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1st November 2011 Written Update (Episode 299) Maithili escapes the Vampire catchers by discarding Tanushree’s body

Maithili captured by Vampire Catchers
Episode 299 starts with Abhay and Alina running to hide before Jeh comes to the graveyard. Jeh and Dipanita comes to the Graveyard. They looks around but does not find anyone there.
Dipanita: Nobody is here Jeh... By any chance have they got the potion?
Jeh: No Mom! They can't get the potion. Alina does not know in which grave the potion is. And for the potion they have to search each grave. They can't do it.
Dipanita: You are telling right Jeh... The only sad thing is that Alina got out of my hands.
Jeh: You don't worry Mom... We will give punishment to Alina... but this time getting to that potion is more important. And according to the Map (Jeh looks into the Map) the grave on which the potion is there is something like Frica written on it... I don't understand anything ...
Dipanita: Frica? Of course Jay... How can I forget?...
Jeh: We have to look into each grave carefully... (Dipanita suddenly senses some presence) Mom, According to this map...
Dipanita: Jeh... She is somewhere here... That man eater is somewhere near...
Jeh: Mom, Just calm down... There is no one here just relax!
Dipanita: No Jeh... I can feel her presence... We will have to go from here Jeh... Come!
Jeh: Okay Calm down... let's go! (Jeh and Dipanita goes from the Graveyard)

Arnab Dobriyal and the Vampire catchers wearing red hood and cloak are waiting for Vampires to come.
Arnab: What is the guarantee that she will come this side?
VC: We can feel her presence Arnab Sir... She is here... she is coming this side... (Suddenly Arnab and the Vampire catchers see a Vampire wearing black hood and cloak coming that way)
Arnab: There... (Arnab points out to the figure) There she is... She is coming... You people are ready... (The Vampire Catchers are ready to trap the Vampire. Maithili comes underneath the tree and looks around. A Vampire catcher signals his companions to trap the Vampire. Maithili looks upwards and before she could do anything she gets trapped in a silver cage surrounded by silver chains. Maithili comes into her Vampire avatar with fangs. Arnab and his companions come near the cage)
Maithili: Who are you people? Leave me... You don't know me... You don't know what I am capable of doing... leave me!
Arnab: Do what you can do... Show your power...From years we have finished monsters like you... Your place is not among humans. Your end also would be the same of that of monsters like you. (Maithili is angry and opens her mouth showing her fangs) Finish her!
VC: Wait! Carefully. She is very dangerous and powerful... By finishing her we will be free of these monsters forever... But to get control over her is very difficult.
Maithili: You cannot kill me... Your death is near you...
Arnab: Do not let her go out of hand. We have caught her with great difficulty. Take her from here... Finish her forever... (The Vampire Catchers make a circle around the cage with stakes in hand).

Abhay and Alina are standing in the graveyard.
Abhay: Those people are fully ready to finish our identity. We will have to go from here Alina. If they see us here along with me they will finish you also.
Alina: But Abhay... That grave...
Abhay: No Alina... Anyways, Without the key Jeh will not be able to open the grave... And if we don't give... how can he get the potion? Let's go from here (Abhay  holds Alina's hand and they go from there).

Maithili is tied to a tree with silver chains. Arnab and the Vampire Catchers are standing in front of her.
Arnab: We have got her under control. Now what to do? How do we kill her?
VC: Now we will have to go back from here because there is only one way to finish this monster. After the full moon day drive this sandal wood stake into her heart... So we will have to go back and come on the full moon day. (Arnab and the Vampire catchers go from there. Maithili thinks, 'This people have recognized this body. Now this body is of no use to me. I will have to discard this body. I will have to get back to my own body'.Maithili leaves T's body and Tanushrees body hangs down from the silver chains. Maithili walks from there with an evil smile on her lips).

Maithili waiting inside the grave for her victim
Maithili is walking through the graveyard. She says, 'She has been of use to me... but now her body is of no use to me. And this humans felt that they killed me... (Maithili laughs) They killed me? I am immortal... no one can kill me... I am immensely powerful... I can change into many forms... I will come in front of you in my own form. And you... And you will love me again. Just I need to get that potion... Then I will become immortal... I will rule over the whole world... And Abhayendra you... You will be in my control...You would be with me... (Maithili laughs) Vrica... Vrica... That wolves revealed there secret so easily in the darkness of the night. They forgot that I am the Queen of the Night and all the secrets of the night are also mine. Vrica... Vrica... (Maithili looks at the graves and smiles) It looks like someone on her own is coming towards me to ask for death. (Maithili lies down on a grave) Come, embrace your death!'(The grave top gets covered)

