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22nd July 2011 Written Update (Episode 226) Jeh Khurana brings Pia home to meet Dipanita

Pia kisses Jeh
Episode 226 starts with Abhay seeing the Photos on the Wall of Khurana Mansion and realizing that the Khuranas belong to the family of the werewolf he killed while fighting with Mythili and Siddharth. As Abhay is looking at the Photos Dipanita Khurana comes down the stairs to the hall where Abhay is standing. Abhay thinks, ' So these people belong to the family of the werewolf I killed while fighting with Mythili and Siddharth. So this is not just the enmity between the werewolf and vampire. This is a War for revenge. And the consequences of it is going to be high... very high!' Abhay touches the picture of Neil with the werewolf he killed in the fight'. Dipannita goes closer to Abhay.
Danish tries to talk about Neil to Panchi
A Car stops in front of a medical store. Panchi gets out of the Car and goes to the Shop counter. She buys head ache tablets and turns to walk back to the Car. She sees Danish in front of her. She is annoyed.
Panchi: Not again! (Panchi walks to her Car)
Danish : Panchi please... How long will you ignore me?
Panchi: Danish, What is it? Please let it be... I am not in a mood for this...
Danish: Before you go listen to me...
Panchi: What is it... tell me... just speak up okay? (Danish goes near her)
Danish: You are very beautiful now also...
Panchi: Danish you said you wanted to talk to me... So just speak up!
Danish: Look Panchi... I really care for you. I know that you will not believe in my words. But I really do! I still love you that much so I do not wish that you do mistakes in life like Neil. And... he is not the right Guy for you Panchi. I know that he is hiding the reality from all of you. And I will bring the truth out. All I need is some real proof. I do not wish that anyone cheats you and your family in any way.
Panchi: Really? You are telling this? You Danish who cheated on me... Today the condition I am in is because of you.(Danish looks guilty) The beginning was with you. My engagement happened with you Danish. And what did you do? You kept me and my family in the dark. Neil... Siddharth and now you... the beginning of all this started with you. And what do you think? By saying love you and sorry the past year would come back? You lied... you cheated...and you tried to hurt Pia... I know that Neil is not a good Guy. I know how he is. But I do not have any other choice. This and all is bullshit.You did not leave me in a way to deserve anyone's love... not yours or not anyone elses... (Panchi gets into the Car)
Danish: Panchi...please... Panchi...listen to me! (Danish looks at her through the Car window) Panchi...please listen to me... I never stopped loving you. I made a mistake and to hide that one mistake i continued making mistakes. But I did not want to lose you Panchi. (Panchi wipes her tears) And at the end that only happened. I am going through the punishment of that one mistake for 3 years. I told you lie Panchi... but because of the fear of losing you! But I lost you... (Danish walks from there. Panchi thinks, ' My this condition is because of you Danish. If you would not have cheated me like that in life I would not have been in this much a bad condition'. Panchi drives the Car from there).

Dipanita goes near Abhay.
Dipanita: You wanted something Abhay? I think Abhay... You should wash your hands.
Abhay: Yeah (Abhay goes from there. Dipanita thinks, ' Why did he come here? What does he want? What was he searching? Here everything is right. Maybe he did not come here to take anything. I need to keep an eye on him. It is better to keep an eye on the Raichands.
Arnab tells Panchi that he is her friend also
Arnab tells Panchi that nothing is more important to him than her happiness

Arnab Dobriyal comes to Panchi's room. He sees the light and wonders why the light is on. He sees the bed and says, 'Panchi has not gone to sleep till now? Where is she?' Panchi comes to the room wiping her face with a towel. She goes and sits on the bed. Arnab goes and sits near her.
Arnab: Panchi... It's late... you have not slept?
Panchi: Papa...I am not feeling sleepy. (Arnab puts his hand around Panchi's shoulders)
Arnab: Listen Panchi! I am your Dad. But I am also like your friend...right?
Panchi: Yeah!
Arnab: If you have any problem you can tell me... anything! (Panchi gets up and walks towards the bed)
Panchi: Nothing like that Papa... You don't worry! You go to sleep Papa... Good night! (Panchi stands near the Bed and looks into her mobile. Arnab gets up and go near Panchi. He keeps his hands on her shoulders).
Arnab: Panchi... Look...Dear if you are not happy with Neil you can tell me... There is nothing important to us than your happiness.
Panchi: Yeah Papa...I know... But don't worry...I am fine!
Arnab: You keep telling me that everything is okay and fine. But don't know why I feel that you have some problem which you are not telling me. Tell me Panchi... tell me! (Panchi turns to face Arnab)
Panchi: Don't worry papa... I am fine! I just got a slight headache... I am alright!
Arnab: Are you sure? (Panchi nods) Well then... I think you need a Hot Chocolate. I will bring it for you. have that and you will sleep like a baby. (Panchi smiles)
Panchi: yeah! (Arnab goes from there. Panchi thinks, 'I hope this problem got solved Papa...but this is too messed up. And what is there I cannot tell you. How will I tell you that Neil is taking revenge on me... because I broke up with him... What does it say about me?

