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30th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 163) Abhay supports Danish against Siddharth

Abhay, Piya and Danish outside Dobriyal House
Episode 163 starts with the door bell ringing at Dobriyal House. Madhu goes and opens the door. She is surprised to see Danish. Danish barges into the room and goes to where Siddharth is standing with Panchi.
Danish: Siddharth, Your game has ended and this time you would not be spared. Because I have seen everything and I know everything… (Siddharth gives an innocent look. Piya comes to the room) Tell me what is your plan…tell me…
Panchi: Just shut up… What are you doing here and what nonsense are you speaking?
Danish: Siddharth joined hands with Malhothra and voted for Weavers College…He deliberately made Mount College lose…It was his plan…
Siddharth: It is really loud… What an imagination. I am a Trustee of Mount College. I will make my college lose? What would I get by doing that?
Danish: I don’t know what
Abhay: Panchi, trust Danish on this. Siddharth is not a good person…he is not good for you… Danish is telling the truth. (Piya thinks, ‘What is Abhay saying? Will Siddharth make his own College lose? Is it all a game by Danish? But Abhay…he is blindly trusting Danish…because he does not like Siddharth? God…Am I standing against my family?’ Danish tries to tell Panchi that Siddharth is not a nice man and touches her. Panchi slaps him)
Panchi: Don’t touch me! I have not seen a loser like you till now. Whenever I am happy you come to spoil my happiness. I love Siddharth. Siddharth has asked for my hand in marriage from Papa. I am marring him (Panchi holds to Sid’s arm), You get it?
Danish: Panchi, How can I wish bad for you? I am still suffering because of the one mistake I did. Even by being away from you…by heart is still yours…and that is not why I am asking you to stay away from Siddharth. He is not a nice man Panchi…he is really not a nice man…he is evil…he is a devil in human form. (Madhu interferes)
Madhu: Enough Danish…enough! That’s enough of your nonsense…now stop it! (Madhu turns to Piya) And you Pia…What are you doing here with him (pointing to Danish)? You only showed his real colors… and what are you doing with him here today? What happened to you?
Abhay: Panchi, Danish has done a lot of mistakes. But this time he is telling the Truth. Whatever he said…he has seen with his own eyes.
Panchi: Abhay, you stay away from this. Because of you my family has faced enough problems. We don’t need this. We are only tolerating you because of Piya…You forgot that Danish cheated me and made that girl pregnant …abused her…attacked Piya…and you are taking his side? (Danish goes to Arnab)
Danish: Uncle…Uncle, Why are you silent? Please tell them what you heard…what Siddharth was talking to Malhothra…and to make you silent Malhothra had kidnapped you in his vehicle…Uncle tell something… Uncle please tell something!
Panchi: Danish, I think you are sick! You need a Doctor. Piya, Call Kabir and tell him to take him home…You need treatment…
Danish: Panchi, Ask your father? Ask what is his truth? (Arnab is drinking at the bar counter) Uncle…Please tell them…Uncle please… (Arnab turns to face the family. Siddharth keeps his hand on Panchi’s shoulder and signals Arnab with finger not to tell anything) Uncle, Why are you not telling anything? Please tell them what the truth is.
Arnab: Danish, Don’t involve me in your imaginary dramatic story. Nobody kidnapped me. What you are talking about Siddharth I don’t understand. All is nonsense. You go from here (Danish looks at Panchi) Now!
Panchi: Just get out Danish…Didn’t you hear? Get out! (Danish leave the room) What is his problem? Why? (Abhay also leaves the room) Why is all these happening with me? Whenever I am happy…he comes back…(Piya follows Abhay. Siddharth is hugging Panchi) …to spoil my happiness… (Madhu goes to Panchi to console her. Siddharth gives a victor’s smile to Arnab)

Scene moves to Pia coming outside the gate with Abhay and Danish on either side.
Danish: I have to go. Too much have happened today…maybe I should not have come here. I am going home…
Piya: Bye!
Danish: Bye! (He walks from there)
Abhay: And you Pia?
Pia: Now this is my family…I have to be there!
Abhay: Piya…You cannot trust Siddharth like this. You don’t know him!
Pia: Come on Abhay! If I do not trust in Siddharth…whom will I trust? Danish? Abhay you forgot what Danish did with me? Panchi… He betrayed Panchi. You know what Abahy? I think you have some problem with Siddharth…
Abahy: Piya, You just have to remember one thing…that Siddharth is not a good human.
Piya: Okay…Siddharth is not a good human…there should be some reason for that…So you tell me… (Abhay says in mind, ‘I cannot tell you Pia. If only I could tell you…’)
Abhay: whatever be the reason…Do you trust me?
Piya: Come on Abhay…You don’t tell me anything…You keep secrets from me and you feel I should trust you…For what? But you know what? But I feel that you have made an opinion about Siddharth…that is why you think only like that… And Danish! I can never trust Danish… I made Danish confront in front of Papa…and Papa rubbished his claims. Now you tell me…Should I trust Danish or should I trust Papa? And talking of Siddharth…Abhay, you give me a reason to dislike him. Otherwise you keep your Philosophy with you…
Abhay: I am going! (Abhay walks from there)
Piya: Abhay, Please don’t go! Abhay, Please tell me what the problem is in Siddharth that you hate him so much.
Abhay: You will regret!
Piya: Then that would be my problem…
Abhay: Okay, Goodnight! (Abhay resumes walking and Piya watches him with a frustrated look on face)

Piya gets back to the House. She goes near Arnab who is standing near the bar counter and drinking.
Pia: Papa... (Arnab looks around) I am sorry Papa... I also broke Panchi's trust by believing in Danish. When I heard about your kidnapping I became so worried and confused...Now I stupid I could I think that Siddharth would do something like that? He is so gentle papa...he is so caring...He can never think of hurting anyone. Papa, He really cares for Panchi...he really loves her...I have seen with my own eyes. Now I understand...Danish is just trying to stop Panchi's marriage...Papa, he is such a lair... (Pia sees Siddharth) Siddharth...(Piya walks to Siddharth) Siddharth...Thank you so much for being there. You are becoming a part of our family. Thank you so much for making Panchi happy. You are the best!
Siddharth: Thank you! It's been a pleasure. Now I will go...
Piya: I will see you outside...
Siddharth: Ahhh...That's kind of you...After you...(Siddharth comes near Arnab) I will see you later...Papa...

