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6th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 213) Abhay identifies Chirag Doshi as the Werewolf

Pia tells Jay not to waste his time and energy on Abhay
Episode 213 starts with Misha standing out the Restaurant thinking,'Why did Abhay hire a Girlfriend? Why all this drama? To make Pia jealous? If it is so then why did he pay money? Any girl would have become his girlfriend. I just don't get this man...Abhay and his games...and this time I will not let Pia get involved...I won't let her get hurt. She is my sister. She is part of the Dobriyal Family now. Tania...'

Misha finds Tanya standing near a Car counting money. Misha takes her mobile phone out. She presses the record button and puts it back to her pocket. She then runs to Tanya calling, ‘Tanya’. Tanya is startled and hides the money.
Misha: Tanya…right?
Tanya: How did you know?
Misha: Thank God Tanya I caught up with you. Actually Abhay told me about you. You know about Abhay, right? He told me that you are doing job for him. Actually…the thing is that… I have a friend… he also needs a professional like you. And Abhay was saying that you are the best. So I thought if Abhay does not have a problem I would talk to you. Abahy was telling that you are a little expensive but you are worth every penny. I mean he was really praising you. And I think you are perfect for my friend’s job…just it should not clash with Abhay’s job. Will it get clashed?
Tanya: Not at all friend. In fact I can easily do it. And you know… Abhay’s job is very simple. There is a girl in his College…Pia…Just I have to convince her that I am Abhay’s girlfriend. And when Pia is near him I have to do all the girlfriend type of things you know… sweety…baby…umvah…It’s very simple!
Misha: Hmm…I see but why so?
Tanya: That I don’t know. But why any Guy will act closely with another girl in friend of a beautiful girlfriend? Obviously to make her jealous… It could be that. Misha thinks in mind, ‘Wow! This Abhay turned out to be a Road side Romeo type… What does he think? By doing this Pia will become his? Stupid!’
Misha: Ahh…I got to go… phone is ringing… No you won’t hear… I only can hear… got to go… (Misha runs off)
Tanya: But your friend…
Misha: I will call and tell you, okay…
Tanya: But my number?
Misha: You are a famous actress. I will get it from anywhere (Tanya is flattered. Misha waves) Take Care, See ya… (Tanya smiles and waves at Misha. Misha goes from there)

Hasina is entering an Office Room. Dipannita Khurana is coming from the other side. They stop when they see each other.
Hasina: Mrs Khurana
Dipannita: Mrs Raichand… I have to appreciate you Mrs Raichand. You are very committed with regards to your studio. By the way, I heard that College students protested against you… and appealed in the court also… So sad! Your entire work might have stopped, right? I mean till everything does not get settled… And I also heard that your husband is sick. I can’t imagine Mrs Raichand… How you manage to get this much courage? You know… I am also a Business Women… But if anyone is sick in my house… I won’t even get up from their side… How much ever cases are against me.. But priorities differ from person to person… for some family is important… for some work…Right Mrs Raichand? (Dipannita turns to go. But stops when Hasina speaks)
Hasina: True! Some people have their family’s full support…My family is with me in every difficulty. Someone has a minor fever and I leave everything and sit at home…that does not happen in our family. It looks like in your family you don’t get this much freedom. (Hasina walks from there. Deepanita also goes her way)

Angad and some students are sitting in the Library refering books. Ruhi comes there wearing high heels and short dress. Ruhi sits next to Angad. Everyone looks at her. Angad asks her to go as she is distracting others from studying. Ruhi tells that she is there to study too. She complains to the librarian that Angad is disturbing her. Suddenly music plays on her mobile phone and Ruhi attends the call. She starts chatting and everyone looks at her. She tells the caller that she is in the library studying with her boyfriend. Angad is embarrassed. He shouts, ‘Just shut up, Okay?’ Ruhi cuts the call telling that she will talk later. Angad again requests her to go. Ruhi puts her specs and starts looking into some book. Suddenly everyone hears an announcement of sms on Ruhi’s mobile, ‘tring tring tring tring sms!’. Ruhi reads the message and is excited. She announces that there is a sale going on. Angad gets angry and goes from the library. Ruhi asks him to wait for her and gathers her books.

