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13th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 218) Abhay gets upset seeing Pia in the arms of Jeh Khurana

Jeh and Pia Hug
Episode 218 starts with the house staff at Dobriyal House opening the door for Dipannita Khurana after hearing the sound of the door bell. Dipannita asks the staff if Arnab is in. The Servant asks Dipannita to sit and goes to fetch Arnab. Dipannita sits on a chair. Arnab comes to the hall and is happy to see Dipannita.
Arnab: Hello Dipannitaji... What a surprise... (Dipannita gets up)
Dipannita: Arnab! Just like that... came to meet you.
Arnab: Sit down please (Dipannita sits on the chair again while Arnab sits on the Sofa)
Dipannita: I wanted to talk something to you too...
Arnab: Yeah... tell me! (Dipannita takes a paper out of the Cover she was having in hand and gives it to Arnab)
Dipannita: Do you know him? (Arnab looks at the paper with Danish's photo and details)
Arnab: Danish... (Arnab thinks, 'What is Danish's picture doing at Dipannita's hand? Oh God... Will Panchi's past never stop following her? I should not hide anything to Dipannita) Yeah, I recognize this Guy. But now we do not have any connection with him. He is not in our life.
Dipannita: But he has interfered in my life. Yesterday night he came to my Office and has stolen some information from there. What he has taken...why he has taken it... No one knows! In fact I thought that he was a spy send by my Business Rivals...but I got to know that he was Panchi's ex fiance. And then I felt that he came to my Office because of personal rivalry. I thought I must warn you.
Arnab: yeah!
Dipannita: Anyways Mr Arnab...I am very busy. I have a lot to finish. (Dipannita bids bye and goes from there. Arnab thinks, ' Danish has always wished for Panchi's good. Last time during the Siddharth incident he helped us a lot. And this time... What does he need? What was he searching by entering Khurana's Office? I know that he does not have any enmity towards Panchi. Then what does he want?')

T and her friend is sitting at the Campus. Tanushree is inviting Tracker's friend for the party and tells her that the party is only for the Participants and Cheerleaders. Tracker and Pia passes by them. T stops Pia by calling her name. T and her friend gets up and goes near Pia and tracker.
T: Pia, Hi! Actually I have kept a party for everyone. The bash before the match! So I am inviting you. I would not have invited you but Jeh told me that you are cheering for him. So I though as much. So see you at the party, Okay?
Pia: See you!
T: And by the way I went to the Locker Room to give invitations for everyone and I saw Abhay and Misha there. I mean they were all over each other. And I was like... why don't they take a room? Know something... nobody would have ever thought that a mighty girl like Misha will fall for Abhay. Surprising, hah? And also one more thing...Know something? There are rules in Girl bonding that one should not hit on the best friend's boyfriend. And Misha is your sister... In College everyone knows that last year Abhay had your stamp on him. And Misha with Abhay... so sad!
Pia: Just shut up T, Okay? This is none of your Business. Stop spreading rumors about me and my sister. The whole college knows that Misha is not interested in any Guy. So please... what you know and what you have seen... keep it to yourself. No one is interested, alright?
T: Okay! Everyone will know when the time comes! And then don't tell me that T did not warn you. See you around! (T and her friend goes back to where they were sitting. Pia and Tracker resumes walking. Piya thinks, 'If T has seen Abhay and Misha together that means that they are definitely involved. But in what? Is it a dating affair? Is it just friendship or something else? What the hell is going on?')
Tracker: Pia... (Tracker notices that Pia is upset and lost in thoughts. She touches Pia bringing her back from her thoughts)
Pia: Ahh... let's go!
Hasina looking at the Photo of real Dipannita Khurana
At the Raichand House Danish and Hasina Raichand are sitting and talking.
Danish: Mam, I have a very important information for you.
Hasina: Tell me Danish! What is the truth about Khurana's? (Danish gives some papers to Hasina. She looks at them)
Danish: The Khurana Family is a very rich family. There are 11 Companies in their Group. Their entire share holders, Board of Members... everything is legal. Basically, their entire Business is legal.
Hasina: Oh! So Khurana's are from a legal business family...
Danish: yeah!
Hasina: So...the matter ends here. I felt that the Khurana's had some secret which would be of help to me. But No! The Khurana's has put a court case against us by siding with the College students. And I do not have any weapon against them. Anyways Danish... just wanted to try and see... Now I have to adapt some other method.
Danish: Take this Mam! (Hasina takes the papers from Danish's hand. She sees a color photo of a girl and asks who that is) This is Dipannita Khurana.
Hasina: What?
Danish: The real Dipannita Khurana... who died on a land slide one year back. There was no news of her death or any complaint... neither was there any legal formalities done. No one knows she is dead.
Hasina: Then who is she?
Danish: This woman is an imposter who is lying and handling the Business of the Khurana Family. She has used her identity as her own. She is really a thief. But why she came here... what work she has in not known so far. (Hasina looks at the photo of the girl)
Jeh and Pia at T's Party for Boxing Match Participants and Cheerleaders
T's party is going on. Some Guys and Girls are there. Jeh and Pia walks into the Party hall. T comes near Pia.
T: Pia! Hi...
Pia: Hi! (T shakes hands with Pia)
T: Welcome! So nice to see you...
Jeh: Hello T!
T: Hi (T shakes hands with Jeh)
Jeh: What is this Party for?
T: This Party is for you people. You know after all after this you are going to play a difficult game. So I thought I will reward you. And this will be your last celebration...because after this only one man will celebrate. And that is my Boyfriend and Champion of 3 years Kabir.
Jeh: Oh! So cute... I am a fan of your confidence...Anyways, Pia we will mark the beginning of this Party by attacking the food...because how much nice arrangement is made... Thank you so much T!
T: Okay! (Jay and Pia goes to the Buffet Table and starts taking food on their plates)
Pia: This T... How fake she is and her smile is even more fake...You know this Party is also weird. I don't know why she has kept it. And her sugar sweet is really irritating. Definitely she is up to something... But I wonder against whom...I can't understand! (Pia suddenly finds T in front of her and gives T a smile in answer to her smile. Pia then walks ahead. Jeh who is behind Pia asks T holding the plate in front of T, 'You want some?')
T: No, Thank you! (Jay follows Pia)

