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14th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 308) Dipanita and Werewolves attack Abhay Raichand

Episode 308 starts with Jeh talking to someone on the phone while driving the Car.
Jeh: What? ... No...Mom had told me that you are waiting for me... No, It's okay... Maybe I misunderstood... I will meet you at the Office tomorrow...Thank you! (Jeh cuts the call. He thinks, 'There is no work here... Then why did Mom send me here so urgently? Did she want to keep me away from there so that she can hurt Piya? She knows that I am not there and take advantage of it... Mom, You cheated your son... Mom, Why are you doing this?' Jeh is angry.

Arnab Dobriyal is outside the Indigo Restaurant with Misha, Panchi and Maithili dressed as Pia. He asks the girls to get into the Car fast. Panchi asks him why he is behaving like that and Arnab tells her to do as he says and not to ask him questions. Arnab gets into the Driving seat. Misha and Panchi takes the back seat while Maithili dressed as Pia reluctantly takes the front passenger seat. Maithili thinks, 'This weak human is creating hindrance in my work. I will have to stop him. If I can't do that I will finish these three. Then I will go to Abhayendre'. Abhay comes out of the Restaurant. He thinks, ' Maybe knowing that I am waiting for her, Maithili may not attack them. I will have to control the situation... fast!' Abhay rushes from there and blocks the way making Arnab to stop the Car.
Arnab: Abhay... You?
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal... I have to talk something very important to Pia... It's very important. (Arnab tries to resist but Abhay opens the door and pulls Maithili out of the Car. Abhay takes Maithili to a side and faces her) Maithili... (Maithili is shocked that Abhay recognized her) I recognized you...
Maithili: You knew?
Abhay: yeah! I knew it but was waiting to see when you will tell me that you are Maithili... and when you will come in front of me.
Maithili: So you recognized me?
Abhay: Yeah Mythili... I recognized you. (Abhay keeps his hands on Maithili's arms) How can I forget you? To forget you is like forgetting myself (Mythili smiles. In the Car, Arnab Dobriyal is getting impatient) Our love is going on for ages Maithili...
Maithili: You love me Abhayendre?
Abhay: Yeah Mythili... I used to love you... I love you now and I will always love you... (Maithili smiles. Arnab is angry and gets out of the Car. He goes near Abhay and Maithili).
Arnab: Pia... Get into the Car now... (Arnab looks at Abhay) I told you... stay away from Piya... (Arnab seizes Maithili by catching on her hand and walks towards the Car. Abhay thinks, 'I will have to stop them. Mr Dobriyal, Misha and Panchi is in danger. They do not know that the man eater Vampire is with them').

Jeh presses the bell of the Dobriyal House and knocks the door. He says, 'Mom... I just hope that you did not do anything to Piya... Pia, Please be at home Pia...' Jay rings the door bell again. Madhu opens the door.
Madhu: Jeh...
Jeh: Aunty...
Madhu: What are you doing here?
Jeh: Aunty... I have come to meet Pia. Is Piya at home Auntie?
Madhu: Son... Pia is not at home. She has gone with Abhay to that Restaurant... the prize of which they both won... (Jeh goes gloomy) Jeh.... Jeh... Is everything alright? (Jeh suddenly gets into a cheery mood)
Jeh: Yeah Aunty... Everything is fine... You don't take any tension... You take rest... I will see! Bye Auntie...
Madhu: Okay... Bye! (Madhu closes the door. Jeh is standing outside the door. He thinks, ' Pia... How could you go there with Abhay? You know that he is dangerous for you... And moreover, my Mom is there.  Mom would leave no opportunity to finish you along with Abhay... Mom will not do that... I will not let her'.

