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3rd May 2011 Written Update (Episode 165) Piya finds out that Siddharth’s actual family is in Dehradun

Piya interrupts Sid-Panchi Romancing
Episode 165 starts with Abhay coming down the stairs of the Old Mansion. Suddenly his mobile rings and he picks up the call from Danish. Abhay tells Danish, ‘Don’t worry Danish…When I came to know that Siddharth has come here with Pia I took our College friends and came here. And now…Siddharth cannot do anything in front of everybody’. Siddharth overhears the conversation. Abhay cuts the phone and turns to see Siddharth in front of him.
Siddharth: So…the truth is out! I knew that you are responsible for these mad people’s picnic. Smart move…I must say! But tell me one thing Abhay…how long will you save your precious Piya?
Abhay: You are here. I am also here. To reach to Pia you have to face me first. And the best part is I am the right Brother...not the wrong one!
Siddharth: Ahh...sense of humor? Abahy finally you have learned something from me...there could be hope for you after all...I will tell you what...Today night keep your Vampire senses on full alert...because tonight could be very interesting (Siddharth looks at Abhay and bares his teeth and fangs)
Abhay: Never mind...I also have that...(Siddharth comes back to normal form and goes from there. Abhay smiles)

The 4 girls are roaming around in the mansion. Kabir drags Angad down the stairs telling that he could show him some cool stuff. Angad and Kabir plans to scare the girls and cover themselves with a white sheet. They make a noise and the girls get scared. Under Pia's leadership the girls move towards the place from where they heard the noise. Angad and Kabir lights a torch inside. Suddenly another figure appears at the door and the girl's scream. T's friend falls down unconscious. The figure comes behind Angad and Kabir. Angad turns and looks. He sees a black form with just lights in place of eyes standing behind and faints. The figure removes the head covering. Kabir calls Angad but there is no response from him. Kabir turns and sees the black figure. Kabir lights the torch and sees Panchi standing there. Panchi gives a funny laugh and says, 'Surprize'.
Kabir: Panchi ...You idiot...You killed everyone!
Panchi; But see your faces...and he is unconscious. Sorry...But this trick always works! (Kabir shakes Angad trying to wake him up) And Piya...(Pia is sitting near the unconscious girl shaking her)You also got scared...mad girl!(Panchi goes near Piya)
Piya: Panchi! Panchi ...you scared her! But anyway...How come you are here? I knew...Madhu Aunty can never keep a secret. She only would have told you...
Panchi: No!Mom did not tell me...Mom was telling Dad and I heard...
Piya: How did you like the House...
Panchi: It is good...but need to make some changes...
Piya: Yeah...Lot of changes have to be done. Anyways, Siddharth would be happy to see you. I will just go and find him...you just take care of her... (Piya goes from there. Panchi goes in search of water. Angad regains consciousness and Kabir tells him that it was not a Ghost but Panchi.

