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4th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 211) Misha asks Abhay to keep away from Pia

Jay stops Pia by holding her hand
Episode 211 starts with Abhay walking away with Tanya. He turns and looks at the direction Pia is standing while walking. Jay who is coming through the College Corridor from the opposite direction sees Abhay looking at Pia. Jay comes near Pia. Pia turns and sees Jay standing in front of her. Pia looks at him for a moment and then turns her face away to hide her tears.
Jay: Pia...Hey...Come on...the great Pia Dobriyal is wasting her tears for a Guy? No! He does not deserve you Pia...Not at all! (Pia wipes her eyes) I mean you do not need to give him this much attention Pia. I am sure something happened between you... something was there between you but not any more... He has moved on... You also need to forget him Pia. You have no idea how unlucky he is who does not know your value...he does not know what he lost losing you Pia... Just...Just let him go Pia...
Pia: You are also like that... (Pia walks from there but she is stopped by Jay who holds her hand)
Jay: No Pia... Pia, may be I am also like you... I play hard to get but I just save my heart from being broken Pia. We both are going through the same feelings Pia... because of which we keep fighting always. Pia I am not telling that there is love between us...but there is something Pia...which both of us are unable to define. And since we are unable to give a definition ... we keep fighting (Pia turns to face Jay)We are friends Piya. Now all these fights and arguments are enough...Let's be ourselves...You be yourself... Just smile! Because smile looks very good on you...I swear! And by the way the crying girls don't look good at all. So...shall we go? (Jay points the forest area) To save the Jungle... (Pia nods) Shall we? (They go from there together with Jay's hand on Pia's shoulder).
Misha asks Abhay to keep away from Pia
Abhay is walking through the College Corridor. He stops when he hears Misha's voice calling him.
Misha: Abhay Raichand... (Misha comes near Abhay. Abhay faces her)
Abhay: Misha...You were talking to me? This will be a big achievement for me...
Misha: Just shut up and listen okay? I don't have any interest talking to you or your sarcasm.
Abhay: Same here! I also don't have any interest in talking to you. And that means we can ignore each other...happily
Misha: What you want to do you do okay...But you will stay away from Piya.If you even come close to her the consequences would not be good Abhay.
Abhay: Consequences? I take it as a warning.
Misha: Abhay, I don't know where you went and now why you are back. I only know this that Pia lost her memory in an accident. That day what happened... why it happened...only Pia knows and she is unable to tell us. She has lost her memory. She has forgotten you. And we also want to keep her away from all painful memories. And now you have come back? And you are just confusing her... Her situation is already so delicate.
Abhay: Look Misha, I am not bothered about her situation or her. Yeah, she is a little too much bothered about me. Why don't you tell her to move on?
Misha: Hey listen, Piya can talk to any one she please. But if you go near her, I will kill you.
Abhay: That is too much of drama Misha? Are you for real? Listen Misha, Your threats will have no effect on anyone. And I have no interest on Pia. I promise! (Abhay turns and walks from there. He suddenly stops and turns to talk to her). And should think of your life. Because if there is something interesting in our life then you will stop interfering in other people's life. (Abhay walks off. Misha is angry)
Misha: What the $%^&... Loser! (She turns and walks from there)

Dipannita Khurana is sitting near the fire place at Khurana Mansion looking into a file. Neel comes there and greets her. Dipannita asks him to sit. Neel sits on the chair opposite her.
Neel: You called me?
Dipannita: Neel, I told you to join our Business so that the Dobriyals respect you. But after what you did yesterday night you have fallen in their eyes. You did such a childish act... Thank God that Arnab did not think to bad of it...otherwise what you did was terrible! What is this testing of love? Who talks like that? Love is at it place... but making it such a big drama what sort of maturity is that? Neel, Panchi is a very nice girl. She is educated...She is beautiful...she runs an NGO...and is from a perfect family. Don't spoil it! Yesterday night because of your fault you almost lost her. Neel, I want you to make it up. I want you to apologize to Panchi. Take her out on a date... You will say sorry to her genuinely from your heart, got that?
Neel: Mom, it's okay. I talked to her and she is okay about it. I also talked to her on phone...
Dipannita: No Neel! Nothing doing...Nothing happens on Phone...I am going to phone her. You go and get fresh... Go! (Neel gets up)