Arnab gets into the Driving seat of the Car and is about to drive from there. Two of the Vampire Catchers come there.
VC: We want to talk to you... (Arnab asks the girls not to get out of the Car and gets down from the Car to speak to the VC's) Come (They walk a little forward) This time you are in danger. Our machine is showing that the man eater Vampire is somewhere here. But we do not know where she is and in which form... but we definitely know that the werewolves and vampires are going to have a fight. In such circumstances... we humans should not be between them. (Arnab takes the machine from the VC and looks at it)
Arnab: This machine is showing a very strong signal.
VC: Yeah! (Arnab turns the machine towards the Car and is surprised that the signal is strong) There? But there is no one... (Arnab gives the machine back to the Guy)
Arnab: We will have to go from here... You people also go... (The VC's go from there and Arnab gets into the Car) I told you that it is dangerous here... We will have to go from here fast.

Jeh is driving the Car. He talks to Dipanita on phone.
Jay: Mom... If you think that you can hurt Pia... you are very wrong Mom...  Mom, I am with you in everything... but not in this... Mom... Nothing should happen to Piya...
Dipanita: What nonsense is this Jeh? You know whom you are talking to?
Jeh: I know I am talking to my Mom... the Mom who cheated on me... who is cheating on my love... Mom, If anything happens to Pia... You would lose your son Mom... Mom... please don't do anything... Mom... (Dipanita is angry and cuts the call. Jeh is angry at Dipanita)

Dipanita is standing along with the werewolves.
Dipanita: Jeh... Jeh has threatened us that we would not touch Pia... and I cannot tolerate son teach me how I will have to handle my enemies... I will not tolerate this... never! (Dipanita comes out of the bushes along with the werewolves. She sees Abhay with his back on her) It's time to attack on Abhay Raichand... (Dipanita charges on him from behind followed by the werewolves.  Abhay falls down. The werewolves surround him) Abhay Raichand... How long have I been waiting for this moment. (Abhay gets up and faces Dipanita) Today you are standing in front of me alone... weaponless and weak... I am going to enjoy killing you...
Abhay: Not so easy Dipanita... I am definitely alone but not weak... and that... who would know better than you? You have been through it... haven't you?
Dipanita: I know Abhay... I know that you can face me alone... But today a full army is with me... I am not alone...
Abhay: To hell with your army... The lion hunts alone... whereas the fox hunts in groups... You know which one are you... right?
Dipanita: Whatever you say Abhay... everything is alright in war... You would not escape in any condition... (Abhay transforms into his Vampire form to attack Dipanita).

Arnab Dobriyal is driving the Car fast. He sees Abhay been attacked by a group of people through the rear view mirror. He stops the Car.
Panchi: What happened Papa?
Arnab: Panchi... You take Misha and Pia and go home... I will have to get down here... I will have to go...
Panchi: No way Papa... I cannot leave you alone...
Arnab: Don't argue... Just do what I say... You people go home... please...
Misha: But Papa...Where are you going? If you are in danger... so are you... I mean...
Arnab: Nothing will happen to me... Do as I say... Panchi come... (Arnab and Panchi gets out of the Car) Panchi, Take Misha and Pia home carefully.
Panchi: But Papa... How can I leave you alone?
Arnab: My people will not allow anything to happen to me... I want you Guys to be safe...(Arnab hugs Panchi) Go... go fast! (Panchi gets into the driver seat and Arnab goes from there).
Misha: Panchi, What is happening? Where has Papa gone? (Maithili makes a sarcastic comment in mind seeing Arnab's foolishness of leaving his children with her)

