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11th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 216) Misha asks Abhay Raichand to date her

Pia Watches Abhay and Misha's public display of affection
Episode 216 starts with Jay Khurana noticing Pia and Abhay staring at each other. His smile fades and he leaves Pia's hands. Piya looks at him.
Jay: You know what Pia? I cannot do this... So (Jay puts his hand on Pia's arms)... All the best! (Jay leaves the dance floor. Piya watches Jay going. Abhay looks at Pia and then turns and walks from there. Misha follows him.)
Abhay: You want to know why I made Tanya my girlfriend? Why I paid her money? Because I wanted to destroy Pia.
Misha: What?
Abhay: Yes Misha...Because I cannot let her come near me. I wanted to erase all memories of me from her heart. I wanted to hurt her so much that she would not turn and look at me a second time. Misha... I could not do that... She is part of my past so I would never be able to hurt her. Because of that I had to make Tanya my girlfriend. I only wanted to keep Pia away from me.
Misha: Wow! Great plans...But you should know that Pia would not forget you that easily. This Tanya and all would not be of any use in front of her. Because when it comes to you Piya is a bit blind. If you want to keep Pia away from you then you have to think of a solid plan.
Abhay: What do you mean?
Misha: Look! I also wish that Pia stays away from you...Trust me! And since you also want the same thing we should work together on it. We should be a team!
Abhay: Great! So you are with me... Do you have any plan?
Misha: Of course! You should date such a girl after seeing whom Pia would understand that she should move on...someone whose way Pia would never come...and whom Pia would never compete...
Abhay: Who?
Misha: God...How dumb is this Guy...Me you idiot me... You should date me...I mean, Pia is my sister. She would not hurt me or come my way. She would just step aside and forget you.
Abhay: You think this plan would work?
Misha: Of course it would work dumbo... Just trust me! I mean, Pia is my sister and if I have to tolerate you because of her...I will do. And Pia will forget you. This is what you want, right? (Abhay nods) So deal? (Misha extends her hand for shaking hands with Abhay. Abhay shake hands with Misha and then suddenly pulls her towards him. Misha is startled. She then understands why Abhay did it and plays along. Pia is standing on one side and watching Abhay and Misha who are gazing into each others eyes. Misha puts her other hand on top of Abhay's hand which is holding her hand. She then steps closer to Abhay smiling and keeps her hand on his shoulder. Pia thinks, 'Misha! She told me that I should stay away from Abhay. She said that he did not do anything good with me in the past. She never told anything good about Abhay. And she is with him...What is she doing?' T comes near and notices Misha and Abhay lost in each others eyes and Pia watching them together. T thinks, 'What is this new chapter which has opened? I need to keep an eye on this. Maybe I should ask Piya also what is going on. Anyways, everything happens with that tragedy queen. This should be fine!' Abhay and Misha leaves from there together. Pia also turns and walks from there).
Tanushree and Pia - T adding fuel to the fire
Abhay and Misha plays the love game
Piya is stopped by T.
Tanushree: Oh my God! What Pia...what was happening there? (They watch Abhay and Misha sitting together) It will be very difficult for you...right?
Pia: What are you saying T?
T: What am I saying? What ever is there it is in front of you...(They watch Abhay holding Misha's hands and looking at her lovingly) I mean they are gazing at each others eyes and talking with each other laughing. (They notice Misha laughing hearing something Abhay is saying)
Pia: What are you saying T?
T: What I am trying to say is that Misha and Abhay used to hate each other. (They look at Abhay and Misha. Misha has her one hand around Abhay's shoulders and she is running the fingers of her other hand on Abhay's arms playfully. Abhay is hearing her talking and smiling) I mean Misha used to hate Abhay and Abhay also never bothered about her. But now what such thing happened that now they are lost in each others eyes? I mean from enemies to more than friends? (They look at Abhay and Misha again. Misha holds Abhay's hand with both her hands). Just saying... (T goes from there. Piya looks at Abhay and Misha who is sitting together. Piya thinks, 'What is T saying? Misha had told that she hates Abhay. And T tells that both used to hate each other. I need to know what is happening. Piya goes from there. Seeing her gone Misha and Abhay leave hands and move away from each other).

Danish Singh is driving the Car. He stops in front of Khurana Industries Office. He thinks, 'I will get all information here.
He gets out of the Car and goes towards the gate. The Security Guard stops him.
Security Guard: Where are you going? Whom do you want to meet?
Danish: What is it Brother? Don't you know who I am?
Security Guard: What do I know? Lot of people come here. So should I keep news of everyone? Anyways, the Office is closed today. You come tomorrow.
Danish: Really? You don't love your job, right?
Security Guard: Are you threatening me? (Danish takes the mobile out of his pocket and dials a number. He talks, ' Mrs Khurana... Yes, I reached outside your Office. But your Guard is stopping me...Maybe he is fed up of this job. Yeah, we will remove him. You talk to him. Tell how how to behave with the Manager of Khurana Empire'). Sir... you thought wrong. Today was holiday so could not recognize you. You can go in Sir... (Danish walks inside. He thinks, 'Escaped! And now Mrs Khurana let me see what you truth is'.He walks further).