Siddharth is talking to Haseena.
Siddharth: Listen to me...You are making a big mistake. What do you think...You can control me? And Abhay? No... It has become too much...Now I will definitely bring him to an end...or end myself. You are my Mother... (Piya comes and overhears the conversation) Do you know how many years I have spend without you? Siddharth Mehra...an Orphan! Whose Mom,Dad and Brother are there but still he had to spend life alone...No way Mom...You made your choice. I can see your house from my House but cannot go there...You have lost all rights...And you don't have any rights to interfere in my life...No freaking way! (Siddharth cuts the phone and walks from there. Piya hides. Once Siddharth goes Piya comes to the door. She thinks, 'Siddharth's family stays here? But he had told that his Parents are dead. But they stay here? In Dehradun...Who are they?' Piya comes down the stairs. She thinks, ' Is Siddharth and my story the same? Does he have a family which does not accept him? I can understand his pain. I also asked my Mom why she send me to Dehradun where I can see my family but not accepted by them...But in the end they also accepted me...Every family has some story or the other...but in the end everything becomes alright...Siddharth is getting married...He is going to start his life...So his family has to accept him. You will understand one day Siddharth why I am doing this. Siddharth...I will definitely make you meet with your family' Piya walks down and come to the Hall.
Panchi: Surprise Guys! (Siddharth comes down the other stairs. He thinks, 'Now what are you doing here? This was suppose to be a private evening but now it has become a mad people's picnic!' (Siddharth comes to the Hall)Siddharth...
Siddharth: Panchi! What are you doing here? Who told you? (Panchi shows an anger face) Hey...Why so angry?
Panchi: Then what to do? You came this far with Piya and you did not tell me...The House is mine, is it not?
Siddharth: So you know now? Okay...well...this was actually a gift for you...a wedding gift... Piya came with me here so that she can help me re-decorate this place. So...surprise!!! (Panchi still keeps an angry face)Tell me what should I do to make you happy?
Panchi: How about taking me for a Romantic film?
Siddahrth: How about a Horror Film?
Panchi: What is with all you guys...why you take your girlfriends for horror film?
Siddharth: Ahh...Because when you get afraid you will come closer to me and hold my hand...will hug me...and then...No? (Panchi nods 'No')Okay...then I will ask someone else...(Siddharth turns and Panchi stops him)
Panchi: Shut up! I will kill you...You will only go with me...alone...
Siddharth: If you insist! (They smile staring at each other)So when we go there I was thinking... (Pia watches them and interrupts their romancing)
Pia: Excuse me Guys! Siddharth, can we just leave. It is 10'0'clock and we all will be late...
Siddharth: Sure!
Panchi: Yeah sure!
Piya: Thanks!
Siddharth: Kabab main haddi... (Both laugh)

Scene moves to Misha looking into the watch and thinking where Tracker is. Misha calls Tracker. Ruhi picks up Misha's call. Misha asks her where she is and Ruhi replies that she is in the haunted house.
Misha: You people went for roaming without telling me?
Ruhi: Nothing like that...When I and Angad was sitting on the Canteen we suddenly decided...
Misha: So...You and Angad are on a date...cool! Not an issue... (Misha suddenly hears the sound of laughing)
Ruhi: No Misha...Pia and you are not talking so I thought...
Misha: Wait a minute Tracker...Basically you and Angad went on a date with Siddharth, Panchi, Kabir, Piya and others...Tracker, I saw your loyalty! I won't talk to you... (Tracker looks at the phone and sees that Misha has cut the call. She walks from there and Angad follows her)

Misha says, 'Cheaters! I am a fool who saw the Video and got sentimental...I was feeling that people are missing me and it is my fault. No one cares! All are bothered about themselves...' Misha is angry.

Ruhi: Misha is angry with me...I did not do all this deliberately... People were all standing there and I just said...
Angad: Hey Ruhi...Ruhi...Why are you taking tension? You know how Misha's anger is...(He opens the Car door for her) You sit inside...everything will be alright...I am here...(Ruhi gets inside the Car. Angad also gets into the back seat. Kabir comes running and gets into the Driver seat. He then looks behind and sees Angad and Ruhi romancing)
Angad: You are my friend right?
Kabir: You think of me as your Driver?
Angad: Friendship first...
Ruhi: Chauffeur...Drive the car! (Angad and Ruhi laughs seeing Kabir's expression)
Kabir: Right Baby! remember one thing...Every dog has it's day... (Abhay comes to his Car with T's friends. He opens the back door for them to sit. Kabir drives of the Car with Ruhi and Angad. Abhay sees Piya going to the Car behind)
Abhay: Pia...Where are you going?
Piya: Abhay now it is very necessary for me to go on that Car...I will tell you later, Okay?
Abhay: Okay! (He turns and walks to get into the Drivers seat. (Abhay gets into the Car and drives it)

Siddharth and Panchi comes there and is about to get to the front. Piya walks towards Siddharth's car.
Panchi: Pia...You in this Car? What happened to him?
Pia: Panchi...he was irritating me a lot and I did not want to go with him. Can I come with you both in this Car please? (Panchi is disappointed)
Panchi: Of course! Don't even ask...Sit...
Siddharth: Come...come Pia... (Piya sits alone on the back seat. She thinks, 'Siddharth, my Plan starts now')

