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3rd November 2011 Written Update (Episode 301) Maithili asks Abhay to bring Alina to her

Episode 301 starts with Pia walking through the forest calling Alina's name. She then starts running and bumps into Jeh. Seeing Jeh she step back in fear. She moves backward with every step Jeh keeps forward.
Jeh: Pia... Pia, Listen to me... (Pia nods no) Pia, There is no need for you to fear me. I know that I hid my truth from you. But I am not like this because of my own free will. It is like that... This is why I have... It's just not from now... this has been going on for ages... The enmity with these leaches did not start just today... It is thousands of years old... They were our enemies yesterday, today and will be that way always... But Pia... I know that this was very important for you to know. But I have not done this deliberately Piya. If you can love Abhay... Can't I get your love? And Pia... I am helping my family... I am doing what my Mom is saying... just like how Abhay is doing... If he is right... why am I wrong? Pia... please try to understand what I am saying... (Pia tries to run away but Jeh holds her hand and pulls her closer) Pia... I love you a lot... more than you can you can see or think... more than that... and I have always loved you... But in your eyes I have only seen friendship for me... Why Pia... Why can't you love me? Please Pia... Please try to understand me... Please Pia... (Then they hear Alina calling Jeh's name and Jeh leaves Pia and rushes to Alina when he sees Alina coming towards them in her injured state) Alina... How this all happened?
Alina: Jeh please...There is no time to talk of all this... We have to go from here... I want to go home...
Jeh: Okay come... Let's go!
Alina: Pia...
Pia: Alina... (Alina goes near Pia and they both hug. Alina whispers to Pia, 'Meet me at the Haloween Party'. Alina releases Pia from her embrace).
Alina: Brother...We need to go... Please take me home... (Jeh comes near Alina and supports her)
Jeh: Alina... We are going... just... and Pia you should also not stay here... Come... (Jeh supports Alina by holding on to her shoulders and takes her from there. Pia thinks for a while and goes from there too).

At the Dobriyal House, Misha, Kabir and Panchi are in Pia's room talking.Misha is sitting on the cot while Panchi and Kabir are standing.
Panchi: I am so angry with you two... Kabir, Misha... How did you leave Pia alone? That too in the jungle. I can't believe what she would be doing there...
Kabir: Panchi, Just relax! You were not there... Pia was so she knew to handle the situation very well. The confidence with which Pia asked us to leave... we just left...
Panchi: She told you to go and you went off? Misha is dumb... Have you also become like her? I did not expect this from you... (Pia enters the room. Misha sees Pia and runs to her calling her name. They hug. Panchi also goes near her)
Panchi: Thank God you are alright... I was so worried... I was shouting at her...
Misha: Come sit... (Pia sits in the middle with Misha and Kabir on either side while Panchi stands)
Pia: Come on Guys... I am totally fine... (Misha's mobile rings and she takes it out from the cover and looks at the caller identity)
Misha: Oh God... This Tracker is calling me again and again...
Pia: What does she want?
Misha: She is Tracker... she wants to Party... She is going on about Halloween Party... She told that she has fixed up the Party and I told that we are not interested... cancel the Party...
Pia: No no no...cancel the party, okay? Thank God for Tracker... Listen Guys... It is very necessary for me to be in between normal people... We are going to Party... The Party is on...
Panchi: Are you sure you want to Party?
Pia: Sure... I am really sure...
Misha: Sure, right?
Piya: Yeah!
Misha: Okay, I am calling Tracker then... (Misha calls Tracker and informs her that they would be coming to the Party. Pia tells her sisters and Kabir that she wants to sleep. Panchi hugs her and leave the room followed by Misha and Kabir. Pia says in mind, 'Alina told me to meet her at this Halloween Party. I have to go. I will have to help Abhay in all conditions. He needs me...')

At the Raichand House Abhay is lying in his bed unconscious.  Chand is standing in the room looking at Abhay. He says, 'Abhay! Whoever did this to you...I will not let them go off easily... I will not let them be in peace'. Maithili disguised as Haseena comes into the room. She thinks, 'Abhayendre... Seeing you weak and wounded my heart is sinking... Why do you fight with this world? If you would have listened to me and been with me, we would have won long back'. She goes near Chand.
Maithili: Chand, You are weak... You would not be able to heal him. He needs my strength... I will heal him.
Chand: Hasina... You know... Abhay faced such a big risk for your sake.
Hasina: I know. Saving Abhay is my top most priority... I am here with him. I will heal him... (Chand looks at Maithili)
Chand: Thank you! (Chand leaves the room. Mythili looks at Abhay lying on the cot and goes near him. She then transforms into her avatar of Princess Maithili. She says, 'Abhayendre... How innocent and calm you look...just like how he used to be with me...Abhayendre... it's years since we have parted... But I still love you that much...' Maithili sits on the cot and runs her fingers on the side of Abhay's face. I will fight with the whole world for you Abhayendre...With that potion I will make you like myself. And then you and me will rule over the World... I will make you alright Abhayendre... I...' Maithili sees signs of Abhay about to wake up and transforms back to Hasina. Abhay opens his eyes).
Maithili: Abhay, How are you?
Abhay: I am fine Mom...
Maithili: Chand would be very happy hearing this...I will go and tell him... (Maithili gets up from the bed and goes from the room. Abhay looks at the wound on his shoulder).

