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5th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 212) Jay tells Pia to use him to make Abhay jealous

Abhay tells Pia that he would have saved anybody in her place
Episode 212 starts with Abhay pulling Pia away before the tree branch falls on the ground. Abhay holds Piya closer. Piya tells him, ‘Tell me now that you don’t have any feelings for me in your heart. Abhay, tell me that you are not here but somewhere else. Now tell me that you don’t care for me’. Abhay leaves his hold on her and tells her, ‘I don’t want any violence in my land. I would have done it for anyone. I have not done this for you, but for myself. No need to give this much importance for yourself’. Abhay walks from there. Piya is shattered. Abhay joins his Mom Hasina who is standing and watching the protesters and police confrontation. The college students are still fighting and shouting, ‘Save our land’. Hasina tells Abhay, ‘Good job Abhay!’ when he goes and stands next to her.

Neel and Panchi are walking towards the Car. Neel looks at Panchi who does not seem to be okay and asks her, ‘Are you sure you are okay?’
Panchi: Yeah (Neel keeps his hand on her shoulder)
Neel: Don’t worry! Everything will be alright, Okay? (Panchi nods. She gets into the front passenger seat while Neel gets on the driving seat. Neel drives the Car from there). Panchi, have you gone mad? What were you doing there? I mean the police was coming to your side and you did not even move from there. You know how much I was scared. If I would not have come there then? (Panchi thinks, ‘Why did Neil save me? Looking at his face even now it feels like that he is really worried for me’). Panchi are you listening? I am talking to you.
Panchi: But Neel, what would I have done? They came towards me so fast that I could not move…I just froze!
Neel: Really Panchi? I mean he was coming towards you and you did not move. What would you have done? Suffered his beatings?
Panchi: Neel, what is this?
Neel: Panchi, you very well knew that I would come there and save you. I mean it is in your subconscious Panchi. You very well knew that I would come there to save you. (Neel’s Mobile rings and he picks up the call) Hello! Yes Mom! Yes we are going to Plaza Restaurant Only…Yeah, Mom! Of course Mom…Thank you…Bye Mom! Bye! (Neel cuts the call) Panchi, It was Mom’s call. She has done the reservation. We have to go… (Panchi thinks, Yes, have to go…Otherwise Papa will not let me be in peace…’)

Scene moves to Mount College. Pia is walking by the Mount College Vehicle Parking lot. Jay calls from behind.
Jay: Pia…Hey! Come…I will drop you home…
Pia: Listen Please, don’t show your sympathy drama (Jay comes in front of her)
Jay: Oh oh oho…relax… relax! I was just talking of dropping you home. What is wrong with you?
Pia: Listen! You feel that I am a big loser, right? Abhay came here…he did not even talk to me. As a fact, whatever was between us he did not even recognize it. One thing he is rudely behaving with me… and you…You send me on a date with that 4 losers where they misbehaved with me. And now…now you feel that I will show her sympathy and give her a lift, Wow! Come for a lift, please!
Jay: Whoa…whoa…Chill! Relax! I am only talking of leaving you home. I am not doing any favor Pia… First and foremost Pia… Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Do you get it? Pia, Go and make him believe that he never deserved Pia Dobriyal…Make him understand that what a big mistake he has done losing Pia Dobriyal… You know you are that girl who dated 4 Guys together just because you did not want to accept defeat from me. Just be that girl…just show the guts! Go and tell him that if he does not care for you it does not make a difference to you either Pia. And if you feel pity for yourself you will only feel that the whole world is pitying you. Anyways, as far as we are concerned…I am done with the fights! You and me…small fights…just done! We can be friends…good friends… You can do one thing…now that you have a good looking friend like me… You can show me off… You can be with me and make Abhay jealous… It will help...May be his old feelings may come up. (Pia smiles) You can show me off…I am serious!
Pia: Are you giving me pep talk? You know that’s so cool…
Jay: By the way, I also have a sad story. Sit in the Car. I will tell you… (Pia goes and gets into the front passenger seat while Jay gets into the driving seat of his Car. Jay drives the Car from there.)