Inside the Car Piya thinks, 'Don't know why...I was feeling very strange inside that house. Now how will I get Siddharth's Mummy's number. How would I do this?' Piya then sees Siddharth's Mobile.
Piya: Siddharth, Can you please give me your Phone...there is no range in mine...I need to make a Call...
Siddharth: Sure! (Siddharth takes his mobile and gives it to Piya)
Piya : Thanks! (Piya copies the Mobile number of Siddharth's Mom from the Call details on Siddharth's mobile to her phone) Siddharth...I think there is no range from your phone also... (Pia gives the mobile back to Siddharth) Thanks anyway! (Pia looks at her phone and smiles)

Next day at Mount College Campus. Misha comes to the Campus driving on her Bike. She walks to Madhu who is standing near the Car.
Misha: Hi! Thanks for meeting me... I need my things from home as I am looking for a new place for myself...
Madhu: Misha dear! This much anger is not right! Do you know how your Papa is feeling? he wanted to phone you. I only told him to wait till your anger cools down and that you would come back home on your own... Misha, it's become too much now...Please stop now...
Misha: Till now nothing has happened Momma. Dobriyal House is fine without me. I am not needed. I mean...No one misses me! The same Parties...Picnics and Family Dinners...What am I needed for? And on top of that my friends...everyone turned out to be back stabbers! You know what? I do not need anyone...I am fine alone. I don't need anything. Just send me my things... (Madhu watches Misha with a small smile on her face)
Madhu: You know Misha... You are just like your father! Stubborn...Foolish... (Madhu hugs Misha) We are not going anywhere. Take how much ever time you need. When you remember your Mom...Come home... Your home...your family...everything is waiting for you, Okay? (Madhu gets into the Car. Misha watches the Car going. Misha says, 'Looks like Momma learned new dialogue...But it would be of no use on me. I will never go...Never!')

Scene moves to Angad and Ruhi sitting in the Canteen with two girls. Ruhi admires herself on the Mirror and smiles. She suddenly sees Misha and her smile fades. She hides underneath the table. Misha comes there.
Misha: Angad, Where is your loser Girlfriend? Tell her that if she wants her slippers come and take it from me...
Angad: Slippers? (Misha bends and takes the Chappals from Ruhi)
Misha: (Shows the Slippers) Slippers! (Misha walks away and Angad laughs. Tracker comes from underneath the Table)
Tracker: You are laughing at me...you idiot (Ruhi slaps him)...my feet is burning...get me the slippers...
Angad: (Angad keeps his hand down)Keep your feet on my hand...

Scene moves to the History Teacher coming through the Corridor with a file in hand. She sees Misha and stops her telling that she was looking for her. The Teacher scolds Misha for not having finished the Paper Work of the Dance Competition and for not returning the Costumes and Stage Props. She gives the files to Misha and tells her that all records should be on the file and that she needs them in one hour. The Teacher tells Misha to get to work and goes off. Misha gives a mock salute once she is gone and remarks that 'the whole world is full of losers'.

Misha is sitting at the Canteen and doing the Paper work. Suddenly her eyes fall on the Siddharth Mehra's score sheet for the Dance Competition. She says, 'Oh my God...How is this possible? We won the dance competition? There was a calculation error? I knew it...I mean how can we lose?' Episode ends

Precap: Misha confronts Siddharth.
Misha: You voted for Mount College...right?
Siddharth: Yeah! (Misha points the paper in the file)
Misha: Then what is this? Look! Then put your vote under Weavers...So I need it...I will give it to you tomorrow...But don't worry about it. It means we won...we won... (Misha jumps and then hugs Siddharth)Bye bye! (Misha goes from there. Siddharth thinks, 'This chapter was closed. First Father and now daughter...Feels like to eat them both at once... Bloody dumb Dobriyals!')

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