Tracker enters the party with her friend. She inquires some students about Angad. She is upset thinking that Angad is hiding from her. Suddenly Angad appears before her wearing a tight pink pants. Angad tells her that he wore pink because Ruhi likes pink. Ruhi tells him that he is looking stupid and can't even carry the pink color. She tells him that she need to make some other costume for him for the match. Kabir comes there and pulls his legs telling that Angad is looking pretty. Tracker goes from there saying, 'Oh God save me!'. Kabir asks Angad why he has dressed up like that. Angad tells him that it was his trick to avoid wearing pink at the boxing match.
Jay tells Pia to trust her sister
T comes near Jeh and Pia who are standing with some drinks in hand.
T: Pia... Your sister is not seen anywhere?
Pia: What difference does she make?
T: This Party is for her. I mean for her too, right? Here all cheerleaders have come and she is Abhay's cheerleader, right?
Pia: You have her phone number. Call her and ask her where she is.
T: But Pia...She is your sister! You need to know where she is. Yeah... She would be with Abhay. So she is keeping secrets eh? She is gone without telling... These girls I tell you... When a boy comes in between friendship and sister and all is forgotten.
Jeh: You know what Piya? Let's go from here (Jay and Pia walks from there)
T: Hey Sorry! Have I said anything wrong? And the truth is always bitter... Sorry! (Jeh and Pia walks out of the Party Hall).
Abhay and Misha's Car Romance
Jeh asks Pia to hug him
Jeh and Pia comes out of the hall. They are walking through the side path.
Jeh: Pia I think you should not believe in those girls. And anyways it is there job to talk nonsense. Your family is much more important than them. And I think you should trust your sister. There is nothing like that... Trust me! (Jeh turns and faces Pia. Abhay and Misha who were sitting in the Car outside the Building sees Jeh and Pia and starts their fake romance act by hugging in the front seat of the Car) You Okay?
Pia: Yeah! (Jay sees Abhay and Misha in the Car and looks at them. Pia too follows his gaze and is shocked to see their closeness. Misha has her head on Abhay's shoulder and Abhay is fondling her. Pia says in mind, 'This can't happen!' Jay looks at Pia and goes closer to him. He keeps a hand on her shoulder and takes her hand and place it on his shoulder)
Pia: Jay...
Jeh: Sshhh! (He touches her hair) I am showing them that it does not make any difference to Pia Dobriyal (Abhay lifts his head and sees Jeh and Pia facing each other with hands on each others shoulders) if there is an Abhay in her life or not... (Pia has tears in her eyes) Just look at me! And do what I say (Misha is still pretending while Abhay is watching Jeh and Pia. Jeh lifts Pia's face) Hug me Pia...
Pia: Jay...
Jeh: Pit your hands around me Pia!
Pia: Jai...
Jeh: Sshhh! (Jay touches her lower lip ) Do... (They hug) I am right here Pia! Forget him Pia... (Jay runs his fingers through her hair)

Abhay is driving the Car fast. He is angry. Misha looks at him and thinks, 'I know that Pia is upset with all this. But Abhay... Is he also hurt that much? How can it happen? But he wishes that Pia stay away from him...'
Misha: Abhay, What happened?
Abhay: Nothing...Why?
Misha: You are driving like a maniac. Are you sure you are okay?
Abhay: I am alright! What would happen to me?
Misha: Abhay, I hope what you wish from Pia you would do yourself too..moving on!
Abhay: Yeah! Moving on!
Misha: Are you sure? Are you not lying to me? I mean you are not fooling me? You also wish that Pia stays away from you, right?
Abhay: Yeah! I also wish... that Pia stays away from me... (Misha looks at Abhay as if she is not convinced by his answer)

Dipannita Khurana is at her Office. She thinks, 'What does this Danish want from me? I need to take action against him. he needs to know the consequences of going against Dipannita Khurana'. Dipannita calls the Police Inspector and informs him about Danish breaking into her Office. She tells the Inspector to find out who Danish is, where he has come from and who send him. Dipannita cuts the call and then talks to someone else on the Phone. She tells, ' Yeah! Come immediately to my Office. It's very important!'
Hasina talks to Chand
At the Raichand House Hasina comes near Chand and talks to him, ' Chand, Seeing you so helpless like this I feel so sad. But I know that you will come back fast. (Haseena brings her face closer to Chand's face) I know Chand that you can hear me. Chand, Abhay has traced that werewolves whose blood will bring you back. Here a lot of things are happening Chand and I really need you. (Hasina straightens up) Depannita Khurana...Who is she? Where is she from? What is her reality? Is she dangerous for us? If she (Haseena leans towards Chand again) I know that you will have answers to all these questions. We can deal with Dipannita using your knowledge and experience. Just... (Hasina straightens up) Once Abhay saves you after that no one can stop us from finding the truth of Dipannita Khurana. We will find out the truth... fast...and you will come back fast...You will be back! Soon... (Episode ends)

PreCap: Hasina is talking to Chand, 'Chand...just some more time...Chand, I am here... I am near you. Today Abhay would save you. (Chand opens his eyes wide and leans backward looking at Hasina) Chand... Chand... Don't you dare give up, Okay?' Chand leans backwards.

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