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14th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 219) Abhay Raichand injures the Werewolf who attacked him

Misha's fake Goodbye kiss to her fake Boyfriend Abhay Raichand
Episode 219 starts with Abhay Raichand dropping Misha in front of Dobriyal House. They both get out of the Car.
Misha: Thanks for the lift dude...
Abhay: No Problem! (Abhay stands leaning in front of the Car)
Misha: And yeah...No need to do any huggie puggie here. Pia is not here to see that...Seriously man...I can't do this PDA. How weird is all this. Only Bimbo's like T can do this. So you stay away from me, Okay?
Abhay: Then how will our plan work?
Misha: Oh God! (Misha leans to the front of the Car too) How many problems are there in life? How difficult is this boyfriend girlfriend acting...
Abhay: Don't worry! All this will end fast...because our plan is working. It is effective!
Misha: Hmm...That's correct! Anyways, Bye bye fake Boyfriend! (Misha leans to Abhay faking a kiss on cheek) mvah.. Oh God...(She walks from there. Abhay gets into the Car and reverses the Car to drive from there)
Pia seduces Abhay into almost kissing her
Abhay stops the Car seeing Pia on the road blocking the way.
Pia: Get Out! I need to talk to you.
Abhay: Not Interested! (Abhay tries to drive from there but Pia does not leave way for him. Abhay gets out of the Car and walks to her) What is your problem? (Pia goes closer to him)
Pia: You!
Abhay: Great! Then stay away from me...(Abhay turns to walk to his Car but Pia blocks his way again)
Pia: Abhay, I want you to clear a matter...after that you may go...
Abhay: Okay...Whatever it is... finish it once for all... At least I will be able to keep you away from me...
Pia: Listen! I don't know what is in your head or what you wish. But no need to play these games with my sister.
Abhay: I am not playing any games... Is that clear?
Pia: Listen! What do you think? I am joking? I am serious, Okay? I know that you don't wish to recognize our relationship. It is fine! I know that you come to college everyday with a new girl. That's fine! I know that you pretend that you have moved on. That's Okay! It is accepted. But please...No need to use my sister to make me jealous.
Abhay: You have a big misunderstanding Miss Pia. I really love your sister.
Piya: Listen! I will never come in front of you. Okay? I will deal with my own feelings but leave my sister alone...
Abhay: That is too much of Drama. What do you think...the world roams around you? I am being very clear...I love Misha.
Pia: Really?
Abhay: Yeah! (Pia goes closer to Abhay and looks at his eyes. She keeps one hand on his shoulder and runs the fingers of the other hand seductively on the side of his face. Abhay gets affected by her and touches her face as well. He moves his face closely to her and is about to kiss her. Suddenly Pia pushes him from her).
Pia: Abhay, you said you like my sister very much...then what was this? You tell me that you have forgotten are not interested in moved on and you love Misha...You know what Abhay? You lie to the world...lie to others... but not to me and yourself.
Abhay: Wow! Now you cannot even bear the happiness of your sister. What type of girl are you? You are asking me what was that? I will tell you...whatever it was it was just your misunderstanding...not love. What are you trying to prove doing all this? Come on do not need to stoop so low to prove your point. I and Misha love each other. We both just not only share physical relation...just like you and me...we have more to it. And you cannot tolerate all this... (Abhay turns away from Pia) Our relationship ended because in our relationship there was no love or emotion... what was there was only physical attraction... (Pia is shattered and tears well on her eyes. She walks from there. She hears a sound and turns back to see that Abhay and his Car is not there. She says in mind, 'Abhay is right Pia! (She wipes her tears) He has forgotten you. You also should forget him'. (She walks inside).

Abhay stops his Car near the Jungle Road. He is angry at himself. He gets out of the Car and stand there keeping his hand on the Car. He recalls meeting Pia underneath the water in the ice grave and Pia keeping her hand on his heart. He remembers some of their intimate moments together. Piya is also walking back to the house looking shattered. Abhay suddenly comes to the present and says, 'Pia!' as if sensing her heart break. He thinks, 'Why? Why I have to make my heart stone? Why? Why I am forced to stay away from you Pia? I love you...I love you Pia! I have come back to this life for you. But I am forced to stay away from you? Why?' Abhay kneels on the ground and shouts, 'Yah...' He then gets up and says to himself, 'No Abhay! Don't forget that you cannot think about just yourself. This is your duty. The life of the person who gave you life is ending...You have to save him. This time you cannot think of your love and Pia. This time you have to think of your Dad'. Abhay hears the howling of the wolves and turns his face towards the forest.

