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12th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 217) Pia agrees to do cheerleading for Jay Khurana

Misha's weird Girlfriend Act
Episode 217 starts with Jay Khurana and Chirag Doshi walking through the College Corridor.
Chirag: Dude... I will die. I have not even hit an ant in my life so far. If I hit myself by mistake I will not be in a condition to even play chess.
Jay: Relax... relax (Jay taps on Chirag's shoulder twice) Your brain is running in super sonic speed. Be cool...chill...I told you that I will not let anything happen to you. The match will end in two minutes. After chess I am making you play boxing. Go... the list is there (signals the notice board with eyes) Go and check.
Chirag: I will go and come (Chirag walks to the Notice Board and is shocked to see that his Boxing Match Competitor is Abhay Raichand. Jay is sitting on a bench reading some book. Chirag goes running to him) Dude! What the hell man... (Chirag sits next to Jay)
Jay: What happened?
Chirag: I am fighting Abhay Raichand! Are the College people mad? Are they calling me for my own funeral? That Psycho... will they make me fight against him?
Jay: Okay...Relax...relax! Chill! (Chirag recalls his fight with Abhay and his friends interfering)
Chirag: Did you forget how he came to kill me at the Locker Room? At the Boxing Ring he will get an excuse to murder me.
Jay: relax... relax... relax
Chirag: Better I take transfer from here. I will get entry in College at places like Chennai...
Jay: Shut up! shut up... relax! He told you sorry at the Locker Room. He understood that you are Chirag and no one else...That was a misunderstanding. Everything would be alright...Just relax!
Chirag: Dude...It is not possible with me... I can't do it! (Chirag goes from there)
Jay: Chirag... (Jay thinks, "How did this happen? I wrote my name against Chirag. Who changed it? Abhay! It's you isn't it? The whole plan is yours...to bring Chirag on the ring against you... But why? But why Chirag? What are you upto Abhay?')

Abhay is standing at the Mount College Campus and talking to Hasina Raichand on Phone. He tells her, 'Mom...I found that werewolf who attacked Dad. He has to pay a big price for attacking Dad. He will have to pay. It is just a matter of tonight and tomorrow Dad would be alright. I will kill the Werewolf' . Abhay cuts the phone and says in mind, 'And Chirag Doshi...will not live to see tomorrow. Because of this Chirag my Dad is today in this condition. I will not leave him alive. You will have to pay a big price for playing with the life of my Dad. Your entire clan will know how strong we Vampires are. And that will happen with your death Chirag Doshi'. Abhay goes from there.

T and her friend is walking through the College Corridor. They come near the College Notice Board and see the notice regarding the Boxing Match.
T: K versus Rahul... Rahul is so not worth it. (Kabir comes there and stands near them) K...Baby...You are playing the match with Rahul? At least you could have selected a man against you. He is so not a man...
Kabir: hey! Wait a minute...How can this happen? They put this kid against me! I am last years College Champion. What does it mean to put this Rahul against me?
T: Exactly! And I made such hot cheer leading dress. Before I even cheer once you will win the match. Such a waste of my clothes! (Pia comes near them and looks at the Notice Board). What will happen? (T sees Pia and talks to her friend) Oh! The first match is that of Abahy and for that Misha is going to cheer I guess. So I have an idea. I will give all my hot cheer leading dresses to Misha. And obviously she will wear that for Abhay.(Pia turns and look at T) Oops! I did not say anything wrong...right? Actually what T says is what T sees. (Pia walks from there. T and her friend smile at each other).

Jay Khurana is walking through the College Corridor. He thinks, ' This is Abhay's move... I am sure! Principal is been pressurized. There is something!! And why does Abhay want to fight with Chirag? What is it?' Jay sees a Peon going with a file and stops him. Jay tries to extract details from him by bribing the Guy. The Peon tells him that the list was made by the principal but a student had requested him to make the list. The Peon tells Jay that he is not aware of the students name and goes from there. Jay thinks, 'There is something! Something is definitely there. This stinks!' Jay walks from there.