The mobile rings at Dobriyal House. Panchi is coming down the stairs to the Hall. She looks into the Caller ID of her phone and thinks, 'Oh God...Dipannita Aunty'. Panchi picks up the Call.
Panchi: Hello Aunty
Dipannita: Panchi, I have arranged a date for you and Neel. I thought after all the drama which happened last night you both need to spend some time together. So please get ready dear...Neel is coming to pick you up.
panchi: But Auntie... I was going to College...Misha and all students are protesting outside the jungle so I was going to support them.
Dipannita: Panchi, They will manage without you also. In fact I think you should give him a chance...He wants to say sorry to you. See, you go there also...Neel will pick you up from there. Let him pamper you a bit...
Panchi: But Auntie...
Dipannita: Come on Panchi, Get ready...Give him a chance...
Panchi: Okay, Sure!
Dipannita: Thanks dear... (Dipannita ends the call. Panchi thinks,'I am tired of this Neel. Where am I trapped? Now I have to tolerate him for a full evening'.

Students are at near the Jungle Site. Misha is walking. She is surprised when she sees Maya coming there.
Misha: Hey Maya... What are you doing here?
Maya: I have come to help my ex friends and ex college. Kabir called me here. He said that the more people it is the better for the Campaign. And anyways, I also have some responsibilities towards the College, right?
Misha: That is great. I am just going to get extra T Shirt (Pia sees Maya and walks towards her. I will get one for you...
Maya: Alright!
Misha: It's cool right?
Maya: Cool!
Misha: See you...
Maya: Bye! (Pia comes near Maya)
Pia: Hi Maya!
Maya: Hey Pia, How are you?
Pia: I am good! How are you?
Maya: It is so nice, right? Every one is protesting together. Who knew that a Jungle could unite us?
Pia: Yeah, I know! Maya, I wanted to talk to you...
Maya: Tell me Pia! Actually Abhay has come back and he has joined College also. And I spoke to him also but... like what you said he was not at all like that. As a fact when he talked to me he was very cruel. And when I reminded him about my....I mean our relationship he just brushed it nothing had happened.
Maya: I am so sorry Pia. Pia, Maybe everything has changed. Everything is not very easy after breakup, right? And Pia...One year has passed. You can't expect him to be the same. And Pia if he is not giving you attention I don't think you should care.. (Misha shouts, 'Maya, Come fast...I will give you T Shirt...' Misha runs towards the group.) Piya, If he does not care for also should not. Forget him, Okay? Anyway, I got to go for a while. I will see you around. (Maya goes from there. Pia thinks, 'This big a change? How did he change so much that he does not care about me at all? Is it true that I made this relationship in my own mind? Why don't I remember anything? If I could remember maybe I could have moved ahead. It would have been better than this unknown confusion. I don't understand this!')

