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27th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 184) Panchi Dobriyal becomes Drama Club Teacher of Mount College

Jay Khurana using his charm on a girl at the Night Club
Episode 184 starts with T selecting students to perform different characters. She sees the 2 Guys whom she had rejected earlier there and asks them to go out of there. They go half way when the Principal Mr Mehra enters the Drama Club.
Principal: Hello Students! I hope you are enjoying the Drama Club. (He comes near T) And T... I see that you are handling the Drama Club well.
T: Thank You Sir! Where T is there would be perfection.
Principal: Perfect! And to complete this perfection we have a surprise.
T: Surprise?
Principal: You all know Ms Panchi Dobriyal...who was our ex student and earlier Drama Club President. And she would be from today onwards your new Drama Teacher (T and Gang is irritated hearing the news). Miss Panchi Dobriyal...(Tracker is excited and claps. Panchi enters the room and all students except T and Gang welcome her by clapping and cheering)
Panchi: Hi Everybody! (The students greet Panchi back) Thank you so much!
Principal: So Miss Dobriyal, Take your charge...
Panchi: Yes Sir! Thank You...
Principal: Al right! Enjoy everybody (Principal Mr Mehra leaves the room)
Panchi: You all will get equal opportunity in the Play. So please make a line... (Panchi notices 2 Guys standing apart and tell them, 'You too...Come on!'. One of the Guys tell her, 'Mam, T Mam removed us from the Play')
Panchi: And why did T do that?
T: Because I have lot of reasons for it
Panchi: But here now my reasons would work. Maybe you did not listen carefully. stand in the line. You will also give audition along with them.
T:Excuse me! Don't you know that I am the General Secretary of this Club? (Panchi shows a do not care face. T and her friends walk out of the Drama Club)
Panchi: Anyway Guys, Please get into a line. (Pia, Misha and Kabir enters the Drama Club. The stranger Pia met at the Jungle also makes his entry. Pia looks at him and thinks, 'What is his problem?' Panchi greets them)Hi Piya...Guess what? I was thinking why don't you give a demo of lead role?
Piya: Sure, What am I to do?
Panchi: Good! Well, Two years back you were the lead of Romeo Juliet. I am sure you won't be remembering the lines but you can use the script. And we all will watch this play with light effects. This way we will learn soliloquies... soliloquies means Solo Performances...Okay? So here Pia (Panchi gives script to Pia)...This is the script and there you go... Lights! Come on Guys...Come!(the lights are switched off except 2 spot lights. Pia stands under one spot light looking at the script. Panchi gives another script to the new Guy. He asks, 'Me?' Panchi points to the stage and tells him, 'All the Best'. The Guy gives the Book in his hand to Panchi and walks from there with the script)

Pia is in the Drama Club Stage ready to say her line. Suddenly she visualizes her old self on the stage saying the Romeo Juliet dialogues and Piya starts telling her lines automatically without referring to the script.
Piya: Romeo...Where are you my Romeo? What is this fate of ours that we cannot come closer to each other? In front of these World's relationships are are unable to keep our relationship of the heart. Where are you Romeo? (Pia looks around. Suddenly as if in vision Piya sees Abhay's eyes. She closes her eyes as if she could not bear the power of Abhay's intense looks. She then hears a voice, 'Juliet' and looks to see the new Guy saying the Romeo lines. He says, 'Juliet my love, Even if the sun goes dark today, then also people can see you. I will forget everything, my looks, my relations and my name'. The Guy and Pia look at each other. The light is switched on and all the students clap on for the performance. Panchi and Misha look at each other and Panchi goes from there dialing someone's number to talk. Piya goes near the Guy and smiles at him. He tells her, 'So... You were good')
Piya: Thank You!
Guy: You did this Play 2 years back, right?
Pia: Yeah!
Guy: And you remember all the lines even now (Pia nods no) Not bad...not bad...But how fake is that? So you are also like that pretentious girls who when they get out of the exam hall say that my exam papers did not go well and I will fail...when they are suppose to be not failing but becoming first... What did you feel? You will make of these people fools with your stupid lies...FYI Princess, Not impressed! And anyways, you are a Dobriyal...And what can anyone expect from you?
Pia: Excuse me you just...
Guy: Ah...ah..Now you will tell that there is a problem with your memory and that you don't understand. You know what? Let it be! Because I don't think you need to understand. I don't think you would understand either...All the best...all the best... (The Guy goes from there)
Piya: You stupid... (She also goes away from there irritated and in anger)