Misha is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat.
Misha: Cool Party...right Pia? You were enjoying so much with that Jay. New Romance whoa... (Pia thinks, 'What is this Misha hiding? She herself was with Abhay whom she hates so much.' Misha's phone beeps and she reads the message from Abhay, 'Hope our plan works'. Misha types,'yeah' and sends the message to Abhay. She then keeps the phone aside)
Pia: Whose message was that Misha?
Misha: Nobody's...Stupid tracker...One day I will close her in a tin. She is so bugging. (Pia smiles. She then says in mind, 'Why are you lying Misha? What are you hiding from me?')

Kabir is driving the Car with Tanushree sitting on the front passenger seat. Kabir looks at T who is looking happy and smiling.
Kabir: So T...Finally you forgave me... At last you liked my efforts.
T: What? I was not thinking about you baby! I was thinking that God gave me such a big birthday present on my Birthday. I am so happy...just like that (She recalls her looking at Pia who is watching Misha and Abhay's public display of attention. T thinks, 'Somebody is there in heaven for whom T's happiness matters. I thought there would not be any break in Pia and Abhay's long love story. But today finally I got that speed breaker. And that is Pia's own sister... darling sister and best friend... Misha. When own people betray it hurts a lot Pia. It's great. Today seeing Pia's face losing the color my Party became successful. (T smiles) Superb!' Kabir stops the Car and snaps his fingers putting a break to T's thoughts).
Kabir: Hello T... Your home has come madam...
T: Okay! Bye... (T removes her seat belt)
Kabir: Finally I deserve one good night kiss... (Kabir closes his eyes and moves his face towards T to kiss her. T ignores it and gets out of the car. She bangs the Car door shut and walks from there. Kabir is disappointed).

Angad is talking to Kabir about Abhay regarding the previous day's incident at the Locker room. Kabir tells Angad that talking of Abhay means spoiling the mood. They then see the Peon putting a notice on the College Notice Board regarding Boxing match for the year.
Kabir: hey... Boxing match... So early and that too in the beginning of the term... How is it possible yaar?
Angad: Hey Kabir...If we need to prepare for this boxing match we need to start trial matches from today onwards.You know what? But within this short come?

Principal Mehra is walking through the Campus. His mobile rings. He looks at the Caller ID and sees that the call is from Abhay Raichand. He picks up the call and tells, ' Hello... You work would be done'. He cuts the call.

A Car stops in front of Khurana Industries. Driver gets out of the Car and opens the car door for Dipannita Khurana. Dipannita gets out and walk towards the gate. The Security Guard stops her by talking to her.
Security Guard: Madam... Sorry madam, I did a mistake.
Dipannita: Why? What happened?
Security Guard: I don't recognize him. I did not know...Mother's promise...If I would have known I would not have done such foolishness.
Dipannita: What are you talking? what happened?
Security Guard: manager Sir came at night. He talked to you on Phone also. He complained about me to you. I am sorry madam for the mistake. (Dipannita thinks, 'Who was that who came to spy on me? What was he searching for?')
Dipannita: Listen! The tapes of yesterday night's security camera recording is with you?
Security Guard: yes mam!
Dipannita: Send it to my Office immediately, Okay?
Security Guard: Okay (Dipannita goes from there)

Principal Mehra walks into the class where Kabir, Angad, Jay and Chirag Doshi are sitting.
Principal: I have come to make an important announcement. I guess you Guys have seen the posters of the Boxing match on the Notice Board on the Corridor. Boxing match is compulsory for all so I came personally to give you this news. (Principal Mehra points his fingers to Chirag who is sitting on the front bench) What is your name? (Chirag gets up from the seat)
Chirag: Sir, Doshi...Chirag Doshi.
Principal: So our first match will be with Chirag Doshi. (Chirag sits down) Other students get your names written in a list. I want this list in my Cabin within an hour. Is that clear to everybody? (Principal goes from there)
Chirag Doshi hugs Jay Khurana
Chirag Doshi talks to Jay Khurana who is sitting on the parallel bench to him.
Chirag: Friend, Is he serious?
Jay: Yes he is...
Chirag: Friend I will die
Jay: Why?
Chirag: I have never even participated in a race in my life. Everyone knows that I am here on Scholarship. I don't wear eye glasses so no body has figured out... I am wearing very strong contact lenses. Without lens I can't even see. If I get a wrong punch...I will die man...
Jay: It is Okay...relax! Principal is a little frustrated. His wife makes him sleep on sofa...poor thing! So where will all the frustration go to? At you and me...simple! Just relax...Here no one is a professional let it be (Jay sees that Chirag is looking scared) Dude, Chill! Let's do one thing. I will play against you. So I will not even touch you (Chirag smiles)...then you will get your marks also and (Jay pinches on Chirag's cheek) your eyes also will be saved, right baby? Happy? (Chirag nods and is looking very happy) Calm down...calm down... (Chirag suddenly hugs Jay and sits next to him. Jay pushes him away from him and looks around to see if anyone saw it) Oh ho ho...Okay...
Chirag: Dude... (Jay removes Chirag's hand from his shoulder)Thank you, You saved me!
Jay: You know what? Show this love to some one else! Jay Khurana is a reputation Guy (signals with fingers)...So go back...back (Chirag goes and sits on his previous seat. Chirag Doshi is looking happy.)
Chirag: Thanks!
Jay: Welcome! Don't smile...
Chirag: Thank God... I am saved! (Abhay is standing at the door watching Chirag. Abhay then walks away from there).