Ruhi and her friend is sitting at the Canteen and chatting. Misha comes there wearing a short skirt and matching top.
Misha: Hello Ladies! What's up? (Girls watch her surprised. Guys look at her open mouthed)
Ruhi: Misha... Whose skirt did you steal?
Misha: It is mine...Okay? (She walks to Ruhi and her friends Table. She keeps her feet on the empty chair next to them)
Ruhi: Misha Dobriyal feels that she will become girlie wearing skirt. Come on... See your act... just like a Guy...
Another Girl: Misha, You are wearing a skirt...(Misha suddenly becomes aware that people are looking at her thighs and keep the leg down) God! You could have given this girl little brains. Anyways...we were thinking how to cheer our heroes at the Boxing Match. And I was thinking who you would cheer...Oh No! Are you participating in the Boxing Match or what? (The girls laugh)
Misha: ha ha ha ha ha...Very Funny Okay...please... Of course I will cheer my Boyfriend. (the girls are surprised)
Ruhi: Boyfriend? Hello Misha...Your imaginary Boyfriend has come in real or what?
Misha: Just shut up okay! My Boyfriend is Super Hot... You Guys will look at him and faint.
Ruhi: Sure! Introduce us... Everyone would be happy...We will faint...It is long time since we fainted...
Misha: It's a secret Trackie...
Ruhi: Misha, In school it was Okay to have an imaginary Boyfriend. But now we are in College...Please don't embarrass yourself...
T's friends: Misha's Imaginary Boyfriend...
Misha: Hey you crows... Stop croaking okay? When you see my Boyfriend you will understand. He is super hot. You know what? (She walk backwards) Misha's Boyfriend is perfect, okay? (She bumps into Piya) Perfect!
Piya: What? Who is my sister's perfect Boyfriend? (Misha walks away from there without answering Pia).

Someone is standing near a bush and making a call from his mobile (only the back is shown). Neel who is driving the Car picks up the phone.
Neel: yeah, tell me! I am driving now.
Stranger: I have some urgent work with you. Come and meet me!
Neel: Where?
Stranger: At Mount College Boxing match...
Neel: What? But why? Listen...I have some important work now and what will I do coming to the boring boxing match? I am sorry. I cannot come...
Stranger: Listen! He is going to do something there. I have understood his moves. He will definitely do something in that Boxing match. I need your help. Be there... (Neel nods)
Neel: Okay! (Neel cuts the call. The stranger cuts the call too)

Pia is walking through the College Corridor. She thinks, 'What happened to this Misha? What is she hiding from me? So far they was nothing hidden between us. But now what such thing happened that she is hiding from me?' Jay comes to her.
Jay: Hey Pia...Hi! Actually I needed a favor.
Pia: tell me!
Jay: It is just... Okay...Will you cheer for me in the coming Boxing Match? I mean...It's just a favor. If you cheer for me I just think I will win.
Pia: Jay... I am.. I am not sure about it... I don't know.
Jay: Okay... Well...Just out of curiosity... Who are you cheering for? Abhay! Obviously... No need to ask...Till you don't get humiliated by him your food won't digest. Without giving him some value your day will not pass. So...It's okay!
Pia: You know what Jay? You helped me once does not mean that you can judge me, Okay? If you don't know anything please keep your Opinions to yourself, Okay?
Jay: Whatever! All the Best with Abhay... (Jay walks from there. Pia resumes walking and thinks, ' God... What is she hiding from me? Really she and Abhay... (Pia recalls Misha and Abhay's public display of affection at T's Birthday Party and Misha's response when she asked whose message it is in the Car. She also recalls Misha asking if she could borrow her hot short skirt) No! I feel Misha is doing some joke with me. But to know I personally have to talk to Misha. She has to give me the answers!')
Misha's Girlfriend Act
Abhay and Misha Locker Room Romance

