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1st July 2011 Written Update (Episode 210) Abhay Raichand comes back to Mount College with girlfriend Tanya

Abhay introduces Tanya to Pia
Episode 210 starts with Misha ordering to switch off the lights. She says, 'Let the show begin'. Misha then goes and stands with her sisters. Jay tells Neel, 'If this CD works then serious damage control has to be done. The photos Panchi had taken of you and the girl at your bedroom are going to be shown to everyone here. So best of luck!' The photos of Neel with the girl gets displayed on the screen. Neel recalls Panchi taking his pictures with the girl and telling him, 'When your family and my family see this photos, they would definitely mind'. Everyone is stunned seeing the photos. Arnab looks at Neel's direction but Neel does not look at him. Jay puts his head down in shame. Dipannita looks at Neel but he does not look at her either. Misha switches on the lights. Dipannita and Neel are looking down.T is looking happy.
Arnab: Neel, What is all this? (Panchi walks towards Arnab)
Panchi: You saw that Papa? We believed in him...and What did he do to me? I cannot see him with any other girl. I can't be married to a Guy who is unfaithful to me. (Neel walks towards Panchi and holds her hand. Panchi takes her hand away)
Neel: I love you! (Everyone looks shocked)I love you so much Panchi.(Panchi looks at him suspiciously) You reacted exactly the same way I expected you to. (Arnab and Dipannita looks at each other). I wanted to see your reaction seeing those pictures. (Misha and Pia looks at each other) And you proved me right proved me right... Thank you so much! (Neel hugs Panchi. He whispers in her ears, 'You wanted to win, right? Don't even try messing with me Panchi...'. Neel releases her from his embrace.)
Panchi: What? (Neel holds her hand)
Neel: You gave me so much happiness Panchi that I can't even tell. Sam... (The girl who was with Neel in the picture comes to the Party Hall and stands next to Jay. Neel goes to the girl and keeps both his hands on the girl's shoulder). This is Sam... This is the same girl whom you saw in those pictures. She is my childhood friend. And whatever she did, she did for me... Papa, One year back I saw a girl and fell in love with heron first sight. That time I decided that I would marry only her. I also knew that one day she would be mine. That girl's name was Panchi... Panchi Dobriyal... I told my Mom and send a proposal to your home for her... and both the families agreed...Our engagement also happened. And all this happened so quickly that I could not even know if Panchi loves me as much as I love her...or is she marrying me because of the pressures of her family?
Arnab: Neel, What is your point? What are you trying to say?
Neel: Papa, I wanted to see...I wanted to see if Panchi is as crazy for me as I am for her... So I joined with Sam and made this plan. I wanted to see if she will feel bad seeing me with another girl. And I was right Papa... she felt bad... She felt bad and it proves how much she loves me. (Dobriyal Sisters are angry and helpless seeing the way the tables are turned) I am really happy today.
Sam: Uncle, I know Neel from childhood. For Neel love is losing himself fully...He wants to love completely. As a matter of fact my marriage is about to happen. We thought we will test Panchi's feelings. Panchi came home and saw us together. I thought she will slap me. But thankfully she did not do anything like that...and she just clicked those pics and she went off. Believe me! I only helped my friend.
Misha: What a game he played... (Jay smiles. Neel goes to Panchi and holds her hand)
Neel: Today how Panchi showed that photos in front of everyone...her anger is her proof of love. I love you!
Dipannita: How strange this love is...right Arnab? And sweet too! You love almost gave us a Heart Attack. Please don't give us this type of stress at this stage. And if you want to give... give a warning before that... (The Khurana's smile. Arnab thinks, 'Maybe Dipannita might have been fooled by I know my daughter very well. This drama...and giving someone proof...all this can come in some horrible TV Serial... but not in real life. And this time I will just have to play along. Let's see what happens.' Jay goes and stands next to Neel. He says, 'Good One Bro!')
Dipannita: Jay, It's crazy...not a good one... Neel... Say sorry to Panchi, Okay? (Neel holds both his ears and says sorry to Panchi. He does the same with Arnab also. Jay and Dipannita smiles. Misha goes from there)
Arnab: Well, Ladies and Gentleman...I think that was enough Drama for the evening.We should open the Bar now... Please!Help yourself with the drinks... (Arnab stands in front of the Bar counter and orders, 'Champagne for everyone...'. He then closes his eyes and says in mind, 'God...No! not again... Please don't break my child's heart this time...Please!')

Pia walks from the hall. Jay follows her and mocks her saying that the Dobriyal sister's plans failed.
Pia: You know what? You and your cheater Brother...don't think you have got away with this! This game has just started...
Jay: Then I will enjoy playing this game...Every time you will fail like this and every time we will win like this... By the ways, you 3 sisters don't have what we Khurana Brothers have...You were playing this like a College game. I know you need brains to win this.
Piya: Don't worry! The game has just begun... and this is round 1
Jay: And round one goes to the Khurana's. (Piya goes from there in anger. Jay watches her going with a mischievous smile)

