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15th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 309) Hasina Raichand kills Dipanita Khurana

Episode 309 starts with Abhay realizing that Hasina Raichand is having a fight with Dipanita Khurana. Abhay goes near the Werewolf who was murdered using a stake and pulls the stake out from his heart.

Hasina and Dipanita are fighting. They have their hands on each others necks. Dipanita injures Hasina and she falls on the ground. Abhay reaches there and sees this.
Abhay: Mom! (Abhay throws the stake towards Hasina and in the process falls down. He extends his hand towards Hasina. Hasina gets up and sits as Dipanita walks towards her. When Dipanita comes near her Hasina takes the stake from the ground and stabs her with it. Alina screams seeing her Mother being staked by Hasina. Dipanita falls on the ground with the stake on her body. Dipanita screams and then becomes still. Alina runs to her Mother and urges her to get up by kneeling by her. Hasina gets up from the ground.
Hasina: She is dead... (Hasina goes from there)
Alina: This can't happen... Mom, get up! Mom... Get up Mom... Mom... (Jeh reaches there. He also kneels on the ground near Dipanita and repetitively calls her name. Jeh is angry seeing Alina crying)
Jeh: Why are you crying...
Alina: Jeh... Mom has left us and gone...
Jeh: It is all because of you... You got them here... and they killed her Alina...
Alina: Jeh... I never wished that...
Jeh: Shut up! (Alina tries to touch Dipanita but Jay pushes her away) Don't touch... don't touch... Mom... (Note: As Alina bends towards Dipanita chain and pendant on her neck is revealed. Looks like it has some significance) Abhay? (Jeh shouts Abhay's name and rushes from there).

Pia's mobile beeps and Maithili looks at the message. The message is from Arnab informing that the man eater vampire is somewhere near them and probably at the boot of the Car. He asks them to get out of the Car and go far from there.  Maithili shows the message to Panchi and Misha. Panchi stops the Car and gets out to check the boot. Misha also gets out. Mythili thinks, 'It is time to finish these two sisters'. Panchi is trying to open the boot and Misha goes and stands next to her and tells that after checking they would go to Arnab. Misha suddenly falls down and Mythili is seen standing behind her as she fells.
Panchi: Misha... What happened to her? (Maithili holds on Panchi's neck and reveals her Vampire fangs and eyes. She bites Panchi).

Arnab is standing along with two Vampire Catchers. He tells them that he send an SMS to his daughter Pia to warn about the man eater vampire but has not got any message back. Arnab tells that he feels that he should go behind.
VC: Arnab Sir... We cannot catch that deadly Vampire without any help...
Arnab: What do you wish? I leave my daughters with that Vampire? (Suddenly one of the Vampire Catches falls down bleeding)
VC: What happened? (Both kneel beside the man)
Arnab: He is injured badly...
VC: He needs water badly...
Arnab: I will take him to the Restaurant... (Arnab supports the man and walks towards the Restaurant while the other Vampire Catcher waits there)

Abahy tries to get up from the ground. Jeh hits him with his leg making Abhay roll on the ground. Jeh has a stake in his hand. Abhay tries to get up and Jeh hits him with the stake. Suddenly Abhay starts defending and counter attacking. He overpowers Jeh by holding on to his neck from behind and bites on his neck as the hooded Vampires look on.  Jeh falls on the ground.

Alina is sitting and crying beside Dipanita telling that she did not wish this happen to Dipanita. He cries telling that she made a big mistake. Mythili disguised as Pia comes there. She is happy seeing Dipanita dead and smiles. She keeps a hand on Alina's shoulder.
Mythili: Alina... (Alina sobs and starts telling Mythili that she killed her Mom and that she is responsible for her family being ruined. Mythili is irritated by her talk but hides her irritation. Mythili urges Alina to get up and consoles her telling that she has done nothing wrong. She asks Alina to go with her and takes her from there. Mythili thinks, 'Poor innocent Alina...This werewolf does not even know that I am taking advantage of her'),

Arnab brings the Guy to the Washroom and he sits down. Arnab opens the tap and finds that there is no water. Arnab finds all the loo's occupied. He sees one loo locked from outside and pushes it open. He is shocked to see a girl lying on the floor and switches on the light. He turns the girl's face and is shocked to see that it is Pia. He puts her head on his lap.
Arnab: Pia... Oh my God... Pia... Pia...  What happened to you? Pia... How did you come here? You were with Misha and Panchi... (Pia speaks with difficulty)
Pia: That is Maithili Papa...
Arnab: Maithili... Oh my God! Now what can we do?
Pia: Abhay... Abhay can help you Papa...
Arnab: Abhay... But Pia... How will I leave you and go? Misha and Panchi needs help... Abhay... (Arnab puts her back on the ground telling that he will come back fast and goes from there).

