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27th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 229) Abhay realizes that Pia has started loving the wrong man again

Pia and Abhay romance in the Library
Episode 229 starts with Chand Raichand telling Abhay, 'If Dipanita is the mother of the werewolf you killed Abhay... that means that her two sons and whole family... they are werewolves. I am sure they have some agenda which is why they are together... a pack of wolves! How dangerous they are you know very well. And how difficult it would be to fight with them... you know that Hasina... Therefore we have no choice but to kill them'.
Hasina: You are right Chand! It is either them or us... We have to finish them for our own survival.
Abhay: Dipanita Khurana's two sons are very clever...they do not let anyone get suspicious that they are different. Before attacking them we have to make a fool proof plan.
Chand: What kind of plan? (Abhay thinks, 'The plan is very easy...but don't know why I did not think of this before. If the whole Khurana family is Werewolves Pia is still in danger. Pia has once again loved the wrong person. And I can imagine that Jeh would have gone closer to her only to reach me. Pia... I have to keep you away from Jay... I did not realize when i kept you away from me that I am putting you into more danger instead. You have to stay away from Jeh' . Hasina keeps her hand on Abhay's shoulder).
Hasina: Abhay... Chand is talking to you... Say something!
Abhay: Mom! I cannot tell you that plan now. But I promise that what ever I think... what ever plan I make... I would make after thinking properly. (Abhay goes from there. Hasina turns and looks at Chand)

Abhay is talking to someone on the phone, 'Hello... I need to talk to you!'
Abhay manipulates Ruhi
At the Mount College Tracker is standing surrounded by some Girls and talking. Tracker tells that she thought that it would be the last day in her life and starts narrating the previous days incident. Pia reaches there. Ruhi tells that she saw a man killing 2 people by hiding behind a tree. She tells them the man was Abhay Raichand and everyone is shocked to hear this. Abhay taps on Ruhi's shoulder and she turns and sees Abhay in front of her.
Abhay: What happened after that Ruhi? Tell...Every one wants to know... What happened after that?
Ruhi: Then I ran away from there... I don't know what happened... You were killing those people... How would I be able to keep sitting there?
Abhay: You say a murder being committed... and you ran away from there? Why? Are you not a good citizen? Then why did you not inform the police? Because you felt that you will tell half baked stories and become the Gossip Queen of College. No need to get into facts... You don't even know what actually happened there. I went there to handle the two Guys who attacked Neil. I am Misha had taken Neil to his house in an injured state. And after that I came back there to teach them a lesson (Ruhi puts her head down in guilt). You stupid girl... Don't you understand the difference between unconscious and dead? Next time give your audience not sensation but news... (Abhay goes from there. Every one including Ruhi clap for him. Pia also look at him as he passes through the College corridor. One girl remarks, 'Wow! We thought of him as villain and he is a hero'. Piya thinks, 'Why would Abhay do this much for Neil... such a person who treated him so bad... Abhay, I don't understand you... What are you? I mean the Hero or the Villain? And why should it matter to me? He is with Panchi... with my sister! He does not have any relation with me. He is Panchi's Boyfriend. For me my sister's happiness is the most important'. Pia walks from there).
Abhay tells Danish that he needs full information about Khuranas
Abhay is walking to and fro at the Car Parking lot. Danish Singh comes there.
Danish: What happened Abhay? Why did you call me in a hurry?
Abhay: I want to find everything regarding the Khurana's. They are becoming dangerous day by day. Not only for us but for others too! They have taken this matter a little too far...
Danish: Sure Abhay! I can do anything for your family... Your enemy is my enemy... You don't worry! I will find out about the Khuranas what they are doing in Dehradun. (Abhay turns and walks from there. Danish thinks, ' There is only one place to find out details about them... Asia Library... Dehradun's oldest library')

Danish is standing in an Old Library and talking to an Old Guy there.
Danish: Sir, I want some books...
Librarian: Okay...
Danish: Old... historical...In fact the Old Stories which may be true...
Librarian: This place is very old son! Here you will get age old books, essays, records and everything. You have to search... truth or myth! (Danish looks around in the library. He says in mind, 'I want to find the truth of a myth... how much is story... how much is truth... I have come here to find out that.' Danish pulls out a book on the Khurana's from the book shelf and sits on a bench looking at the details. He scans through the History of the Khurana's and find out that they are actually from Punjab. He sees the picture of the actual Dipanita Khurana in the book. Danish wonders, 'Dipanita Khurana has an adopted son? Does Abhay know about this?'