Abhay Misha hug
Misha and Abhay are at the Locker Room.
Misha: This job is very tough friend. I mean...It is not possible for me to do this girlfriend act. You know I
got humiliated in front of all girls. I can't do this Abhay... (Abhay faces Misha)
Abhay: So what will I do? This decision was yours, right?
Misha: I know it is my decision. But when did I say that it will be easy? It's tough Man... Have some sympathy!
Abhay: She is coming!
Misha: Who?
Abhay: Pia...
Misha: Pia... Pia??? (Misha suddenly starts giving some poses by putting her hands on the cupboard)
Abhay: What are you doing?
Misha: I am trying to become your girlfriend... what else?
Abhay: Like this? Like that along with me you will look the Girlfriend of whole Dehradun. (Misha faces Abhay)
Misha: hey dude... Whatever man...What to do... say fast!
Abhay: Kiss me!
Misha: No...yuck... we are (Abhay suddenly pulls Misha closer and hugs her. Pia comes in front of the Locker Room window and sees Abhay and Misha in an embrace. Abhay looks at Pia when Pia is not looking and then continues the act by hiding his face on Misha's shoulder and running his hand through Misha's hairs and back faking some hot kisses and hug. Pia thinks, 'What is happening here? Was my suspicion true?' Misha has her hands around Abhay's shoulders. She whispers, 'She is gone?' Abhay looks towards Pia and replies that she is still there. Misha makes some kissing noises. Pia goes from there. Misha asks Abhay again if Pia is gone. Abhay looks at tells that she is gone but still continues holding her. Misha pushes him telling, ' So then why are you still holding me?' Misha leaves a sigh of relief).
Misha: Good acting...eh? You will get full marks for acting.
Abhay: Yeah...This is also a training... (Abhay turns to walk from there)
Misha: Wait wait wait... We have to do something more? (Abhay does not answer but indicates 'yes' using his expression. Misha is shocked. She stares Abhay wide eyed as he walks from there)
Misha: What? I am dead! (Misha take4s her Bag from the cupboard handle where she had hung it and puts it across her shoulders) See you at the match lover boy! (Misha walks out of the Locker Room)

Piya is walking through the College Corridor. She says in mind, 'I don't believe this Misha. Because of this you were telling so many lies about Abhay to me. Because of this you were never happy with my relationship with Abhay. You wanted me to hate him...so you used to speak bad of Abhay whole day. Not to protect me... but to keep Abahy near you. How easily you lied to me... I knew that Abhay is not that bad... and why my feelings for him has stayed warm...Because Abhay did nothing with me the way you have done with me Misha. All this was done by you. A Drama... to keep Abhay away from me...so that you can stay with him. I hate you Misha!' Pia sees Jay passing by looking at some book.
Pia: Jay! (Jay stops and look at Pia. Pia comes near him) Jay, What is the color of your uniform at the competition?
Jay: Why?
Pia: Give the answer of the Question I am asking.
Jay: Okay...Relax! Black and Green... But why?
Pia: So Okay... I will also wear black and green and meet you at the Competition.
Jay: Why?
Pia: I will cheer for you... at the Competition. See you then! (Pia goes from there)
Jay: Okay? (Jay looks around and wonders the reason for her change of mind)

Tracker sees Angad and one another Guy sitting and studying at the College Campus. She goes to him and takes the measurements for making matching clothes for the Boxing match. Angad is embarrassed. He asks what color costume she is making. Tracker replies, 'Pink and peach' and tells him that the color suits her. Angad tells Ruhi that if he wears her silly costume to the Boxing Match then his opponent will die just by laughing. Ruhi tells him that is exactly what she wants so that there is no need for Angad to fight. Angad is angry and tells Ruhi to do what she wants to do and not to involve him in it. Angad goes from there. Ruhi is angry and tells that she will see him.

The Security Guard goes to Dipannita Khurana's Cabin and gives her the tape of security recording footage. Dipannita watches the CD. Dipannita thinks, 'Who is this boy? I have not seen him before. What is his connection with us? Does he have any enmity towards Khurana family? Why has he dared to come up to here? What is he hiding?Who is he?' She says, 'I need to gather his information'. Episode ends.

PreCap: T and her friend is talking about Misha and Abhay in front of Pia and Tracker. T tells that there are rules in girl bonding that they would not hit on best friend's boyfriend. T tells Pia, 'And Misha is your sister... Everyone in College knows that last year your stamp was on Abhay. And Misha with Abhay... so sad!'

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