Chand and Hasina are standing along with the hooded Vampires near Dipanita's body.
Voice: The Werewolves leader is dead... we won!
Chand: The War has not ended. Our big enemy Jeh is still alive... We have to put an end to his existence.

Abhay lifts Jeh up by holding on his neck. Jeh struggles.
Abhay: Get ready to meet your death.
Jeh: Which death are you talking about? You are also dead. You are a living dead... (Alina and Mythili disguised as Pia is standing a few feet away)
Alina: Abhay... Please leave Jeh... (Abhay turns and looks at Alina)... Abhay please... Jeh is my Brother... please leave him...
Maithili: Shut up!
Alina: Pia...What are you saying?
Maithili: I am not Pia... I am Maithili... Maithili... Abhayendre's first and last love... and he is doing all this for me...so that he lives his life with the potion and stay with me... (Maithili holds on to Alina's hand as she tries to run away) You weak girl... what did you think? You can escape me? Abhayendre... Kill him!
Alina: Abhay please... don't do anything to Jeh... Please leave him. I have no one other than him... Abhay please let him go... (Alina is crying. Abhay looks at her)
Maithili: I told you... Kill him Abhay!
Alina: Please leave my Brother! (Abhay drops Jeh on the ground. Maithili is shocked and looks at Alina in anger).

Arnab comes to the spot where Werewolves are lying dead looking for Abhay. He then sees Abhay throwing the stake away and goes near him. Jeh is lying on the ground. Alina and Mythili are standing a few feet away.
Arnab: I need your help! Pia is in danger... She is dying...
Abhay: Where is Pia?
Arnab: Come fast with me... (Abhay is about to follow Arnab but Mythili swifly blocks his way)
Maithili: Abhayendre... Where are you going?
Abhay: Pia's life is in danger... I need to save her...
Maithili: Pia... Pia is going to die Abhayendre... She does not need anybody... Now you have the potion and I have Alina. We needed this only right? Abhayendre... we could get our lives back... We have everything what we wanted...
Abhay: Move away from my way...
Maithili: Abhayendre you are not understanding what I am saying... Abhayendre... both our dreams are getting fulfilled and you are going away to save that Pia? That Pia who came in between our love...
Abhay: If you say another word about Pia... I will kill you here and now... I will kill you! (Maithili is shocked)
Maithili: But Abhayendre... Our love?
Abhay: Our love? What love are you talking about? (Maithili stares at Abhay) Our love ended that day when you left me for my Brother. After that ages have passed... You knew that I love Pia... even after that you attacked Pia... And after attacking Piya you have made me realize that you are not worthy of my love... (Abhay goes from there. Jeh who is lying on the ground moves his neck trying to get up. He smiles)
Jeh: Poor Maithili... (Maithili looks at Jeh) Abhay cheated you also? ( Jeh gets up and sits with difficulty. Maithili says in mind that if she cannot have Abhayendre then she will kill him. Maithili goes and takes the stake from the ground and offers it to Jeh)
Maithili: Go! Finish Abhayendra... (Jeh gets up and faces Maithili).
Jeh: Why? You can't kill him? You are above us all... The supreme power... Go and kill him!
Maithili: Abhayendre is of no use to me now. His life is of no use. He cheated on me? He manipulated me? He told lie to me... Go and finish him! (Jeh refuses to obey Maithili and tells her that he does not want to dance to her tunes. Maithili mesmerizes Jeh and offers the stake to him) Jeh... Abhayendre should not escape alive.( Jeh takes the stake from Maithili's hand and goes from there)

Abhay and Arnab comes to the washroom where Pia is lying. Abhay keeps Pia's head on his lap and calls her name.
Abhay: Pia, Nothing will happen to you... (He looks at Arnab) Nothing will happen to Piya...
Pia: Abhay!
Abhay: Pia, I will not let anything happen to you... Pia, I told you... Loving me only will bring you death. Walking on my way you will only see darkness... Didn't I say Piya? But mistake is mine... even knowing all this I loved you... and today... and today Maithili took my revenge on you... I am sorry Pia... Please forgive me...
Pia: No Abhay... You could not have done anything... This love was in our fate Abhay... To spend ages in the forest was written in your fate and meeting me also... (Pia's eyes droops off)
Arnab: Abhay you can save Pia? Abhay... Tell me... Can you save Pia? (Abhay thinks, ' I know what to do to give life to Pia... I have to give life for life... for the sake of Pia... I will have to sacrifice my life. Pia...for you this is also agreeable by me...') Episode ends

PreCap: Jeh drives the stake into Abhay's heart on Mythili's orders though Pia pleads with him to spare Abhay.

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