Abhay is walking through the College Corridor. He thinks, ‘In the 4 digits ID Card…the last digits 83… Such students would be less. I need to get the correct match. Then I will know actually which student is a Werewolf…and one drop of his blood can save my Dad’s life. But who is he?’ Abhay stands there. Ruhi bumps into Abhay and her books fall down. She kneels on the ground and gathers her books while Abhay just stands there. A girl hands over one book which has fallen aside to Ruhi. Abhay thinks, ‘Where are you? Who are you? It is someone in this crowd who can save my Dad’s life. Who is it?’ (Abhay looks at the ID Card and recalls finding it on the ground near Chand’s body) Abhay thinks, ‘Whoever he is…He studies at Mount College. And his Id number ends with the digits 83. I have to search for him’.
Abhay comes to the Library. He goes near the Librarian.
Abhay: Excuse me!
Librarian: Yeah tell me…
Abhay: I got an ID Card. It is that of a student and he would be worried. You know any student who was searching for his Card?
Librarian: You think of me as lost and found department? This is a library. First that high heels dumbo and now you. What happened to you students?
Abhay: I don’t wish to trouble you. You please give me the register…I will search on my own…
Librarian: Okay, Search… (Librarian gives a Register to Abhay) I don’t get paid for these nonsense. I have a lot of work. (The Librarian goes from there. Abhay searches in the Register. The first 2 names Abhay finds are of girls so he ignores it. The third name he gets is of a guy Chirag Doshi. Abhay thinks, ‘Who? Whoever you are…today you will have to face me. For what you did with my Dad in the jungle you have to pay a big price. I am coming to find you’.