A Car comes and stops in front of Khurana Mansion. Jeh and Pia is sitting in the Car. Jeh releases the seat bet and says, 'let's go!'. He sees Pia lost in thoughts and snaps his fingers in front of her. Pia looks at him.
Jeh: Where have you got lost? You okay?
Pia: No... Actually yeah... I am fine!
Jeh: Well thank God! Otherwise I thought are you not thinking of that Abhay again...
Pia: Jay!
Jeh: Anyways...let's go! I have to talk to Mom...
Pia: Oh yeah... Thank you so much Jeh... I didn't think that you will help me in this matter.
Jeh: Technically the problem is not solved so far... and when the problem gets solved I will take your thank you...
Pia: But anyway... I am telling you thanks in advance.
Jeh: Just... just don't mind Pia but I am not doing this for you...I am doing this for my stupid Brother. He is not realizing that whatever he is doing is very wrong. And I think he needs Panchi in his life. Anyways, let's go! (Jeh and Pia gets out of the Car and walks towards the House)

Chand and Hasina who are keeping a watch on the Khurana House sees them.
Chand: Pia...
Hasina: What is she doing here? She always reaches where Abhay is... Is there fate tied up together?
Chand: No Hasina... Not fate... but trouble got her here. I don't like it!
Hasina: No Chand! Pia can never be trouble for Abhay... She is the light of his dark life.
Chand: I hope you are right Hasina...

Abhay and Misha is coming along with Dipanita Khurana to the hall.
Dipanita: You both will have Dinner with me and go... In fact I have organized also...
Misha: Thanks Aunties... Cat sized rats are running inside my stomach (Misha occupies a chair in front of the Table and turns the plate in front of her)
Dipanita: Abhay... You might also be hungry... Come on Join us! (Abhay thinks, 'No Mrs Khurana... You won't be able to catch me that fast...') Abhay... join us! (Abhay sits in a chair next to Misha. Dipanita thinks, 'Come on let us play this game and see also... Let's see if you will be able to eat human food or not' Dipanita sits on a chair on the table too and turns her plate to serve food).
Madhu asks Panchi how her relationship with Neil is going

Madhu comes into Panchi's room. She sees clothes thrown here and there. She picks it up.
Madhu: What is this? Panchi dear... You are not a child...
Panchi: Mom! You came.... (Panchi goes and hugs Madhu)
Madhu: It's so good to see you... Tell me... how are you? Everything is going well between you and Neil ? (Panchi nods No) What is the matter? Tell me! (Panchi sits on the cot)
Panchi: Momma... Momma... (She looks as if she is about to cry. Madhu sits next to her on the cot).
Madhu: What happened dear?
Panchi: Mom... Everything is going wrong again... And Neil is not a good guy. He got engaged to me because he wants to put our family down. He want to take revenge on me... I will never be able to stay happy with him Mom...
Madhu: You will have to stay Panchi!
Panchi: What?
Madhu: Panchi... I don't wish to hear another word from you. Your engagement has broken twice. And now you want another bad name on our family? Do you even know what would be the effects of this on our family? Your Dad thinks that you are still his school going kid. But I see the world... Look! Do you even have an idea how important the reputation is for a girl? May be you are not able to understand Panchi... but I have to look at all that. You tell me... Which family would like to be associated with us? No family would want to associate with us. And after that who will marry you? Tell me...You don't understand the gravity of this at all Panchi... But you have to understand. Neel is a good guy... He is from a good family... He earns well... If you have a disagreement on some silly issue... you have to forget it... you understand? (Arnab comes to the room with hot chocolate)
Arnab: Hot Chocolate on its way... here you go... you guys are finished with you love meeting?Take this and drink fast (Arnab give the Hot Chocolate to Panchi)
Panchi: Thank you!
Arnab: And go to sleep. It's late... Come on Madhu...let's go!
Madhu: Yeah... (To Panchi) Good night!
Panchi: Goodnight! (Madhu goes from the room. Panchi thinks, ' You are telling right Momma... I cannot break my engagement with Neil. But I can do something so that he himself will break the relationship with me'.
Pia, Jeh, Dipannita, Misha and Abhay at the Dinner Table

