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Monday, November 28, 2011

28th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 318) Abhay proposes to Pia

Piya agrees to marry Abhay
Episode 318 starts with Pia and Abhay in the Jungle hugging.
Abhay: Pia, This Jungle knows everything about me. Every secret of truth... (Pia withdraws from the hug)... Every part of my life...everything! And you remember? (Abhay cups her face with his hand) I met you for the first time in this Jungle... (Pia smiles) And many ages ago my Parents...Chand and Hasina Raichand... gave me a new life. They gave a dying human a new life. And I... like a coward... is leaving them in the midst of enemies and going...
Pia: No Abhay... Abhay, There is a big wall between you and your Parents. And you cannot go there...
Abhay: No Pia...There is no wall... They have brought me up like a son for these many years... ages... And in return I cheated them. No Piya... I cannot go without meeting them. I will have to see them... I have to meet them...
Pia: No Abhay... Abhay, You are a human and they are monsters. Your place is not there Abhay... You cannot go!
Abhay: No! No Pia... I have to meet them one time...
Pia: No Abhay...
Abhay: Pia... I need to go... I have to meet them...
Pia: Abhay you... (Abhay rushes from there. Pia goes behind calling his name)

A Car stops suddenly. Chand and Hasina are on it.
Hasina: What happened Chand?
Chand: Abhay... (Hasina closes her eyes and sees Abhay running. She telepathically communicates with him)
Hasina: Abhay... (Abhay stops. Hasina opens her eyes) To save you from human death... We made you like us. But now you have become a human and... (Abhay communicates to her telepathically)
Abhay: No Mom... Don't say like that... (Chand closes his eyes and communicates to Abhay)
Chand: You have now gone away from us Abhay... Now you cannot come back to our World. (Abhay answers)
Abhay: I am your son... and that is my truth... I cannot leave you and go...
Haseena: You have to go Abhay... You have to go... Pia and you have waited long to be one... And now when you are together you cannot turn back.
Chand: Abhay... You will always stay Abhay Raichand... the son of Chand and Hasina... Abhay... (Chand looks at Hasina with a slight smile. Hasina smiles too. Chand drives the Car from there).

Pia comes near Abhay who is standing with a gloomy face.
Pia: Abhay... Abhay...
Abhay: Pia... They have gone!
Pia: I am sorry... I am sorry Abhay...
Abhay: We will have to go Pia...
Pia: Abhay you go... I have some important work... I will meet you where we met the first the four way street (Abhay walks from there)

Alina is looking into a paper.
Jeh: Alina, What is in it? Alina tell... what is written in it? What can this potion do?
Alina: This Potion can give human life only to a monster... a new and clear life. But in his human life also he can feel his powers...but only till some time.
Jeh: Alina... How much time? And what powers?
Alina: Abhay will not lose his Vampire powers...Till the next 6 full moon days he will feel his vampire powers in his life... (Jeh smiles)
Jeh: Abhay... you can do nothing to me with your powers... I am sure Abhay Raichand is feeling his death near him. Six full moon nights and the end of Abhay Raichand... (Jeh grinds his teeth)

Pia comes out of the City Care Hospital followed by Misha.
Pia: Misha... (Pia shakes her) Misha... What happened?
Misha: Panchi...
Piya: What happened to Panchi... What happened?
Misha: Pia... Panchi is dead... She is gone...
Pia: What? Panchi is dead... (Pia closes her eyes with her hand)
Misha: Pia please... You don't cry... I need you Pia... Mom needs you... (The sisters hug and cry)
Pia: Misha... I am very bad...This much happened and I was not with you...I am so bad Misha... I came to say you that... Misha... The Potion worked... Abhay is like us now... a human... But Misha ... I was so engrossed in my world that I forgot that I have a family... I feel so bad that I did not do anything for Panchi... I am a bad sister Misha... (Pia cries)
Misha: Pia please... Don't be so hard on yourself... You were trying to save him... I know that...
Pia: No Misha...I will go and tell him that I am not going with him... I am with you... (Pia turns to go. Misha stops her)
Misha: Listen to me... Just listen okay? Pia... I never thought that my life will change... I never thought that I will have to stay without my family... When everything goes on alright we feel that life will continue being like that... But see... Panchi died... and in a minute our life changed...
Misha: No! Pia, Life is unpredictable. We cannot say what happens next. You don't know what is going to happen. Life is too short. And you finally got your love...You guys are finally together... Please Pia... Don't let this happiness go... Just hold on to it, okay? Just don't give it up...
Misha: No Pia... I am not going to listen to you... I have already lost one sister... I want to see my second sister happy... Abhay and you belong together. And seeing you people together maybe we will be also happy... We need that Pia...Please... And as far as the family is concerned... I am here... I am super strong... I will handle everything... You will see that when you come back... everything is fine...But please Pia... Don't give this up. Just go live your life... Please!
Pia: Misha... Misha... I am really going to miss you.
Misha: Don't worry... You can phone me and we can chat non stop... (The sisters hug again. Pia leaves from there as Misha looks on)

Abhay is waiting for Pia. He recalls their meeting the first time. Pia walks towards him. They recall their moments together. Both of them meet in front of the tea shop where they have met and parted earlier.
Abhay: Let's go!
Pia: Together... (They hold hands and walk from there)
Tea Shop Guy: Someone has told the truth... What is written cannot be changed... Years before two of them where destined to meet... years ago both chose their separate paths... and today both have reached the same destination... (The Guys sitting around nods their heads) It was written in destiny...