Scene moves to Misha sitting on the Cot thinking. She remembers seeing Arnab hugging Panchi and Madhu. She thinks,' God! What all has happened Papa...Everything changed in a minute...Why?' She sees the CD on the Bed side Table. She puts the CD into the Player and sits on the Cot watching it. She sees her childhood moments with Arnab and smiles. Misha suddenly feel sad thinking of the present and switches off the DVD Player.
Siddharth and Piya plans to surprise Panchi
Scene moves to Pia and Siddharth outside the House.
Siddharth:Tonight you supported me...Thanks! It meant a lot to me. Tonight was weird, isn't it? So much of Drama...
Pia: It is okay Siddharth...Drama's happen in every family.
Siddharth: So I wish some good Drama. But I need your help Piya. I have searched for a good house for me and Panchi. It is absolutely perfect. After marriage I wish to stay there with her. Problem is that it is being locked for a long time and is quite an old mansion. It needs redecoration and I was thinking...
Piya: So you were thinking that I help you do the interiors...right?
Siddharth: Pia, Can you read my mind or what? (Piya laughs) Are you a mind reader?
Piya: Of course I will help you Siddharth! It is going to be so much fun!
Siddharth: Great! Thank you Piya...Really appreciate it.
Pia: I will see you then...Bye!
Siddharth: Our secret should remain a secret...
Piya: Okay...Lips sealed!
Siddharth: Good...Great! I will pick up up after College...We will go there...
Piya: I think that is perfect...Bye...Goodnight!
Siddharth: Bye Bye! (Piya walks back to house. Siddharth thinks, 'Good girl Pia...Keep a secret. Tomorrow finally my journey would come to an end...and yours too! Tomorrow I and you will go to the same place where this story started' He says,'Piya...Tomorrow you will go there from where the story started...Home sweet home...' Siddharth walks to his Car with his hands extended on either side. He gets into the Car and drives away. Abhay who was hidden comes out. He says in mind, 'If you want you can go there from where this story started but Siddharth I can say this with confidence that you will not write the end of the story'.

Scene moves to next day at Mount College. Misha comes in her bike to the College Campus. Piya sees her. Misha also looks at her. Piya thinks, 'Seeing Misha... it looks like she cried all night...' Piya starts walking towards Misha but she turns and walks from there. Piya then gets a message from Abahy asking her to meet him behind the College.
Abhay and Piya hugs
Piya meets Abhay who was waiting for her behind the College.
Abhay: Pia, I am sorry...Yesterday I hurt you...I should not have talked to you like that.
Piya: Yeah Abhay, You should not have talked to me like that! But why are these secrets between us? Abhay, Are you keeping these secrets because you want to protect me? Abhay, You don't need to protect me. I have the courage to hear the truth. OS if there is any such matter about Siddharth you wish to tell me...please tell me now...but later don't tell me that you were trying to protect me.
Abhay: Piya, I am not hiding anything! I just don't like is a gut feeling.
Pia: So your hatred towards Siddharth is personal?
Abhay: Yeah!
Piya: And you want to tell sorry to me? (Abhay smiles) Abhay! Actually I am also sorry. I also should not have talked to you like that. (They hug)
Abhay: Let's spend some quality time together! (Piya nods) I want to take you out for dinner (Piya thinks, 'Today I have to go with Siddharth to see Panchi's House') Abhay actually I wanted to study for the I
Abhay: Which test?
Pia: Which test? Abhay ...there is a test...Why are you questioning me like this? Okay now...Come on... It is getting late for me for the Class...Bye! I will see you later...Bye...

Pia walks through the College Campus. Pia thinks, 'I hate this! I don't like to tell lie to Abhay. But if he comes to know that I am going with Siddharth he will again get angry. Waht should I do?' Abhay comes out from behind the Pillar. He says in mind, 'Piya...for whom you are telling me lies is fooling everyone. How will I tell you who he is...' Abhay comes in front of Piya.
Abhay: You would do the preparations of the test with Siddharth?
Piya: What?
Abhay: You know Pia...Don't tell lie to me. after all these happening you are hiding the truth from me?
Pia: Abhay, If you knew then why did you ask me make me tell the truth? You could have asked me straight Abhay...And if I would have told you that I am going with Siddharth...what would you have done? How would you have reacted? Would you have let me go? We would have fought again Abhay! Abhay, The point is that I am going with Siddharth because he has purchased a new house for Panchi and he wants my help regarding the interiors. Panchi is my sister Abhay...I love her...Siddharth is supposed to marry her...and the matter ends there!
Abhay: Are you justifying your lie? And you feel that you are right?
Piya: This is not a lie! It is just that you are hot headed about Siddharth. This is really unfair... Who I will make my friend or not should I be asking you?
Abhay: Really? That is why you are telling lies to me...You are going to meet him?
Piya: You know what Abhay? I had enough! I am just done with this... (Piya walks away from there. Abhay is frustrated and angry. Episode ends.

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