At the Mount College Campus Ruhi is distributing cards to students for the Halloween Party with Angad in tow who is also inviting students. Misha and Kabir also reaches there and Ruhi gives invitation to Misha. Angad tells that he will come like monster and Ruhi tells that she would wear and evil witch costume. Tracker makes fun of Misha and Kabir takes Misha's side. Tracker asks why he is taking Misha's side and if anything is going between him and Misha. Kabir tries to shut her up. Pia interferes and asks what is happening. Tracker tells that Kabir is loser and tells him to meet her at night so that she could give him some confidence by doing black magic. Tracker and Angad goes from there chased by Kabir who threatens to kill Ruhi. Misha asks Pia what she is wearing for the Party and Pia tells her that she plans to be a witch. Misha informs her that Tracker is planning to be a witch at the Party. Pia asks Misha's opinion as to which costume to wear by Misha goes off from there without helping her. Pia thinks, 'Where is Alina? I am going to the Party only to meet her. I must call her'. Pia dials Alina's number.

Alina's mobile phone rings and she picks up the call and says hello. Jeh takes the mobile and disconnects the call. He then goes and sits near the fire place near Alina. He puts Alina's phone on the table.
Alina: What? Why did you cut my phone?
Jeh: I have told you many times... do not talk too much with friends... (Jeh starts looking into a magazine)
Alina: Brother, Don't take me wrong. I know that I have disappointed you and Mom several times. Please believe me... Hereafter I will do no such work that would be against you... Just believe me once...
Jeh: Hereafter you will not get an opportunity to any such thing either Alina...because hereafter I would never trust you... (Alina takes her mobile and starts to get up from the chair) Wait! Where are you going?
Alina: For the shopping for Halloween Party...
Jeh: It's Okay... I have done it... (Jeh gets up) No need for doing shopping. I got your costume home...and you are going to the Party with me... Okay? (Alina thinks, 'If Brother is coming with me how will I join with Pia and help Abhay? I will have to do something! I will have to sort this out'. Alina takes her mobile and goes from there. Jeh thinks, ' You are not worthy to be trusted Alina. I know that you are going to the Party only because you want to help Abhay. But I will not let that happen... my eyes are on you Alina... I will not let you cheat on our family once again').

Abhay's Mobile rings and he picks up the call from Pia.
Abhay: Yes Pia...
Pia: Abhay, Tonight you have to come to the Halloween Party... Abhay I spoke to Alina. With the potion you have and with Alina's help you finally can finish everyone. Abhay, Alina is going to come and you should definitely come... Okay?
Abhay: Yeah Pia... I will definitely come... Thanks! For planning all this with Alina...
Piya: Abhay...This is the terms in love that we would not leave each other anytime. I am here for you Abhay... always! I am always with you... I love you Abhay!
Abhay: I love you Pia... Pia... Can I come to pick you up?
Pia: Yeah... Come to pick me up. I will wait for you...
Abhay: Okay... Bye!
Pia: Bye! (Both cut the call. Abhay walks from the room. Maithili disguised as Hasina stops him)
Maithili: Abhay, Are you going somewhere?
Abhay:Yeah Mom College... There is a Halloween Party...
Maithili: It's nice...With your friends... You need this change...
Abhay: I know Mom... Everything will be alright soon...
Maithili: Have fun!
Abhay: Yeah! (Abhay walks from there)
Maithili: Abhay! (Abhay turns and looks at Maithili who is disguised as Haseena. She now has blue eyes)
Abhay: Yes Mom! (Maithili stares into his eyes mesmerizing him) What can I do for you?
Maithili: You have to bring Alina to me... You have that portion. Once Alina comes to us... after that with the help of that portion we will achieve everything. (Abhay also has blue eyes now)
Abhay: As you say...
Maithili: Alina... tonight... should be with me... (Abhay bows his head)
Abhay: As you order... (Abhay turns and goes from there. Maithili smiles) Episode ends.

PreCap: Arnab Dobriyal is trying to reason with Piya regarding her relationship with Abhay Raichand who is a vampire.

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