The Wearwolves are hitting Abhay and he defends and fights with them back. Abhay falls on the ground with injury marks on his face after being thrashed by the wolves. Abhay gets up with difficulty and Dipanita pushes him and throws him several feet away. Chand, Hasina and the other Vampires come there. Alina kneels beside Abhay and urges him to get up. Hasina also sits by him and calls his name.
Alina: I told you...they would attack... Abhay... Abahy, get up!
Hasina: Abhay... come on... Get up! (A Vampire kills a werewolf by driving a stake into his heart. Dipanita thinks, ' Alina got Chand and Hasina here? Cheater... Today she will not go alive... I will give her the punishment for cheating...'. Dipanita pulls up Alina by hand.
Dipanita: Alina... You cheat! (Abhay opens his eye. Hasina also reveals her Vampire Avatar to Dipanita) Come with me...
Alina: I am not going...leave me! (Dipanita brings Alina near the Car and pushes her into the front passenger seat)
Dipanita: You have always given us sorrow. First you made friendship with the murderers of your Brother and then love with that Abhay... You have always degraded us... (Alina gets out of the Car)
Alina: I am not like you. I cannot see him in this condition. (Dipanita pushes Alina back to the seat)
Dipanita: No one can save Abhay... I will kill him with my own hands...
Alina: Mom... leave me... (Dipanita gets into the driving seat. Abhay gets up supported by Hasina. Chand comes near them)
Chand: Abhay...
Abhay: Dad... Dipanita has taken away Alina... Without Alina that portion is of no use... We need to get her (Abhay turns to go. Chand stops him)
Chand: You cannot go behind her... You are weak... They have only one goal... To finish you!

The Vampire Catchers and Arnab watch the werewolves and vampires fight. One Vampaire catcher suggests that they should take advantage of the opportunity and finish all of them. Arnab tells that these are their in between fights and the danger for them is the man eater vampire who should be caught. Arnab asks if that vampire is among them. The Vampire catcher who gave the suggestion earlier tells him that the man eater vampire is not part of the fight.
VC: That vampire is not here...When we were near the Car... we were getting strong signal. Now the signal is very weak. I have a feeling... was that vampire behind the Car?
Arnab: Or else... In the Car? (Arnab takes his mobile out)

Panchi is driving the Car.
Misha: Panchi... You are telling that there a fight between some dangerous creatures were happening and you left Papa there alone... (Panchi has tears in her eyes) Have you gone mad?
Panchi: Then what could I have done? You saw Papa's face? How scared he was... He was scared for our safety... (Mythili smiles sarcastically) He gave me this responsibility that I take you away from this danger...
Misha: Very good... and you put Papa in danger? You left him there alone? How could you man? How could you be so selfish? He is our Papa... Panchi... What answer would you give to Momma? (Mythili thinks, ' I have to go where Abhayendre is... So this time I will have to support this girl')
Panchi: Just shut up Misha... I know that Papa is in danger... But what will I do? He gave me the responsibility of taking you people home...
Mythili: I feel that Misha is right... We should go back and help Papa...
Misha: You are right Piya... (Maithili thinks, 'Going back I will kill every wolf who is attacking on Abhayendre'). See Panchi... Pia is also worried for Papa... She is not like you...
Panchi : Just shut up for God's sake! If you open your mouth again I will hit you... It is not my fault. Papa has given me the responsibility and this time I am taking you both home.(Maithili is angry. She thinks, 'This human is bothering me. I want to go to Abhayendre... and I will go!')

Dipanita is driving the Car with Alina sitting on the front passenger seat. Hasina blocks the way and stops the Car with her hand. Dipanita gets out of the Car and confronts Dipanita.
Hasina: You have not done right by attacking Abhay... Dipanita...
Dipanita: So... Have you come here to plead mercy for him? We will finish your Abhay... Him and your whole family also... You Understood? (Hasina shows her fangs and blue eyes. Dipanita's eyes turn golden in color. Hasina charges at Dipanita and bites her on her neck as Alina looks on sitting inside the Car. Alina gets out of the Car. Dipanita falls down with Vampire bite on her neck. Hasina wipes the blood on her lips with her hand. Alina is shocked to see it. Dipanita gets up again and faces Haseena).
Dipanita: It is not that easy to kill Dipanita... (Dipanita charges at Hasina and they both fight).

The Werewolf and Vampire fight is going on. Abhay notices that Hasina is missing and asks Chand about her.
Chand: She was here only... (Suddenly a werewolf attacks on Chand and he gets busy. Abhay then hears Alina's voice calling for him. He closes his eyes and concentrates. He sees Hasina and Dipanita fighting) Episode ends.

PreCap: Jeh and Abhay are fighting. Abhay bites on Jeh's neck as the hooded vampires look on. Jeh falls on the ground.

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