Abhay Raichand is walking through the College Corridor. Abhay comes to the class and looks around. He thinks, 'I have to directly talk to Jeh. There is no use talking to Pia. She would never listen to me. But Jay... I will handle him'. He sits on a benth and writes on a note book, 'Meet me at the Library at evening 7 PM'. He takes the paper out and folds it. Misha suddenly comes there and pulls Abhay from there by holding on his hand.
Misha: Abhay!
Abhay: Misha... What?
Misha: No Abhay No! No arguments... no questions... just come with me, okay? (Abhay throws the chit down)
Misha takes Abhay to Panchi
Misha extends her hands to give a final hug for her fake boyfriend
Misha holds Abhays hands and bring him to the College corridor where Panchi is waiting. Misha pushes Abhay towards Panchi.
Misha: Here Panchi... here is Abhay... Talk to him... (Abhay faces Panchi)
Abhay: What is happening here?
Panchi: Abhay...I have to talk an important matter to you... (Abhay looks at Misha)
Abhay: To me?
Panchi: yeah...
Abhay: What is it that you have to talk to me?
Misha: Listen what she says... have some patience...
Panchi: Look Abhay! Misha told me everything... the stupid boyfriend girlfriend drama... What do you Guys think? That Pia is a fool? It's so silly...She knows it all! And Misha does not even behave like a girl... So how can she be anyone's girlfriend?
Misha: hey... hey fatty... Insults to the bare minimum, okay?
Abhay: Okay... I get it! But do you have a solution to this?
Panchi: Look! Misha told me everything over the phone but Pia was standing behind her... she heard everything. And you know Misha she cannot hide anything... So then I need to come on the middle.
Abhay: I don't get it... I don't understand anything!
Panchi: And I told Pia that Misha is not your girlfriend... I am your girlfriend... (Abhay is shocked and confused)
Abhay: What? But why?
Panchi: Because Pia heard everything Misha talked. She heard that Misha is doing all the drama to protect her sister. So to confuse her I said that sister is me. And we both are hiding our relationship because my engagement has happened with a Guy whom I don't love...
Abhay: That means you people have made the matter even more confusing (Misha comes near them)
Misha: Yaar... Agree to her... I mean Panchi is more experienced than me in all this. And if you had kissed or hugged me once more... I would have fainted.
Panchi: Look Abhay! We both will get benefit from this game... Look, I wish that Neil breaks the engagement and this can happen only if he sees me with someone. And you also can stay away from Pia. We both have benefit from this game... Think about it!
Abhay: Alright! If this is a solution... then I am cool with it.
Panchi: Wow! Really? Great! (Misha is also happy) And listen! I have not told Pia exact details... How it happened...when it happened... I have not told her anything... Just told her that circumstances got us together and some crap, okay?
Abhay: Okay!
Misha: So the deal is made... No one is changing their mind, okay? So fake Boyfriend for the last time (Misha gives Abhay for a hug)... Bye Bye! I am free.... I am free... (Misha runs away from there. Panchi smiles at Abhay)

