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23rd November 2011 Written Update (Episode 315) Pia convinces Jeh to leave Maithili's side and support Alina

Episode 315 starts with Arnab Dobriyal informing the Raichands about the real intentions of the Vampire Superiors. Hasina tells Chand that she would not let them have Abhay's soul and that they have to fight to save him. Chand tells her that they should not fight as they would end up weak in front of the Vampire superiors but have to look for some other way.
Arnab: One minute... There is a way... Come with me... Come... (Arnab gets out of the room. Chand and Hasina follows him).

In the Forest, Jeh is annoyed that the potion is not working.
Jeh: Why is it not working Alina? I am not feeling anything...
Maithili: Alina, Are you not following my orders? Why is the potion not working? (Pia who is sitting underneath the tree thinks, 'Why is the potion not working? How can that happen?' Pia looks at Alina. Alina communicates with her eyes to Pia not to worry. Pia thinks, 'Alina is playing the drama in front of them. Maithili could not hypnotize her. Thank God! I really got scared'. Pia weakly leans against the tree).

At the Raichand House, The Vampire Superior says, 'After getting Abhay's soul I will become very powerful. Tell Chand and Hasina that we need 7 people for this mantra. They do not need to say anything'. One hooded Vampire goes from the room. The Vampires in the room extends and withdraws their hands simultaneously towards Abhay's coffin doing some ritual. The Vampire comes back and informs that Chand and Hasina are not at home. The Vampire superior asks him where they have gone.

Chand is driving the Car with Hasina seated on the front passenger seat and Arnab seated on the back.
Arnab: For the mantra they are going to chant they will need 7 Vampires. How many are they?
Hasina: Five...
Arnab: That means they cannot do anything without you both. And this time they would be looking for you.
Hasina: In that case we should not go back. They would not be able to do anything without us.
Chand: Don't be a fool Hasina. If they wish they can find us...any where... any time... How long can we hide from them?
Arnab: That means we have to do something else... (Arnab looks into his book)

Pia: Jeh... I have to talk to you...
Jeh: Now what is remaining to talk Pia?
Pia: Jeh... Jeh please... If you have ever loved me... for the sake of that love... please talk to me Jeh...please... (Maithili looks at Piya angrily. Jeh looks at Maithili. Jeh goes near Pia)
Jeh: Come on... What do you want to say?
Pia: Jeh... Today seeing you I am feeling pity...
Jeh: What do you mean?
Pia: Jeh you are so strong and powerful... and you are the leader of your clan... Jeh, How did you do such a big mistake? You joined hands with Maithili?
Jeh: Why should that bother you? Come straight to the point!
Pia: Maithili is a monster. She is not worthy of your trust Jeh...
Jeh: Who is worthy of my trust Pia? Whom should I trust?
Pia: Jeh... Maithili is very selfish. Her aim was to reach the potion. Now that potion is with her. Now she is with us because her aim is not fulfilled. Jeh think... When the potion is with her... how powerful she would become... She will not listen to anyone Jeh... She will kill you all one by one... (Jeh looks at Maithili)
Jeh: How do you know this all?
Pia: Jeh... I heard Maithili talking that once she get the potion she would finish you all.
Jeh: I will not let any such thing happen Pia...

Chand stops the Car.
Chand: What can be another way?
Arnab: There is only one way...
Hasina: Whatever it is... We are ready.
Arnab: Then you people go and be in their group. They should not get suspicious that you are not with them. Whatever ritual they do... fulfill it. But whatever mantra they chant... chant the counter mantra. By doing that a red smoke will spread in the room and their plan will fail.
Chand: Mr Dobriyal... Thank you! Whatever you have done for us we would never forget.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... Whatever I am doing I am doing for my daughter. If Abhay will get revived... he will save my daughter.
Hasina: Don't worry Mr Dobriyal... I promise... Abhay will make Panchi alright.
Chand: Well then... We should not waste time... Let's go home... (Chand resumes driving)

Pia: Jeh... Now also things have not ruined. You have Alina and the potion. Jeh... just leave Maithili's side.
Jeh: And trust Alina? Pia, Alina has always cheated on me. She is not worthy of trust.
Pia: Jeh... You never tried to understand your sister... She is not a cheater... She only wanted the potion...That is why she took Abhay's side... because Abhay also wants the same thing. She knows that in the fight between Vampires and the Werewolves there is only destruction on both sides. Jeh... Leaving this all... You want to be with Maithili Jeh... who is not anybody's... who is so selfish... Jeh... you don't want to be on the side of your sister? Jeh... Leave Maithili's side and support Alina... She will stay by your side... (Jeh looks at Maithili who is looking at them)

Chand stops the Car in front of the Raichand's gate. Chand and Hasina walks towards the House. Chand signals Arnab Dobriyal who also gets out of the car to follow them to stay there. Chand and Hasina enters the room where Abahy's coffin is kept.
Vampire Superior: Where where you?
Chand: Hasina was feeling uneasy... so we went out for some time...
Vampire Superior: Start the Mantra... If you wish to revive Abhay, Read the mantra with us. (Chand and Hasina looks at each other. The Vampires start the ritual. The Vampire superior tells another Vampire that a smell of human is coming from Chand and Hasina and asks him to go and find that human. The Vampire goes out. The Vampire Superior orders to read the mantras aloud. Chand and Hasina is doing a mental recitation. Arnab Dobriyal is standing near the Car. He says in mind, 'I hope everything is alright inside. Abhay is my last hope... If anything happens to him nobody can save Panchi'. The Vampire who was send out in search of the human closes Arnab's mouth and takes him from there).