Danish opens the door hearing the door bell ringing. He sees an Inspector and constable at the door.
Inspector: Your name is Danish?
Danish: Yes! What is the matter? (Inspector takes some papers from the Constable and hands it over to Danish)
Inspector: You have to sign these papers.
Danish: What are you talking about? What is this?
Inspector: This is court order... against you...You have to stay away from all the properties of Dipannita Khurana...minimum 500 meters... otherwise we will have to arrest you.
Danish: What? Restraining Order? Against me?
Inspector: Yes! Sigh it (Inspector gives the pen to Danish. Danish signs the papers and gives it back to the Inspector) Mr Danish... Be careful hereafter...otherwise we will have to arrest you. (The Inspector and Constable goes from there. Once they leave Danish makes a call to Hasina, 'Mrs Raichand! Dipannita came to know that I have been to her Office. She has got restraining orders against me. We have to take some action soon. Yes Mam' Danish cuts the phone).

Abhay looks towards the Forest. Abhay sees the eyes of a wolf in the dark. Abhay gets into his Vampire avatar and charges at the wolf. He and the wolf fight and the wolf injures Abhay on his neck. Abhay looks at the blood by touching his neck with his hand and then charges at the wolf again. They have a tough fight at the end of which Abhay injures the wolf. The wolf runs away from there with his injuries. Abhay says, ' So it is the declaration of War...In this War the one who will live is the one who would win.This werewolves want my death and I want blood. I need to find their reality because tomorrow either they will live or we'.

Hasina Richand comes to the Hall and sits on the sofa. The door opens and Hasina sees Abhay enter with bruises and injury on his neck. Hasina goes near him.
Hasina: What happened?
Abhay: The same thing Mom... which happened with Dad...the difference is that I could escape...
Hasina: This place has become very dangerous for us.
Abhay: yeah Mom... But don't worry...Now that werewolf cannot escape us and go anywhere because I left a mark on him.
Hasina: That's great! That means that we will find that werewolf easily because he has the mark of the wound.
Abhay: Exactly Mom! Now he cannot hide from us. (Hasina nods)
Hasina: I just hope that all this ends fast...We have to save Chand... and after wards we have to find the truth of Dipannita Khurana. I can't even tolerate her name.
Abhay: Meaning? What is she got to do with all these?
Hasina: Dipannita Khurana has a different identity Abhay which she has kept hidden from everyone. We just have to find that secret.

The wounded wolf in his human form is walking with difficulty through the jungle (The face is not shown but just the backside/silhouette). He takes his mobile phone and talks to someone, 'I have been attacked. That Abhay defeat him is not that easy. I need you...Come!' He cuts the call and says, 'Abhay Raichand! You turned to be more powerful than your Dad...I will take you down Abhay, I will take you down'.

Neel is applying some herbs on the chest of the wolf guy telling that the wounds would heal soon. The mystious wolf says, 'It was not easy to defeat him. The speed with which he charged at wasn't easy!'
Pia Questions Misha
Piya enters Misha's room and stealthily goes near Misha who is doing something on the laptop by lying on the bed. Misha shouts when she sees Pia almost scaring her and takes the laptop in her hand.
Misha: Piya...Are you mad?What are you doing here?
Pia: What are you doing?
Misha: Nothing dear... Chatting on the internet with an old friend.
Pia: Which friend?
Misha: ahh...Ruby... She was with me at school.
Pia: Ruby? I have never heard the name Ruby...
Misha: Hey! Don't become Sherlock Holmes relative, Okay? Oh Come on yaar ...Get a life! No need to poke your head into everything.
Pia: I am not being a dictative...It is written on your face that you are lying. (Misha fakes a laugh)
Misha: Are you mad? Why should I lie? Oh God... All these is making me hungry. I will go and get sandwich from the Kitchen. (Misha gets up from the Cot) You want anything?
Pia: Yeah...Get me some water...
Misha: Okay! (She goes from there. Pia pretends to look into some book. As soon as Misha is out of sight, Pia looks into the laptop which is on the bed. She reads the message, 'I love you Abhay? I am so happy with you?' She thinks,' Misha was writing this message not for Ruby but for Abhay? Such a big lie... Why is she hiding this from me?' Misha who had not really gone from there looks at Pia from outside the door. She says in mind, 'Sorry Pia... I am doing all this for you. And one day you would thank me'. Misha goes from there).

Abhay is sitting in front of his laptop. He types a search query 'Dipanita Khurana' in Loogle.The search query returns some information about Dipanita Khurana. Abhay reads it, ' Dipanita Khurana... 11 Companies... elder son Neil Khurana, Younger son Jeh Khurana...and one daughter... Alina Khurana...' Abhay tries to get more information from Loogle but does not find any. He thinks, 'That's it? All these is just basic information...nothing important. But what was Mom saying? How does Dipannita know that Dad is sick. Only Mom and me knows this. Something is wrong. This is very strange!' The Wolves howl on the background. Abhay turns and looks. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Danish is standing at the hall of his house. The wind is blowing. Someone enters the room (Only the shadow is shown).

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