Pia comes to the class room looking at her watch. She goes and sits on a bench. She picks up the note Abhay had thrown from the floor. She opens and reads it, 'Meet me at the library at 7 PM'. She thinks, 'So strange... Who wrote this?'
Khurana Brothers Neil and Jeh playing a Game
Neel is sitting at his room and reading Victoria Alexander. Jeh comes there.
Jeh: Hey Neil...What's up? How are you feeling?
Neel: Good Bro... (Jeh sits on a chair in the room)
Jeh: So what are you doing? Hmmm Neil? ( Jeh sees Neil smiling and goes closer to him and takes the Book. He then checks temperature by keeping his hands on Neel's neck) What? You are reading a love novel? You are alright? I am with you brother I am ... (Neil takes the novel back)
Neil: It's just a time pass. I asked Mom for a novel and she gave me this as if I am a teenage girl (Jay goes and sits on the chair again). Then I thought that I will read and see what is in the book that girls become so crazy. That's it!
Jeh: Nice! It is a good excuse to read this soapy stuff...
Neil: Mind your tongue
Jeh: Okay
Neil: And by the way there is one such thing in this book which I want to try with you. (Jeh becomes uncomfortable)
Jeh: excuse me... I am not getting into all that... keep me out of all this...(Jeh turns himself away from Neil)
Neil: Jay... Who is elder? (Jay points to Neil) Who should be obeyed?
Jeh: That is unfair!
Neil: Shut up! (Jeh faces Neil)
Jeh: Let's try!
Neil: I will tell you a word... and hearing that word you have to tell the first thing that comes into your mind... an associate word...
Jeh: Something is happening...
Neel: It's not funny Jay...
Jay: Okay... it's boring!
Neil: You got the game?
Jeh: More or less...
Neil: water
Jay: River
Neil: Chicken
Jay: tandoori
Neil: Hot legs
Jeh: Chicks
Neil: Jey...
Jeh: Sorry!
Neil: Love
Jeh: Pia...(Neil looks at Jeh. Jeh looks embarrassed being caught red handed. He composes himself) Next question? (Neel teases him)
Neil: Love? Pia... Love... Pia?
Jeh: yeah.. Stop your love Pia... love Pia...Okay? It's a game... Nothing else!
Neil: You wanted to stay away from soapy stuff... What happened Brother? Finally you got into the Paris return Pia Dobriyal's love... What happened?
Jeh: Sshh Shut up Neil... It's not like that. You are thinking too much. We are just playing a game...that's it!
Neil: Dude... This is a game for just namesake...the truth has come out. Look at your face man... It is written on your face how much you love her. I have seen you with her, okay? Who are you making fool of? You elder Brother? It's okay if you make me fool but what about yourself? Stop fooling around Bro... 9Jeh recalls Pia kissing him and the public display of affection at the dinner table. He recalls him thanking her for considering him her good friend)
Jeh: No! Excuse me... Pia Dobriyal and me... it's not happening... At least not in this life.
Neil: I believe you Jeh
Jeh: You better do...
Neil: I do!
Jeh: You know what? Shut up! read the book (Neil smiles. Jey get up from there)
Neil: I am...
Jeh: Shut up!
Piya and Abhay romance in the Library
Pia and Abhay Library love Scene
Pia opens the Library door and walks in. She sees Abhay standing there with his back faced towards her.
Pia: Abhay! (Abhay turns and looks at her)
Abhay: What are you doing here?
Pia: That is none of your business. Some one put a note for me on my bench... I came to meet that person at the library.
Abhay: I left that note... not for you but for Jeh...
Pia: Why?
Abhay: None of your business... (They stare at each other. Pia forgets herself and moves towards Abhay. Pia thinks, 'Don't bring this thought to mind. Pia just forget him. Abhay is with your sister Panchi.(She takes a step backwards) He has no interest in you'. She composes herself and walks to the door. When she reaches the door it gets closed by the breeze and papers fly in. Pia gets scared and runs to Abhay.She stand there with her hands on Abhay's shoulder while Abhay's hands are on her waist. They look at each other almost mesmerized. Abhay thinks, 'Pia this is not right...But with you in my arms why do I feel that the word has become right...' He embraces her.
Abhay: Pia... Break your relationship with Jeh...
Pia: What?
Abhay: Do you trust me? (Pia looks at Abhay. Abhay removes a stand of hair from her face fondly) Episode ends

PreCap: Abhay and Pia and walking through the College corridor. News Reporters are trying to talk to them and photographs have been taken.

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