Panchi is walking towards the door to go out. Arnab stops her by calling her from behind.
Arnab: Panchi... (Arnab comes down the stairs to the Hall) Where are you going?
PanchI: Papa, I was going to College for the protest. I am supporting Pia and Misha.
Arnab: Yeah, good... I am sure they will need your help.
Panchi: Sure Papa... (Panchi notices that Arnab is looking moody) Papa, what happened? You are looking a little stressed...Is everything okay?
Arnab: Panchi, Abhay Raichand is back!
Panchi: What? Abhay Raichand? Oh God...why this time? when Pia is getting better...
Arnab: Panchi listen! (Arnab goes close to Panchi) Actually I am worried a lot about Pia. One year back that night what happened nobody knows. Whatever the story was of that night Pia knows. But because of her memory loss she does not remember anything.You know what I mean. (Panchi nods)Where Abhay and Raichand Family vanished...where there went...nobody knows anything. They did not have any connection with us also. But now suddenly Abhay has returned...Why? I wish you meet Abhay and try to understand the situation. Then we will understand what we need to do with Pia.
Panchi: Don't worry Papa, I will talk with Abhay. Abahy had always spoken nicely with me. (Arnab holds Panchi's hand)
Arnab: And...I wanted to ask you one another thing
Panchi: What Papa?
Arnab: Will you tell the truth?
Panchi: Yeah...
Arnab: Dear, you know that I and Madhu loves you so much and nothing is more important to us than your happiness.
Panchi: Yes Papa...
Arnab: You know right? That there is no such mistake that we cannot forgive...And in the same way I do not wish that you become sad because of our wrong decisions. So, I will just ask you one thing... Is everything okay between you and Neel? (Panchi thinks, 'Papa, What question you asked? If I tell the truth your heart would be broken. You won't be able to stand it. This time I cannot tell you anything. I will solve this problem of mine my way')
Panchi: Of course Papa... Don't worry! Everything is alright! It's a little dramatic...but it is all cool... In fact tonight I am going out with him for dinner.It's his treat to say sorry...
Arnab: If you say so... But if there is any problem you should come and tell me...
Panchi: yes Dad! (Arnab hugs Panchi) I will see you later, Bye!
Arnab: Okay! (Panchi goes from there)
Pia asks Abhay to tell her that he has no feelings for her
At the Jungle Site students are protesting by shouting, 'Save our Land'. Panchi comes there and joins the protest and shouts along with the students. Suddenly someone dressed up weirdly and covering her face with a 'I am an Earth Warrior' Placard comes there and shouts, 'Save our land'. Everyone looks at her in awe. To the surprise of the students the visitor turns to be Ruhi dressed up like some Tribal Princess with flowers and all. Misha makes fun of Ruhi and the students laugh. Suddenly the students notice a Car stopping in front of the Jungle road. Hasina Raichand and Abhay gets out of the Car and walks towards the students. The students get up blocking the way for the Raichands and shouts, 'Save our land' again. Abhay and Hasina comes near the students. Kabir silences the students.
Kabir: So you people are Owners to this property, right? But we would not let you destroy this property. (The Raichand's are standing there listening to the conversation with a smile)This Jungle belongs to all of us and you cannot buy it for your selfishness. Every tree here has the freedom to breathe. Your concrete buildings will end this delicate balance. We will not let you do any construction here. In fact... (Kabir points his fingers at Abhay. Abhay points his finger back warning his to stop his lecture)
Abhay: I have no interest in your lecture. (The sound of tree branches falling is heard)
Hasina: You heard the noise? The work has started at the Jungle site... (The students are shocked. Abhay dials a number on his mobile and is calling someone)By cutting the tree branches we are making a path in between. I have acquired this property by legal means for 9.5 Crores. And no one can stop me from doing construction on my property.
Misha: If this is your attitude then we also will show you. Come on Guys... (The students shout again, 'Save our Land'. Suddenly a Jeep comes and stop behind the Raichand's Car. Police Force comes out of the Jeep with their lathi (long heavy wooden stick) and handles the protesters. Neel comes there on his bike. The Police beats the students but still they keep shouting. Seeing the scenario there Neel rushes to the students and pulls Panchi out of there. The Students rushes into the Site and the Police stops them from entering. Abhay and Hasina are now standing inside the Forest Land Site calmly watching the Students and the Police. Suddenly Pia breaks through the Police and runs into the Site. Seeing this Abhay and Hasina gets worried. Pia comes underneath a tree the branch of which is getting cut by the workers sitting on top of the tree. The branch falls down. Pia sees it and puts her hands on her face covering it in fear. Abhay suddenly rushes there and pulls Pia out of the way. As soon as they reach a safe distance the branch falls down on the ground. Abhay and Pia gazes into each others eyes.
Pia: Now you tell me that you don't have any feelings for me in your heart. Abhay, tell me that you are not here but somewhere else... Abhay, tell me that you don't care for me'. (Abhay keeps looking at her and don't answer her) Episode ends.

PreCap: Hasina is talking to Chand who is wounded and unconscious. She tells him, 'Chand...You will become fully alright! Abhay is fighting the entire World for you. He will make you alright in the right time. The one drop of werewolf blood you need that we will bring. You will become alright Chand. You will be fine...'.

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