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25th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 227) Abhay Raichand saves his parents by killing the Werewolves

Pia confronts Misha
Episode 227 starts with Pia overhearing Misha's telephonic conversation with Panchi telling that she is playing the role of Abhay's fake girlfriend for the sake of Pia. Misha suddenly sees Pia  standing in front of the wash room door looking at her and cuts the call. Pia gets into the Washroom and closes the door behind her.
Pia: Misha Dobriyal... Now it's enough! You have to give me a lot of answers... (Misha thinks, 'Oh God! Pia came to know. I wish a tsunami comes now and drown me. God...Man... Where have I got trapped? I wish I become invisible like Mr India'. Pia comes and holds Misha on her hand and then pushes her)
Pia: Misha... Who the hell are you? You played these games with me? Tell me... I heard everything Misha. You did this to me...You mislead me that Abhay is your boyfriend? To keep him away from me forever you played the drama of love with him? You know what this says Misha? Do you know the meaning of love? Do you know what it means to lose a love? You know how is it to lose all the memories? Misha, You wanted to keep Abhay away from me... That was what you wanted? If you would have told me once... I would have let him go...But why Misha? You hurt me... You joined with Abhay and played this dirty games! (Misha turns to go but Pia stops his by holding her hand) Misha... Listen to me! Who are you trying to save? me or Abhay? (They hear Dipanita's voice from outside, 'Pia...Misha... Is everything alright?' )
Misha: yeah Aunty we are fine! Okay... Listen Pia... please okay... What ever you want to say we can talk at home. Right now we are at someone else house... So please... Can we talk after reaching home?
Pia: Fine! truce... But Misha... I want the answers to my questions. No excuse would do...okay? (Misha nods) And you... have hurt me the most! No body so far did like this to me...(Pia turns and walks away from there. Misha is also angry and frustrated by what happened. She too gets out of the washroom)
Hasina is worried for Abhay
At the forest area in front of the Khurana Mansion Chand and Hasina is keeping a watch on the house.Hasina: Chand, Abhay is taking a lot of time inside.
Chand: Hasina, Don't worry! He knows what he is doing. The only thing is that he needs to stay careful... very careful (Hasina nods)
Hasina: I have full trust on Abhay. By saving you he has proved himself capable of handling this!
Chand: I can smell danger! (Chand and Hasina looks around)
The Werewolves arrive to finish Abhay Raichand
A Car comes and stops on the Road. There are two Guys in the Car. One Guy says, 'There it is not only Abhay but more people...more than one vampires... I can feel them!' The Guys get out of the Car and runs towards Chand and Hasina. Before they could do anything werewolves attack Chand and Hasina with silver chains.
Abhay asks Jeh where he studied
Abhay asks Dipanita about Jeh's likes
Abhay comes along Jeh to the Hall where Dipanita, Misha and Pia are sitting. Abhay asks Jeh were he did his studies and he tells that he was in St Lords Boarding School. But Dipanita tells some other name when Abhay asks about Jeh. Dipanita excuses herself from there after that.
Abhay: Alright! Your Mom does not know which school you were? That's strange...
Jey: Nice try! By the way, the entire city knows that Dipanita Khurana is a business oriented women. I wonder how you did not know.If you concentration would have been on important things and not useless things you might have known. Our Mom was not with us because he work always use to keep her busy. Ans as far as I know you... you will now ask that if our hostel matrons and nannies brought us up. You are very polite Abhay. Coming at someones house and looking at their negatives... very nice! In fact, You are too good at being ridiculous...
Abhay: Thanks for the compliment!
Jeh: Welcome!
Pia: Jeh... I think your Mom is a wonderful lady and some people does not know to appreciate anything. So it is okay...Just forget about it, Okay? (Suddenly Abhay senses danger and hears Hasina's voice, 'Abhay, we are in danger! We need you here' Abhay gets glimpses of Chand and Hasina surrounded by silver chains).

The Calling bell rings at Angad's House. Angad goes and opens the door and finds a Bouquet on the door step. He takes the Bouquet and reads the note inside which says, ' I like you... and i am sure you will like me. If you want to find out come and meet me at Hillview Road in 20 minutes. Come come will be fun fun fun'. Angad is happy and excited. He says, ' Coming coming coming... it will be funning funning funning... got a lottery...' He puts the note inside his T Shirt and rushes outside.

Angad comes to his Car with the Bouquet and puts the bouquet on the back seat of the Car. He then gets into the driving seat of the Car.

Ruhi is in a Car keeping a watch on Angad. She lifts her head up and says, 'Ahh... I don't believe this! Come on... a girl wrote a note and he is running after her. Whatever, I am not going to forgive you... I don't believe this... I mean what is this? I am going to catch him red handed....Yeah! I will bring out your true colors Angad...' Ruhi dials Angad's number. Angad who is driving the car stops the Car when his mobile rings. He looks at the Caller ID and sees that the call is from Ruhi. He picks up the call.
Angad: hello!
Ruhi: Hello...
Angad: Hi Ruhi... How are you?
Ruhi: What are you doing?
Angad: Ruhi... I am studying... You will talk to me tomorrow?
Ruhi: Ahhh sure! You study... I will not disturb you.
Angad: Okay...Thank you Ruhi... Take Care...Good night! Bye bye...
Ruhi: yeah... Bye! (Angad cuts the call and resumes driving. Ruhi is sitting in her Car. She is angry. She says, 'You cheat! You are trying to make me a fool? I will kill you! No! I will make small small fasionable peices of you and feed to dogs. Yeah that serves you right... you bloody idiot! I will make Baingan ka Bhartha out of you. No... I will make Sushi out of you...yeah! Bloody Angad...'