Jay is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat.
Jay: Yeah…my sad story. You know Angie? I mean she is Angie for me…Anjalina Jolie? Who does not know her? She was crazy for me…
Pia: Really? Why?
Jay: I am serious… She was mad for me. Not kidding...She was even willing to leave Brad for me…But I refused…
Pia: Oh! So bad…poor thing…right?
Jay: Yeah, I know…damn sad yaar… Come on Pia… If she leaves Brad for me then what would happen to her 10-15 kids? No...no...no! So…in the name of humanity…I broke her heart...and along with that mine too! (Pia suppresses a smile.Jay makes a sad face) Even today when I remember her (He makes a weeping sound) It is really emotional… (Pia laughs)
Pia: You are so funny Jay…you are mad!
Jay: Okay...At least you laughed because of that… So anything for that smile… (Jay stops the Car in front of the Dobriyal House Gate. Arnab who comes near the upstairs window sees Jay and Pia getting out of the Car. Jay and Pia walks together to the House. Arnab thinks, ‘Jay and Pia…How cute they look together. If she stays with Jay she will slowly forget Abhay. Don’t know why suddenly Abhay came back. How to make her understand that Abhay is not the right guy for her. Jay is the right Guy. I am so happy that a sensible Guy like Jay has come to her life’.
Jay drops Pia home
Jay and Pia comes into the Dobriyal House Hall. Arnab comes to the Hall. Jay and Pia walk towards him.
Pia: Hi Papa!
Arnab: Hi! Hi…hi… hello hello! (Jay and Arnab shake hands) You people came? Come…Sit!
Jay: No uncle…I think I will take a leave. I have some work at home so…
Arnab: Okay! And how was your protest? I heard that the Raichand’s used the police force and beat up students. Anyone got injured?
Pia: Yeah Papa…Nobody got hurt. Actually we got out of their land before that.
Arnab: That is very irresponsible of them. What if someone would have got hurt?
Pia: We also wished that Papa. We wished to have a non-violent protest…but they only started. And you also feel that non-violence is better, right Papa?
Arnab: Of course!
Pia: Anyways Papa...I am so tired! I need to go up now..
Arnab: Okay, Go!go...go... (He pats on her shoulder)
Pia: Bye Jay!
Jay: Bye Pia! (Arnab notices Jay watching Pia as she walks up the stairs. Jay is embarrassed that Arnab saw him looking at Pia)
Jay: Okay Uncle...I will leave now...Bye! (Jay shake hands with Arnab again)
Arnab: Bye! (Jay turns and walks from there). Jay... (Jay stops and turns)
Jay: Yes Uncle?
Arnab: Thanks for dropping Piya...
Jay: It's okay Uncle. There is no need of Thanks. It's my duty. Take Care Uncle... (Jay walks out. Arnab thinks, 'I think it should work out between Jay and Pia. How much Jay cares for Pia when Pia needs to forget Abhay...')

At the Raichand's Home, Hasina is talking to an unconscious and injured Chand.
Hasina: Chand, You will become fully alright. Abhay is fighting the whole world for you. He will heal you in the right time. The one drop of Werewolf blood you need...that we will bring. You will become alright Chand...You will be fine! (Hasina recalls Abhay and her finding Chand at the Forest unconscious and injured. Hasina calls his name but Chand does not respond. While Hasina is sitting near Chand, Abhay looks around and finds a Mount College ID Card near by. But the name and photo on the Card is not clear. Abhay tells to Hasina, 'Mom, We got our target')
Chand, Abhay is doing his duty to you. He is doing the duty of a son...He will definitely get that one drop of werewolf blood for you. You will be alright Chand...You will be back... We will be back!
Neel and Panchi's date at the Restaurant
Neel and Panchi walks into a Restaurant. A Guy comes and greets them.
Guy: Hello Mam! Hello Mr Khurana... We were waiting for you...
Neel: Thank you so much!
Panchi: Thank you! (The Guy shows them the way. Neel and Panchi is standing in a beautifully decorated Hall having a table for two. Panchi looks around and is impressed) Wow! This is gorgeous! I can't believe that your Mom booked the whole Restaurant for us. I mean...it is a private thing.
Neel: It is just that my Mom does not have the habit on doing anything on a small scale... Nothing else...Sit!
Panchi: Yeah sure!(Neel and Panchi sits on the chairs. A Waiter comes to them and Neel makes the Order without consulting her. But he chooses all Panchi's favorites and instructs the Waiter that everything should be vegetarian. Panchi looks at Neel who is still looking at the menu and thinks, 'How much Neel cares...He remembers every small thing Panchi...What were you going to do? You were distancing him from your life?')

Misha rings the bell of Kabir's House. Misha thinks loud, 'Bloody Hell man! The Raichand's is responsible for all this! I mean Abhay...I don't believe it... He made the Police beat up his friends...First he left Pia and shown what a scoundrel he is and now this! Something has to be done with these Raichand's. Will have to think of some solid plan with Kabir'. A House staff comes and opens the door. Misha asks for Kabir. The Guy tells her that Kabir is gone for dinner with T and that he does not remember the name of the Restaurant. Misha thinks, 'Oh God! He definitely would have taken that Bimbo to that Mexican restaurant'. Misha bids bye to the House staff and goes from there.