Abhay feeding Khichadi to Misha
At the Khurana House Jeh opens the door for Pia and she walks inside. Jeh is about to close the door when he sees Abhay and Misha on the dinner table.
Dipanita: Jey! Come... Dinner is ready... Pia you also come... (Pia and Jeh looks at Abhay)
Jey: Hey Mom! What are they doing here?
Dipanita: Jeh... They brought Neil here. Someone attacked him at the jungle.
Jay: What? Neel was attacked... How?
Dipanita: But he is okay now...Please come... You guys come and start eating... (Jay walks to the dinner table followed by Pia)
Jay: Mom... How is he now ? (Jeh pulls a chair for Piya) Come sit Pia... Where is he? How is he doing? (Pia and Jeh sits next to each other)
Dipannita: He is in the room Jeh. He should be fine by morning. Doctor has given him injection. Anyway... you start eating...
Jeh: How did this happen?
Misha: I really don't know but someone attacked on Neil at the Jungle. He was bleeding so Abhay and I brought him here.
Dipanita: Abhay... You are not eating anything?
Abhay: No Auntie! Mom is very particular about food. I will go home and eat...
Dipanita: No problem! Will get Khichdi for you...Mishra ji get Khichadi for Abhay.
Misha: Thank God you are not eating anything Abhay... I will eat the whole food... (The servent keeps the Khichadi in front of Abhay)
Dipanita: Abhay... Khichadi for you. I am sure there won't be a problem for you eating Khichadi.(Abhay looks at the food and Dipanita smiles)
Abhay: I am so sorry Aunty (Jay looks at him) but I don't eat Khichadi. I am allergic to pulses. No worries... I will go home and eat. (Dipanita thinks, ' Make excuses Abhay... I know the truth' Dipanita's mobile phone rings. jeh and Dipanita looks at each other)
Dipanita: Ah...excuse me! (Dipanita gets up and goes from there to attend the call)

Dipanita is talking to someone on the phone. She says, 'Yeah... He is here at home in between us. Today I will write the end of his story. he the the reason for us to come to this city. For that I need your help. Come here as fast as possible.
Misha says, 'My Boyfriend is the best'
Jey says that Pia and he loves PDA
Abhay takes a spoon on Khichadi and brings it near Misha's mouth to feed her. She looks at the Khichadi in disgust and looks at Abhay questioningly.
Abhay: That's for you... my love! (Misha smiles and catches and eats the Khichadi)
Misha: yeah yeah sweetie... I will eat even Khichadi from your hands (Pia looks at them.Pia and Misha looks at each other. Pia without looking on the plate or offers Jeh a chilly on her fork. Jey sees the chilli and catches the fork)
Jeh: Excuse me... Now what have I done that you want to make me eat this? (Abhay and Misha watches her with interest)
Pia: Sorry! (She puts the fork back to the plate. Jeh talks to her in hushed tone, 'You could have told earlier that you are making him jealous. Okay... I get it...So you are using me? Go ahead... We will have fun!') Good! (Pia kisses on Jay's cheek. Jeh looks at her lovingly and then continues eating. Pia looks at Abhay with a smile. Abhay puts his hand over Misha's shoulders and kisses Misha on her hairs instead of cheeks taking her by surprise. Misha notices Pia is looking and gives a fake kiss to Abhay. Pia looks at them unhappy. Jey notices it)
Jeh: You know what Abhay my girlfriend is so hot (Pia looks at Jey) More than hot she is cute... Oh my God... (Jeh smells Pia's hairs) You smell so good... I love you! (Jeh puts his hand on Pia's shoulder) Pia loves me so much, right? (Pia nods) I mean it is kind of embarrassing but it does not bother me because I cannot stay away from Pia for even 2 minutes. I want to come close to you (Jeh pushes his chair closer to Pia and sits with a hand around Piya) We both like we? We love it!
Pia: Of course I like it...
Jeh: I know! (Abhay puts his hand around Misha and pulls her closer) Everyone has a different outlook. Look at me and Misha (Abhay fondly touches the side of Misha's face with the back of his hand)... How close we are to each other... (Misha smiles. Jey goes back to eating) that we don't need to show it off. It is a matter of each others comfort level, right Misha? (Misha smiles and then talks in hushed tone to Abhay, ' Dude... I told you... don't get this clingy with me... I hate it!' She then looks at Piya and Jeh and smiles)
Misha: My boyfriend is the best! (Pia looks serious and unhappy seeing the public display of affection. Jeh is busy eating. Abhay holds Misha closer. Misha is uncomfortable with Abhay's man handling. Dipanita comes back to the dinner table. Abhay immediately takes his hand from Misha's shoulder)
Dipanita: Sorry Guys! Hey... you people have not eaten anything... (Misha's mobile rings and she excuses from there telling that she needs to go to the loo)

Misha gets into the washroom and takes Panchi's call
Panchi: Misha... where are you? You met Neil? What did you tell him? You know a lot of problems here...
Misha: Whoa whoa... Birdy calm down. You know by trying to solve your problem I landed into further trouble...
Panchi: What? What trouble? What are you talking about?
Misha: Birdy, I am not able to do this...
Panchi: What you can't do?
Misha: All this boyfriend girlfriend acting (Pia comes and stands in front of the wash room) I mean...all this hugging kissing is so yuck yaar. You know that I am roaming around as Abhay's fake girlfriend. I am doing this all for Pia... because she is my sister i am doing this but it is yuck... it is horrible... (Misha then sees Pia standing outside the wash room with a serious look on her face) Episode ends.

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