Abhay is lying in his coffin and the Vampires are standing around him. The Vampire throws Arnab into the room.
Vampire Superior: My suspicion was correct. You were trying to mislead me. By bringing this human in between... what were you trying to prove?
Chand: You don't know him... He is...
Vampire Superior: Enough! I smell cheating. You have made a big mistake by bringing this human in between us. And he will get the punishment for this... (Arnab looks at Chand)
Arnab: Who are you people? Waht do you wish from me?

Jeh: Pia... You do not know Maithili Pia... Maithili would not let me have that potion so easily. Pia... We have to think of something else... It is not that easy Pia...
Maithili: Jeh... You are wasting our time...
Jeh: I told you Pia... It is not that easy...
Pia: But we will have to do it... I don't know how but we will have to defeat Maithili. Jeh... If we join together we can do it... Nobody can defeat us... (Jeh gets up and helps Pia to get up. He holds Pia's hand and walks slowly towards Maithili. He communicates to his gang telepathically, ' When I signal attack Maithili. All of you will have to stay together. Alone we cannot do anything'.)
Jeh: Maithili... You cannot order me like that. We both are equal partners in this. We both had an understanding. You should not be ordering me.
Maithili: So you also got influenced by this human's talks... She also got you trapped with her talks. I thought that you are not that weak Jeh. Then how did you forget your aim hearing her sweet talk? Pia just wants that potion so that she can save Abhayendre... whom she loves. She does not love you Jeh...
Jeh: Then what do you wish Maithili? You also wish the same... that you make Abahyendre alive and you become most powerful... right? (The Werewolves are keeping a watch on them. Maithili turns her face to other side as if guilty).
Pia: I have not come here to instigate anyone... But I know that you are wrong. I only told Jeh how wrong you are.
Maithili: Now you will tell me what is right and wrong? (Maithili charges towards Pia. Jeh over powers Maithili and throws her on the ground. He orders the werewolves to attack. The werewolves surround Maithili and catches her).
Maithili: Leave me... I said leave me... Jeh, you are doing a big mistake...
Jeh: You have done the mistake thinking of all of us as weak. (Pia stealthily goes near Alina and they both go from there) What did you think? You will kill us all that easily after getting the potion... You forgot Maithili... that you cannot fight with us all alone... (Maithili struggles to free herself).

Vampire Superior: Now Chand and Hasina are not with us. We need 7 vampires to capture Abhay's soul. But we are only 5. More will come... As we keep reciting the mantras... more Vampires will join us. Now no one can stop us. (They start the rituals again. After some time they turn to look. Pia dressed as Maithili enters and goes and stands near them)
Vampire Superior: Maithili...
Pia: You need 2 more Vampires to finish this mantras. I alone is so powerful that you can finish this mantra with me.
Vampire Supirior: How did you think that we will take you our side?
Pia: You do not have any other option. I am more powerful than all of you. So need me...
Vampire Superior: You got your powers the wrong way Mythili... You have broken the law of Vampires. We cannot let you join us.
Pia: Abhayendre was killed because of me. In front of my powers you all would be weak. You know that today this mantra can only be completed with 7 vampires.
Vampire Superior: Alright Maithili... Come here and support us.
Pia: But before that I have a condition.
Vampire Superior: Your condition is not acceptable to us...
Pia: You are forgetting that you need me...not the other way...
Vampire Superior: What do you wish?
Pia: I have loved Abhayendre for ages... I gave my life for him...Even after dying I wandered around in this earth as a Vampire. Today when you people are separating Abhayendre's soul from his body forever... I wish to spend 5 minutes alone with him. Only me and my love...
Vampire Superior: 5 minute... (The Vampires go from the room)

In the Forest Mythili is struggling to free herself from the werewolves as Jeh looks on. Maithili throws them all.
Jeh: I am still left to be dealt with Maithili... (Maithili reveals her fangs and her eyes turn blue. Jeh and Mythili fights. One minutes Maithili is overpowering jay and the next minute he overpowers her)
Jeh: You are forgetting Maithili... It's not that easy (Maithili laughs) Why are you laughing? (Maithili tells him that he has already lost and that a human has fooled him. She asks him where Pia and Alina are. Jeh looks around. He leaves his hold on Maithili) Piya...
Maithili: Now Piya has the potion and Alina also... Once again you failed in love Jeh... (Jeh shouts for Pia. He is angry)

Pia: Abhay...(Pia runs her hand on Abahy's hair) I have come... I have come to save you... The time is very less. I will have to call Alina... (Pia lets Alina in through the window) Alina... Come fast! We have very less time... Come... (Alina and Pia comes near Abhay) Make it fast... We have very less time... (Alina takes some potion and springles on Abhay chanting some mantras. She then kneals on the ground and runs her hand above Abhay's face. Pia holds her hand in a prayer and says in mind, 'Get up Abhay... Wake up! For my sake... Don't leave me alone and go Abhay... Please wake up Abhay...please!' Pia looks at Abhay who is still unconscious why the potion is not working. Alina tells Pia to calm down and informs her that she has chanted the mantras. Alina goes to the window and sprinkles some potion).
Pia: Alina... What are you doing?
Alina: I am doing what I did with you... otherwise the vampires would smell us. Now just Abhy has to wake up...
Pia: Alina... Abhay would be alright?
Alina: Yeah...Pia, of course! Just little more time...
Pia: Okay... (In the coffin. Abhay moves his fingers and feet). Episode ends

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