walks to Elina) Maithili... don't do anything to me... No... (Maithili kneels on the ground)
Maithili: Ssshhh! (Maithili stares at Alina with her blue eyes to mesmerize her. Alina thinks, ' Maithili, you are forgetting in your pride that along with this secret immense powers have also been given to me. Maybe I do not have the strength to attack like you but I have the strength to defend myself from any attack. Do whatever... But I am not going to get into your control. Now I will get you into my control'.) Alina...
Alina: Yes Leader... (Maithili smiles. She then goes and stands near Jeh)

Hasina: Chand... You were talking of some symbol. How is it? I want to see it. (Chand turns to face Hasina)
Chand: Haseena... Imagine! (Hasina closes her eyes and Chand keeps his hands on either side of her head. Hasina sees the hooded vampires vanish. She sees a symbol made around the coffin. Hasina opens her eyes)
Hasina: Chand... This symbol is wrong. This is black magic. This is born from the dark.
Chand: No Hasina... If it would have been something like that we would have known about it.
Hasina: No Chand... You do not know about everything. Chand... We have to go to someone who knows about this... We have to consult that person... Chand...
Chand: Alright! I know where I can get the answer.

Maithili: Come on... Let's start!
Jeh: Maithili... This potion would not work till Alina gives it to us with her own hands... (Alina gets up and is about to take the potion from Jeh's hands).
Pia: Just stop it! (Jeh rushes to Pia and stops her) Stop using Alina...
Jeh: What are you doing here?
Pia: Give me that potion...
Jeh: Not that easy...
Maithili: Tell that girl... Otherwise I will forget my promise...
Pia: Alina... Run away from here... Go!
Maithili: Shut up! This girl is under my control...
Pia: Just leave her, okay?
Maithili: You know... How much I hate you... How much angry I get just seeing you... I will just kill you like that... and you... You could not wait? You walked and came to your death? (Maithili lifts her hand and sends some powers. Pia falls on the ground holding her stomach).
Jeh: Pia... (Jeh kneels beside Pia and asks her to save herself. Pia nods no)
Maithili: Jeh... Make it fast... Otherwise this girl will come in between us. We need the potion... fast!
Pia: No! (Jeh goes near Maithili and gives the potion to Alina. Alina opens the bottle and puts some liquid on Maithili's hands. She then chants some mantras by closing her eyes and running a hand above Maithili's hand. Maithili is happy and thinks that she would be immortal now and stronger than all. Alina does the same ritual with Jeh also).
Pia: Alina... Don't do like that. Alina... (Jeh and Maithili looks at their hands)
Maithili: I am not feeling anything Jay...
Jeh: Alina, Why is it not working? Alina... I do not feel anything... What is this? (Pia is happy that the potion is not working for them)

Chand and Hasina rings the door bell of Dobriyal House. A House staff opens the door and Chand asks for Arnab Dobriyal. The staff tells him that Arnab will not meet anyone at this time. Chand and Hasina ignores the staff and walks inside straight to Arnab.
Arnab: Mr Raichand?
Chand: Dobriyal... (Arnab asks the staff to go from there)
Arnab: Tell me!
Chand: We have to talk to you about something very important... and we do not have time... This is about Abhay... We have put him in a situation... We want to know if what we are doing is wrong...
Arnab: I can do anything to save my daughter... Tell me! (Hasina gives a paper to Arnab in which the symbol is drawn)
Hasina: This symbol... Have is seen this anywhere? (Arnab looks at the symbol and then invites them to his study. Arnab takes a book and shows the symbol to them)
Arnab: Look at this... Is this the sign?
Hasina: Yeah!
Chand: I had told Hasina that this symbol is very ancient. With the help of this they can bring Abhay back to us. She wanted to confirm. (Arnab looks at the book and then back at Chand)
Arnab: No Mr Raichand... In that case I am sorry... You are wrong... This symbol is not made to bring back a Vampire or dead human to existence...
Hasina: Then what is this?
Arnab: This is a devil's symbol... to bring a soul under control... They want to get Abhay's soul to increase their powers... They have no interest in reviving Abhay... They just want his soul... (Chand and Hasina are shocked)
Chand: We have to stop them... This job is not that easy... With the help of Abhay's soul they will be the most powerful Vampire in this World...
Hasina: Chand... I will not let Abhay's soul get into their hands... We have to save Abhay... we have to fight!
Chand: No Hasina... We must not fight... We will become smaller in front of them... We must think of another way... (Arnab looks into the book)
Arnab: One minute... There is a way...

A hooded Vampire enters the room and opens Abhay's coffin. He says, 'The time has come!'. (Episode ends)

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