Arnab Dobriyal cuts the Phone down after talking to someone. He then comes and sits opposite to the Doctor.
Arnab: Doctor, That was my daughter Panchi's phone. She is telling me that Pia remembers all the lines of her College Play which she did 2 years ago. How can that happen? That is the reason I came to meet you... I noticed that she is slowly slowly remembering the lost memories.
Doctor: Mr Dobriyal, I have been doing Medical Practice for so many years but I have not seen such a strange case. There is no outside wounds... There is nothing shown in the CT Scan... and we don't understand the reason why she lost memory... This is a strange type of selective memory there are some rules as to what Piya should remember and what she should not. Mr Dobriyal, are you not hiding something from me?
Arnab: No, There is nothing like that...She had an accident... She did not have any outside wounds but you will never know...
Doctor: You said right! You never know. There is some deep part of her life which is forcefully coming in front of her. But if she remembers anything that is a good thing. And there is nothing for you to worry about it.

Scene moves to Abhay who is lying buried underneath somewhere in the Forest.

At the Drama Club.
Panchi: Pia, Are you alright? You are looking lost
Pia: What okay? Actually not...Who was he? Why was he talking to me rudely? And what happened to me? I said that lines as if I have told thousand times.
Misha: Yeah, You have told it thousand times...i mean two years ago at the rehearsals...It's like a habit so you might have remembered...
Piya: No Misha, It was not like that. I felt that someone else also was there on the stage. I felt some ones presence... (Misha and Panchi looks at each other. Misha acts as if she is scared)like
Misha: oouh... I am scared Pia...
Piya: Shut up silly!
Panchi: You don't worry... Don't think too much. I think you are tired. You just need some rest.
Pia: I thinks so too...
Panchi: By the way, where is that new Guy gone?
Piya: Let him go! Arrogant guy...ehh... (Misha thinks, 'Oh! Another rude arrogant love story has started...')

Piya is in her room walking to and fro. She thinks, 'Was that Guy telling the truth? Did I really lose my memory? It's so selective. Some places look familiar to me... some places feel close to my heart...It is as if I left something here and gone... As if someone is calling me... And today those lines and those eyes... Someone is there... Abhay? How will I find out when no one is willing to tell me anything?' Pia goes and sits on her bed. She opens her laptop and types some search query in Loogle. She gets to a page displaying the Mount College Play details. She reads, 'Pia Jaiswal Juliet... Abhay Raichand Romeo... I knew it! But who is this Abhay Raichand? And why am I getting pulled towards him? I need to find out... But who will help me? Who is he? And what is Misha hiding from me? I need to find out'.

The new Guy is driving the Car and talking to someone on phone, 'She has started remembering. We have to do something fast!'

Piya comes into Misha's Room with the Laptop. She sits on the Bed and keeps the laptop in front of Misha showing her what she found.
Pia: What is this Misha? (Misha sees the page and is speechless) Misha, Abhay played the role of Romeo with me in the Play which means I knew him...and you are hiding this matter from me. Why the lying?
Misha: Piya, You are taking the matter too far without any reason. I mean it was such a stupid topic that I did not want to discuss it. Just a waste of time.
Piya: You know what Misha? Maybe it is stupid for you but not for me. For me one year of my life is missing and I don't even know what happened. And on top of that T... I heard your talk...I heard your conversation. You people were talking about me and Abhay and she was threatening you...What is the matter? Why are you hiding information from me?
Misha: Wait...wait...Hold on! Too many question together...Just breathe man...
Piya: Misha please, don't take this matter as a joke...I mean everyone knows Abhay except me. Who was with him don't know him...If there was something between Abhay and me... why don't I remember and why are you not telling me? (Misha looks guilty)

Scene moves to Panchi coming to a Shop and asking for an 80 GB IPod. The Guy at the Counter tells her that they sold the last piece a few minutes ago. Panchi requests the Guy to check as she wanted to give it as a gift. The Guy tells Panchi maybe she can request to the Guy who purchased the last IPod and points to a Guy standing with his back to her in front of another counter. Panchi goes to the Guy and touches on his shoulder.
Panchi : Excuse me! (The Guy turns and looks at her. He faces her and smiles at her)Hi!
Guy: Hi!
Panchi: Well, I needed a favor...
Guy: Tell me...
Panchi: I want to purchase this IPod. Actually I wanted to purchase it for my sister. And I promised her. And last piece you took... So...I mean...If I have to order online she will get very upset...
Guy: Chill! But I must say that your sister is damn lucky. I mean for her one gift you are fighting so much...Nice...I don't mind giving this IPod but there is a condition...
Panchi: Condition? What condition?
Guy: That Ms Panchi Dobriyal should go with me for a Coffee...
Panchi: You know me?
Guy: Who does not know you Panchiji? In this City there cannot be any Guy who would not have wanted to go on a date with you. I mean you are the most popular girl in town. So the deal is... I will give you this IPod and you will go with me for Coffee...
Panchi: Okay, Coffee for sure... (The Guy gives the IPod to Panchi) Thank you so much!