Abhay and Alina are walking through the graveyard.
Alina: these people have reached here... What is happening Abhay? They are Vampire catchers... very dangerous people...
Abhay: Alina, We have just one hour. In one hour we will have to reach to that magical portion. And if the one hour passes off everything will come to an end.
Alina: But Abhay, here there are so many graves...and searching in which grave the potion is hidden it will become morning...
Abhay: We have to find out... We are running out of time... Let's go! (Abhay and Alina starts looking at the graves separately. Piya comes there. Abhay sees her and run to her) Piya... (Abhay examines her neck) Pia... This bite... Mom gave you...
Pia: No Abhay... She was not in her senses... Some one was controlling her. Abhay, Your Mom is fighting on her own for a long time. Abhay... We will have to help her. Abhay... We will have to find the potion for her... We will have to help her Abhay...
Abhay: Not we... me Pia! You will have to go from here... Your life is in danger... It is not safe here... Go!
Pia: No Abhay! I will not go... I will not leave you and go anywhere... (Alina comes and stands behind them. Pia and Abhay sees Alina)
Alina: Pia... There is nothing between me and Abhay...
Pia: Alina... I know! I am not blaming you... Alina, I also know who you are... Abhay, There are a lot of Vampire catchers who want to trap you... They want to kill you Abhay... I will be with you Abhay... I will fight with you...
Abhay: No Pia... I know that all. But you will not stay here... You have to leave Pia... Just go from here...
Pia: Abhay... I know that I am a human... But I am not weak Abhay... Your love gives me strength Abhay... (Alina thinks, 'So this is love... the real love...There was never fear worry and pain in Abhay's eyes for me... And Pia... She she really would die for Abhay... A human forgets her weaknesses and is ready to fight for a monster with the World? Only for love...') Alina... Abhay... What we would have to do? What should we do?
Abhay: Pia ... We are looking for such a grave the name on which we do not know...
Alina: It is hopeless Pia... So many graves and to find that one grave in one hour. And before that if Jeh and Mom comes here or that Vampire catchers then everything will end...
Abhay: No! Nothing like that would happen...We will have to find that grave... We will have to find it in any condition...
Alina: There is only one way remaining Abhay... I will have to go!
Abhay: Alina just...
Alina: Don't wait for me Abhay... (Alina gives the key to Abhay. Abhay takes it. Alina goes from there as Abhay and Pia looks on)
Abhay: Pia, Alina is going to put herself into big trouble...
Pia: No Abhay... Nothing will happen to Alina. Without Alina neither you nor me can touch that potion. Jeh will not let anything happen to Alina. because without Alina Jeh cannot reach that potion.
Abhay: And till the time the potion is with us Jeh cannot do anything to Alina. You are right Pia... We will have to search that potion. Only it can save everyone's life...
Pia: Yeah Abhay... (Abhay and Pia starts searching)

Alina is walking through the Forest. She thinks, 'Brother and Mom has become enemies to Abhay's life. If being a human Pia can love a monster... why can't we wolves accept him? I am this family's heir... the next leader... (Alina stands by a tree) I will definitely have some power which is greater than you all. I will have to try that power... I will find the name written on that grave. I will end the enmity between vampires and werewolves by getting that potion. And Brother and Mom will not come in my way...' (Suddenly someone pulls Alina from behind. She screams).

Dipanita and Jeh are in the forest. Dipanita keeps her hands on her head trying to sense.
Dipanita: I am not able to sense anything. Now I think there is no Vampire in the cemetery.
Jeh: Mom ... But there is no use going there now. Because on the grave the key to that potion is only Alina. We need her to reach to the potion. Without her we cannot do anything.
Dipanita: Then bring her! Bring her back from the enemy.
Jeh: How Mom? Once she has cheated on Abhay by listening to me... Don't know what magic Abhay has done on her... I don't think she would listen to me this time. I don't know Mom. How are we going to do this? (Jeh and Dipanita then sees Alina) What are you doing here?
Dipanita: Jeh...If she has regretted her mistake... I think you should think about it.
Alina: Brother, Please forgive me! I did not know that the matter will go so much forward. I had become so crazy in Abhay's love... And today when I saw Abhay and Pia together... then I understood that Pia is Abhay's real love. He never loved me... He only used me... You were telling right Brother... He does not love me... He for whom I cheated on my family... broke my heart... Brother now I have come to you... Please forgive me...
Jeh: Wow! So finally you remembered our family... But this time how will I believe that you are not lying?
Alina: Brother, I am asking for your forgiveness... Please trust me! Look at my eyes... Don't you see the pain of your sister? Tell me!
Jeh: Alina... (Jeh moves forward...Dipanita stops him by placing her hand on his shoulder)
Dipanita : Jeh...
Jeh: Okay... So hereafter you will do what I say...Yeah? (Alina nods) Then let's go! We will have to go fast from here... Before the suns comes up we need to reach to that potion... let's go... (Alina walks ahead. Jeh and Dipanita stays back) Mom, Alina would take us to that potion... But Mom... what after that?
Dipanita: After that I will finish her

Alina is lying on the ground injured. She gets up and sits.

Maithili disguised as Alina is walking in front followed by Dipanita and Jeh Khurana.

Alina says, 'You disguised as me Maithili but I am no weak human that you would be able to kill me. I am alive and will not let you win'.  (Episode ends)

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