Chand and Hasina are standing inside the area fenced by silver chains. Abhay visualizes his Parents.
Abhay: Guys...Excuse me... I have to go...There is an emergency... (Abahy gets up to go)
Pia: Oh! You mean the girl you came here with... I mean you came with your girlfriend... won't you go to leave her? Somebody told it right! Chivalry is dead...
Abhay: Yes, It is... Happy? (Abhay goes from there)
Pia: Whatever!

Abhay is running through the forest in his supersonic speed. At the Forest, Haseena and Chand looks at the Chains around them. Abhay is still running.
Hasina: What do you want?
Guy: This time you are a mere pawn. We want to bring our prey here by keeping you in our custody. (Abhay is running. The Guy makes a call to Dipanita Khurana, 'We have caught them both!'
Dipanita: What? Two of them? Who are you talking about?
Guy: His Parents! He would be on his way. And then his death... (Haseena is angry hearing the conversation)

Dipanita thinks, 'So the Raichand's were outside my house keeping an eye on their son. They have done a big mistake. They have to pay a big price for this... with Abhay's death!'
Ruhi fights with Angad
Angad gets out of his Car. Ruhi is standing with her back on Angad covered by a shawl. Angad walks towards her carrying the bouquet in hand. Ruhi says in mind, 'I can hear him. He is coming here. Angad... today I will not leave you!' Angad says, 'Angad! You got a lottery... Go!'. Angad runs towards Ruhi and stops behind her.
Angad: Excuse me... I have come! (Ruhi does not look at him) I have come...excuse me... Hello! hello... (Ruhi suddenly removes the shawl from her head and turns towards Angad. Angad is shocked seeing her)
Ruhi: What happened? You did not like my face?
Angad: Ruhi...
Ruhi: yeah This is Ruhi... Jerk! You came here to meet some other girl...You cheater! How could you do that on me?
Angad: Mother's promise... I was sitting and studying. You phone my Mom and ask her. Suddenly the bell rang and I opened the door and saw the bouquet which said come fast to meet me. Ruhi... promise on you. Trust me Ruhi...
Ruhi: There is not even a T of trust. I don't want to be a fool. I am not born bloody hell. You have been caught red hand.
Angad: Ruhi, It is not red hand but red handed...
Ruhi: Shut up! You cheat... I don't want to talk to you! (Ruhi goes from there after saying, 'Statue' to Angad and he stands there).
Jeh Khurana dropping Pia and Misha home
Jeh is driving Misha and Pia home. Pia is sitting on the front passenger seat while Misha is sitting on the back. Pia turns and looks at Misha. Misha thinks, 'This Pia has declared war. As soon as we reach home World War 3 will start. I should warn Panchi... You know...She should be prepared (Misha types a message on her mobile).
Pia: What a strange thing it is, right Misha? Your Boyfriend did not insist to even take you home...
Jeh: Pia... relax! There is no fault of her in that...Just let it be! I am here... I am dropping her... Ssshh relax! (Misha keeps her finger on the head showing 'kill me by passing a bullet on my head' sign)
Chand and Hasina capured by the Werewolves
Abhay kills the Werewolves after a fight
Abhay rescues Chand and Hasina
At the Jungle Abhay is running and reaches near the area where Chand and Hasina are kept prisoners by the werewolves. Hasina senses Abhay's presence.
Hasina: He is here. (Abhay comes running and stops near the silver fence. The two wolves runs towards him. Abhay turns into his Vampire form and fights with the werewolves. After a tough fight he kills the werewolves one after the other by biting on their necks. Chand and Hasina proudly looks at Abhay fighting and killing their enemies. After dropping the second Guy on the ground Abhay straightens up with blood on his fangs and mouth. He then comes to his human form. He takes a wooden stick and hits on the silver chain breaking them and freeing his Parents. Chand and Hasina comes out of there)
Chand: Abhay!
Hasina: Are you alright?
Abhay: Mom Dad...
Hasina: Are you alright?
Abhay: Yeah! (They hear the mobile phone ringing. The Raichand's notice a mobile phone on the ground near the dead body of a werewolf. Abhay looks at Chand who signals him to pick up the phone. Abhay goes near the werewolf and picks up the phone and brings it near his ears. Dipanita Khurana asks, 'Did you kill him?' Abhay replies, ' Yeah! Killed the three of them!' Dipanita cuts the call. (Ruhi is hiding behind a tree. She thinks, 'Is this Abhay or a demon? How is he speaking of this people. Like Chirag he also beaten up these people. Poor things.... They are unconscious!' She goes from there).
Dipanita fondly touches the coffin of her son
Dipanita Khurana is climbing the stairs up. She says, 'Today Abhay Raichand is finished!' Dipanita reaches up and opens a door. She walks inside a room where there is a coffin and many candles lighted there. She keeps her hands on top of the coffin and touches the surface fondly. She says, 'Today I have killed the one who killed you. I have killed him! My child...your killer today became our prey on his own. And his death is your life! And very soon I will return you your life. You will live again... and it's a promise!' (Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay is sitting at his house and speaking to Dipanita Khurana on phone, 'By now you would have understood that who is responsible for your hired wolves plight. (Dipanita Khurana is standing at the jungle with the phone on her ears. She looks at the ground) That's so sad. Not even one survived! Listen Dipanita... You can never make me lose. I will kill all of you one by one. Each and every one of you will be dead!'

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