Misha is in her room sitting on the Cot and trying to exercise. Pia opens the door and walks in. Misha continues her efforts.
Pia: God Misha you are not ready. Come on get ready fast...(Pia puts her bag on the Cot and stands in front of the mirror putting lipstick)
Misha: Pia... Would you please give me your hot short skirt? (Pia is startled hearing it)
Pia: What?
Misha: Hey! Miser...i am only asking your skirt... (Misha gets up from the Cot) Give me...please!
Pia: Misha...Hot...Short...Skirt?
Misha: Are you giving me or not? Come on at 12'o'clock I have my first class. I don't want to be late... Come on loser!
Piya: Okay fine... Take from my room. But one second...Why do you need hot...short...skirt?
Misha: To wear obviously! Do you wipe your nose with skirt or what? (Misha turns and walks towards the door and suddenly stops. She turns) Oh Piya...What top will go with your skirt? (Pia looks at Misha open mouthed) Orange...White...Blue... (Misha then sees Pia's expression) You know what? You should get your treatment done. You give wrong reaction for everything. It looks like your face muscles have some problem. (Arnab enters the room with a glass of Orange juice in hand. Misha turns and walks from there saying, 'Hi Papa...Bye Papa!' in response to his hello. Arnab comes near Piya).
Arnab: What was that? Are you guys mnot getting late to go to College?
Pia: Today College is late. Anyways we are sure to get late. Because Misha will take a lot of time to wear the hot short skirt... (Arnab who was about to drink his Orange juice stops mid way)
Arnab: Skirt?
Piya: Yeah! Imagine...our Misha who is allergic to skirts...who don't even look at skirts... today will go wearing hot short skirt. I don't know.
Arnab: I understood!
Piya: What you understood?
Arnab: Again!
Pia: What again?
Arnab: Love!
Piya: Love?
Arnab: Hmmm...happens! Misha also get love attacks at times... Whenever she likes a Guy she forgets herself and starts doing strange things. Starts wearing strange clothes... Come on yaar enough! You get ready and go! (Arnab leaves the room. Piya thinks, 'Misha in love? Oh my God...How can this happen? So Misha is hiding this from me?')

Jay stands at the Principal room door with some papers in hand.
Jay: May I come in Sir?
Mr Mehra: Yeah come in! (Jay walks into the room)
Jay: Here we go Sir! here is the list for the boxing match (Jay keeps the list on the table. Principal takes the list and looks at it)
Mr Mehra: Thank you!
Jay: Sir... If you don't mind may I ask you a Question please?
Mr Mehra: You may not!
Jay: Oh Okay... (Jay turns and walks away from there. He says in mind, ' You were right Jay. His wife makes the Old man sleep outside the House. Frustrated... Poor Principal!' Jay goes from there).

Abhay walks into the Principal's Room. He goes and stands in front of Mr Mehra.
Abhay: List? (Principal gives the list to Abhay)
Mr Mehra: yeah...Take this... (Abhay looks at the list) And I have put Chirag Doshi's name on the top of all (Abhay looks at the list where it is written Chirag Doshi Vs Jay Khurana). He won't be able to give any excuse. And I have kept his boxing match against Jay. Are you happy?
Abhay: Pen? (Principal gives pen to Abhay. Abhay keeps the list on the table and cuts Jay Khurana's name and replaces with his own) Now... I am happy! (Abhay smiles) Episode ends

PreCap: Misha and Abhay are at the Locker Room.
Abhay: Kiss me! (Misha shouts)
Misha: Hey Man...Please... we are... (Abhay suddenly hugs Misha. Piya comes near the Locker Room window and sees Abhay and Misha locked in an embrace)

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