The Dobriyal sisters are in a room. Pia and Panchi are sitting while Misha is walking to and fro in the room.
Pia: I don't know how the loser came to know what our plan was that he cooke dup the story like this... (Panchi gets up)
Panchi: I will not marry that loser... I hate that $%^&*&. It was such a nice plan and both the brothers messed up my plan. (Pia also gets up from there and goes near Panchi)
Pia: Don't worry Panchi... We will think of something, okay?
Panchi: What? Think of something? Do you think that we will get another opportunity...
Misha: Birdie, Just cut down the drama, okay? We have to think of a solid plan...fully solid!
Piya: Really? (mocks) And what is your fully solid plan?
Misha: Solid plans needs time to think. It is not some switch...
Pia: Wow!How helpful!
Misha: Think Guys think... this bloody @#$%^ (curses) bloody Khurana's.
Pia: (shocked) Misha... (Misha stands on a stool and starts giving her speech)
Misha: This time is not for fighting with each other. The enemy is very cunning. You defeated us in our game. We have to show the enemies that we are Dobriyal sisters. Khuranas... (All the three jointly shout) We are coming... (Misha pushes Pia to the bed and both fall together)
Panchi: What are you doing? She is in your dumbo... (Misha pulls Panchi to the bed too)
Abhay comes to College with Girlfriend
T and Kabir are walking through the Mount College Campus. Kabir tells her that he has some important work to do. T complains that earlier he used to give her a lot of time and now has changed. T's Bimbo's are also talking and walking through the college corridor. Angad is sitting on the wall and throwing small stones trying to get Ruhi's attention. Ruhi and Pia are sitting at the Canteen chatting. Pia tells Ruhi that the Party was nice and she missed it. Ruhi tells Pia about her fight with Angad. She tells that in her anger she told Angad to go away and he went away. Suddenly Tracker sees something and says, 'Oh my God'. Tracker sees stands up. Pia also looks in the direction Ruhi is looking. Misha also comes near Ruhi and Pia. Misha also looks at the direction the girls are looking and is stunned. Abhay is walking through the Mount College Campus with a pretty girl clinging to his arm. Misha curses and says, 'Abhay came back to college...'. Misha looks at Piya who is sitting and looking at Abhay without blinking an eye. Abhay walks straight to Pia. Seeing that Pia gets up from the chair. T and Kabir are talking. T sees him and says loud, 'Abhay Raichand'. T says, 'He is so changed and all...'. Abhay goes near Pia along with the girl. Kabir looks at Abhay. All eyes are on Abhay while Abhay looks at Pia.
Abhay: Hi Pia...
Pia: Hi... (She extends her hand but Abhay does not take it)
Abhay: Great to see you. I have come back to College. Oh! (Abhay looks at the girl with him and introduces her) Meet my Girlfriend...Tanya... (Pia looks shocked. The girl smiles at her and then looks at Abhay with a smile. Both of them go from there. Kabir rushes from there. Pia runs behind Abhay while Misha and Ruhi follows.)

Someone is speaking to somebody on phone. The face of the person is not shown. He says, 'Abhay has returned and he has joined the College also. And this time he would be here till I don't end his story forever. And for that I need to stay very closer to him...very close!'

Abhay is walking alone through the College Campus. He is walking like a soldier with long strides with a lot of confidence on his face. He sees Misha with a ball in hand and stops to greet her.
Abhay: Hi Misha!
Misha: Sorry dude...No time... (Abhay resumes walking again. Kabir is coming along with T with an arm around her shoulder and stops when they see Abhay)
Abhay: Hi Kabir...Hi T... (T almost smiles and is about to say something. Kabir takes her away from there saying, 'Let's go T'. Abhay then sees Angad and Ruhi coming his way fighting over something. He greets them).
Abhay: Hi Ruhi!
Ruhi: Hi! (She gives a big smile)
Abhay: Hi Angad!
Angad: We are getting late for the class. let's go... (He pulls Ruhi who tries to resist and say something to Abhay. Angad raises his voice) I said we are getting late...Why don't you understand? (Angad takes Ruhi away from there. Abhay smiles)

Arnab is sitting near the fire place looking into something on his laptop. His mobile rings and he picks up the call from Kabir.
Arnab: Hello!
Kabir: Uncle, Uncle...I need to talk an urgent matter with you.
Arnab: Yeah Kabir...tell me!
Kabir: Uncle...Abhay Raichand has returned...
Arnab: What?
Jay sees Abhay looking at Pia
Abhay is walking fast. Pia is following him.
Pia: Abhay... just stop! (Abhay stops but does not turn and look at her. Piya comes closer to him and stops a few steps behind him)
Pia: Abhay, You cannot just go like that without talking to me... You have to give me answers to many of my questions. Here everyone knows my story...except me. I don't remember anything. I need you to tell me. And you are behaving as if there was nothing. Two days back you came to save me... why? Why did you do that? (Abhay recalls seeing her under the ice grave and walking after carrying her from the Car. He says in mind, 'No Pia, Not now! I cannot answer you now... Don't make this more difficult for me'. He turns to face her after composing himself)
Abhay: Not Possible (Tania comes and holds his arm)
Tania: Hey Baby, You are here... How long I was looking for you... (Abhay and Tania looks at each other)
Abhay: Two days back I was with Tania at Club Nine and after that with her at her farm house... Today what we will do we have to decide...right Tania?
Tania: Right! (Pia is literally in tears)
Pia: Abhay, Why are you doing this? You may tell me a lie but at least don't lie to yourself. Why are you playing these games with me? Can't you give me a straight answer Abhay? I agree that what ever was between us has finished but I need to know...
Abhay: You are irritating! Get a life...
Tania: Baby, Let's go na please... (Abhay and Tania walks from there.  Jay is coming from their opposite direction. Pia recalls Maya telling her that they were both perfect as a Couple and that everyone in College used to be jealous of them. Abhay turns and looks at Pia's direction as he walks. Abhay crosses paths with Jay who looks at him) Episode ends

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