Misha and Pia is walking in the College Campus.
Pia: You know Misha, What he told me? He told me that I should not take my self so seriously…and that I should move ahead in life. (Pia bumps into Ruhi and the books in Ruhi’s hands fall down. Pia says sorry and walks ahead) That he is not interested in me… I am so stupid Misha that I was running behind a broken relationship. You were right…Abhay doesn’t care for me. If he had feelings for me… when he came back to college he would have come back to me. But No! I don’t think that he wishes that we be together.That is why he is roaming around with that girl… You know Misha…I should hate him, right? But no…I feel that all of this is false… I don’t want to believe it. I feel as if his anger and rudeness to to chase me away from him you know. It feels as if he has worn a mask and hiding his face underneath. He is trying to hide something and I don’t know what it is… (Misha thinks, ‘Piya…How long you will make excuses for him? He does not love you… and wants to keep away from him. I need to get some more information from Tanya’. Pia is keeping on talking but Misha is not listening. She thinks, ‘This time I need to bring such a proof that you would not torture yourself giving excuses for him. This time I will go straight to Abhay. I will confront him regarding Tanya. And I am sure after hearing that recording you will finally understand that how big a loser Abhay is’)
Misha: Pia, You are becoming a little Psycho… I told you to keep away from Birdie… See! You got infected… (Pia smiles and looks at the watch)
Pia: Let’s go to class. Heart break is no excuse for no attendance in class. What to do? (Pia walks from there. Misha stands there and thinks, ‘Abhay Raichand… I am coming to expose the reason of your excuse’.
Pia goes with Jay as Abhay watches
Abhay and Jay meets at the College Corridor. Abhay stops Jay.
Abhay: Jay, You saw Chirag Doshi? (Jay removes his sunglasses)
Jay: Who Chirag Doshi? Anyways, Just a suggestion for you. The more you stay away from me the better for you. Business rivalry is only till Business. Coming to college… getting the students beaten up… behaving rudely with Pia… You did not do good. So, the distant you stay the safer you will be…
Abhay: I am scared! (Pia passes from near by. She overhears Abhay talking to Jay) I have seen many Guys like you… whom Pia enjoys making jealous. (Jay is angry and moves towards Abhay. Pia also takes 2 steps towards their direction. Abhay stops Jay by putting his hand on Jay’s chest)Wow! So you have become Pia’s prey… You have even come in her waiting list. But let me tell you…This waiting list is very long and she is quite a tease! (Pia feels bad hearing it)
Jay: You know what? I have not seen a loser like you in my life so far. Anyways, It would be good for you that after today you don’t take Pia’s name from your mouth. And if you try to bad mouth her after this or talk anything bad of her Abhay, you are going to see it… remember…I will kill you! (The 2 men gazes at each other. Pia walks to them)
Pia: Jay, just leave it! No need to waste your time and energy on him. Let’s go!
Jay: But… He was keeping on telling nonsense about you… (Pia puts her hand on Jay’s arm)
Pia: Just forget it Jay! What difference does that make which idiot thinks what of me. And you also should not bother. Anyways, that is what he want…that we reacts hearing him talk. Just forget about it…Come… (Pia and Jay goes from there. Abhay thinks, ‘Happy Abhay? You wanted Pia to get some normal human… who cares for her…See, she got that! You wanted Pia to forget you and be happy with him...So it starts now... Now what will you do? Forget her…Remove Pia from your heart… forget her! And go ahead in your mission…find Chirag Doshi…’. Abhay goes from there).
Abhay attacks Chirag Doshi
Jay and Kabir interferes in Abhay's fight with Chirag
Abhay is walking through the College corridor. He stops in between and inquires to students about Chirag Doshi. One guy tells him that Chirag just went to the locker room. Abhay comes to the Locker room. Two guys are there. One guy tells the other, ‘Chirag, I will see you later’ and goes from the locker room. Chirag is closing his locker. Abhay tells him, ‘What did you think? You will escape? (Chirag looks at Abhay. Abhay moves to him fast and pins him on to the locker. The cupboard falls down. Abhay is having his hand on the Guys neck. Abhay tells him, ‘You attacked my Dad…at the Jungle. I am searching you for 4 days…’ Chirag tells Abhay that he returned only last night from Boston and does not even know him. He tells Abhay that he can verify his passport, tickets and college records for proof. Abhay throws him to the other side and tells him, ‘Don’t go anywhere’. He then checks Chirag’s Locker. Abhay checks his passport and tickets and puts them on the ground. Chirag suddenly gets up and takes a glass bottle against the window grill. He attacks Abhay with the broken bottle. Jay, Kabir and Angad come to the Locker room at the same time. They forcefully move Chirag and Abhay apart. Chirag tells that Abhay started the fight and he only was defending. Abhay looks at his hand which is bleeding and says, ‘Sorry Guys!’ He then goes from there. All of the Guys have cuts on their hands. Jay wipes his hand with a cloth from the locker room and all the Guys get out from there.

Abhay comes back Home. He goes and sits near Chand. He still has blood in his hand. Abhay takes Chand’s hand in his hand and says, ‘Dad…I will make you alright! I will bring you back. I will get you back. I promise!’ Abhay gets up and is about to go. Suddenly he notices that Chand’s hand which he held in his hand is moving. Abhay comes near and looks underneath Chand’s hand. He thinks, ‘How can this happen? Only a werewolf blood can make Dad alright…That means… (He remembers the fight at the locker room and Jay pushing him away. Abhay thinks, ‘Chirag Doshi…you lied to me. And you will have to pay a big price for your lie… Now I know who you are…You are a werewolf. I will save Dad with your blood and after that I will kill you…’ Hasina comes there. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Pia sees Chand Raichand at Abhay's House and runs away. Abhay questions Hasina about Piya.

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