Panchi comes back Home. Piya meets her at the Hall.
Pia: How was your date...with that loser?
Panchi: It was nice...
Pia: But why did you go alone on a date with him?
Panchi: He came there to pick up. His Mom arranged for the date...
Pia: So what? You should have refused. Why did you have to go? And you talked with him that ^&*(
Panchi: No Pia...I don't know. I feel that sometimes we over react. Maybe we don't recognize someone properly...or make a mistake in understanding him...
Piya: You are telling right Panchi...Maybe sometime we make mistakes in understanding people...
Panchi: You know...I also feel that whatever happened... I probably could not understand the relationship well. And when the relationship breaks it feels like maybe something was there...I don't know...
Pia: May be this mystery or confusion is called heart break Panchi...
T stops Kabir from eating Mexican Food
Kabir and T are seated at the Taco's Restaurant. Kabir is about to serve for himself from the dish on the table. T grabs the dish and keeps it on her side and keeps a tiffin box in front of him.
Kabir: What is this T?
T: K...you forgot? You promised me that you would eat Khichadi... So I made Khichadi for you... And you promised that you will taste it ... so eat it! (T opens the Tiffin Box for Kabir and puts the Khichadi on his plate. Misha comes to the Restaurant and says, 'This loser is busy with his T'. She then sees the Khichadi T served Kabir and says, 'Eating Khichadi? This is going to be fun watching him eat Khichadi in front of everyone'. Misha sits on the table next to them.
Kabir: T, It won't look good... We came here to eat Mexican... Let's eat Mexican...why trouble Khichadi (Misha keeps her face half covered with the Menu and smiles).
T: K...You only told that your favorite food is Khichadi...So I will do one thing. I will eat this Mexican food and you sit there and eat your Khichadi.(He thinks,'Where are you trapped Kabir?')I put a lot of love in it when I made it.
Kabir: Really? You put Masala also?
T: Yeah I put... Come on K...Bon Appetite... (Misha says, 'Eat eat baby...it's going to be a lot of fun!)Eat... (Kabir slowly puts one spoon of Khichadi on his mouth)It's yum right? I told you... I knew I have magic in my hands. (Kabir makes faces and then spits the food. T shouts.) K... what did you do? (Misha is laughing sitting at the next table) I made this Khichdi with a lot of efforts and you spit it out. How could you do that? K...
Kabir: Baby... If I eat more of this Khichadi I would need to go to a dentist. (Misha covers her face with the Menu Card and laughs)There were stones in it.
T: K, I don't know anything, Okay? Eat the Khichadi now...otherwise break up! We will breakup until and unless you eat. Eat! (Kabir lifts a hair from the Khichadi and shows it to T)
Kabir: What is this?
T: K, This is my hair... (Misha hits on her head)
Kabir: If I eat this trust me...I will never forget...(Misha laughs)
T: No Problem! Throw that... take another bite...
Kabir: Thank you! (Kabir puts the hair down)
T: Now eat... Yes my love... (Misha says, 'Poor Kabir!' Misha gets up and goes from there).

Abhay and Tanya are outside Taco's Restaurant.
Tanya: So...How was my acting? (Abhay takes a bunch of notes from his pocket and gives to her)
Abhay: Here is your Money... (Tanya counts the money) Balance after your acting course is finished... (Tanya puts the money in her purse)
Tanya: No problem Abhay. I don't have any problem acting as your Girlfriend. It is just that I am a theater actor and You know...I don't like running away at the last minute. So next time onwards you please inform me in advance, Okay?
Abhay: But your show is in the evening? You need to be my girlfriend at College in the morning.
Tanya: By the way, It looks like that you love that girl a lot. Otherwise you will not put this much efforts to break her heart...so that she goes away from your life and move ahead in her life... Why?
Abhay: That's none of your Business! (Abhay turns and walks from there. Tanya also walks in the opposite direction. Misha who has overheard their conversation comes out of her hiding place. She looks confused) Episode ends.

PreCap: Misha says, 'Why did Abhay hire a Girlfriend? Why all this drama? To make Pia jealous? If it is so then why did he pay money? Any girl would have become his girlfriend. I just don't get this man...Abhay and his games...and this time I will not let Pia get involved...I won't let her get hurt. She is my sister. She is part of the Dobriyal Family now. Tania...'

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