Three months later in Mumbai... Pia is walking with books in hand. She thinks, 'It is three months since we reached Mumbai. And first time I have spend the whole day without you...' She walks into a building and comes near the lift. She thinks, 'From morning I have not even talked to you on phone. Where are you Abhay?' She drops her book and picks it up. Pia gets into the lift and then comes out. She gets into a room calling Abhay's name.
Pia: Abhay... Abhay, Where are you? (She thinks, 'What happened to me? I cannot tolerate even one moment spend without Abhay... (She drops next text book on the table and goes to a Bedroom calling his name. Suddenly rose petals fall on her head. Abhay comes and stands in front of her) Abhay, What was all this? (Abhay makes her sit on the Cot and kneels on the ground with the ring to propose her. Pia smiles)
Abhay: I wanted to ask a Question...
Piya: What Question Abhay? (Abhay shows her the ring in the box)
Abhay: Will you marry me?
Pia: No... (Abhay closes the box)
Abhay: Why?
Pia: Because you did not come to College with me... And in the College some very handsome Guys proposed to me... So now I have very good choice...
Abhay: Who are those Guys?
Pia: What do you want to do? You are also in that list... Don't be gloomy...
Abhay: Gloomy? (He urns to go. Pia catches his hand) Abhay... Go after marriage... Don't go now... (Abhay smiles) You saved those Guys otherwise...
Pia: Sssshh! Now only I told you that I will marry you... So don't ruin this moments by talking about hitting and killing. Don't you know Abhay? I can never love anyone else other than you... (Abahy nods no) I love you Abhay... I will marry you... (Abhay makes Pia wear the ring. Pia smiles)
Abhay: I love you Pia... (They hug)

At the Dobriyal House Misha is sitting on the sofa texting someone.  Madhu is sitting next to her. A Jeweler is also there are there are many jewelry sets displayed on the table. Madhu shows a set to Misha and tells that she might like it. Misha does not look at the jewelry and answers with no interest.
Misha: Mom... You buy what you want to buy.
Madhu: How can that be son? The engagement is yours... Jewelry you should be selecting...
Misha: Momma... You know that I have no interest in buying Jewelry. I will happily get engaged like this... in shirt and pant... What you want to do you do... I am okay with your choice... I am totally okay with it... Seriously! (Misha's mobile rings) Excuse me! (She goes from there. Madhu thinks, ' Wish I could understand your heart Misha').

Kabir is looking at some sherwani's. He asks the Guy who was showing him the Sherwani's to keep it there. The Guy goes from the room. Kabir's father enters the room.
Kabir's Dad: Kabir... son... I want to talk something to you...
Kabir: Tell me Dad...
Kabir's Dad: Are you happy with this engagement? Do you think you have taken the right decision?
Kabir: I told you earlier also... The decision is mine... So there is nothing to think in it...
Kabir's Dad: Look son... I am your Dad... I will have to ask you...
kabir: Dad... dad... I know what you are trying to tell me... But now the decision is made... and the engagement would happen...I will see you in a while... I have lot of work... I will see you... (Kabir leaves the room. Mr Rathore thinks, 'Wish I know what is going on in his mind.

Pia tells Abhay that she wants to inform Madhu and Misha about their decision to marry
Pia is sitting with a smile on her face. Abhay enters the room.
Abhay: Pia... What are you thinking?
Pia: Abhay... I was remembering that day when we came here first time... It is 3 months since we came here... (Flashback: Abhay and Pia gets down from an Auto with there luggage. They open a door and Abhay is about to step inside. Pia tells him,' No... first put the right foot forward... it is auspicious'... Abhay picks Pia up and walks into the room where furniture is kept all covered. He puts her down and cups her face with his hand and tells her, 'This is our new house... meaning your house...' She replies, 'Abhay you know... I am so happy... Before this I was never in any place which is just yours and mine... This is our small world'. Abhay cups her face with both hands and kisses on her forehead. They hug. They together makes the house livable) Abhay... I will call Mom and Misha and tell them that we have decided to get married. They will be very happy hearing it.
Abhay: yes Piya... They will be very happy to hear this (Pia holds on to Abhay's arm and leans on to his shoulder) Episode ends

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