Jay Khurana(the new Guy at College) is at a Club and is talking on the Phone. The Guy Panchi met at the Shop(Neel)who is now at some Coffee Shop is talking to him.
Jay: What's up Brother?
Neel: Guess what Bro? I met Panchi Dobriyal...Panchi Dobriyal...
Jay: Ah...
Neel: And Guess what? And I have come to have Coffee with her. Can you believe that?
Jay: Nice! Good going! Anyways you have been trying to meet her for a long time...And finally...
Neel: Our first date... Isn't that great?
Jay: By the way... You know what Brother...I have heard that Panchi Dobriyal does not meet anyone for more than one or two dates. If you ask me make that Coffee a take away and run away from there.
Neel: Bro Trust me... Panchi is not like that! What ever we heard about her reputation...she is not at all like that. In fact she is very sweet.
Jay: Cool! If you say so... So why don't you bring this sweet Panchi here? Bring her here.
Neel: Bro, I asked her for Coffee. If I say about Night Club she would run off. Isn't it that too soon?
Jay: Anyways, I have heard that Ms Panchi Dobriyal is not that sweet. Ask and see... ( A girl comes and stands near Jay touching him) Maybe she will say yes. You never know! And even if she does not say yes what is the problem. We two are there...we will enjoy the Party.
Neel: Okay, I will see you at the Night Club... See you Man Bye!
Jay: I will see you (Jay disconnects the phone. The Girl and Jay are standing very close to each other looking into each others eyes)
Girl: What is your name?
Jay:Well...What do you want it to be?
Girl: Can I call you Spider man?
Jay: Ummm... Sure (He kisses on her hand and leads her away from there)

Misha and Piya in Misha's room.
Misha: You want to know about Abhay... So here we are...Abhay was a big loser. he was behind you. He wanted to date you. And when you started liking him he started dating other girls behind your back. He was cheating on you. I mean he just did not care about your feelings. And when you came to know Pia you tried to break up with him. And Abhay got really angry... He just completely lost it... He asked you to come for a drive and he was driving very rashly. You asked his to drive slow but he did not listen. And you met up with an accident and you lost your memory. He has taken one year of your life. And you know Papa got very angry and filed a Police Complaint. But you know Abhay's reaction? He just did not listen.(Misha gets up from the bed and walks to the Mirror in the Room) He and his full family... they just vanished into thin air...
Piya: Misha, How can that happen?
Misha: That is what exactly happened Pia... And may be it was for the best...I mean Abhay troubled you so much and made you so sad. It is good that you along with your memory you also forgot Abhay. It just worked out fine.
Pia: The way you are describing him he sounds like a very horrible person. But when I hear his name I get a different feeling...It's very different
Misha: Of course you will feel different Piya...You use to love him... So somewhere inside that love still remains... You made up your mind to break up with him but a heart is a heart. It takes time to move on... Piya just look at this... when you tried to break up with him just see his reaction...he left the city and vanished. You know what? It's the best thing that when we came back he was not in this city. It would have been a disaster. Ahh Pia... Look at you Man! You are super model...You have come back from Paris. The whole world is waiting for you and a brand new life. And just don't think about him. Guys are always like that...first they will run behind you and demand your attention...hold your hands and then kissy kissy and then they will ultimately hurt you. You should not give importance to any Guy.
Piya: Will give importance when I get out of here. I am here all day...that is why we are giving too much importance to each other (Misha smiles)
Misha: You are right Pia. Let's look for a solution for this problem. Ahh... We could go to the hot new Dance Club. Lets do one thing. I and you will go there and we will dance.
Piya: Wow! That sounds fun! After coming from Paris we did not go anywhere.It will be a lot of fun.
Misha: So you do one start getting ready because you would need 2 hours to get ready. I will just go and fresh up... Ssshhh! (Piya smiles. Misha goes from there. Piya goes near the Mirror and looks at her reflection. She thinks, 'Abhay Raichand! I dumped you because you were a loser. But why am I feeling that some part is missing in Misha's Story?' The wind blows and Piya goes near the window. She tries to close the window but stops when she feels a calling from the Woods. She looks out of the window to the Forest and then closes her eyes). Episode ends

PreCap: Piya and Misha are dancing at the Night Club.Jay notices Pia dancing and looks at her intensely with out taking his gaze away from her. Pia also sees him.

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